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Vanessa Hudgens as Rent's Mimi -- FIRST PICTURES!

Vanessa Hudgens as Rent's Mimi -- FIRST PICTURES!

Vanessa Hudgens looks like quite the sex kitten during the Hollywood Bowl production of the hit musical Rent on Friday (August 6) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress played the drug-addicted club dancer Mimi, played by Rosario Dawson in the film adaptation. Watch a clip of Van rocking out below!

The show was directed by Neil Patrick Harris and also starred Wayne Brady and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Mimi’s love interest, Roger, played by Aaron Tveit is also pictured below!

Vanessa Hudgens – “Out Tonight”

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens as Rent‘s Mimi…

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Credit: Nathanael Jones; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Dee

    I’m cringing while I’m listening! lol She looks hot but she sounds pretty awful. Sounds like a little kid putting on a play for her family just very average if that makes much sense. Just not digging it too much. Maybe some other parts are better?

  • dani

    OMG Amazing …

  • nathalia

    vanessa this fantastic
    loved the video
    I’m proud to be your fan

  • Liza

    WOW. She really butchered that song! Too bad… it’s a great number of the show.

  • preskoo

    so freakin’ good. great job, nessa!!!!

  • Maura

    Her voice was never right for Mimi! I don’t like it. Sorry “Vaneesa” fans lol

  • Kro

    2mrw she will be even better!

  • kj

    how can people say shes good. That by general standards is shit let alone by theatre standards.

  • thatGirl

    That was really bad. Sorry, but she can’t sing. I thought on Broadway you actually had to be talented. I can’t even bare to listen to the entire thing.

  • joceelyynn

    i can’t be more proud :’)

  • UGH

    She sounded amazing on Light my Candle. Should’ve posted that instead of this lq vid. You or your interns or watevers are morons.

  • Joanne

    bad audio. wish i could;ve gone and seen it this weekend :(

  • peggy

    What imbeciles some of you are. I was there. This is a bootleg video and not a very good one and frankly it doesn’t represent the show well at all.

    So unless you were there I’d stop my commentary based on a poor video and wait and see if there actually is a better one.

  • Shan

    She sounds so out of tune and just all out of place

  • thatGirl


    What does the poor picture quality have anything to do with her bad voice?

  • xoKel_Belxo

    LOVE light my candle!!!! please people upload more to youtube, and i heard she killed! Goodbye Love, and without you!! please JJ upload those!! they are the best ones!! and to all you V haters…well she’s in front of 17,000 people its her first night on stage since she was 12!! give the girl a break to me she was AMAZING!!!

  • nathalia

    peggy 13
    you were there
    how was it?

  • andrea

    Not EVERY TALENTED broadway actor can knock out Out Tonight. It has high notes, tons of movement.
    We can’t forget the kind of stage she’s on. The lights ARE BRUTAL. Trust me, being a dancer for 10 years, lights are what wear you out. She really pulled through.
    ‘Light My Candle’ was much more pleasant because she wasn’t dancing all over the place. I’m sick of this negativity towards this girl. She works a lot harder than most of you and a TON more talent than you. Not everyone can just jump on the stage at the Hollywood Bowl.
    Just sayin.

  • duuumm

    wow. that. was. bad.

  • florence

    She’s got more guts than me to get up in front of that amount of people, so good for her, and people always sound different when they sing live.

    Someone who was there said that at the end they gave the cast a standing ovation and got a encore to sing ‘ Seasons of Love’ again, so obvioulsy the people at the show enjoyed itPlease post ‘ Seasons of lover ‘ JJ that’s a great song.

    Wonder where Zac was sitting? Bet he could’nt keep his eyes of her.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    Amazing job Vanessa! Best of luck for the other two shows :D You are awesome!

  • andrea


    Thank you. Everyone is like “OH MY GOD SHE IS SO BAD” all over Twitter because of this video this moron decided to put up with his crap LQ camera.

  • 足家堂


  • beatriz

    wow VANESSA is Awesome <3
    i’m proud of Vanessa Hudgens

  • Ashley

    recorded and live can sound very different, especially if ur using a lq cam or lq phone.

  • taxgirl

    I’m conflicted. I love Rent(stage/screen/soundtrack – everything), but am way too old to be a Zac/Vanessa HSM fan.
    This was a big undertaking for Neil(who’s actually played Mark on stage previously), and I definitely respect him – he’s a very versital man. They did not have an immense amount of time to put this show together.
    Vanessa was brave to take on the part of Mimi. I think at the end of the day this was a great opportunity for her to grow from her Disney youth, and play a sexy challenging role without going the way of Brittany or Miley who showed (or are still in the process of showing) desperation and ultimately appeared ridiculous and slutty.
    When the dust settles, whatever the overall response, I think this was a good choice for Vanessa and an experience that can be nothing but positive in helping her with future endeavers…whether it be the stage experience or realization that you can take risks without compromising peronal integrety. Neil is a wonderful role model for someone her age. He survived childhood fame. He can effortlessly do musical roles, comedy, and drama. We need more of that diversity in Hollywood.

  • xoKel_Belxo

    JJ you should’ve posted this!! V and Aaron are funny!

  • ugh

    i always ask myself why people who dont anything abt what they are talking about are the ones who talk the most crap?? Vanessa is truly talented and she did a great job , that song is very hard to hit those high notes while dancing , try that urself and see how u do ?? dumb asses!

  • sheila

    I’m dig Vanessa’s Mimi. Her Mimi certainly was a flirty crazed out druggie. She had crazy drunk singing, high on coke/drunk acting, like a Lindsay Lohan high on coke while twittering like crazy and doing DUIs. Maybe Vanessa got inspiration from cokehoe Lindsay?

  • dung


    but she’s a trained performer. she should be accustomed to the environment. she’s had practice.
    she got the part because she’s friends with NPH. just sayin’

  • kgg

    My oh my…..some people are quick to judge while they are listening to a crappy cell phone video of V performing. People who were actually there loved it and she killed it up on stage while looking very sexy. Just put yourself in her place. I think she sounded great on almost every note she sang. so unless you were there and actually witnessed it, you need to keep your mouth shut.

  • overrated.

    JJ, you should of definitely post up ‘Light My Candle’ instead of this. I’ll admit that this number wasn’t her best number but for all the other numbers, well, she knocked it out of the park or stage.. And @Ashley: recorded and live sound very different.

  • andrea


    True that.

  • rent

    People are judging her singing voice because of a VIDEO??? WTF. People, if you go see her live, she is MUCH better. Live and recording from a sucky camera are different from each other and i am not ashamed to say that Vanessa killed the whole play. She was amazing so people don’t judge because of a video. i hate people who record a movie/play when its ILLEGAL.

  • Res


    You’re an idiot, move along.

    Btw the entire cast did great.

  • lynn

    the first part was awful and then it was terrific ! Good job my little favourate nessa !!!! <3<3 So proud

  • Kell

    I think this is super great!

  • black

    ———-Weeell……..this kind of stuff does come naturaly to her after all.

  • kate

    @The Desolate One:

    You do realise that it is a criminal offense to post these pics you idiot.

  • ??

    What are the pics of?

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    She nailed this, but Light My Candle, Goodbye Love and Without You were better. She looks great as Mimi!

  • Cringing at the sound

    I’ve never heard her sing before, didn’t know she was this bad. That was so painful to listen to, I couldn’t believe it was a play at the Hollywood Bowl. My high school plays had better singing.

  • BOJI

    Come on, she’s performing live in the open, the accoustics are different and on a huge stage at that. Besides it was a lousy recording and did someone say from a cellphone? So quick with the criticism, the haters will just pounce on the negative and play it up. Besides you were not there, so reserve your judgement. I personally think that she did a great job and hopefully we will be getting better and clearer videos of her performances soon.

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    Here’s an audio of Without You during rehearsals.

  • Holy crap, jjeenniiffeer

    You mean she sang OTHER songs in this play too?!How could the audience stand it? Seriously, 30 seconnds of it was all I could take.

  • BOJI

    Didn’t know Crap could be Holy. Jennifer, seriously what are you doing here on this thread then?!

  • Leah

    I was there. She was OK. Not everyone is a Lea Michele or Idina Menzel, and I’ve seen both of them live. But she sounded decent. As far as people saying she was amazing, I don’t know about all that. But she wasn’t terrible like some of you are making it out to be. She did a good job, and she’s young. Give her a break.

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    @Holy crap, jjeenniiffeer: Why don’t you ask the rest of the audience who actually liked it? And you’re asking if her character sang other songs? Funny, you actually have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • birdie

    I was there and of coarse they picked up some crappy illegal tape of this to post. I will admit this was her weakest performance but all her other songs were amazing and her voice was incredible as were the rest of the cast. Vanessa definately held her own. She looked fantastic and when she sang “Without You” and “Goodbye Love” she actually brought tears to my eyes, it was so touching. It’s really sad that thiscrappy tape is what your judging her on when you weren’t even there.

  • Ash