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Jennifer Garner & Hugh Jackman: 'Butter' Featurette!

Jennifer Garner & Hugh Jackman: 'Butter' Featurette!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Butter with Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman!

Jen plays Laura Pickler, the super ambitious wife of the best butter carver in Iowa. One day, he decides to quit the business without consulting her…and according to Jen, it makes her crazy!

“She lives for being Mrs. Bob Pickler,” Jen said. “She thinks that it’s going to lead to a life of politics, his success in butter, and his local fame from being the best butter carver.”

The film also stars Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone and Ashley Greene!

Jennifer Garner & Hugh Jackman: ‘Butter’ Featurette
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  • isher

    what happen to her jaw?? it seems really weird.
    and that hair is terrible.
    she need to change her stylist.

  • slig

    why im ban jared?

  • Katsaridoula

    JG is really annoying when she is speaking. The rest of the ladies in the clip are OK but when JG spoke, I cringed like hell…

  • lulu

    Hardly recognize her.
    But, I prefer her natural look to many other celebs trying to promote themselves (by their children or differently) everytime they have a movie out. Or a thing reveiled from their past that could question their self created image (of ambassador for Unicef for example).
    I DO prefer JG, who is an actress who earned her wings, and a devoted mother.

  • andie

    I love Hugh Jackman so much!!!keep going Hugh…..

  • mimi

    JG talks like a 12 year old. And she’s dumb and obnoxious too.

  • bagabou

    She does have a baby-girl voice, likely why she would have a super hard time doing a serious drama.

    The plot of this movie sounds so odd. I can’t imagine reading the script and saying “this sounds like a box office winner!”. She plays it like “I prefer spending time with my kids, they are my priority”, but think it’s more like she doesn’t get offered many roles at all and certainly not good, plum roles judging by this movie!! Like many actresses who don’t the good parts, she plays the “my kid years” card so people don’t whisper about her not actually being considered for many roles. .

  • Boston

    Mrs. Ben Affleck can do no wrong.

  • mimi

    @bagabou: Poor JG, a baby girl voice in a man-like body and face. Not attractive at all.

  • amber

    THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mina

    This is such a hillbillies movie. Where is the sheeps and cows? I think New yorkers would have trouble relating to the story.

  • Going forward

    Garner has a whispery, sexy female voice very appealing. Did you ever hear that 3rg grade skank Jennifer Lopez talk! Typical low-grade with zero class.

  • Sylvia

    Looking forward to this movie. New Yorkers will love it. It’s a satire folks, and the script is great. I’ll be in line to see it, but then I love anything with Hugh Jackman.

  • Arizona

    Wow. Even when a P.R isn’t featured on this blog they are still hated. But it is true than Americans want them deported and we don’t really care about their one aging celeb.

  • To Bagabo

    Hard time doing serious drama? You mean you’ve never seen Alias? She rocked!

  • Lauren

    Insert jokes about Jennifer Garner being a “butter face” here… Her bodies hot…BUT HER FACE…

  • Mad

    wow.. Olivia Wilde is beautiful! Garner is so pedestrian when compared to her!

  • Just dreaming ..

    What the fuk does she have to do with Jen Garner… Really and
    Why not save her for Sean Combs…with is big bazoba..can reinvent
    her career than Jlo can dump Mr. Madina..her manager.. and get
    her old life back do us all a favor and save Jlo for Sean Combs or
    American Idol we all know she went way down with Simon to get
    this job…As for Ms Garner this is a silly movie because why have
    a big star like Hugh be her co star when everyone else is a tv star..

  • ABC

    Still can’t believe he’s Wolverine when he’s playing other roles… LOL.

  • ABC

    Still can’t believe he’s Wolverine when he’s playing other roles… LOL.

  • Oxana

    Hugh, you look cool, but take off that awful red shirt please

  • HK

    Talk about jealousy…

  • Cheyenne

    Movie looks like a good wholesome one that the whole family can enjoy. I can’t wait to see it.

  • marymargaret

    I love Jackman and love a good comedy, but I wish he would grow his hair back to a longer cut –it is too short now. It changes his handsome face too much.

  • a.jared benton

    is robert deniro sporting a large white beard for a movie thought i saw him in nyc at amaranth restaurant at 61st and madison on saturday

  • Clear And Pleasent

    Anyone posing using the name Cheyenne in response to this movie is a spamming troll. Stay home across the ocean and eat your butter at home where you and it belongs. Never come to America.