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Rachel Bilson: Bodysuits are So Versatile!

Rachel Bilson: Bodysuits are So Versatile!

Rachel Bilson keeps it cute and casual as she runs errands in Los Angeles on Thursday (August 5).

The 28-year-old actress and fashion fan recently shared that IRO‘s cotton bodysuit is on her wish list.

“Bodysuits are so versatile,” Rachel tells InStyle. “I love pairing them with denim shorts.”

It was announced last week that Rachel will be returning to How I Met Your Mother for a guest stint!

FYI: Rachel is wearing Anlo “Carlin” boyfriend jeans in Tunisia and a Juicy Couture cardigan.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson running errands in Los Angeles…

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rachel bilson errands grey tank top 01
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 02
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 03
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 04
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 05
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 06
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 07
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 08
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 09
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 10
rachel bilson errands grey tank top 11

Photos: INFdaily
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  • yella

    I hate when people dye only the bottom of their hair.

  • yella

    I hate when people dye only the bottom of their hair.

  • Brightside

    Rachel, my Aunt used to do that! Please, enough with the bad fashion advice. We have had enough!!

  • Brightside

    Bad fashion advice and no news does not a gossip blog make!

  • jamie

    I love the fact that she always be alone while Hayden is having fun with brother and with other women – Hayden’s Revenge ;D

  • H


  • H

    @jamie: @<a href=”/2010/08/05/rachel-bilson-errands-los-angeles/comment-page-1/#comment-@jamie: You are inane.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What’s sad is she pays someone to do her hair that two-tone color!
    Rachel since you like to give advice to the general public – here’s some advice for you GET AN ACTING COACH!!! You can wear your body suit and jean shorts to class!!

  • Willa

    @lexy hates bilson: I agree!! So many actors get to comfortable in their fame instead of wrking more and when they finally want to they cant get a job.

  • annie

    that uk cover is the best airbrush she ever looked. hayden had a date with sophie monk last night.

  • yanil

    She dreamed on her wildest dreams to play wonder woman on the live action movie …………….. LMAO !!!! ………….. never

  • Dance In The Dark

    Bodysuits are all well and good … UNTIL YOU NEED THE BATHROOM!

  • Lake

    Hayden didn’t have a “date” with Sophie Monk. She attended the premier of his new movie and he gave her a ride to the afterparty.

  • JC

    She’s too cute to look so sad. I hope she finds something that makes her smile.

  • Blahzae

    Took her long enough to get a post huh guess she went into panic when she saw all the posts hayden has been getting everywhere and went quick what should I do?
    Oh I know… Ill walk around and do nothing have my picture taken and have it posted on blogs with horrible fashion advice worse than a 57 yr old mother lol
    Like she always does.
    Noodel brain is so predictable.;p
    @JC: Of course she looke miserable ;p
    Her former meal ticket came into town and didnt even say HI ^.^ and has been gettting more press in the past week then she has gotten in months that makes any presswhore like her a very very unhappy girl;p

    Atleast JJ got it right for once and called her a FASHION FAN not a fashion icon… so she is a fan girl of clothing nothing more;p


    Wow its only 3 in the afternoon here in LA and she managed to get papped and have it posted on blogs like this one within just a couple of hours. Oh please that kind of turn over never happens for sighting pictures…
    major events… yes.
    Presswhore outings no
    it usually isnt till the next day that the pictures pop up so she soooo pays for POSTS.

  • Swamped

    Check this out Hayden got swamped by fans at the takers premiere more so than anyone else and then at the after party they RUSHED the SUV he was in with his brother. There was almost an incident because of it the security there was screaming for them to get back while Hayden hanged his head of the window to sign autographs.
    Guess we know whos career isnt doing so bad after all lol

    Ive never seen a crowd act like that for Bilson.

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    Isn’t it odd that she is an american “actress” , but she been on the cover of instyle. uk twice, but she never been on the cover of the amercian version of instyle, even though she has an advice column in it. I know she never been on the amercian cover b/c when thay had their 10 year anniversary issue witth J.Lo on the cover, they had a pull out that showed all of their covers during that last 10 years, and it showed she has never been on the cover of amercian instyle. It’s a little odd.

  • H

    @lillybell05: She’@Blahzae: the MEDIA calls her a fashion icon.
    You=fail. Hayden has only been getting more press than Rachel because he is promoting his new movie.

  • H

    @Swamped: I’ve seen a crowd bigger than that act like that for Rachel when the OC was airing new episodes.

  • Swamped

    @H: Um H that was like 5/6 years like 2004/2005 ago that Bilson got rushed like that lol In the industry that is forever!!!!
    This is 2010 and he is STILL getting rushed like that,
    She isnt lol
    You are only as valueable as the crowd you bring right now and he is clearly way ahead of her;p
    Cute that you go by H is that because she use to wear H necklaces and you like to protend that is for you;plol

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Where did you see this mob for Rachel?? At an OC Fan Club press junket?? LMAO!!! Of course the “media” call her a fashion icon – InStyle can’t afford a REAL fashionista like Victoria Beckham or even Kim Kardashian. They can’t exactly say “out of work actress Rachel Bilson passes along “advice” that our editors and stylists give to her.
    Did you see that piece on the UK InStyle – LOL! Some of the crap she “says” isn’t just media spin it’s outright gibberish! Maybe they’ll give her a job in the UK

  • Rayer

    Rachel has a really weird looking body. It’s not the fact that she’s very short, because a lot of people are short, it just seems like the proportions of her body are all wrong. It’s like the upper part of her body is completely normal and then her legs just stopped growing. Very odd.

  • h

    @Swamped: I don’t know what the fu ck those H necklaces are, you=fail. the OC shit wasn’t 6-7 years ago, it was THREE YEARS AGO! THE OC ended 3 years ago and how do you know Rachel at a premiere of her own movie, hasn’t been mobbed like that since the OC? and more than Hayden has?
    You=f ucking asshole.

  • h

    @lexy hates bilson: Umm sorry to burst your bubble: RB has a job.

  • h

    @lexy hates bilson: Victoria Beckham has been on the cover of Instyle UK and Kim Kardashian is no where near a ‘fashion icon’.
    Unless if you are into dressing like tramps famous for leaking sex tapes..

  • h

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy hates bilson, you do realise you are telling yourself ”did you see that”… you talk to yourself in posts.. lol. Lifeless moron.

    Go kiss Hayden’s ass.

  • Carrie

    “pairing” – that’s a big word for her.

  • Blahzae

    A really really big word for little old empty soap dish brain. lol
    ~claps for Bileson~Using such big words
    …. in a few more years maybe she will be ready for elementary school and be a “big girl”

  • jenna

    the funny thing with the OC is that the supporting actresses on the show seem to be doing better with their careers than the lead actresses.
    Olivia Wilde and Autumn Reeser are constantly working. You can’t say the same thing for Mischa or Rachel. And Mischa and Rachel were and still are constantly photographed by paparazzi.

    The boys, Adam and Ben, seem to be doing okay as well.

  • jess

    Bodysuits are horrible! You feel like a giant baby in a onesie.

  • Brightside

    Has a job doing what?
    I’m curious because pretend positions created solely for publicity purposes ( Instyle columnist, style advisor for Sunglasses Hut) are not employment. They’re just pretend positions designed to cash in on her ‘celebrity’. They need no qualifications, no training, no intelligence and involve no real work although they might generate a few cents.
    Nor can the occasional guest slot on various TV shows be considered as working. It’s the sort of scrape-by desperation that actresses go for when their careers are fading and they’re begging for scraps!

  • angel of darkness

    That is very funny!!!

  • Brightside

    Now I don’t know whether or not Hayden Christensen and Sophie Monk are embarking on a friendship but I watched a few interviews about her and was pleasantly impressed. She comes across as intelligent and coherent with a down-to-earth sense of humour that I have often found in Aussies. She understands words of three syllables and more. She is undeniably beautiful and has a body to go with her face. She also has an intriguingly husky voice and then there’s her accent. Who doesn’t love the Aussie accent? She seems adult…not the spoilt, little girl air-brain that Bilson is! A step up from this moronic fashion fan then.
    All in all, Sophie Monk seems far too good for Hayden Christensen’s brother!
    I forgive her for her jeans…maybe she was wrangling crocodiles in them or something.

  • Blahzae

    I love the fact that her pants are called ” Tunisia.” which just happens to be where Star Wars was filmed
    is in Africa
    ( it was for all the desert scenes in all the new and classic films)
    What a coincidence kind of like when she was out walking in Sliverlake a few weeks ago and was wearing” Sliverlake” named shorts o.0 What are the odds that just happened? or that JJ would know what they were called right away …. Yeah thats what I thought lol

    So not only does she presswhore and has bad fashion sense
    she likes to combine those two by wearing things because of the freaking name lol
    No wonder she looks like does
    Next will be
    ” Im the one that ended it I swear!!!” shorts by such and such
    and then
    ” Im not as pathectic as I look and I have a great career”
    blouse by such and such

  • MissAnthropica

    Um Brightside I know how much you hate Paris Hilton I remember your comment about Hiltons disgusting behavior :)( I hate her too ;p)
    Sophie Monk is considered the Aussie version of her without the sex tape and with a bit more of an IQ.
    Shes been compeating with Hilton for years for press she even went and got a scripted reality show because Hilton did. Both shows failed
    And then she got another reality show and that failed.

    She runs in the same circles as the Hilton crowd( yuck I know) so she might be smarter and a little less trashy but if she is trying to keep up with Paris Hilton that cant possibly be a good sign

    When she should be focusing on keeping up with real actresses and now she is dating Paris’s sisters ex. Kevin Connolly
    (mostly likely revenge for Hilton dating Monks former fiance Benji Madden).. yeah her focus is all messed up
    I smell presswhore all over Monk as well .
    She gets papped almost everyday just as much as Bilson except Monk has never been on a show that was even a slight hit or starred in a major film
    She just gets papped.
    One day no one had heard of her the next she was
    SOPHIE MONK ACTRESS famous for being famous.
    Of course dating Ryan Seacrest helped her get attention as well.
    So to me she is a wanna be actress with better looks than Bilson and more of a brain( takes not hard youd have to be grapefruit to not be smarter than Bilson) but all that means is Monk will probably JJ’s new posted everyday shopping girl.
    Kind of funny though on that note
    JJ hadnt posted about Sophie Monk in over two years when she first burst onto the scene being famous for being famous until this post
    lol So that tells you where her career is…. just as bad as Bilsons without the OC crud to fall back on for attention.
    To be honest I think Tove just might be able to get her lol

  • MissAnthropica

    @MissAnthropica: That comment above was suppose to be a reply to @Brightside: not Blahzae

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ h – I think YOU’RE the one talking to yourself! And yes do tell about this job?? Are you referring to her ONE episode of How I Met Your Mother?? And say what you want about Kim Kardashian but she’s got several jobs and she’s co-owner of a successful business and she’s on magazine covers – here in the States – popular magazines. And don’t act like Rachel’s above dressing slutty to get on a magazine cover – she wasn’t wearing a mumu on the cover of GQ and had no problem getting on all fours in her lingerie!

  • MissAnthropica

    @lexy hates bilson: im sure she was use to being on all fours after being cast by Doug Liman for the part in Jumper.
    Im sure they spent alot of quality time between actress
    ( if I can really call her that it is an insult to the real actresses to do so i think lol)
    and director and Im sure she spent almost all of it on all fours for Doug lol

  • viper

    Sophie Monk I’m pretty close to sure is not dating nor has ever dated HC..If anything she met up with Tove and HC at this after party event. She looked hammered and had issues getting into the seat belt..I don’t find her anything much or entertaining she might look good to the eye’s of men, more power to her but, I saw one interview yes she can speak well but I don’t see her as high level intelligence just another pretty face. Unless we see more of SM and HC which I don’t think will be I won’t assume he is dating her.

  • Brightside

    OK…I have to admit that I’ve not really heard much about her other than she was in Date Movie and Click with Adam Sandler, whom I can’t stand. Initially I got her confused with Sophie Dahl : ) Too many Sophies!
    So she runs with the Paris b-tch and that is a big, black mark in my book! The Hilton wh-re is a blot on the escutcheon of female dignity and (dare I say it) morality. She is the human version of amoebic dystentry…infecting everything she touches with her amoral sh-t! Anyone who runs behind her kind of spread-leg sewerage is not someone I would want to know! Paris Hilton is an affront…not necessarily an affront to anything, just one big affront to everything! She is a prostitute!
    If Sophie Monk is a Paris Hilton clone then any male should be inoculated against catching her and quick. I’m convinced that Paris Hilton is the reason that both Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan went spinning out of control (although Lohan’s family have done her absolutely no favours).
    But you know and I know that men spend far too much time thinking with their little heads rather than their big heads!
    You would think men would have more sense…but no, they don’t.

  • Blahzae

    Well atleast one thing is pretty damn clear Hayden isnt with Bilson anymore lol
    That presswhore of a relationship never ending nightmare is dust for sure.


    I love the fact JJ left out why Bilson was out for the day,
    she renewed her drivers license and got a new ID,
    according to gossip/
    Dmv darling I believe is what they called her, when there is clearly nothing “darling ” about her. lol
    Scary that she is allowed to drive to begin with.
    I mean what if she tryed to chew gum and drive at the same time…. she would run right into a tree lol

  • Brightside

    Has anyone ever tried having a pee while wearing a bodysuit? Just asking because it’s such a freaking production! Rachel Bilson’s retarded fashion sense strikes again!

  • Kiara

    you know what people… her real job is to make you talk about her all the time, and it works. The reason why JJ keeps talking Bilson is you & your endless comments. ;-) the girl is by deduction useless a la Mischa Barton (a little bit more reasonable, nope?) but everyone here seems to be like stuck to her life. So keep on hating but stop complaining!

  • LogicSays

    @Kiara: kiara it doesnt matter if people hate on her or not
    she will still pay the paps to follow her simple facts and still pay for posts another simple fact of her life
    If only one person made a comment she would still pay to be on sites like these.
    Why? Because she is that big headed and thinks she is that important she doesnt care if anyone talks about her as long as her pictures are out there somewhere, somehow.
    She is completely delusional at this point.

  • gag

    oh look more new fake charity crap for miss bileson
    she has no shame i swear
    does anyone believe she gives a flying f@uck about these causes
    nopr? thats what i thought lol

  • Brightside

    A world population of 6 billion and only 280,000 people die, world wide, from brain tumours! There are diseases out there that claim far more lives a year, Malaria for one, 3 million yearly…or how about the leading cause of deaths in children aged between 9 to 18 with 260,000 deaths a year…the car! The car is responsible for 17 million annual deaths world wide! Or how about violence, 1.6 million deaths a year world wide and the leading cause of death between the ages of 15 to 44.
    Hell, even diarrhoea, tuberculosis, whooping cough and measles kill more young people yearly than brain tumours. 1.4 people a year die from treatable respiratory infections…and what about AIDS!
    Campaigning about any of the above would have made more sense than this! For instance, how about supporting inoculation programmes in third world countries, or supporting safer driving, or speaking out against violence….
    I guess that brain tumours are the latest charity du jour for the attention seeking d-listers now!

  • Blahzae

    Maybe that will be Bilson’s next excuse for her pathectic litle self and life.
    Past excuse:
    “Im not stupid I swear I was on a car accident its not my fault”- Bilson
    2010 excuse:
    Im not stupid I swear I have or am (lol) a brain tumor, its not my fault
    LMAO Priceless.
    This is just an excuse for her to be a “filler” photo in a book of semi celebs taking “pretty” pictures for a cause they could care less for once the book is out and doesnt sell.

  • Brightside

    True, this is true…these d-list celebutards couldn’t give a flying f-ck about the latest charity they supposedly support. It’s just a press opportunity to them! Just another reason among many why I hate attention seeking, talentless d-listers!