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Emma Watson: Chopping Off My Hair Was Liberating!

Emma Watson: Chopping Off My Hair Was Liberating!

Emma Watson says having New York stylist Rodney Cutler give her a daring new ‘do was “the most liberating thing.”

“The stylist just grabbed the back of my hair and took a whole ponytail of hair out,” The 20-year-old actress shared with EW. “It felt amazing. I love it.”

Emma said that she’s finally able to change up her look now that her work on the Harry Potter films is over.

“I missed all that experimentation that most teenagers go through,” she shared. “I’ve wanted to do this since I was about 16, so as soon as I had the chance I was like, ‘Right. This is it.’”

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Photos: Martin Schoeller
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  • eli

    It just goes to show that she has a gorgeous face.
    Good for her.

  • Joan

    Why are there so many posts about her getting a haircut? It’s just a haircut!

  • Shan

    Emma has a beautiful face and even she can make short hair look good….but ultimately I think she looked stunning with her long hair and I’ll miss seeing it when she promotes Deathly Hallows :(

  • cali


  • Hannah

    She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • JM

    She looks like a young Mia Farrow, beautiful.

  • Jime

    Gorgeous. I actually think it suits her better

  • Samantha

    Her haircut reminds me of Natalie Portman’s. I never imagined it on Emma but it’s really cute.

  • Samantha

    Her haircut reminds me of Natalie Portman’s. I never imagined it on Emma but it’s really cute.

  • Me

    She looks like a young Aaron Carter.
    lol, j/k she looks lovely ! Very pretty :-)

  • naylah

    She’s brave……………because without a hairstylist and a make up artist around, it’s hard to make it look good.

  • mari

    Good on her that she can experiment now as much has she wants.

    I don’t like that haircut on her though, she looks like a 12 year old boy.

  • n_n

    Finally Justin Bieber get a new hairstyle…

    Ummm, O_O… wait….

  • Free

    She is pretty, but I really don’t like that haircut, I think she looks better with longer hair :s

  • mark

    i like her, but i really don’t like the haircut on her…

  • Lynn

    I have one word for her: WIG.

  • Maddy Slater

    Yeah, I wish she could have waited until AFTER all the Deathly Hallows promotion stuff she’s going to have to do.

    I just don’t like short hair on girls, no matter how pretty they are.

  • maria

    lol i just cut my hair short too just the other day!! it feels good! emma looks amazing with long and short hair

  • Sean

    She’ll come out of the closet within 5 years. Guarantee it.

  • Hm

    Seriously? being a woman with short hair does not mean she is a lesbian, the hell is up with people thinking that?
    hair or clothes have nothing to do with it, idiots. stereotyping, but even if she is – it has nothing to do with the what type of haircut she has

  • eyeh8twilight

    At first I didn’t like it. I’ve been a fan of Emma’s since 2003, I had to get used to it. Now, I have 1 word for her hair-STUNNING! After a little while of getting used to it, I think she looks gorgeous. I’m glad she didn’t go off and do that pixie cut herself. That could be very disasterous. I’m happy this hair is going to be in EW, and they said that Emms’s also going to be in Marie Claire for when DH comes out in November, and I think she did the photoshoot with this hair.

  • Kary

    She looks beautiful. She doesn’t needs a long hair for look ok.

  • ++Logan++

    Wow i would feel naked with hair that short, but she looks beautiful, actually suits her better than long hair.

  • Hairstyles

    LOL – the ‘pixie’ style looks adorable on her, she’s definitely got the face for it. Conversely, I really don’t like super-short or ‘buzz-cut’ hairstyles on a big majority of men. I think if a MAN has nice hair, he has every right to show it off. I just love to be able to run my fingers thru a guy’s hair just so it’s clean and purty..

  • angry bitch

    PR stunt ….booring……and instead of excuses like i wanted change…she must admit that she had some problems with her hair….my colegue cut her hair because she was going bald….emma never had a thick hair….but she looked very pretty before…now like a boy/lesbian

  • Celia

    I absolutely love it!!!! She looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to see how she styles it on the red carpet when DH promotion starts.
    I bet Emma didn’t think this would attract so much attention. Love it!

  • Celia

    @angry bitch:

    What are you talking about?? She didn’t get to do anything with her hair for the past ten years! I’m sure it probably needed it and she also WANTED it. Considering all the photo shoots she’s done since she was 11 years old and all the teasing, curling, straightening, dyeing, etc. that her hair has gone through, it’s no wonder Emma wanted to cut it all off. Good for her!!
    I thoroughly doubt it was for PR purposes. Emma had her hair cut DAYS ago and the news is just now coming out. She’s also about to go back to school next month, so I’m sure the last thing wants is publicity. The only reason she posted the facebook picture was because the paparazzi got pictures of her first.

  • S

    Guys you also have to think she’s not wearing makeup in these photos. Wait until she’s in a good outfit (hopefully) promo’ing with some make up on for Harry Potter and I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous.

    One more person to make a lesbian comment and I swear, I’m going to burst. You’re not a lesbian because you cut your hair off automatically. You could be, but you aren’t automatically one.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad she did what she wanted to do and couldn’t for many years.

  • Diana

    Poor thing, she’s so depressed with the ending of the Potter series! :x
    But yes, it looks good on her!

  • neish

    I think it looks nice in the photo-shoot, very pretty. But seeing the candid shots….I don’t think her features are as delicate as Mia or Careys’ so I don’t think she pulls it off. I applaud her for trying something different, going short is a big step.

  • Betty

    she look beautifull, but on this pic she has the make-up and all..
    She a bit of a big head…of course she uses it good wise.

  • kevin


  • woodroad34


    Yes! I’ve been waiting for someone to make either that comparison or Twiggy…Although Emma looks more healthy than either those two. She is simply a beautiful young woman with great style and intelligence.

  • Helena

    looks really good

  • courtney

    i think she is gorgeous and this haircut is cute, but i liked her long hair.i grew up watching her have long hair on harry potter.