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Taylor Jacobson Explains Rachel Zoe Depature

Taylor Jacobson Explains Rachel Zoe Depature

If you watched the season three premiere of Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, you would have gotten the impression that Rachel‘s styling associate Taylor Jacobson was fired because she stole money or clothes from the company.

Did it or didn’t it happen? Taylor opened up to EW about the mess.

“I did not see the first episode,” Taylor admits. “But I did hear all about it, from multiple people. Honestly, wow. High school, way too high school… From what I understand, it was a whole s— talking campaign. There are always two sides to a story. Whatever happened happened between closed doors and definitely not that way, definitely not the way that it was portrayed.”

As for the accusations of theft, Taylor defended herself, saying, “I am friends with PR people. Why would I steal samples? And I am a 34-D! Does no one look at what is on the runway? I straight up am a 34-D! I have huge boobs and a huge rib cage. I just don’t understand. I’m not a sample size at all. Am I really going to take these samples so I can get them for me to wear? It is just so bizarre.”

Check out Taylor‘s side of the story at!

WHO DO YOU BELIEVE — Rachel or Taylor???

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  • Whatever…

    Who cares? Zoe is a snarky and immature 50 year old. The show needs drama so they create it. I tried watching the first episode and the only one more annoying than her is that WEIRDO Brad. Seriously such a woman, just have the operation already. You give gays a bad name.

  • Debora Ann Albertson

    I think that Rachel Zoe is self made and works hard to get what she has! As far as snarky, I wouldn’t go that far!!
    I’m sure Taylor had her plans. She is trying to make a name for herself! Can’t blame her to much!! I think she was tired of making money for someone else but now she knows the ropes!!
    Rachel is definitely a strong woman but snarky, hardly!!!!
    Taylor will make it, she was taught by the best! But nothing good comes from thinking you know it all!!
    I will add, I’m not perfect and I wish I had only a portion of the drive and knowledge both Rachel and Taylor have!!
    They both, will figure it out!


    Both of these “woman” are ridiculous, vapid, and an embarrassment.

    Zoe can’t string a sentence together, “like, um, like, ya know”, is a trend slave, and posses NO individual style.

    Her assistant is rude, immature, and not very bright. Clothes can be stolen to sell, they don’t have to be worn by the thief. Hopefully she won’t give up her day job to assist Sherlock Holmes.

    Neither knows how to wear and style clothes.THAT is why they style women who know NOTHING about clothes, Garner, a sporty small town girl who wears old jeans everyday (and looks adorable), Demi Moore admitted uneducated trailer trash, and other assorted women who don’t know better.

    Money does NOT buy taste.

    However, it will pay Zoe to shop for you.

    God Forbid!

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    I think that the ‘Taylor Betrayal’ storyline was made up by Bravo and RZ Inc. Something to give the show some interest, otherwise without Taylor being there to reign RZ in and to point out how ridulous it is that they get paid big bucks to dress other adults in someone else’s borrowed clothes there is no show. Brad is funny but he’s a brown noser and he’s got no back bone to stand up to RZ. What I find interesting about Rodger and RZ deciding to fake this Taylor was fired and Taylor cooked the books story is that they open themselves up to a lawsuit for slander and defamation.

    Apparently Bravo has the bucks to buy stories and to pay out for possible lawsuits that arise from stretching the truth to the point of absurdity. Rachel actually getting pregnant this year…yeah right only if her weight gain is negative pounds and she loses inches while pg.

  • ak47

    they are both shoddy examples of women in the business of creating “looks” an styling actresses.

  • Macchiato

    what i think is high school is when you´re denying something but not saying what the truth is !

    i really like taylor but she says no it did not happen the way it was portrait on tv then just tell us what the F happend .

  • Lee

    I think Zoe is a brilliant stylist with the most amazing taste. I would kill to have the opportunity to work under her. Her client list is huge. I think I would happily kill for her closet. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that most Americans don’t get her style… after all, denim shorts with sneakers is still considered a style here *shudder*.

  • mailey

    Rachel Zoe looks like a cadaver.
    She looks like a dirty, lying witch with a giant B so I’m gonna go with Taylor or this one.

  • Patty

    I think the reason why Taylor is not clarifying what really happened is so that people will talk more about it. A designer probably gave her a sample dress but since she was employed by Rachel Zoe(mbie) at the time, it would be considered stealing, wouldn’t it? That’s why she’s saying it did not happen that way, because there probably was a real piece of clothing involved. If it is a flat out lie, she can always sue for libel, but since she is just starting out on her own, she probably needs the hype and the attention as well.

  • Ouch!

    Never for one moment I believed Rachel. I’m sure she just needed something to put on her dumb reality show (that I watch, and yes, I’m ashamed of it).

    Taylor was the only one who ever worked on the show; Rachel is too busy being a drama queen and Brad is just so unprofessional and stupid.

  • Lee

    Funny… all I heard Taylor do was bitch and sulk. Can’t stand that. And Rachel is the boss… she shouldn’t be expected to do the work she hired others to do. Will Miss seeing what Taylor is wearing… love her style as well.

  • Jayne

    Taylor probably can’t say anything because she signed a confidentiality agreement. Zoe is a waste of skin. I watched about a half hour of that show and to say that those people live in a different universe is an understatement. Truly some of the most dilusional la la land people on Earth.

  • pizza

    looks like a cadaver

  • haller

    everyone in the business knows rachel is a thief and a dealer. she’s the kind of woman who hates working with other women so she made sure to soil taylor’s rep because she is so insecure. doesn’t help that her man is gay either

  • honestly…

    Taylor b*tched a lot on the show but she also was the only one who did any real work! Most of us know what it’s like to have to pick up the slack for a lazy coworker and most of us know what it’s like to work for a disorganized boss. Taylor is better off now…

  • Gia

    Something seemed off on last weeks show. I love Rachel but the way her husband handled it was very weird and shady. I don’t believe that Taylor did the things they were accusing her of doing. If she had stolen those samples, any real company would have taken legal action. Those clothes are worth alot of money so it wouldn’t have been just a simple return the clothes please.

  • pup

    Team Rachel!

  • miss infamous

    Taylor cannot talk about it because she signed a confidential agreement with Rachel and I think Bravo so she LEGALLY cannot talk about it

  • status quo

    @miss infamous:


    Also, Rachel Zoe needs to eat…seriously. That is not normal.


    Well Taylor being a big b i t ch and creating drama was the most interesting dynamic for this show. Don’t be surprised if ratings drop and the show gets cancelled. Watching these guys drink a lot of Starbucks and run around borrowing clothes is not that exciting.

  • CaliCathy

    This is so transparent. The gay husband will be the real person who steals from RZ. Then, he’ll hook up with Brad and they’ll get their own show! RZ will star in a show that features cosmetic surgery, specifically, now to make a face that looks like it’s been smashed against a wall 100 times look fresh.

    Taylor will end up with $$$$$ for this inuendo spin and I hope it’s enough to enjoy a fulfilling career without working for a scatter brained drama queen NUT BAR and her bow tie sporting flunky!

    Yesh~! Is RZ’s husband joining the company their way of saying HE FAILED AT HIS JOB? I THINK SO!

  • Lynda Lezbia

    wow, nice huge chest, she should model

  • Elizabeth

    Imagine working with a 50 something year old woman who thinks she’s 30 something and has a serious eating disorder. People with eating orders are generally forgetful, disoriented, very moody, secretive and often use others to cover for them. Taylor was probably pretty fed up dealing with a boss like Rachel, chances are Rachel spent more time in the bathroom with her finger down her throat hugging the toilet than she did pulling clothes or dressing celebrities. Rachel took credit for Taylor’s work but we never saw Rachel doing much of anything other than butchering the English language on her cell phone. Oh baaaaa-na-nnnnna’s!!!

    Taylor will excell in a different enviornment, hopefully it will be one where she’s not doing all of the work and being given none of the credit.

  • Karen

    I am glad taylor is gone what a bitch always mad at the world couldn’t stand her and what she did to brad is just wrong so by by……..I hope she goes down for what she did she suck anyways at any style ……….Love the show love you brad……………….

  • ruforreal

    Can she get prego ?
    Is Rodger really a sports fan…… ?
    At this point I don’t think Taylor will donate her sperm for any amount

  • Raych

    I made the biggest mistake of my life. I need you, Taylor. I’ll fire brad and hire your friend.
    OK, I’ll pay you what you deserve. I’ll even give you an on air apology. Come home TayTay.

    Pretty please, with Roger on top. Strike that, sugar on top.

    Jay. That’s you behind the Tim Gunn Sighs mask.

  • Kayla

    What’s with the creepy husband…R. would have been better off to jetizon that paperweight, than to part company with someone who worked her &**& for the company. Good luck, Taylor! You might have been moody, but you were value-added…

  • LULU

    Personally I think Taylor is a lesbian who loved Rachel. I think they were all a kinky bunch to tell ya the truth!!!

  • Rebecca

    Taylor would never revealed what happened because she is under a well known confidentiality agreement. BUT the fact that Brad left in such a short time (as oppose to Taylor who was around much longer) say’s a mouthful. Glad Demi went with Brad. She acts as if she never did the same to someone else to get to where she is…. Get over yourself Zoe.

  • WT

    Taylor = Thief