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Hayden Christensen: Blu Jam Cafe

Hayden Christensen: Blu Jam Cafe

Hayden Christensen and a mystery male lunch together at Blu Jam Cafe along Melrose Ave on Friday afternoon (August 6) in Hollywood, Calif.

On Wednesday, the 29-year-old Canadian actor premiered his new flick, Takers, which opens everywhere on August 27.

He later hit up the movie’s after-party with his old brother Tove Christensen and Tove‘s pal, Aussie actress Sophie Monk.

FYI: Rachel Bilson loves her Blu Jam. A lot.

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hayden christensen blu jam cafe 01
hayden christensen blu jam cafe 02
hayden christensen blu jam cafe 03
hayden christensen blu jam cafe 04
hayden christensen blu jam cafe 05

Credit: SPW; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe she dressed him! I wonder when he’s headed back to the farm. I’m sure this media attention is getting on his nerves!

  • ida
  • Blahzae

    Ok I have said this before and I will say it again ….
    When Bilson gets posted it is really really fast between the time the pictures were taken till the time they are posted by JJ
    Too fast
    and now these pictures of Hayden were also posted rather fast I think between the time they were taken and the time it was posted as well
    It is only 3 30 in the afternoon here in LA
    Of course the pictures come from Splashnews and they are pretty quick to get pictures up.

  • mememe

    it always makes me laugh when i see Hayden’s brother’s name – Tove. This is solely a girl’s name in Scandinavia and apparently Hayden’s parents both have Scandinavian roots – you’d think they would check the names they were giving their kids, right?

    Anyway, apparently Tove is kind of a man-whore – there are tons of accounts of him and his sleazy ways. Glad to know Sophie is his “pal”, and not Hayden’s – i would have lost any respect i have left for him if he were dating her.

  • Anonymous

    @Blahzae: and that was a pointless comment?

  • Wootsy

    <3<3<3 his casual look ^.^!!!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s technology! They can have it up in minutes.

  • Blahzae

    No I was questioning if he is doing the same thing Bilson does
    but also saying that the source does get photos up of people really fast.
    The source being SplashNews .
    I was questioning the photos but also giving him the benefit of the doubt
    Possibly his people want him to be seen out and about by himself and not with Bilson and anyone else so they can have him standing on his own two feet and still being able to get papped.

    Also it isnt a stretch to think he would be papped since the Takers premiere happend less than two days ago.

    But I was pointing out two points of view.

    While you “Anonymous” had no point of view or comment other then to talk about mine.
    What too dumb to get your own opinion that all you can do is rag on mine ;p
    Your comment was very very pointless ^.^

  • Trish

    Who cares what she loves? She’s not there.

  • tiredofit

    Does JJ always have to drag Bilson into everything ><
    They ended their arrangemant ( fake engagement) move on!!!!!

  • Thorne

    Nice to see him out and about keeping things nice and normal ^.^
    He looks like he is in a better mood lately than he was last time he was seen in LA

  • JC

    Has been dork with really ugly shoes walks across the street. How exciting.

  • wonderingeyes

    Nice bulge in his pants ;p
    I know that is just his phone but Im trying to figure out what the bulge is next to the phone lol

  • Lake

    I agree #’s 9 and 10, leave Bilson out of this. She has nothing to do with him any more, he wised up and got out of it. Thank God.

  • Viper

    Funny how JJ has to make the comment that RB loves blu jam as if anyone cares what she loves..why not what other actress’s wear…OOOh yea forgot they took a It’s been what almost a week since he might have blown into town and he hasn’t been around RB to give he the time of day

    I think Sophie Monk is more Tove’s speed woman and I see HC sticks closer to the men he knows.

  • the truth

    @tiredofit: @Viper: @Trish: Thanks you all for pointing that out . JJ needs to stop mention her on his post. They’re done.Don’t see jj mention Hayden on her post. let it go jared! Please do.

  • lisa

    Hayden is so hot, sexy, handsome…

  • kiki

    Totally agree. Love seeing Hayden out and about with his pals. He looks good. Why do you need to mention his ex in every post about him? It’s annoying.

  • ignore it

    Eventually that will stop, her being mentioned I mean
    Until then I just breeze over her name like she doesnt exist kind of like everyone else does including producers directors and other actors in the industry these days.

  • Viper

    I guess it will stop when JJ gets the revelation that this isn’t a break if they were married it’s a there case the show is over and the fat lady sung.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Viper: Lol Viper
    “the fat lady sung”
    I didnt know Bilson sang;p
    lol had to say it

  • Viper

    Please spare us MissAthropica she cant act let alone do much else, if she sang it would cause earthquakes, riots, and mass destruction so lets not go there…lol

  • Haydenisahottie

    I love that he wearing a true value hat
    Reminds me of the hardward store lol
    Very “I like to build things kind of look” he is rocking
    I find it strangely attractive >;P
    Good to see him happier again ^.^

  • Sandra

    Wow! Handsome!

  • melinda

    oh please! give me a break! bs can’t act . don’t get me started on fashion. what a joke. call me a taxi iam so out of here!

  • Viper

    JJ ruined that whole thread by posting that FYI to it…WHY??? can ppl write their own article and sure as hell won’t be referring to RB in it..

  • @Melinda

    Oh please “Melinda”
    give us a break dont act like you dont like him or atleast look for things about him.
    you dragged your butt all the way to this thread and made a comment even ……………….. so he was worth that much to you lol
    I think the “taxi” left for you a long long time ago.
    Mostly likely, it took either your intelligence or you sanity with it.
    Got to love the jaded fan girls.

  • Deborah

    I love his look! At least he looks normal and he actually looks like he is happy that they see he is happy without that twit. I am so looking forward to Takers. I think it will be the blockbuster film of the year. Anyways, I think he looks fabulous. He hasn’t gone all Hollywoood! He just went to Hollywood and he deserves to be out enjoying himself.

  • @27

    Melinda was referring to RB’s looks not DD and even if she did she has a right to make a comment. If you don’t agree oh well get over it..Not everyone has to adore HC and his looks or adore him as an actor. .this is a comment thread and not a fan site . If your a horny fan girl and this is all you have to look forward to that’s your problem but, if someone makes a comment you don’t agree with too bad this isn’t a DH or Imdb fan board. You sound like one of those groupies

  • Ahari

    Hayden looks amazing. A far cry from how he looked the last time he was in town, looking like a cranked out AIDS patient. It’s truly amazing how getting a toxic, soul sucking little fame wh*re leech out of your life can improve your circumstances. I hope he realizes how much better his life is without her, she was like a poisonous boat anchor hanging around his neck, suffocating him.

  • @29

    And you sound like one of those IMBD trolls and I know just which B@tch you are. ^.^
    Also Melinda was clearly referring to Hayden not RB. Of course they get their opinion.. but so do I.
    You dont make a comment on a gossip blog and not expect to get one back. You dont like it ? Deal with it hun.
    You think I sound like a groupie? You sounds like a insane bitter person with “issues”
    I was pointing out more so that Melinda is acting like she doesnt know how she got to this page to begin with. Which is retarded as she would of had to click on it to get here…. but instead of leaving if that was true she made a comment. Wasting her time. I was calling BS on her opps how did i get here cr@p.

  • @Ahari

    @Ahari: Couldnt agree more ,he looks sooooo much better. Like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

  • @29

    Also if you had read the last part of my comment you would see I made a jabb at all the groupie types especially the former groupie types.
    “Got to love the jaded fan girls.”
    So dont call me a groupie when I have no love for the little fan girls that are so obsessed yet pissed at him at the same time that they look for new postings of him every damn day.

  • Solo

    It’s nice for once to see Hayden out without any” hanger-on” type people around him. Like his ex or his “big” brother Tove.
    This and the golfing photos the other day were a very nice change of things.Funny that Tove vanishes the second there isnt any press in it for him. Figures. I’m sure he will pop back up with Hayden at some premiere again in the near future though. Seems Hayden got rid of one press wh@re and got another from before ,his brother back instead.

  • Lake

    Hayden is very close to his brother Tove. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Tove, they are brothers, and they are very close. Leave it at that, nothing else matters.

  • Brightside

    Why a mystery male? Why not say just a friend, pal or acquaintance…in fact why mention gender at all? JJ always does that and it really bugs me.
    So he had lunch with a friend or acquaintance, JJ, big deal. People do do that you know!

  • ida

    yeah….they are dropping hints that he might be gay..fools…taking RBat$it”s side…

  • Brightside

    What on Earth is wrong with his footwear? They’re Nikes! There is nothing wrong with anything either of the two guys are wearing here…both look like typical healthy urban males to me. Some people commenting on this site need their eyes checked…they complain about a pair of Nikes yet rave about Rachel Bilson’s retarded fashion sense. Amazing!

  • lois

    Brightside you should know by now that if JJ or anyone else on here says it’s sunny outside someone is going to say no it’s raining. That’s the game on this site with the comments. No one is ever right and there’s always something wrong with something even if it has to be made up or completely contrary to known fact.

  • OMFG


    NEVER ONCE DID Melinda say or refer to HC she said BS this is referance to BilsonShit as many have nick names for the woman.That is just one variable of names used to discribe her.

    And where did Melinda ever state in her sentence that she refered to HC neverf, she used the intitals BS. Melinda clearly states about fashion who else is a big fashionista but RB aka BS When I read your response you were nasty and no joking around.

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    Actually #31 is one of the nasty trolls on IMBD board that spends 24/7 gushing over Hayden and no one can say anything bad or negative on him or she will slam you! A 50 year old married woman posting on Hayden night and day. So sad and obviously has no life. She is the B@*TCH thinking she is one of the young Hayden groupie girls or thinks she is! ^_^

    Anyway…JJ obviously wanted to mention BS in this thread that this was her favorite place to eat. JJ knew that would drawl attention. LooK! It f&*king worked! ^_^ Hayden probably rememed the place and wanted to eat there. Do we see BS around him? NO! Good to see Hayden actually eating. He needs to eat!
    BS singing. OMFG please!! I think her singing their would be a major 11.0 earthquake in CA! Utter chaos and yes..All the birds would f*7king die! Please…it is bad enough hearing BS talk let alone her singing. Parish the thought.

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    I meant Hayden probably remembered this place was good and wanted to eat their minus the BS this time. He must have had a pleasent meal then! ^_^

  • Blahzae

    Blah Blah drama drama as always.
    I am just going to ignore all this and enjoy the pics.
    Weird that JJ didn’t show what car Hayden was using while he was in town, borrowing his big bros maybe?


    instead of water water everywhere but not a drop to drink it is
    psychos psychos everywhere with not a boyfriend to date!!!!!!!!!
    this thread is always insane i swear

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    Why a mystery male? Why not say just a friend, pal or acquaintance…in fact why mention gender at all? JJ always does that and it really bugs me.
    So he had lunch with a friend or acquaintance, JJ, big deal. People do do that you know!

    Also JJ said the it was Hayden with Sophie Monk too. No! She was with Tove. Viper is right Sophie Monk is more Tove’s speed and the duggie looking skank he usually is seen sporting around with.

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    Well…IT was the big Cuckoo bird that started in on Melinda. It is trolls like that who ruin it for everyone else!

    Cuckoo ALERT!!! Yes.. One psycho woman around that needs to go back to her IMBD watering hole and STFU already! ^_^

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    @ Wonderingeyes,

    Sorry to say..It looks like the buldge in his pants is his cell phone and not morning wood. ^_^

  • LogicSays

    Still smoking I see. Oh well he is still cute.:)

  • ATLqueen

    My GAWD that would have been nice though! Lol!

  • LogicSays

    @Holy Bat$hit: @ATLqueen:
    I think it was his cell phone and his ciggies because he is pulling one out in the next picture
    and not “little HC”