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'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Premieres November 14!

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Premieres November 14!

Sarah Palin‘s Alaska, the former Governor’s new show on TLC, has a premiere date set!

The program will debut Sunday, November 14.

It was announced that Kate Gosselin and her little ones will appear in part of an episode of the show! USA Today confirms that Kate and the kids went camping in Alaska for Sarah‘s show.

“It’s going extremely well,” TLC president Eileen O’Neill said (via THR). “It’s become clear it takes a special individual to thrive in Alaska.”

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Credit: Ethan Miller, Steve Fenn; Photos: Getty, ABC
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  • N.

    Dear God, why do they let just anyone have a show? WHY? :-P

  • um

    wasn’t there a travel show with one of the Monthy Pyton crew who’s name was Palin also?

  • sammi

    Even though I don’t agree with her political views. I’ll still watch the show.

  • Alaia

    Both are useless and annoying.

  • Iffy Miffy

    The Idiot show, starring Chief Idiot, guest star the Idiot … guess what the requirement for other guest appearances is?

  • Jade

    And her supporters still seriously expect her to run for president in 2012? She’s not a politician anymore. She’s a mere celebrity. Nothing more, nothing less. Amusing how she has now become what she accused Obama of being during the campaign. Hypocrite.

  • Dayana

    The transformation of Kate Gosselin is incredible.

  • idesign

    The should have an Obama episode…..

    The moose hunter vs the girly man

  • idesign

    The should have an Obama episode…..

    The moose hunter vs the girly man

  • lr

    These two have dumbed- down America! I won’t watch!!

  • Rhonda

    just jared must be getting paid for good press on Kate Gosselin. Another site reports she went camping in Alaska with Sarah Palin and had a total diva melt-down.

  • lola

    I have no idea where these people get the impertinence from and act so ridiculously as Ms Palin does, thoroughly convinced of her non existent abilities as a politician, US citizen, as a human being as a matter of fact, acting so sure of herself as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be the d*mbass that she obviously is and not htinking anything of it… infact, ruling thinking out as a habit of hers all along while she roams the states in search of some poor idiots to give their vote to her. And amazingly enough, she finds them???
    How, fellow Americans, how is this possible? Has the country sunken so low or is it only now that it shows its true face? I fear for the future if crazy nuts like her have a place in politics in our country. Bundle up, it’s going to be a tough ride!!!

  • missy

    Lola, watch what you say about the next president of the US. Obama proved if he can do it, anyone can! lol

  • Jim

    Wow, – you put Kate and Sarah together – you might have one half-functioning brain. Well, – - maybe not . . .

  • lola


    I fear the worst! You might be true. But future president or not, if she behaves, talks and looks like a complete failure, she might be one. W. Bush proved that an ignorant douche nurtured in the safe system of nepotism can become a president of the US.

  • butterflier

    Read what really happened on other sites. Kate the queen had a meltdown because she thought the conditions were dirty and demanded to be put up in a cabin. Then the food wasn’t good enuf for this no-talent phony who usually feeds her kids crackers and grapes on a paper plate. The “camping” escapade ended early when the spoiled brat couldn’t take it anymore.
    The question is, why does Kate the horrendous mother still have a show? Anybody catch the video on of Jon dropping his crying children off at the gate of the McOrphanage? Queenie doesn’t even allow him to drop his own children off at the compound. The video was heartbreaking.
    This witch needs to go!

  • CanadaGirl

    This TV move solidifies the fact that she was not a quality candidate for VP. Palin’s demeanour, lack of intelligence, poor choices, and general public presence make her the joke heard around the world.
    Americans. please make her go away. *begging*

  • karla

    Gag me! Two useless women who need to be in the spotlight all the time. Let’s not forget they are also awful mother’s!

  • chrissy


    I hear Sarah Palin was caught rolling her eyes and biting her tongue. Say what you will about her there is nothing phony about her.

  • real

    Dumb and Dumber .

    Two sociopaths meet.

  • Halli

    How pathetic is Palin? They’re so insecure about her show, they need to use the hot-mess that is Kate Gosselin to get people to tune in. Palin needs to keep tabs on her trashy kids and stop obsessing over every little thing Obama does. B-tch, you don’t get to talk! You’re on TV with Kate freaking Gosselin and her tribe of child slaves.

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    This is very exciting news. Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin is a superstar celebrity with legions of loyal followers. Ratings for this show will be spectacular!

  • Sheri

    I will watch this show just to see my former state ~ beautiful Alaska. I grew up in Anchorage not far from Wasilla (where Sarah is from). It is truly God’s country up there ~ rugged and gorgeous … including all that snow! :)

  • Rafe

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska: What a waste of airtime.

    I’d rather watch grass grow.

  • McJulia

    Watching grass grow would definitely be more interesting and more instructive than watching Palin ‘aw shucks’ her way through Alaska.

    Why do they want to ruin such beautiful scenery with that gun-totin’ pig in lipstick??

  • Gandalf469

    So much hate. It must be incredibly difficult to wake up a liberal every day and hate everything around you, except of course everyone who wants to enslave you.

    “The Idiot show, starring Chief Idiot” – and commented on by the even stupider!