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Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

A tank-top-clad Zac Efron sexes up the September 2010 cover of Details Magazine, on stands this week.

The 22-year-old actor is faithful to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens but some of his friends wonder why.

Zac shared, “Bathe in pussy? Yeah, I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. Believe me. I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on. You’re peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.’ But that’s not in my heart.”

The cover story is titled: “The Agony of Zac“.

Last week, Zac confirmed that he visited a strip club — and Vanessa approved!

Zac‘s latest drama, Charlie St. Cloud, is in theaters now!

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Photos: Norman Jean Roy
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  • Buzzie

    Spell check the title.

  • maichi


  • maichi

    September. :)

  • gillian

    his friends are right.. even though zac spends more time on his hair than vanessa, she’s not worth it. with her fake ‘sweet’ voice that is so f*cking annoying, her obvious complete lack of talent, her signature ugly smirk on her face when shes taking pictures, and her slutty pics circling the web some time ago,,, zac should’ve left her after the HSM stint ended..

  • me

    has this been photoshopped? is it just me or does his head look slightly big for his body?lol

  • ally

    What kind of a September cover is that? They didn’t even bother to get him into fall/winter clothes. If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor, then taking the beefcake route isn’t really going to help. And I’d probably like him a lot more if he’d just drop Vanessa and let her slip into oblivion already.ob

  • JimmyK

    @me: Its just you.

  • Hayley

    I know Zac is a grown man and he’s trying to show people that but I don’t like that he used the term “Bathe in pussy?”. You don’t have to lose your class to make a point.

  • lauren

    what does does tht quote mean?

  • hannah

    What a bastard!!!!

  • Ellie

    I am honestly glad to see that Z cis faithful to Vanessa. People may ahte her but when you see how alot of celebs describe her and they all tend to love her, I am a fan of Vaness abecaus eas odd as this sound si ahev had a LOT of free time on my hands and searched herup and read interviews she’s done and when it comes down to it Vanessa comes off as a kind person. I don’t think her sweet voice is fake becuas eI do the same thing. It comes and goes.

  • Ellie

    I am honestly glad to see that Z cis faithful to Vanessa. People may ahte her but when you see how alot of celebs describe her and they all tend to love her, I am a fan of Vaness abecaus eas odd as this sound si ahev had a LOT of free time on my hands and searched herup and read interviews she’s done and when it comes down to it Vanessa comes off as a kind person. I don’t think her sweet voice is fake becuas eI do the same thing. It comes and goes.

  • offtheproperty

    Tina Fey came completely out of character at the end of her scene in Mean Girls when she had to LOOK at Lindsay, she was soooooo STARSTRUCK! hahaha! C’mon everybody, Let’s Talk About Lindsay! (She would have wanted it that way.)

  • Sops

    lmao he is such an idiot, his career is already fading thank god

  • Julluf

    Charlie St. Cloud flopped. Do people still care about him?

  • its called an Indian Summer

    @ally: idk where you live, but here in California we haven’t really had a regular ‘summer’, it’s coming later in the year… around September and October

  • http://!! jezzy

    funny how he is trying so hard to be BADA** .. and I love that he racks his brain wonderin why he’s with Vanessa and not “bathing in P*SSY”

    LMAAAAO. . oH zac.

  • Kirsten

    We get it Zac. You are a grown man. There’s no need to be crude in everything to prove that.

  • JC

    He’ll have plenty of time to bathe in groupie p u s s y when VH dumps his pretty boy ass. She’s the one going places while he watches from the sidelines making his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flop movies or whatever. They’ll make it look like an amicable split, but he’s the one who is going to get kicked to the curb. Nobody cares about him. VH on the other hand, she’s going to make it.

  • rhonda

    soon these two will be history…….it’s just a matter of time before they realize they’ve grown up and grown apart…….can’t wait for the day!

  • Soni

    I am confused about this post: Does he want to play the field ot his 100 percetn devoted to Vanessa? I am hoping that hehas been with Vanessa for 5 years, that that means something. He needs to not listen to his friends and also to watch what he says in articles.

  • tina

    Bathe in —–………really nice statement, jerk!

  • Divine Goddess

    I think it’s great he’s still faithful to Vanessa. They make an awesome couple. Don’t lose someone you really love who really loves you just to “play the field”. You’ll be sorry. He shouldn’t listen to his friends. He’s doing the right thing. Him and Vanessa have been going strong for five years. There’s definitely something

  • bettybaby

    JFC, love how you guys like to stir it up.

    every time he does an interview, there are “misleading” blurbs pulled and or leaked from the article, and the real thing is NEVER remotely like what’s being implied here…

    *insert massive eye roll.

  • BOJI

    Zac is just contented being with his love of 5 yrs and some of his acquaintances find it hard to believe that. Simple. He has all that he ever wanted in a relationship and does not need to look further or test the waters so to speak. So Live with it.

  • peggy


    First of all JJ didn’t print the whole quote he cut it off to create controversy. Secondly he’s where he wants to be a couldn’t give a flying f…. what any of you jealous, bitter losers think of his girl or their relationship.

    I think we best read the article rather than rely on JJ anymore.

    But I will say the “bathed in p…” remarks is offensive to me as a woman

  • Maddy!!

    I’m soo confused by this interview

  • http://j ivanka

    what’s bathe in p.ussy?

  • Opal

    For the record, I think he was probably answering sarcastically, as if he was led into the question. Maybe the reporter was the one trying to be jerk by trying to elicit a response that he could then paraphrase. Maybe the reporter asked,

    “So, uh, hey man, you could get tons of chicks and be bathing in p***y, why aren’t you playing the field?!”

    And maybe Efron answered sarcastically, just to dumb down the reporter in hopes of making him see how rude his question was, said,

    “Bathe in p***y? Yeah…”

    See, and that is how a story is spun, folks. Don’t be ignorantly fooled into believing everything you hear. Magazines and blogs such as this one (although JJ is one of the more nicer, credible celebrity blogs) are after one thing: SALES. And they do one thing to get those sales: GOSSIP.

    Just smile at the pretty people and go, “OK.” :-)

  • Soni

    I would like to read the magazine, but there is one problem: I am a woman and that is a guy magazine/

  • Ashlee


    As Ryan Evans would say, “You know it.”

  • Opal

    Wow, there is obviously a Zac Efron hater, giving all the positive and objective opinions a “negative” rating. Way to go! That’ll make you the bigger person. :)

    Negative rating away, friend!

  • ally

    @its called an Indian Summer: Sorry, but I don’t see what California summers have anything to do with it. This is the September issue, and usually September issues of fashion magazines are meant to display fall/winter collections. Plus it has the words “Fall Fashion Issue” on the cover.

  • Ashlee

    For those of you who can read, Zac asks a question as if he’s repeating it. They asked him that question and he repeats it. Why would he just out of thin air say, “Bathe in pu**y?” Because he’s repeating the question they asked him. Details is a men’s magazine, so they are going to ask him raunchy questions and he’s going to give them raunchy answers.

  • hunny

    soooooo —- he’s saying he does drugs??? peaking on ecstasy??

  • JC

    @Ashlee: But in the process alienates and offends his female audience because guys don’t care about him. Not a real smart move on his part. Maybe he can be more candid in a magazine men read when men actually pay to see anything he’s in.

  • kami

    i think 100% of his fans are females. you’d think he’d know that would offend at least 50% of them or more. the way he says that it does sound like he “peaks on ecstasy and watches tv” but i think his buddy is telling him that’s what other ppl are doing. need to dump that buddy, zac.

  • lol

    the cover is super cheesy

  • hannah

    I think he’s repeating a question when he says bathe in pu**y and I agree with JC how that was a bad idea and he should know his audience, although it’s only one part of the interview that get’s me upset. The other is when he’s talking about playing the feild and what his friends say. He isn’t standing up for his relationship, and I don’t care what you say there is no way what he says about playing the field is sarcasm the pu**y thing yes, that, no. I don’t know maybe I’m reading into things but I didn’t appreciate that. He made it sound like he was agreeing with his friends…

    I think he’s trying so hard to break free from his Disney shell that he resorts to vulgarity thinking it will help, but I know that if this was my boyfriend he wouldn’t get off very easy…sarcastic or not.

  • kami


    i’m sure a lot of people are confused cause these are just a bunch of quotes taken out of the interview so they don’t make sense. plus the way zac talks. he interchanges you and i. he did that on the jimmy kimmel show when he said ‘you call your girlfriend” instead of “i call my girlfriend.”

  • Zanessafanforever

    whats wrong? Zac looks amazingly HOT on the cover
    and Zac was just cheering Vanessa on at her RENT performance
    yesterday and today, so whoever says its not real is blind and stupid.
    And how is this offensive, I’m a 18 year old girl, and nothing Zac said in the interview offended me.

    zanessa forever :]

  • em

    So many hyper-critical people hoping this guy fails at the ripe old age of 22. Pick apart the cover wardrobe which Im sure he had no say about. Pick apart a bunch of obvious half quotes that this site used to cause the usual spitefulness (truth in advertising-lol)

    Im sure the “ecstasy” remark has to do with his relationship with Vanessa. A lot of people dont recognize vocabulary that they cant relate back to drugs.

    Our society sure likes to root for failure these days-because people suck like that

  • Leslie

    “I rack my brain thinking” means:

    Thinking to the point of extreme mental or physical suffering, agonizing over something. That’s a bit extreme for thinking “Why am I not out there playing the field?”

    Maybe he used the wrong word like the time Ashley Tisdale said she didn’t drink alcohol because she was a hypochondriac (imagining you have an illness when you don’t).

    And poor Zac is missing out because he’s “peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.”

    Bet whoever did this interview had a bit of fun with Zac, the HSM kid.

  • Ashley

    Explain the ecstacy comment. That’s the one that doesn’t make sense.

  • BOJI

    Good tabloid fodder. Mention P U S S Y coming from Zac and you get readers to buy the mag. Hah! Didn’t fall for it one bit. How many times have we seen articles like this?

  • Lauren


    hahaha that is very true! That is the first thing that I though when I read the quote.

    As for Zac and Vanessa, I really support that couple and I’m glad to see that they are faithful to each other!

  • Esj

    gillian you’re a miserable sl#t. stop prune face!

  • Leslie


    He’s in the prime of his life sexually (peaking on ecstasy) and watching TV (in a committed relationship). LOL

  • florence

    This defeinetly sound like he’s starting to get the ‘ wonder lust’ as they say, and he’s getting bored with Vanessa, this comment along with his other one about the relactionship ‘ serves him right now’, does’nt come off as someone who is happy being with just the one girl.

    If he wants to get more p***** as he so digustingly puts it then break up with Vanessa first, maybe he can go and find Nikki as she’s apprently the one for him, what with his so called friends comment and recently her’s maybe it has got him thinking.

    He’s not coming off as a grown up being so disrespectful about women, and if those are the kind of mates he has no wonder he’s changed, and not for the good.

    Apparently CSC has dropped a massive 70% the second week in the box office. Maybe he will now realize to be taken as a serious actor he needs to keep his clothes on, stop grinning all the time and get some gritty role, and not a sappy love story which is what they turned CSC into and ruined a great book.

    If they are still together this time next year I’ll be very suprised his comments are getting and more of some not happy with the one girl he has. So go on Zac go and play the field and then by the time you relaize the best thing you had has gone, hopefully Vanessa will be with someone who does’nt use distasteful words like you did.

  • Skylar

    This article does not make sense his interviews in other magazines and live in person he is very careful what he says and would not use those vulgar terms and I was at Rent last night and he kept screaming he was proud of her and loved her. I think this magazine is misusing his words and if he wanted to break up with Vanessa he sure did not act like it last night.