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Rihanna Clowns Around!

Rihanna Clowns Around!

Rihanna leaves her hotel and stops to pose with fans dressed as clowns in Toronto, Canada on Thursday (August 5).

Look at the cute little girl standing next to RiRi!

The 22-year-old Bajan beauty just released her new music video with Eminem, “Love The Way You Lie”. Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan also star in the music video.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s new video – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna clowning around…

Just Jared on Facebook
rihanna clowning around 01
rihanna clowning around 02
rihanna clowning around 03
rihanna clowning around 04
rihanna clowning around 05
rihanna clowning around 06
rihanna clowning around 07
rihanna clowning around 08
rihanna clowning around 09
rihanna clowning around 10

Photos: INFDaily
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  • Bitch I’m Special

    Loves this Bitch….

  • Elena Risteska

    Wow, those legs! (:


    Love Her…. Rihanna is just awesome.

    And The Video w/ Eminem was incredible, Plus megan fox was a good addition.

    She’s too cute and really down-to-earth:)

  • yuck

    Look at that hair. yuck!

  • chewie

    Her neck is as long as her legs.

  • LisaLisa22

    WOW She has Gorgeous Tall Tan Legs!! sooo Jealous!

    Those pics are tooo cute!

  • offtheproperty

    Whenever you see Rihanna doing something cool, she’s not just acting cool, she’s just cool. And she always looks awesome!

  • lmao
  • Reed

    She does have good legs but she still looks like a dude in a wig.

  • MiamiTrick

    @chewie: Yess Gorgeous lengthy neck…She has like every Model Quality Gosh, Beautiful Legs, Face, Body, and Personality and an all around good person. Loves That!

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • twisted

    @MiamiTrick: No, it’s actually imbalanced and too long. Make her look freaky.

  • MiamiTrick

    @Reed: Rihanna? A Dude? Smh Then she’s gorgeous female looking dude! lol …Bad Example. If anybody’s a Dude its kesha And Gaga ROFL

  • whatever

    Is Rihanna going to film a video?
    Why is she half-dressed?

  • jams

    @Reed: You’re too generous.
    She looks more like a transvestite.

  • canuck

    Time for a new wig and colour.
    The red is not working.

  • Nixxx

    Rihanna is an interesting combination of feminine and manly features.

  • Buzzed_Amu

    Rihanna is soo refreshing, good to see down-to-earth Pop Stars instead of overly attention seeking ones, whom also pretends to be so gay happy 4 sales, that shall remain nameless..

    Also The Video Was Great, Good To see Songs like this being at the top of the charts. NOW THIS IS “REAL” SHITT, NOT ABOUT TELEPHONES AND BUBBLE DREAMS AND HAVING A MASS MURDER.

  • harper

    The red hair is simply awful and makes her look like a tired, old hooker.

  • CC

    Girl cannot sing but she used to be cute. :-(

  • Nat

    She forgot to put on a top when she left her hotel.

  • ewwwww

    No more of the circus hair, please………

  • Salihee

    Crazy Gorgoues….Such a Beautiful Talented, young lady.

    Good to see someone who’s been through hell the past year including having a battered pic of yourself surface world wide YET still keeps her head up high…SUCH an inspiration

  • Jonte

    Her face is so cute and her body is on POINT. Just change the hair Riri……..xoxo

  • Buzzed_Amu

    @CC: Rihanna cant sing?! Girl Please! Rihanna Blows Most pop stars of today OUT THE WATER

    Exhibit A:


  • :)

    Rihanna CAN sing but she has a nasal voice which is jarrin to some.
    Idc though, I love her.

  • LizzyLove

    Rihanna is AMAZING

    Saw her and LA and she rocked it like only she could…She’s sooo versatile and i LOVE her for that

  • Drake

    @Buzzed_Amu: No, she doesn’t. She sounds out of breathe and can’t hold a tune. If you listen to her all the time, she probably sounds o.k. You grow used to it.

  • Amelia

    She’s amazing…Ive been a huge fan of her’s since Disturbia. She really lost me a lil with this album BUT i understand the true art and reasoning behind it, and not being just another poppy album.

    Cant wait for the next album Rih Rih….

  • blue crush

    She is tall. She should model. Her voice is weak. Not the best for singing.

  • LeLe

    PRAISE RIHSUS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


    The VIdeo was cool as well.

  • Buzzed_Amu

    @Drake: Smh Whatever She Sure did on this record!

    END OF.

  • Sam

    Fuk the haters…Rihanna Can Sing. WTF Idiots. She’s one of the few new-coming Pop artist whom can….IDK What the Fuk Kesha, Katy Perry etc Call what they do. But Rihanna Can sing, No mariah but still pretty good.

    Rihanna again looking extremely hot, soo cute.

    Loved the Love you lie video, Megan Fox is sooo hot, gosh she’s amazingly beautiful

  • always

    @Drake: Don’t bother. it’s the same delusional stan posting over and over. They’re incapable of realiziing what a bad singer she is.

  • Smart_Chick

    Hey if First lady Michele Obama Loves You and you Music…Forget what everyone else thinks! lol

    Naw but thats cool that our First lady loves Rihanna, One of the Biggest Pop Stars of this Decade.

    Anyway Love The Way You Lie Was sooo good, very descent, yet simple and slayed on soo many different levels..One of the best Videos this year by far….Some artist go over the top to get buzz surrounding there videos..This was Simply “IT” nothing over-done or under-done

  • Buzzed_Amu

    @always: And your incapable of realiziing how sad your life is….Feeling like your doing something by saying shes a horrible singer…Then hell 90% of pop stars are as well, because Rihanna is one of the ones who mactually sings live and does well…soo Goodbye and Goodnight #FAIL

  • Sam

    @Buzzed_Amu: No, your life is sad that you want to come on here and play the thought police and tell people what to think about a celebrity’s talent. Go get a job instead of volunteering to be an unpaid fanatic. If someone doesn’t think she’s a good singer, they’re allowed to think that. If you only want to read positive comments, go to a fan site.

  • pashy

    Someone’s publicist is working overtime.
    Not buying it.

    Yep, she looks like shit.

  • kk

    @pashy: Rihanna’s gonna get papped anywhere she goes. Her team don’t even have do pay $$$ for her to get papped, you may not be a fan but you’re out of your mind if you think she needs them to do that.

  • Kris

    @kk: She will get photographed all the time if the label calls the paps. I remember when she was photographed every day doing nothing. You didn’t see her in the mags all the time either. T

  • uh oh

    She’s going bald.

  • Top Gun

    Best skin in the industry.

  • Buzzed_Amu

    @Kris: LOL Your Pathetic. Rihanna’s an A-List International Pop Star…paps are on her like white on rice. When your Rihanna’s status calling the paps is not in your busy schedule….hell the paps are on Kim kardashian etc just the same.

  • Top Gun

    Now time to get some Rogaine, RiRi. You shouldn’t be going bald at this age.

  • buzz

    @uh oh: True and her weave is really bad too.

  • Buzzed_Amu

    If Rihanna’s team call the paps then Gaga must have them on speed-dial! LOL

    this biitch stay coming out of a restaurant or airport in Latex gowns and 10 inch backless heels, w/ a lobster on her head. Like seriously? you really ate like that, u really went your whole plane ride in that get up? Hilaridy at its best…She gives me a good chuckle

  • jj fans

    @Kris: Tom Cruise thanks her. She made Katie Holmes look productive.

  • Buzzed_Amu

    @Top Gun: LOL @ u idiots saying shes going bald…Thats her haircut! its shaved on the side..Thats how its styled?!

    Lmfao im done…These are officially 12yr olds or somethin!

  • kaching$

    @Buzzed_Amu: some of it is shaved. some of it is weave. go look at candids of her over the past year. she had a huge receding hairline until they finally saved and sprung for a better weave. good thing. girl would have only had two hairs left.

  • ok

    Why do people hate Rihanna? Did she do something wrong?