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Brody Jenner Shaves 'A' Into Head For Avril Lavigne

Brody Jenner Shaves 'A' Into Head For Avril Lavigne

Brody Jenner and his girlfriend, rocker Avril Lavigne, head out together on Saturday afternoon (August 7) in Los Angeles.

The duo reportedly left a special recording session with British singing sensation Cheryl Cole at her apartment. (Cheryl is rumored to be dating Dancing with The Stars pro Derek Hough.)

Do Avril and Cheryl have a collaboration in the works??

Brody rocked out an “A” on the side of his new mohawk haircut. A for Avril! How adorable.

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brody jenner shaves a head avril lavigne 01
brody jenner shaves a head avril lavigne 02
brody jenner shaves a head avril lavigne 03
brody jenner shaves a head avril lavigne 04
brody jenner shaves a head avril lavigne 05

Credit: Eric Brogmus; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Dominic

    Avril must have gold between her legs. lol

  • elle


  • kelena

    Jared, do you ACTUALLY someone like Avril Lavigne would record a song with the UK’s faker and less talented-version of Briteny Spears (excluding the trainwreck Britney.. cheryl hasn’t reached that)?

  • Carrey

    I still don’t get what he sees in her. Am I the only one who is dumbfounded that their actually a couple?!?

  • Kirsten

    He’s so gay and he doesn’t even like boys. :)

  • Shedevil

    @Carrey: what does Averil see in him! What a loser!!

  • Zey

    Pure bufoonery …

  • Carrey

    @Shedevil: To think of it, I agree. What the hell does Avril see in him? The guy exudes douchiness.

  • busted

    Well if it ends.. Hair grows back..

  • boo

    How old is this guy? Isn’t this something high school kids do? Something is “off” with him. I thought he WAS cool. Now, not so much…Must be drug use. :/

  • Pattycake

    @boo: That’s just what I was coming here to say. Isn’t this something a 15 year old boy would do?

  • Tomas

    If ever I saw losers, it is here. Who the **** wants to know what these morons think, do or say. I would rather listen to plants grow than concern myself with these stooges.

  • Joyce

    …you continue to call her a singing sensation. The woman can barely sing, let alone be a singing sensation. Her PR team are working really hard to make her popular in the US. I hope she fails.

  • ATLqueen

    I’m really trying my best to see how they ended up together. I thought Avril was, different. But then I remember she was once caught hanging out with Lindsey Lohan on one occasion and Paris the next. She’s probably nothing but a fake.

  • Whatever…

    @Joyce: Um, she already DID fail. Can anyone name her latest song? Yep, me neither.

  • Whatever…

    This douche ball works out at Equinox in West Hollywood and EVERYONE just laughs at him when he’s there. He’s such a tool and this dumb hair work only reinforces how much of a fool he really is. What’s his job? No one cares about him at all. Go back to your hooker Mommy who lives of $$ of the men she sleeps with or marries. You are a PATHETIC little boy Brody and everyone knows it.

  • Phony

    He wants to continue his 15 minutes of fame, his using her to get his own reality show, so pathetic./ She will learn

  • whitney

    wow, she seems to be turning him into something he’s not. they’re just such a weird couple. i don’t see them going anywhere.

  • Midz

    I totally agree with Joyce she can’t sing to save her life so how can you call her a singing sensation! The only thing that is making her popular is her looks, which I don’t even see there are sooo many people better looking then her!

  • HeDevil

    Does this douchebag get his clothes at “Hot Topic” like his do nothing skater chick? So lame.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahaha `he’s become a poser just like her, how adorable. they’re both little douches. it’ll be over soon enough. ahahahahahaa..

  • lmao


  • Jennifer

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned it yet. That’s the Anarchy ‘A’…is this his new “punk rawk!!!” hairdo? dbag poser couple

  • andy

    what a kunt does~
    i believe that they will seperate sooner or later

  • connie y

    hahaha he even has her name on his arm! a bit extreme no?

  • JC

    A “rocker”? Thanks for the laugh.

  • celebritool

    Who’s more of a douche-bag?, this Brody Tool, or all of us who have taken the time out of our lives to comment about this douche-bag?

  • Jen

    Um, the “A” is an anarchy A…it could be for Avril but not likely! Either way it is dumb–she is barely more of a punk rocker than he is!

  • elle

    i still think this is the weirdest and most random couple ever.

  • Brightside

    A d-list reality tv dope gets an A shaved in his head and it’s news! How so? And Cheryl Cole is a singing sensation? Since when? Simon Cowell made her notable not her voice, which is nothing special!


    That A looks more like the Anarchy A but without the circle…Just a thought. Maybe, it means both…

    Anyway, you people who comment about his douchiness and blah blah are on the same level. It’s pretty pathetic to criticize somebody over the interwebz. :) Just a thought…

  • LogicSays

    She is using him for press since her music career is over and he is using her for press since he never had a “real” career to begin with,
    They are about as fake as you can get,
    Nice to know she is just heartbroken about her” real” ex husbands attack in Japan
    Obviously not
    There is not reason for her to be papped this much neither one is really a “star” these days and everything they do from day one has been calculated for maxium ammount of press.
    But please fake date away by all means since no one else in their right minds would want either of these no talent presswhores.

  • VLC

    Hahaha I wouldn’t call her a rocker. And his nothing special.

  • Shaz

    how many girls has Brody Jenner slept with? Yuk, he’s a male whhorre

  • Alaia

    Rocker…LOL. The girl tried so hard to be one, but she just fell in the pop rock category, like Pink. She’s no Joan Jett or Courtney Love.


    I love Brody because he lives my dream life. He has no job and goes to the beach, eats out, and shops. I love u Brody.

  • christine

    Avril deserves some1 better. She’s going to be burned in the end if she’s going out w/ him. Let him go sleep around w/ Kristin Cavallari some more (ya know the type, gals who have no dignity for themselves & have had about 8 secret abortions). Or go out w/ another anorexic ONLY for the pathetic pleasure of winning a childish boys game to get her to eat (like he did w/ Nicole Richie). If his friends are/were ppl like Spencer Pratt… you’re only setting yourself up to be f***ed over. So, glad i don’t play those games. Men have respect for me. I have never been burned by men. They’ve taken care of me, taken me around the world, cried/fought over me, and I have been proposed to a couple times. And all of them respected the fact that I wasnt going to sleep around to get anything, especially since I make my own money.

  • lol

    @christine: Im sure the men is your head have ….. plenty lol

  • AutumnM

    What does he see in Avril? She’s snobby and has a horrible attitude.

  • Mai

    look at photo 2 he has her name on his arm, i think it’s tatto

  • boston61

    The only thing he had going for him was his looks. Without those he is totally uninteresting. He is trying to latch onto her talent.

  • who cares

    Both untalented and annoying.

  • Jaslene

    If you saw her husband you would know this is a huge step up for her. I can’t believe Brody fell so hard for her though because she seemed to be not his type as he seemed to love models and strippers. Glad he found a “down-to-earth” girl. You have to know he’s head-over-heels for her as he got a matching tatoo, a mohawk and a letter shaved into the side of his head for her. Amazing.

  • Sadie

    Douche and a double Douche

  • bkay

    @Carrey: +1

  • Darkstar

    I have no words for what Avril have become… Brody will always be a loser and a douchebag. Avril your career is so over and you still have contract with Sony and they will never let you release a album again.

  • isitaforavril?

    i think that specific way of writing an A stands for Anarchy. If it was meant to be for Avril, that’s stupid. But if Brody is pledging alliance to Anarchist revolutionary underground movements in the USA, then that’s cool.

  • alara

    i wonder what they ll do later when they break up-tattoos his hair and avril s expresion on her face
    brody: hey gaal was just playin with ya u shoulda learned real life well at least u know now
    CANT WAIT 2 C!!!!

  • that gril.

    if you didnt like her you wouldnt be speanding your time talking about her. jsjs.

  • Eden

    I smell a USER. D-list Brody dating Avril. She must be a lost puppy without Dereck….Hmmmm…