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Daniel Craig: The Death Of James Bond EW Cover

Daniel Craig: The Death Of James Bond EW Cover

Daniel Craig, as James Bond, takes the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly featuring questions swirling around the 007 franchise.

In April, it was announced that the much anticipated Bond 23 was to be delayed indefinitely following financial troubles at MGM, the production company that produces the Bond films.

In the meantime, the studio has been up for sale since November but has had no serious buyers as of yet. With the studio in trouble, it doesn’t look like there will be a new Bond film anytime soon. According to the magazine, the last time an ‘indefinite’ hold like this happened, it took 6 years to bring the franchise back.

Could this be the end of James Bond?

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  • Alaia

    It’s a shame that the Twilight Saga, those awful Step Up films and terrible Nicholas Sparks adaptations get to carry on, but not 007!

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  • Seth

    James Bond will RETURN!!!

  • pickles

    James died when Jason Bourne! LOL!

  • Wembley

    But the Bourne franchise is dead too isn’t it.

    Where’s a white cat to stroke when you really need one?

  • facts

    @Alaia: That’s unfair, seeing how the Bond seroes has produced over 20 sequels. It’s about time this shuts down.

  • to pickles

    Reboot was a great success. Stagnation means the death.

  • Alaia

    @facts: They are not just ‘sequels’, it is a series. I know you could argue the Twilight Saga is a series too, but they are absolutely horrid. No wonder the films suck, too.

  • David Lee

    The EW story is hokum.

    This Bond site explains why:

  • Boggy

    I read the article on EW online. Nothing is new info.

  • Gil

    This is pure bull sh*T, come on maaannn! I grew up on bond & that’s how I got the ladies. It taught me how to compose myself as a 15 yr old young man the best bonds in exact order: Sean Connery, Pierce Bronsan, and Daniel Craig.

  • melissa

    show your conscience. you don’t have the right to kill Bond.

  • http://j ivanka

    pierce brosnan was the best BOND

  • ally

    James Bond is much too big and badass to ever die. That is all.

  • melissa

    i forgot to write. “to MGM”

  • sienna

    No, this couldn’t be the end of James Bond… They will somehow solve their problems and I’m sure it won’t be that long before the next one.
    Daniel as Bond rocks!!!

  • Kim

    Daniel Craig is the best bond ever!!!

  • comment

    Bond movies have become irrelevant. It’s birth was the product of the pre-cold war period. The recent Bond movies changed its familiar theme and focused on some international criminal deals gone bad. A new series could do just as well, Jason Bourne did it. Consent to Kill and its Mitch Rapp books could do even better. Sure Bond got it’s name recognizion but it has morphed into just another spy movie. No major loss if it never returns.

  • courtney

    Seriously? I will admit that the Step Ups are bad, even if the dancing is good. But the Twilight Saga is AMAZING. And did you even see Quantum of Solace? That was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

  • jane

    Let’s all have a whip-round! I love Daniel Craig as the blonde Bond!

  • RTYS

    he looks good

  • Rob

    WTF? It’s on hold, NOT canned.

  • Casey

    ” Could this be the end of James Bond? ”


  • jane

    @rob – It could be on hold for years – I don’t want to wait X years to see Daniel back in his Bond tux!!

  • Danny’s muscles

    Even with MGM’s difficulties looming, it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. When Mendes and Morgan came on to the film early in the year, MGM officials were quietly hoping the movie would be in production in the summer, for a release in 2011.

    MGM declined comment. A call to EON’s office in London was not returned, and the Santa Monica office of EON holding company Danjaq also yielded no comment.
    Hm, my bet was based on that filming would be in the summer, I lost this bet but now its revealed that they were really going to make Bond in the summer….. wow.
    I was close to win it but MGM could not finance for the first time….

    News about dead Bond hurt Babs Broccoli but she was offered financial help by the British investors so she should to shake hands with them and receive it.

  • Mendel

    to Wembley

    “Where’s a white cat to stroke when you really need one?”


    to David Lee

    Thanks for the link to Mi6. Sounds like EW had nothing else to write about…

  • to wembley

    apparently matt damon has agreed to do a 4th jason bourne.

  • to facts

    my grandfather a life long bond fan says that it’s not over until bond is put in the coffin, the lid is nailed shut and it’s buried in the ground. and even then it’s not certain

  • to comment

    bond irrelevant? only in your deluded mind. another series? in case you haven’t noticed, there is one. it’s called jason bourne. as for people willing to go and see bond films, look how much the last two made. but hey, why don’t you go back to films that you find relevant. like say transformers.

  • Derek117

    James Bond will never die. But it’s time for a change from Daniel “CraggyFace” Craig.

  • JCraig

    Aw…. aint it cute that the Twilight fans are all upset because someone made a comparison and put down the films? Honestly- no comparison can be made. Bond movies have been around for more than 20 years. Twilight will be finished in the next 2 years and twenty years from now no one will be talking about Stephanie Meyers in the same sentence as a real writer like Ian Fleming. Besides- Daniel Craig is a polished actor who has studied his craft and is a master. Those young guys in the Twi movies are a flash in the pan.

  • megik

    to Derek
    I disagree. You are too simple-minded. “Pretty Face” is boring!

  • Amber

    @David Lee:

    Thank you, David Lee. EW had me worried. But I just read that enthusiastic Craig quote last week. He’s raring to go on a new film.

    It’s too soon to retire Daniel Craig’s Bond. I hope everything works out.

  • Kalle

    It was never planned to shoot this summer. DC himself said “end of next year” at the stage door of ASR. This article has no news, nothing we didn’t know weeks ago – so – no need to worry any more then before. As long as MGM doesn’t declare bankruptcy, there is a chance for 2012. My guess is, that behind the scenes all hell is loose and everybody is working on a solution.

    In the meantime he will come from everywhere next year – so its all good.

  • Fio

    The cover story of EW may be worthless, but the Daniel’s pic on the cover has value very much :)
    He looks so GORGEOUS!!!

  • Fio

    Opinions of an Aspiring Director; A Post of Epic Proportions

  • Ash

    Keep the door open to him. I want to see Daniel Bond more.

  • Rob

    to jane
    Me, too!!
    I believe that it comes soon.

  • Dear SONY

    HELP them…

  • Danny’s muscles

    It’s been two years since Sony released Quantum of Solace, the second Bond film starring Daniel Craig. The film was a hit bringing in $586 million but it marked the end of Sony’s right to produce and release Bond films. The franchise is now in the hands of MGM.

    In the meantime, valuable franchises are being left by the wayside. MGM has the rights to the film version of The Hobbit, the prequel to the successful Lord of the Rings trilogy that brought in $3 billion for New Line and Warner Bros.

    So how can Bond survive? Easily. Sony had great success reviving the series with Craig starting with 2006’s Casino Royale, which grossed $594 million at the global box office. That was an improvement on the performance of the previous Bond film, Die Another Day starring Pierce Bronson as 007, which brought in $430 million in 2002 for MGM. Add in the box office from Quantum of Solace and the Bond films have earned $1.2 billion for Sony.

    So it’s unlikely Sony will let the franchise just fade away. The studio had no comment but it’s well known that Sony would love to be in the Bond business. The companies that are currently bidding for MGM (Lionsgate, Spyglass, and Summit Entertainment) would likely be happy to get help from Sony on a big budget film like Bond.
    The bottom line is that in Hollywood, successful franchises like Bond are too valuable to let slip away. And audiences still have a taste for spy movies. The recent film Salt, where Angelina Jolie plays a Bond-like CIA agent, grossed an impressive $36 million its opening weekend.Due to Sony’s past interest, and attempts to create a rival James Bond series, industry watchers expect the studio to give 007 a new lease of life for the 21st century. MGM granted “Die Another Day” a reported budget of $142m, whereas Sony has been known to splash around even larger cash sums, such as $200m for “Spider-Man 2″. Contrary to earlier reports that Bond 21 was to have a smaller production than “Die Another Day”, sources say Sony are likely to bank-roll an even bigger budget for 007′s next adventure.

    Sony made a killing on the first of those releases, “Casino Royale,” which grossed nearly $600 million worldwide at the box office alone. Because Sony put up 75% of the film’s $150-million budget, it received an even bigger cut of the profit than MGM. A person familiar with the matter said the film made $150 million-plus, of which Sony walked off with more than $100 million.

    When Sony first became involved in “Casino Royale,” the studio’s movie chief Amy Pascal spent a lot of time cultivating Bond’s longtime London-based producers and creative gatekeepers, Michael Wilson and Barbara Brocoli. Pascal worked closely with the producers on reinventing the four decades-old franchise with a more updated feel and edgier leading man. The suave, polished British secret agent portrayed by such actors as Sean Connery, Roger Moore and others, not only gave way to the screen’s first Blond Bond, but a much grittier, three-dimensional character played by Daniel Craig.

    “We grew to love these movies,” Pascal said in a recent interview. “Obviously, we’d love to stay involved, but it’s not our decision, it’s MGM’s.”

    True but then again, given MGM’s current financial straits, never say never.

    Broccoli and Wilson also continue to push for Sony Pictures Entertainment to be involved. That company was behind the production, marketing and distribution of 2008′s “Quantum of Solace.”

    “They want to continue with Sony since Sony spends,” the source said.

  • Danny is 007

    @Kalle: It was never planned to shoot this summer.

    They considered Bond to be filmed that time, and look how Daniel says that he wanted to be in Bond’s shoes now, quickly.

  • Danny is 007
  • Danny is 007
  • Danny is 007

    @Dear SONY: HELP them…

    Broccoli and Wilson also continue to push for Sony Pictures Entertainment to be involved.“We grew to love these movies,” Pascal said in a recent interview. “Obviously, we’d love to stay involved, but it’s not our decision, it’s MGM’s.”

    True but then again, given MGM’s current financial straits, never say never…

  • Rainy Day

    Bond will return. Look how many years there were between the various Batman series and when it returned with Begins and Dark Knight it was great.

  • Deb

    to Danny is 007
    Thanks for the link. Not that bad…But I prefer Blood Stone’s trailer to it.

  • Carmen






  • Kalle

    @Danny007 – what you have provided is from 07 and maybe true then, but after QOS Michael Wilson said – there will be a years break to give everybody the chance to start off fresh, as the prods have been involved in making the last two films for YEARS now with preps etc — practically back to back for them. And that was way before anything of the MGM troubles surfaced. This is why i say, it was not planned after QOS to release the 3rd in 2010.
    Then in October 2009 DC said at the stage door they start shooting end of the year (2010), which would be the same timeline then as for QOS with release end of 2011.

    Sadly nothing of all that will become true now. Fingers crossed for 2012. Filming next year would provide the Bond and DC fans with endless hours of coverage, which is unique.

  • Kalle

    @Danny007 – thanks for the article.

  • Deb

    to Carmen
    Oh man! LOL! I agree with you though you’re dangerous!