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Jennifer Aniston Joins 'Arrested Development' Movie?

Jennifer Aniston Joins 'Arrested Development' Movie?

Jason Bateman has starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in many movies, so what’s one more?

“Yeah, actually, there’s a real good part for her in the Arrested Development movie,” Jason told MTV. “There’s no offers on this one [though]. She’s gonna have to sing for her supper. I don’t know, we’ll see if she’s available. She’s busy. She’s pretty famous; I don’t know if you’ve heard of her. She’s pretty backed up. Hopefully the guy who’s in charge will like her for that part because I’m going to suggest her.”

FYI: A few weeks ago, Arrested creator Mitch Hurwitz said that he had half the script written.

Jen and Jason have starred alongside each other in 2006′s The Break-Up and the sperm donor mix-up comedy The Switch, out August 20. They are also currently shooting their new comedy Horrible Bosses alongside Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Julie Bowen, Jamie Foxx, and Jason Sudeikis.

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  • scarjo

    Thanks for the warning Jason.

    Another of your movies I will be skipping.. If you continue to make suggestions like this I will be missing a lot of your movies in the future as well..

    Did you learn NOTHING FROM 30 ROCK..


  • asha

    They should have left the title of the movie “The Baster”. At least that title sounded a bit more appealing. Who really wants to go see a movie called “The Switch”??? How boring.

  • Taylah


  • aha

    This old woman is cranking movies like old boring model Ts. Her movies are all the same.
    I think she is going for quantities NOT QUALITIES.
    There are many well qualified funny actresses deserve to be in movies. Why is it this old woman keep getting movie parts.
    I dont get it!?

  • scarjo


    She is not looking young and fresh in the trailers. Thus if you notice they don’t keep the camera on her face a lot. The trailer seems to focus on Jason and the little boy. NOT Aniston. That to me is telling. Why is she not prominent in the trailer.. They seem to be marketing this more towards Jason.. it comes to this.

  • Pippa

    I would love to see
    Jen and Jason do a love scene.



  • Robert

    Hell that’s great news! Arrested Development was always one of my favorite shows. Does anyone know if Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are still the producers on this? Jen will be a great added character to the movie!

  • Robert

    Can’t wait for The Switch and Horrible Bosses. This year and next are Jen’s years. After she finishes Horrible Bosses, she starts filming Wanderlust with Paul Rudd and produced by Judd Apatow. Haters, start understanding the Jennifer is here to stay!!! YEAH!!!

  • Robert

    Also looking forward to Jen starring with Tommy Lee Jones in Buttercup directed by the woman who directed Charlize Theron in North Country. Charlize was nominated for Best Actress Oscar for that film.

  • Robert


    Quote: Did you learn NOTHING FROM 30 ROCK..

    Uh, yeah she did. She was Emmy nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy. She was fabulous on 30 Rock!

  • Dawn


    If the Baster didn’t test well as the title, then it had to be changed.

  • GENA

    A movie critic once said “People go see a movie that has Jennifer Aniston in them.They don’t go see it because of her”.

  • omg not again

    Another film I will scratch off my “to see” list. I refuse to see anything with her in it. What an untalented workaholic she is, at a time when so many actually talented thespians are out of work. Her quote must be $4 mil or less to account for her taking every role out there. Quantity over quality.

    Read she is making that one film with Bateman right now and then has another set to begin filing in Georgia or somewhere in the South with Paul Rudd in Sept.

    Leather face is churning out one film right after another. Just too too much overexposure between the constant films of the month, smart water, naked magazine covers, and smelly perfume.

  • offtheproperty

    How is Lindsay doing in rehabilitation? I can’t believe we’re not going to see her face or hear her mouth for three months.

  • omg not again


    Guess you are not current with your worshipped one’s films because that film project with Tommy Lee Jones is kaput.

    You don’t live in the real world, more and more people are turned off by her. She appears desperate to be in so many films so close together. Age 42 on her horizon is really doing a job on her psyche.

  • She suck

    If you put her in resemble cast the movie might do well not because of her but because of the others, If you don’t have a resemble cast and think she do any good cause of her victomhood fan base, forget it even they can’t stand her movies.The Baster move looks terrible and tracking badly. I don’t understand why they keeping giving her another movie.

  • omg not again


    No years have been her years. Just the plain and unspun and bare truth.

  • Robert

    @omg not again

    If you check IMDb, you will see that it is in-development. Search on Niki Karo and you will see for yourself. Here, I copied and pasted it from IMDb, just for you.

    In Development:
    The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky (details only on IMDbPro)
    Buttercup (details only on IMDbPro

  • Robert


    Sorry, that should be Niki Caro.

  • Nora

    Ok, that’s it! I’m so not going to support AD if she smears her pathetic idiosyncrasies on this show. I had to sit through 5 mins of Bounty Loser and it was utterly the biggest mistake in the universe.
    She may be famous and rich but how does she look at herself very morning?

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @omg not again:

    Oh, please. She is still far better than Jolie.

    Jen isn’t going to go away. Jolie will probably quit Hollywood, because she can’t do everything without a nervous breakdown.

  • ginny

    I absolutely love Jason Bateman. I could not care less about and am so sick of hearing constant non-news stories about Jennifer. zzzzzzzzz….

    I’ll definitely go see the Arrested Development movie as I’m sure there is no way that they could give her anything other than a bit part. The Bluths are WAAYYY to big of a force for any one person to eclipse. Just think of all of the hillarious guests when it was on TV, but none of them could(or would dare to attempt :-) to overshadow that motley crew.

  • eli

    and I wanted to see a AD movie, but not now.

  • eli

    @omg not again:

    You are so right!
    I agree with you.

  • Canadiangirll

    im a fan of her in the friends series but after
    seeing all her other films i noticed she was only
    funny because of the writers and the funny
    people she got to play of off.
    I dont think she’s the right fit for the movie.

  • scarjo


    The ratings for that episode tell a different story.. Worst episode of the season.. Wait… that was just her part.. LOL

  • truth is

    @Not Impressed by AJ: Oh! sorry honey to disappoint you. Did you hear what Angie said in her recent interviews? She won’t quit acting. Why would she? Brilliant directors, producers and writers are chasing her to be in their projects. Plus she can command a big amount of money, why quit? Imagine that when it comes to salary for Angie 1 movie equals 4 movies for Jen to make. That’s crazy. And lucky for Jen if she got paid if the movie bomb big time.

  • ?

    @omg not again:

    She kills herself to stay on that Forbes list. That is why she works so much..PLUS when you have nothing else in you life.. Work is everything.

    keeps you from thinking about what you lost and why you lost it..

  • karen

    @truth is:


    Why is Jolie even being mentioned. She does not do comedies. Lets talk about her vs. Sandra..or Tina Fey, Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams. and others.. These ladies do comedy.

    These are Jennifer’s competition.. NOT JOLIE (who is in a league all of her own).. So stop talking about people that don’t move in the same circles.

    Can’t wait for the BO numbers..

  • omg not again


    You are dedicated, that much I will give you. Development is just that, might happen and might now. And IMDB is not that accurate. JAniston needs every one of her fans cause her next film is not tracking well at all. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • sweetness

    Anistion = toe fungus that won’t go away. Her movies are always the same bad and she plays the same variation of rachel …as much as I like Joile, I blame her for the plague known as Jennifer Anistion..hollywood insist on punishing the public with her because Jolie nabbed Brad Pitt.

  • omg not again

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    Move on, OK. It is August 2010. Still trying to make some kind of comparison between 2 totally disconnected women. You are to be pitied. 6 years in real time and yet you still can’t deal with the reality of what is but reside in delusional land.

    AJolie has nothing, zero, to do with JAniston’s sucky career. Here for you are the plain undisputable facts.

    AJolie is at the pinnacle of her career, top of the heap, her quote is $20mil plus 20% first dollar gross per film. She makes one film a year for like 3 months, and is sought after for film after film. She has film, director, and script approval. She is quite clear and emphatic that her #1 priority in life is her family. She is grateful for her career but it is not her life.

    JAniston works in 3-4 films a year for a quote of maybe $5-6 per film with no backend, she makes around $5 mil from Friends residuals, she hawks Smart Water, and now a perfume only sold in one store in the UK and not even in the US yet. Her only priority in life in her mediocre career. Her rivals for rom com roles are all younger and breathing down her back. She is feeling the going on 42. Her career is her life.

    Now who would be prone to having a breakdown looking at this info? Why methinks the JAniston when those casting calls for rom coms dwindle and stop.

  • dianad1968



    Huvane, is that you? LOL.

  • CanadaGirl

    Jason and Jen are both gifted comedically, so they’re an interesting pairing.

  • zoz

    Yall know the only reason Aniston gets roles is cause shell produce the movie herself or her buddies will get her in, like Bateman. His wife is probably mad cause Pitt ain’t one of the homies anymore, so she helps her pitiful friend.

  • dianad1968



    The multi-millions that the Friends cast was receiving ended last year….. they will be getting much less money from residuals now. So she has to work like a b*tch to try to make the next Forbes list. Hence the assembly line of movies, and the stink water she has going on.

  • michelle

    If JA is in it, I can’t wait to see it. Love all of her movies so far :)

  • Baby Z

    Jen and her water bottle hawking, cheap perfume squirtng, bad movie making, botox injecting, spray tanning self needs to quit being so superficial and get a LIFE!!

  • Bailey

    Why oh why won’t Aniston go away? I seriously can’t stand seeing or hearing about her. Speaking of seeing, haven’t we seen ALL of her? Nothing to wonder about with that one. I am sure we will soon see a naked photo shoot for her sperm movie. Even Megan Fox is more modest. I will not see Aniston movies, they are all the same and she always has the same haircut, tan, and personality. Can you say “one note”? I just get can’t understand why she is so popular and makes so much money, I am bewildered.

  • dianad1968



    She’s not that popular. It’s only the tabloids and entertainment blogs and shows that give her relevance. If she was popular, her movies would not crash and burn at the BO. Her last movie Bounty Hunter did as much as it did because of GB. The woman is overexposed, and needs to disappear for awhile. No other actress in HW churns out movies as much as she does, not even the young ones. She is the Samuel Jackson of actresses, except Samuel Jackson can actually act.

    OK, I am done making this woman relevant by giving her thread hits.

  • http://aol thrylr

    As a fan of Jennifer, no, do not join an ensemble. Ensemble works best only on TV. A movie works at its best when it focus or revolved around one to two persons. If you want to do a movie, do not do ensemble, you are just doing fine with Wanderlust, The Bounty Hunter, Love Happens, Picture Perfect, Marley and Me as you are carrying your name on those movies with a male lead.

  • zoz

    @dianad1968: Youre so sweet to Sam can act. He can yell well, though. A time to kill was good w/him. You’re right about the rest. I know she does the movies for attention and naked mag spreads, but I think too she does it to stay on the Forbes List. She’s not popular with bloggers either people. She has the tabloids and her silly fans, who keep ditching her., on her side, only. Even Streisand knocked her, mentioning her nose job, passively.

  • http://aol thrylr

    Let me think, I just want to let you know that it was so funny you did those Barbara morphs. It is like doing an imitation on Princess Leia (Star Wars). It is amusing since you are far more photogenic than those you like to imitate.
    I had this dream before you went to London, that you are playing Wonder Woman in a romcom movie. What is good with comedy, that is your forte, you are good at it and you can play a Golden Girl character even when you are 70 years old.

  • anthonyjohnmichaeldewhirst


  • http://aol thrylr

    As a fan of Jennifer. I always believe that Jennifer is not a material girl, she is not power hungry to stay on the Forbes list. She is just sometimes fortunate to avail those movie roles because it was offered to her. She is one of those people who would be very happy to stay idle and on a vacation but producers kept her working. I like her role on The Bounty Hunter. Seeing Jennifer Aniston on a movie is like a continuation of “Friends.” This time we fans can see her only one at a time on a movie not every week per episode basis. She deserved a 1 million USD per episode, take it or leave it is the deal. lol

  • Sean

    People here aren’t going to watch an AD movie because Aniston may have a small role in it?

    I guess we know the real fans of the show are now

  • http://aol thrylr

    By they way, congratulations again, the world was surprised to see you do the Barbara morphs that your name was number two on trending at Yahoo. I forgot that you do the Just Go With It movie as your name will be used in billboards as one of the players to market this film. See, you are just doing fine not doing the ensemble. Stick with your name and a male lead name market on your movies, since doing this will make the budget of your movie within its means in ratio and proportion to the gross equals profit of the movie. In business profit is important, to get some people a work to earn to eat in order to live.

  • http://ABS@GMAIL.COM anon

    @omg not again:
    The thing is Jolie is action/drama, whereas, Jenn is comedy/drama they are two different people who are just as equally talented for what they do. And salary wise JA makes 8 mil per movie, which cost 40-50 mil production cost, which calculates her salary as 20% of production cost. If you calculate to total cost 70-80 mil, with production cost and promotional expense, her salary would be about 12% of total cost. As for AJ calculation comes as same. 20mil for a 110 mil production cost is 20%. and if you take total cost of 180 mil for salt, the amount will show same about 12% . Salt did not open number one in opening weekend with all that marketing and besides is it moved to third in second weekend by tv actor’s Dinner for Schmucks. The studio started to market the this movie well before they started shooting. As for JA promoting smart water, i don’t see wrong in this. if possible any celebrity would happily promote the brands, AJ too had contract as St. John’s spokesmodel, till they change their model. Moreover, everyone knows that AJ has sold her children’s photos for millions. She does announce, when she donate, saying Jolie/Pitt donate for the cause, she does not say, the people magazine donated for the cause.

  • Catchy

    haters gonna hate