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Hayden Christensen & Sophie Monk: After-Party Pair

Hayden Christensen & Sophie Monk: After-Party Pair

Hayden Christensen and Aussie actress Sophie Monk head to the Takers after-party held at Boulevard 3 on Wednesday night (August 4) in Los Angeles.

After the Takers premiere, Hayden, 29, sat in the backseat of his SUV with big bro Tove while Sophie, 30, rode shotgun.

FYI: Tove (blazer) is Sophie‘s friend!

Hayden is rumored to be “on a break” from former O.C. actress Rachel Bilson. Sophie was last linked to Entourage‘s Kevin Connolly.

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Credit: Devone Byrd; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, WENN
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90 Responses to “Hayden Christensen & Sophie Monk: After-Party Pair”

  1. 1
    xxx Says:

    Are you kidding? How can you even compare Rachel Bilson and that piece of trash!

  2. 2
    Alaia Says:

    This girl is not an actress. She always seems to pay the paparazzi to take pictures of her.

  3. 3
    upanina Says:


  4. 4
    Alias Says:

    The pic with the big smile on his face, prove me wrong, has he ever smiled like that when he was with RB? I’d smile like that too if I went out with her! LOL!

  5. 5
    Rita Says:

    @Alaia, doesn’t Bilson do the same?

  6. 6
    j Says:

    maybe she is going with TOVE. he’s the one carrying her bag.

  7. 7
    Catchy Says:


  8. 8
    Lexy loves bilson Says:

    Hey jared why are u posting about this flop star daily?..where is my dream girl bilson

  9. 9
    Lexy loves bilson Says:

    Jared pls post about our american sweetheart rachel dying here..

  10. 10
    June Says:

    Rachel bilson is much better than her ; omg she’s so ugly she looks like Pamela Anderson.

  11. 11
    Viper Says:

    This chic looks like RB 2.0 version they rank exactly the same..both woman are slum jobs.

  12. 12
    Lexy loves bilson Says:

    Hayden should marry gabourey sidibe

  13. 13
    Brightside Says:

    Not to upset anyone here but no one knows if they’re dating or not so there is no point in getting worked up about it. If they are dating then it seems, for some reason, he is hooked on the dumb type. She appears to be just a blonde version of Rachel Bilson. Didn’t she star in Date Movie?
    Maybe he’s just using her to rub Rachel’s nose in it! A way of showing her that there are plenty more fish in the ocean…and you know what? He’s right, there are!

  14. 14
    Viper Says:

    My vote is with Tove the roving **** I think she was with him but who is to say for sure. only time will tell.

  15. 15
    jaded Says:

    Isn’t she really a high class call girl (oxymoron) in HW? Way to downgrade.

  16. 16
    Lexy loves bilson Says:

    Hayden should marry my granny.

  17. 17
    searlus Says:

    JJ is obviously reading anything & everything that has to deal w/ his pet celebritard.
    And there’s really NOTHING new with tiis… as she just another cheapy-zlister-mediaho that Manakin’s likes to or regularly hooksd up with – Go Go Go Manakn!

  18. 18
    Lexy loves bilson Says:

    bilson is way too hot for him

  19. 19
    jamie Says:

    she is with hayden’s bro, tove

  20. 20
    Brightside Says:

    I shouldn’t say this and I’ll probably be marked down but those trousers make her look as though she has been dragged by someone’s car ; )

  21. 21
    Lexy loves bilson Says:

    Hey hayden my 85 yr old hot granny is waiting for u..pls marry her

  22. 22
    stacy Says:

    Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one. Enjoy, Hayden (though I agree it looks more like she was with his brother – just not sure Tove could attract a model/actress/whatever she’s aspiring to be – he’s quite a hanger-on himself).

    Girls I wouldn’t get too alarmed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hayden bangs several LA girls before settling on another girlfriend. He’s young, he’s handsome, he’s rich, and he’s by far not the only one who behaves that way. He just manages to keep it low profile so good for him, and good riddance to Rachel Bilson.

  23. 23
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    @ 6
    Trying to attempt a change of his (TC) “despicable” character/ image huh?!

    @ 11 & 15
    Most likely… SM always had BFF’s everywhere and a regular party girl..
    Well what shall I say that Mr Cringetensen got a very “classy” taste (CUE s-a-r-c-a-s-m) when it comes to his so-called hooked-ups.

  24. 24
    Alaia Says:

    @Rita: Well at least Bilson has had SOME sort of claim to fame.

  25. 25
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    @ LexyHatesBilson
    Here she is (as of d’ latest)… the “American Sweetheart Of The Paparazzi & The Tabloids” doing her everyday talent – doing nothing & bumming around in LA – lol!

  26. 26
    WebbersGirlz Says:

    If they were together, she would be in the back with him, from the pics she is with Tove, and even if she is with Hayden, he already looks happier than he ever did with Bilson

  27. 27
    Brightside Says:

    Oh My Gosh! But she does look odd in that dress! Yes, no legs to speak of and that expression, WTF is that about! If it’s really so hard for some people to understand that the publicity stunt of a relationship is over then they should look at your link…it explains everything.

    I’m thinking that those who see a Tove/Sophie duo in the photo’s are probably more close to the mark than those who see a Hayden/Sophie duo. I know of only a two reasons why a man would carry a (what do I call her…I don’t think she’s a lady) female’s handbag…either he’s trying to curry favour with her, or he’s her companion.

    But I agree with Stacy, after a break up why shouldn’t the guy play the field for a bit…he’s young, single, footloose and free to go wherever his fancy takes him : )

    Hayden’s brother looks kind of swelled, don’t you think. I don’t believe that’s muscle…middle age spread perhaps : )

  28. 28
    the truth Says:

    @Lexy loves bilson: Hayden can date wo wants right now.Rachel is hot person ok. JJ hey have broken -up you can say it now . Why couldn’t you say that months ago. Hayden can date who want . So can rachel if she’s not doing it already.It look like a she was getting a ride or just having fun. She was with his brother anyway. Jared they have split the break has passed already . Did you see hayden with anyone Rachel has moved on. jared you and others need to stop feeling sorry for rachel.This old news about the break. Love hayden. look like he was having fun.

  29. 29
    austine Says:

    Couldn’t RB find better looking clothes to wear?
    She looks like a ragpicker.
    And if she had carried or tagged along that blonde stepsister of hers, she would automatically looked like her “nanny”.

  30. 30
    S Says:

    @ brightside
    You go girl, LOL

  31. 31
    Lara Says:

    What has that girl done to her face? She looks horrible! Everyone who considers plastic surgery should look at her and see that this is not necessarily an option.

  32. 32
    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    well well,
    where is she going?

  33. 33
    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    well well,
    where is she going?

  34. 34
    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    sorry about that,
    i was going to link that after.

    this should be the one

  35. 35
    shanda Says:

    Hayden can be with whoever he wants to be with.Rahcel didn’t care nothing about him so she let him go. They haven’t been together in months since may jared. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you heard are the so-called break. you wouldn’t haven’t mention it until now. But you wouldn’t mention months ago.Since you think that something is going on with him and that girl. But you wouldn’t mention about the rumor are rachel and another man.It look like he was having fun with his brother. It look like she into his brother than him.Hayden has work on his mind right now. When he wants to get into another relationship he will. its when he gets ready not when jared wanted it. he does look cute and probably work. I hope when rachel be with another guy you do the same thing for her.Go hayden!

  36. 36
    mailey Says:

    lol wth is she wearing?? sophie monk is so trashy. what does she do anyways? what is she in/ bleh.

  37. 37
    Deborah Says:

    I read Wikipedia about Sophia Monk and she is a quite accomplished singer, model, and actress. She has three movies in the works herself. So at least she is an actress and is not using Hayden for her own selfish reasons like Rachel was. I hope that he finds the right girl who obviously wasn’t Rachel. Now, maybe some of you are right and she was with Tove. I don’t really care! Let him have his private life and get over it. As long as Hayden is happy it doesn’t matter what we think!

  38. 38
    Deborah Says:

    In some of the pictures Sophia looks like she is with Tove. Remember that Tove and his wife were involved in a domestic dispute last year I believe? Maybe he was with Sophia and he didn’t want her to know, so Hayden was with the girl. All I know is that Hayden did look happy in these pictures and I haven’t seen him this happy since being on the red carpet with Natalie Portman. I still hold out hope for them also.

  39. 39
    ida Says:


  40. 40
    Viper Says:


    Tove never had a wife that was some g/f he trie d to dump that went , bad, Tove is a ladies man love them, leave them type. Whatever HC will do with a relationship if it centers around an actress or anyone in entertainment we will hear about it. Private or otherwise he is an actor and his life gets exposed.

  41. 41
    Jennifer Says:

    Geez, you guys make a big deal out of everything. She was clearly with Tove.

  42. 42
    Blahzae Says:

    @Deborah: Tove isnt married first of all, hes a player a known player and he loves attention. He has been seen hanging with Sophie before, she is clearly sitting next to Tove and not in the back with Hayden. Tove most likely was Haydens ride there and his ride to and from the party. Sophie is about to appear on a new presswhore show produced by another presswhore Kim Kardashian it is called THE SPIN CROWD it is all about people that spin PR for presswhores and Sophie in on one of the few first episodes that comes to the PROS on the show desperate for media attention. So this is just one of many many places she has been seen in the past few weeks. Sophie the other day was tackly talking about her ex cheating on her to the paps and then was at dinner with Kein Conolly the other night and talked about him too. She just wants attention, I would sooner peg her with Tove though hes more the business and fame chaser than Hayden is ,Hayden just seems to tag along kind of like he is in these pictures in the SUV lol
    Most likely this is Tove trying to get some attention for himself as always.

  43. 43
    jen Says:

    those jeans are sooo ugly, holy cr@p

  44. 44
    natalie Says:

    This guy is an overrated dork. He’s average looking at best. I guess money and fame are the ultimate aphrodisiacs.

    Although these pictures are good ones of Sophie, she is MUCH too pretty for him.

  45. 45
    Blahzae Says:

    Btw I have no opinion of her fashion sense really but these pants were a very very bad idea.
    They look like they were too big and had to be rolled around the waist to fit and are all torn up they look like jeans a guy would wear really really old ones.
    Also it was a very nice event and I dont really think her outfit works for the theme of the night.
    She didnt go to the premiere with them but she managed to go to the after party and the after after party so I would guess if she was with either of them she would of gone to the event and she would of dressed alot nicer.:(

  46. 46
    Blahzae Says:

    Also as far as the guys Sophie dates…. she use to date Ryan Seacrest so yeah that tells you right there what she is out for press;p

  47. 47
    Brightside Says:

    Hmm…well I have to say that it’s not hard to see why men would be attracted to her…that’s a whole lot of chilli!
    And for Peta too…so she’s a vegetarian then?

  48. 48
    Brightside Says:

    And she’s certainly not shy about getting her image out there!
    What kind of model did people say she was?

    - smiles – I have no idea what to think anymore! Other than that life in Hollywood is bloody strange and so are the women. I am so glad I don’t live there : )

    I can’t see this one settling down on a farm in Canada, so I’m going to say a nay here…I think this is nothing more than JJ pulling a National Enquirer stunt and making a few ambiguous photos seem more than they are by attaching a slanted post to them to get people posting. So now this site thinks it’s the internet NE!

  49. 49
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    @ Lexy Loves Bilson – you’re even sadder than your beloved Rachel! LMAO are you going to respond to EVERY comment??
    If this chick with with Tove she should be glad she IN the car and not getting dragged alone side of it!

  50. 50
    veronica Says:

    she’s weird… hope they are not together

  51. 51
    Blahzae Says:

    @lexy hates bilson: by the look of those pants you would think she was dragged by the suv lol

  52. 52
    theory Says:

    You know I was noticing something for awhile now with Hayden if you look at his nose when he was younger and now at his current age and even within the last couple of years. It is looks smaller, but just on the tip of it, like he had it minimizedo.0
    Usually as you age your nose gets larger not smaller o.0
    I wonder if he had the tip of it refined which is stupid it looked better before and it changed the balance of his face.

  53. 53
    Swamped Says:

    Hayden got swamped by fans at the premiere and at the after party the video is surprisingly crazy they like rushed the SUV he was in.
    Guess we know whos career isnt doing so bad after all ;p

  54. 54
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    @ Blahzae – LOL! That’s a good one!!
    I think it’s different places – those were screaming girls with Anakin pics at the premiere. Looks like Snoop and the others were entering the party via some back door so there weren’t as many celebs. Though shout out to Snoop for commenting on the guy trying to get a bunch of autographs! You know he was just a professional collector – I was glad Snoop took a picture with the fan!
    When you see these red carpet events you really have a new level of respect for some of these celebs – especially the more private ones like Hayden – to have all that noise…then when he gets to the real red carpet the paps are shouting about posing. Guess that’s why they pay him and the other celebs the big bucks!

  55. 55
    Aussiepride Says:

    Excuse me but who the hell cares what sophie looks like she is the coolest and funniest person you will ever know. I maybe Australian but u can’t say Jack **** about someone if u don’t even them

  56. 56
    Swamped Says:

    @Aussiepride: Actually you can this is gossip blog you can say whatever you want everyone gets an opinion and then people will blast you back for it.
    But you still get one.
    Your on a gossip site and expect ppl to not be talked about?
    if that was true you would be looking at a blank page. lol

  57. 57
    LAshmelay Says:

    Ummm anyone notice how rediculously dialted their pupils are and how in videos from this night she never blinks and seems COMPLETLEY out of it? Can you say roollliiinngggg

  58. 58
    Blahzae Says:

    Well it is a premiere and party and it is at night and their eyes are exposed to darkness and flashing lights.
    Also his eyes arent blood shot just dialated if they were “rolling” his eyes would be blood shot.
    She does look at bit out of it but that could just be because she is a blonde la girl wanna be starlets…. brains doesnt really come with that package,
    You should hear some of the things she says to tmz o.0 its like wtf lol
    She probably never blinks because she is posing and trying to look pretty in every shot of her and she is doing that pout your lips out crap and never smile trick.
    I swear everyone trys to look like Angelina these days lol

    Actually looking at it her pupils are HUGE they are almost all black…
    but his look about normal.
    Also Snoop Dog was there so just that man showing up will give you a contact high lol
    Tove looks like he always does out of it but loving every minute of the attention he is getting.
    Tove is clearly trying to kiss her butt by carrying her purse for her.
    Guys never do that unless they are after you or alreadty have you ;p

  59. 59
    oH? Says:

    The guy likes blondies….he left Bilson veeeeery shortly after the MET Gala (after he saw his ex Sienna Miller for the first time after their break-up). Woopsies…just the facts.

  60. 60
    shadowy Says:

    @ 47-48
    Are they or arent they… an item?!
    Its NOT the 1st time that Haydamn were into these “prudish” (lmao) hacktresses/models (hungry for any fame)
    Remember “Elizabetta” Canalis” whom he met he did that B-movie/X-rated in Italy & now banging George Clooney….
    Haydamn is so damn “refined” isnt it LOL

  61. 61
    Viper Says:

    Take notice in the video of SM she can’t find the seat belt in the SUV, Tove looked like he had to help her in then gave her the handbag..she was asked questions one has to wonder if she really understood the one reporter ask if there was going to be a winter wedding..yea more like snow in Tahiti then HC or Tove getting married. SM was plastered pretty safe to say.

  62. 62
    @shadowy Says:

    Thats funny that you claim that happened considering that Sienna was with Jude in May as in seen with Jude at that same event that night lol
    Love how dumb rumor starters are.
    Also so what he went out on atleast one date with Canalis whom he met while working… a guy cant date and make mistakes?
    Soon after he was never seen with her again LMAO Probably because he realized she called the paps that evening.

  63. 63
    Blahzae Says:

    @Viper: What video? of SM.
    I didnt see that o.0

  64. 64
    Hayden Likes Stupid Says:

    Remember all Bilson said was that they were ‘taking a break’ not that the engagement was off. He never said anything and never will. Most people that the relationship was a sham and everyone seems relieved its over. But Hayden is dogged by the highly credible rumors that he’s gay and the thing with Bilson was to ‘prove’ he’s straight. If he needs a beard again who won’t demand to share his life or his bed and just wants the extra press a higher profile person gives, he will go back to her, no question. SM is obviously Tove’s date and he’s a well-known abusive womanizer.

  65. 65
    @64 Says:

    @Hayden Likes Stupid:
    Actually get your facts straight Bilson NEVER said they were

    a unnamed “FRIEND” told US Weekly that part the day AFTER Bilson told people it was over by simply saying this :
    NO PLANS………..NO,NOTHING. ( Yes that was her exact quote lol)
    That was Bilson’s only exact quote on the topic.
    The part about them maybe getting back together was added to the story by USWEEKLY the next day.
    The rumors from 2005 that Hayden was gay are long behind him the woman that made the claims was insane and later KILLED HERSELF actually. So highly credible those rumors were not since they were created by a woman that was mad at another actor for dumping her as his agent and was obsessed with that other actor. The story appeared in the National Enquirer and everyone knows you cant believe anything you read in there.
    I think he got in his press relationship with her under the advisement of his people and his own brother and it didnt go as planned. It didnt help him it hurt him and made people think he might be gay even more. Funny thing is he replaced some of those people that got him into the PR relationship and once he did he seemed to push Bilson from his life.
    To be honest he would be more castable if he remains unattached for awhile and is seen out and about ,living.
    Because being single means producers/filmmakers and studio PR teams can start rumors about you and your fellow castmembers much easier and get buzz around an upcoming project.
    So that makes you more valueable as an actor from a PR stand point.
    Of course Hayden will probably be back on his darn farm again like he always is and the Sophie Monk thing will vanish just like his PR relationship with Bilson did…….

  66. 66
    Lake Says:

    To @64–who did Hayden date that killed herself? When was this? I would think that would have been everywhere, yet I’ve heard nothing of that.

  67. 67
    Raelyn Says:

    I believe the words you’re looking for to describe Sophie would be total bogan.

  68. 68
    @Lake Says:

    @Lake: Lake
    that is not what I said.
    I said that there was a woman that was the former agent of an actor named Trevor.
    Trevor dropped her as an agent….. Trevor’s former agent was obsessed with him and said if he didnt take her back she would ruin his career.
    When Trevor did not take her back as an agent or anything else
    She went to the National Enquirer and claimed the Trevor was gay and that his boyfriend was Hayden
    ( This story came out just as Star Wars Episode 3 revenge of the sith was about to debut to the world)
    She also claimed the Hayden and Trevor were involved with Aaron Carter as well ( at the time he was a popular tabloid target he is the younger brother of former popstar Backstreet Boy Nick Carter)
    When Trevor still wouldnt take her back after that story in the National Enquirer came out and she tryed to black mail Trevor with it and said she would take it all back everything she told them IF he took her back.
    Trevor refused and denied the reports
    Trevor got a restraining order against the insane former agent of his.
    Hayden’s people also denied the reports
    Aaron Carters people denied the reports.
    Trevor gave up acting soon after the experience and you never heard any rumors of the three of them again
    The woman later commited suicide.
    Hayden had nothing to do with it except that his name got dragged into it, oddly enough Trevor and Hayden look alot alike. Trevor is like a dark haired Hayden more or less.
    The story hit just as Star Wars Revenge of the Sith was released so you know what Hayden did?
    He went to the Cannes premiere and gave Ewan McGregor a kiss on the redcarpet as a joke( sort of on the side of his face) to say look people think what the hell you want I dont care.
    And that is the story behind the gay rumors and has been that way ever since…. .
    Like I said Hayden had nothing to do with it but because he was the biggest name of the three at the time he got the most flack and coverage of the rumor.
    And that is when people started calling him

  69. 69
    ShesWithKevin Says:

    You know what I am pretty sure Sophie is with Kevin Conolly who is best known for dating Nikki Hilton (Paris’s sister ) and for starring on Entourage.
    They were seen just 48 hrs before this going to dinner in LA alone together. TMZ caught them at it though. They had that ” They caught us look ,,,, well atleast Kevin did he went into the restraunt with her without saying anything… she of coursed talked with the paps before he showed up for their date…. So date with Kevin at a restraunt or car ride with Tove (her club hopping friend) and his more famous brother Hayden?
    Id bet on her being with Kevin lol

    Is kind of funny though because Kevin is alot shorter than her when they stand next to eachother.

    I think she is with Kevin also because she just got out of a relationship where she walked in on her ex boyfriend having sex with another girl and Kevin has been “there for her”

    Also she is struggling as an actress and alot of girls want to get on Entourage ……..
    .so I could see her staying with Kevin because he lives in La
    goes out to clubs and events.
    Doesnt always avoid the press and doesnt mind them too much. Last but not least he could probably get her on Entourage since he produces the show sometimes and has directed several episodes of it.
    So if she stays with Kevin she will get talked about alot more then she would with Tove or Hayden Christensen.

    Also Kevin always and I mean always gets the actresses that are rebounding … always hes like the short little actor boy they all hook up with after a bad breakup…

  70. 70
    Ryan Says:

    Hayden is as gay as a goose. These two aren’t involved.

  71. 71
    boob Says:

    Haden would be dating with Sienna Miller for several months. Sophie has been bedding with Jude Law a couple of times. So funny.

  72. 72
    MissAnthropica Says:

    Boob your name fits you .. because you are in fact that a complete BOOB and troll that cant spell lol

    By the way he never claimed to have dated Sienna to begin with ( Hayden I mean) the pictures people thought were of them turned out to be of two other people completely lol.
    And when asked about Hayden was laughing his ass off saying it is funny how people speculate about him like that and it gives him a kick he said” even though (he )isnt doing anything” but that is entertaining to watch people be so fascinated with “untrue” as he put it rumors.
    That whole crap between him and Sienna was made up to try to get people to go see that piece of crap film they were both in( Factory Girl )nothing more nothing less, and the second the film “wrapped” all the rumors went bye bye just like all PR stunts from the publicity department of a studio do lol
    They were going to try to start rumors about him and Jessica Alba when they made Awake but then she went and got pregnant and married right when Awake was released so they couldnt start that PR crap. Though they did try a few months before it came out lol

  73. 73
    boob Says:

    Sienna and Hayden lived together while filming Factory Girl. Jude visited her, but he noticed their relation and left her. They split over then. However Hayden noticed that Sienna still loved Jude, so Hayden left her. And S & J reunited for a half of year. And then they split. Also now they are together again. You may know just googling Sienna and Hayden. I’m not a troll, I’m just saying the truth.

  74. 74
    shadowy Says:

    Bring it on for more “sleaziness / tackiness” of those two –
    “”Not”" really dating huh…but probably just sleeping partners LOL

  75. 75
    LMAO Says:

    Oh please the whole “sienna” thing was a temporary PR relationship almost looks as staged as the one he had with Bilson lol

    Really windows open? That could not be a more obvious staged photo session no on leaves their window open like that lol Neither looks very happy either lol
    And those photos look about as “unpassionate” as a kiss can get he hasnt looked that un into a kiss besides with Bilson herself and when he had to kiss Bilson in Jumper. lol

    PR clearly really poorly staged PR.
    It didnt work though lol The movie still bombed lol.
    That was during his “trying to convince people he isnt gay phase” so on came the presswhoring and Miller was more then game lol of course.

  76. 76
    ida Says:

    in your second picture, they are wearing the same clothes that they wore during a scene in factory girl…

  77. 77
    shadowy Says:

    So its just “all” but mediawh0ring for attention/fame – for those who “chooses” to believe on that… nevertheless, its just the same thing &/or gets even “more” -sleazy & tacky-.

  78. 78
    G is for Giggles Says:

    I’ll have to agree, the rumor that Hayden is just that, A RUMOR-HAYDEN IS NOT GAY!

    Wow, sometimes people are just pathological. But he has said it with his one lips to AXM, a gay male magazine during the time Jumper was about to come out….(Press picture to enlarge, bottom left, second to last paragraph)
    And Lainey, a host of e-talk in Canada, confirmed it some time ago. (And she’s has no problem outing suspect people)

    I’ll admit, we could be wrong, but something are certain, HAYDEN DID DATE SIENNA FOR A WHILE, which ended very badly for him (Sienna played him–and alot of other men) and with no photographic proof after the donkey’s years he’s been around. LET IT GO MAN, is what I’m saying on the matter.

    And that Sophie is clearly with Tove, but again, I’m sure a man who runs to sit in the locked back third row, while his brother carries the purse of a woman, WHO WAS HIGH AT THE TIME, is just a brother helping a brother out. lol

  79. 79
    Gayden? Says:

    He is bi or gay which is why he can’t keep a relationship with a woman going for more than a very short while. Wake up. The thing with Bilson was a sham from beginning to end and the thing with Sienna Miller was extremely brief. The girl who was supposed to have been his gf in high school completely denied it. Its rare to see a guy who’s almost 30 NEVER have a serious relationship with a woman who isn’t either gay or bi or in Tove’s case a total player who drags his gfs down public streets with his car. No wonder Hayden took his brother to the after parties. Tove wants pointers from Chris Brown on how to beat up your gf.

  80. 80
    Blahzae Says:

    Personally I think the whole thing with Sienna Miller and with Rachel Bilson of course were fake.
    All the photos of Hayden and Sienna were a little too coincidental and of course with Bilson it was a presswhoring nightmare.
    Do I think he is gay?
    Just because those are staged doesnt mean he cant be straight he is just trying to make himself seem straighter so he can continue to do what he loves and act.
    Im sure his people have bugged him to do it all ” for the good of his career” LMAO
    Far as anyone knows he dates girls in Canada and keeps it private so he can have a real normal relationship he seems to like the normal things in life and uses to presswhore relationship he had with Bilson to distract from his life there.

    Except it all back fired and made him look more “gay”

    But like I said I dont think he is gay even thought Im 100% sure the Miller and Bilson things were staged

    I just think he listens to stupid peoples ideas of what is “best for him” one of those people being Tove himself of course and his ideas of how to get Hayden talked about so Tove himself continues to be talked about.

  81. 81
    annie Says:

    sophie was with tove,hes a boring guy who sure gets the sleazy women and bilson is as hot as a wet tuna.

  82. 82
    Viper Says:


    Go to DH and you will see a ton of video’s and even one on X17online shows HC, Tove and SM getting in the SUV. It’s funny that most ppl at that event were dressed nicely or at least pleasingly nice this chic looked like she was some homeless person..don’t care how much ripped jeans go for or the brand she wore one would think she could dress better.

  83. 83
    Viper Says:

    Now it could be me but when i reread this FYI on the text of JJ it says

    FYI: Tove (blazer) is Sophie’s friend!

    To me that might mean the person drivineg the Blazer is the friend of Sophie’s. Could be they gave Tove and Hayden the ride home from the event. I get the feeling this woman is still involved with someone else and not with either Christensen.

  84. 84
    Blahzae Says:

    @Viper: I saw the videos now on DH LMAO
    Sophie Monk is really really drunk, slurring words and all. Thats why she couldnt carry her purse because she couldnt do that and walk at the same time lol
    Kind of like chewing gum and walking for most girls in LA lol

    I really dont get why she dressed like that it looks like she just showed up last second to the party scene for Takers and didnt even try to dress nicely on some level for it. Guess she was to busy running out the door to get to a FREE press event she didnt look in the mirror and go hmmmm is this a tacky oufit? lol

    That is the kind of outfit people wear while shopping in a supermarket in la and even then those jeans would be in poor taste.
    Ripped jeans are great but those arent ripped those are “recked” lol

    The FYI reference JJ wrote I am pretty sure is about Tove
    FYI: Tove (blazer) is Sophie’s friend!
    I think he means Tove is the one pictured in the blazer jacket and JJ was trying to make that clear lol since he figured people probably wouldnt know who the hell Tove is or what he looks like.
    He might like to protend he is a “power player producer” as he once said he wanted to be but he is anything .. but lol
    Just the hanger on brother of Hayden using him at every chance he can get.

  85. 85
    angie Says:

    she is not for him!!!!! hayden is so perfectttttttt…

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