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Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

A tank-top-clad Zac Efron sexes up the September 2010 cover of Details Magazine, on stands this week.

The 22-year-old actor is faithful to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens but some of his friends wonder why.

Zac shared, “Bathe in pussy? Yeah, I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. Believe me. I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on. You’re peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.’ But that’s not in my heart.”

The cover story is titled: “The Agony of Zac“.

Last week, Zac confirmed that he visited a strip club — and Vanessa approved!

Zac‘s latest drama, Charlie St. Cloud, is in theaters now!

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192 Responses to “Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010”

  1. 1
    Buzzie Says:

    Spell check the title.

  2. 2
    maichi Says:


  3. 3
    maichi Says:

    September. :)

  4. 4
    gillian Says:

    his friends are right.. even though zac spends more time on his hair than vanessa, she’s not worth it. with her fake ‘sweet’ voice that is so f*cking annoying, her obvious complete lack of talent, her signature ugly smirk on her face when shes taking pictures, and her ****** pics circling the web some time ago,,, zac should’ve left her after the HSM stint ended..

  5. 5
    me Says:

    has this been photoshopped? is it just me or does his head look slightly big for his body?lol

  6. 6
    ally Says:

    What kind of a September cover is that? They didn’t even bother to get him into fall/winter clothes. If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor, then taking the beefcake route isn’t really going to help. And I’d probably like him a lot more if he’d just drop Vanessa and let her slip into oblivion already.ob

  7. 7
    JimmyK Says:

    @me: Its just you.

  8. 8
    Hayley Says:

    I know Zac is a grown man and he’s trying to show people that but I don’t like that he used the term “Bathe in *****?”. You don’t have to lose your class to make a point.

  9. 9
    lauren Says:

    what does does tht quote mean?

  10. 10
    hannah Says:

    What a *******!!!!

  11. 11
    Ellie Says:

    I am honestly glad to see that Z cis faithful to Vanessa. People may ahte her but when you see how alot of celebs describe her and they all tend to love her, I am a fan of Vaness abecaus eas odd as this sound si ahev had a LOT of free time on my hands and searched herup and read interviews she’s done and when it comes down to it Vanessa comes off as a kind person. I don’t think her sweet voice is fake becuas eI do the same thing. It comes and goes.

  12. 12
    Ellie Says:

    I am honestly glad to see that Z cis faithful to Vanessa. People may ahte her but when you see how alot of celebs describe her and they all tend to love her, I am a fan of Vaness abecaus eas odd as this sound si ahev had a LOT of free time on my hands and searched herup and read interviews she’s done and when it comes down to it Vanessa comes off as a kind person. I don’t think her sweet voice is fake becuas eI do the same thing. It comes and goes.

  13. 13
    offtheproperty Says:

    Tina Fey came completely out of character at the end of her scene in Mean Girls when she had to LOOK at Lindsay, she was soooooo STARSTRUCK! hahaha! C’mon everybody, Let’s Talk About Lindsay! (She would have wanted it that way.)

  14. 14
    Sops Says:

    lmao he is such an idiot, his career is already fading thank god

  15. 15
    Julluf Says:

    Charlie St. Cloud flopped. Do people still care about him?

  16. 16
    its called an Indian Summer Says:

    @ally: idk where you live, but here in California we haven’t really had a regular ‘summer’, it’s coming later in the year… around September and October

  17. 17
    jezzy Says:

    funny how he is trying so hard to be BADA** .. and I love that he racks his brain wonderin why he’s with Vanessa and not “bathing in P*SSY”

    LMAAAAO. . oH zac.

  18. 18
    Kirsten Says:

    We get it Zac. You are a grown man. There’s no need to be crude in everything to prove that.

  19. 19
    JC Says:

    He’ll have plenty of time to bathe in groupie p u s s y when VH dumps his pretty boy ass. She’s the one going places while he watches from the sidelines making his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flop movies or whatever. They’ll make it look like an amicable split, but he’s the one who is going to get kicked to the curb. Nobody cares about him. VH on the other hand, she’s going to make it.

  20. 20
    rhonda Says:

    soon these two will be history…….it’s just a matter of time before they realize they’ve grown up and grown apart…….can’t wait for the day!

  21. 21
    Soni Says:

    I am confused about this post: Does he want to play the field ot his 100 percetn devoted to Vanessa? I am hoping that hehas been with Vanessa for 5 years, that that means something. He needs to not listen to his friends and also to watch what he says in articles.

  22. 22
    tina Says:

    Bathe in —–………really nice statement, jerk!

  23. 23
    Divine Goddess Says:

    I think it’s great he’s still faithful to Vanessa. They make an awesome couple. Don’t lose someone you really love who really loves you just to “play the field”. You’ll be sorry. He shouldn’t listen to his friends. He’s doing the right thing. Him and Vanessa have been going strong for five years. There’s definitely something

  24. 24
    bettybaby Says:

    JFC, love how you guys like to stir it up.

    every time he does an interview, there are “misleading” blurbs pulled and or leaked from the article, and the real thing is NEVER remotely like what’s being implied here…

    *insert massive eye roll.

  25. 25
    BOJI Says:

    Zac is just contented being with his love of 5 yrs and some of his acquaintances find it hard to believe that. Simple. He has all that he ever wanted in a relationship and does not need to look further or test the waters so to speak. So Live with it.

  26. 26
    peggy Says:

    YOU HATERS ********!!!!!

    First of all JJ didn’t print the whole quote he cut it off to create controversy. Secondly he’s where he wants to be a couldn’t give a flying f…. what any of you jealous, bitter losers think of his girl or their relationship.

    I think we best read the article rather than rely on JJ anymore.

    But I will say the “bathed in p…” remarks is offensive to me as a woman

  27. 27
    Maddy!! Says:

    I’m soo confused by this interview

  28. 28
    ivanka Says:

    what’s bathe in p.ussy?

  29. 29
    Opal Says:

    For the record, I think he was probably answering sarcastically, as if he was led into the question. Maybe the reporter was the one trying to be jerk by trying to elicit a response that he could then paraphrase. Maybe the reporter asked,

    “So, uh, hey man, you could get tons of chicks and be bathing in p***y, why aren’t you playing the field?!”

    And maybe Efron answered sarcastically, just to dumb down the reporter in hopes of making him see how rude his question was, said,

    “Bathe in p***y? Yeah…”

    See, and that is how a story is spun, folks. Don’t be ignorantly fooled into believing everything you hear. Magazines and blogs such as this one (although JJ is one of the more nicer, credible celebrity blogs) are after one thing: SALES. And they do one thing to get those sales: GOSSIP.

    Just smile at the pretty people and go, “OK.” :-)

  30. 30
    Soni Says:

    I would like to read the magazine, but there is one problem: I am a woman and that is a guy magazine/

  31. 31
    Ashlee Says:


    As Ryan Evans would say, “You know it.”

  32. 32
    Opal Says:

    Wow, there is obviously a Zac Efron hater, giving all the positive and objective opinions a “negative” rating. Way to go! That’ll make you the bigger person. :)

    Negative rating away, friend!

  33. 33
    ally Says:

    @its called an Indian Summer: Sorry, but I don’t see what California summers have anything to do with it. This is the September issue, and usually September issues of fashion magazines are meant to display fall/winter collections. Plus it has the words “Fall Fashion Issue” on the cover.

  34. 34
    Ashlee Says:

    For those of you who can read, Zac asks a question as if he’s repeating it. They asked him that question and he repeats it. Why would he just out of thin air say, “Bathe in pu**y?” Because he’s repeating the question they asked him. Details is a men’s magazine, so they are going to ask him raunchy questions and he’s going to give them raunchy answers.

  35. 35
    hunny Says:

    soooooo —- he’s saying he does drugs??? peaking on ecstasy??

  36. 36
    JC Says:

    @Ashlee: But in the process alienates and offends his female audience because guys don’t care about him. Not a real smart move on his part. Maybe he can be more candid in a magazine men read when men actually pay to see anything he’s in.

  37. 37
    kami Says:

    i think 100% of his fans are females. you’d think he’d know that would offend at least 50% of them or more. the way he says that it does sound like he “peaks on ecstasy and watches tv” but i think his buddy is telling him that’s what other ppl are doing. need to dump that buddy, zac.

  38. 38
    lol Says:

    the cover is super cheesy

  39. 39
    hannah Says:

    I think he’s repeating a question when he says bathe in pu**y and I agree with JC how that was a bad idea and he should know his audience, although it’s only one part of the interview that get’s me upset. The other is when he’s talking about playing the feild and what his friends say. He isn’t standing up for his relationship, and I don’t care what you say there is no way what he says about playing the field is sarcasm the pu**y thing yes, that, no. I don’t know maybe I’m reading into things but I didn’t appreciate that. He made it sound like he was agreeing with his friends…

    I think he’s trying so hard to break free from his Disney shell that he resorts to vulgarity thinking it will help, but I know that if this was my boyfriend he wouldn’t get off very easy…sarcastic or not.

  40. 40
    kami Says:


    i’m sure a lot of people are confused cause these are just a bunch of quotes taken out of the interview so they don’t make sense. plus the way zac talks. he interchanges you and i. he did that on the jimmy kimmel show when he said ‘you call your girlfriend” instead of “i call my girlfriend.”

  41. 41
    Zanessafanforever Says:

    whats wrong? Zac looks amazingly HOT on the cover
    and Zac was just cheering Vanessa on at her RENT performance
    yesterday and today, so whoever says its not real is blind and stupid.
    And how is this offensive, I’m a 18 year old girl, and nothing Zac said in the interview offended me.

    zanessa forever :]

  42. 42
    em Says:

    So many hyper-critical people hoping this guy fails at the ripe old age of 22. Pick apart the cover wardrobe which Im sure he had no say about. Pick apart a bunch of obvious half quotes that this site used to cause the usual spitefulness (truth in advertising-lol)

    Im sure the “ecstasy” remark has to do with his relationship with Vanessa. A lot of people dont recognize vocabulary that they cant relate back to drugs.

    Our society sure likes to root for failure these days-because people suck like that

  43. 43
    Leslie Says:

    “I rack my brain thinking” means:

    Thinking to the point of extreme mental or physical suffering, agonizing over something. That’s a bit extreme for thinking “Why am I not out there playing the field?”

    Maybe he used the wrong word like the time Ashley Tisdale said she didn’t drink alcohol because she was a hypochondriac (imagining you have an illness when you don’t).

    And poor Zac is missing out because he’s “peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.”

    Bet whoever did this interview had a bit of fun with Zac, the HSM kid.

  44. 44
    Ashley Says:

    Explain the ecstacy comment. That’s the one that doesn’t make sense.

  45. 45
    BOJI Says:

    Good tabloid fodder. Mention P U S S Y coming from Zac and you get readers to buy the mag. Hah! Didn’t fall for it one bit. How many times have we seen articles like this?

  46. 46
    Lauren Says:


    hahaha that is very true! That is the first thing that I though when I read the quote.

    As for Zac and Vanessa, I really support that couple and I’m glad to see that they are faithful to each other!

  47. 47
    Esj Says:

    gillian you’re a miserable sl#t. stop prune face!

  48. 48
    Leslie Says:


    He’s in the prime of his life sexually (peaking on ecstasy) and watching TV (in a committed relationship). LOL

  49. 49
    florence Says:

    This defeinetly sound like he’s starting to get the ‘ wonder lust’ as they say, and he’s getting bored with Vanessa, this comment along with his other one about the relactionship ‘ serves him right now’, does’nt come off as someone who is happy being with just the one girl.

    If he wants to get more p***** as he so digustingly puts it then break up with Vanessa first, maybe he can go and find Nikki as she’s apprently the one for him, what with his so called friends comment and recently her’s maybe it has got him thinking.

    He’s not coming off as a grown up being so disrespectful about women, and if those are the kind of mates he has no wonder he’s changed, and not for the good.

    Apparently CSC has dropped a massive 70% the second week in the box office. Maybe he will now realize to be taken as a serious actor he needs to keep his clothes on, stop grinning all the time and get some gritty role, and not a sappy love story which is what they turned CSC into and ruined a great book.

    If they are still together this time next year I’ll be very suprised his comments are getting and more of some not happy with the one girl he has. So go on Zac go and play the field and then by the time you relaize the best thing you had has gone, hopefully Vanessa will be with someone who does’nt use distasteful words like you did.

  50. 50
    Skylar Says:

    This article does not make sense his interviews in other magazines and live in person he is very careful what he says and would not use those vulgar terms and I was at Rent last night and he kept screaming he was proud of her and loved her. I think this magazine is misusing his words and if he wanted to break up with Vanessa he sure did not act like it last night.

  51. 51
    Daniel Tang Says:

    Magazines always try to trick people into saying things that are enticing. That sells copies. But if I had a beautiful, sexy babe like Vanessa by my side, I sure as he’ll would not “rack my brain” wondering why I wasn’t out playing the field. He’ll no. I’d know for damned sure why I wasn’t. Vanessa would be the reason.

  52. 52
    florence Says:

    @Daniel Tang: Excatly, so if he has to ‘rack my brains’ to know why he’s not playing the field, he obvioulsy does’nt appreciate or want the girl , sorry woman that he has now.

    So if you think or want to go and explore Zac then just go and do it. Or maybe after your strip club visit to NYC you’ve already found someone.

  53. 53
    popi Says:

    He looks weird in the cover

  54. 54
    Masoud Says:

    SO glad I have this magazine as a subscription omggg.

  55. 55
    kate24 Says:

    i think its great that zac is still with vanessa, they’re a great couple together because 5 years is not a joke! they’ve been through a lot like the like vanessa’s scandals but they overcame it! And why does everyone hate her?i mean yeah she produced the pictures but that was a long time ago cant people give her a second chance?? and i think they were meant for zac and zac only.. so it wasnt her fault they were kinked by a pedo!!.. and it doesnt matter what we all think, at the end of the day zac is the person who is with her and he knows her on and off the camera and as you can see he is deeply inlove with her.. !!!
    just stating my opinion, so please dont be too mean,.

  56. 56
    Geeema Says:

    the way he said it was total bull****! im gonna give him benifit of the doubt and until we have saw the entire article then ignore it, for all we know he could have said ‘but i love my girl very much and wouldnt hurt her’ they just wanted to stir some s**t! I hate when he talks like this, he seems to have loss his sense of class and we all know that wasnt how he was brought it! i hope vanessa knocks some sense into them him! and neither are going to fade away they have great talent but they are only 21/22 they have plenty of time and yes some of their movies will flop. deal with it#! its better than anything you will do!

  57. 57
    ze Says:

    This guy is more and more of a douc*he every time he opens his mouth. V just move on already. It’s practically demaning to be with this guy. I used to love him but now no thx. Just be quiet Zac.

  58. 58
    sunny Says:

    Zac before u comment on your relationship again, think before u speak or just break up with her already. If your strategy is to lead people to want u to break up with V then you are succeeding. Please do if you continue to demean her and females in general. Not being harsh, just calling what I’ve heard and seen displayed by him thus far. He still has feelings 4 her, no doubt by the positive things he’s exemplified but his unsureness of the perspective of this relationship is obvious, just let her live already too.

  59. 59
    maeli Says:

    WTF i’m so shocked to see him express himself like that ,i’ll wait for the full article and to know a little bit more but if he really did say those thing then i think he is dumb because V is one of the really gorgeous women out there and in this case she will deserve way better

  60. 60
    amandaefron.. Says:

    zac IS amazing!!!!!!!you guys WHO hate him need to shut the f*ck up and grow up!!!

    he said NOTHING WRONG !! and btw u guys don’t have to comment if u hate him!!

    so all of u who hate him go TO HELL!!

  61. 61
    ANNE. Says:

    OMG he’s beautiful!

  62. 62
    amandaefron.. Says:

    SEE i don’t like vanessa in fact i hate her but maybe he’s just JK ….and maybe he NEVER said that!! they’re just lying so shut the F**K UP!!

  63. 63
    amandaefron.. Says:

    see i don’t like vanessa in fact i hate her but maybe he’s just JK …and maybe he NEVER SAID THAT they’re just lying!!so grow up!! AND SHUT THE F***K UP!

  64. 64
    amandaefron.. Says:

    see i don’t like vanessa in fact i hate her but maybe he’s just JK …and maybe he NEVER SAID THAT they’re just lying!!so grow up!! AND SHUT THE F***K UP!

  65. 65
    KVD123 Says:

    trying waaaaaayyyyy to hard, in the GQ magazine he kept using F the word……

    get over your self you POEPHOLE !

  66. 66
    Evonefron Says:

    everybody say the F word what’s wrong with that?? He’s 23 let him say whatever he wants !! Or u guys can’t just because he been in hsm ?? And hey what about Vanessa?? She’s a ***** and nobody have ever said anything bad to her ., leave zac alone!! And grow up!!

  67. 67
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Evonefron: :D you’re the only one who understand me:)

  68. 68
    Rio Says:

    I was wondering why Justjared had the quote even it’s not on Details official site now.

  69. 69
    amandaefron.. Says:

    cause they trying to make the ppl hate him:/…i think

  70. 70
    Tiptoes Says:

    Nice cover…. I am excited to get my own copy of this.

    JJ – how you like to stir things up. ZV are happy together. PERIOD.

  71. 71
    Rio Says:

    @amandaefron..: good point

  72. 72
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Rio: thanks

  73. 73
    Desiree Says:

    I Don’t Even Recognize Him Anymore. Sure,He’s Grown Up,But Still,That Was Really Offensive Towards Vanessa.
    “I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’”
    ^I Mean,Wow… :|

  74. 74
    Tiptoes Says:

    Some of you need to calm down as you have not read the full interview and some of these quotes are taken out of context. You will look really silly if some of these stuff are not what he actually said or intended to mean. And I would rather the mag focus on his career, more than his relationship with Van as its theirs alone to enjoy, not for us fans and the public to ask why or how.

    I bet you some, if not MOST of their friends admire their relationship and support them (e.g. Ryan and Brittany).

  75. 75
    Elise Says:

    Does anyone know where’s the whole interview?

  76. 76
    Layla Says:

    Hmm,I wonder what happened to the old,sweet,shy Zac.

  77. 77
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Elise: no…. justjared trying to make ppl hate him and i hate that,

    so don’t believe everyTHING:)

  78. 78
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Elise: no…. justjared trying to make ppl hate him and i hate that,

    so don’t believe everyTHING:)

  79. 79
    helloooo Says:


    i agree his quotes have been misleading before, but you can tell me he wasn’t an ass last year in his GQ article, or are you one of those old women who think he’s a saint.

    He’s not perfect, and he’s opened his mouth plenty of times before, and been a **** and disrespectful to her. i’m saying its highly likely he’ll do it again, thinking it gets him ahead.

    Efron..piece of advice….’it would do you well to actually BE a man instead of pretending to be one…and if your not gonna respect your woman with your words when your interviewing, then let her go.”

  80. 80
    toty Says:

    totally agree with u (Tiptoes)…I mean this isn’t even official yet..

  81. 81
    hadeer mostafa Says:

    i love to see zac with vanessa becouse they are perfect for each other and i think they created for each other and i dont why you hate vanessa , i think she is amazing , please stop jealous from her because she is great

  82. 82
    Kell Says:

    This is for the Vanessa haters.
    GET a life…!!!

    She is beautifull, she is a great dancer and sings great!!

    I have 1 question for the haters; What can you do? I have the answer

    NOTHING, so deal with it…..losers~

  83. 83
    lovesjjj Says:

    This sounds absolutely FAKE. I think someone got fooled. Maybe a source check here?

  84. 84
    kate Says:

    I totally agree with Bettybaby and Boji.

    I think JJ is trying to cause trouble by just adding that quote which doesn’t even show on the cover.

    The people that said that he was answering a question by repeating the words of the interviewer were totally right.

    He also probably said at the end that he isn’t like that and would never do such a thing.

    E! News put up a clip saying that Zac wanted a break from Vanessa and waited for a few days to show the clip and all it was, was that they had a break during filming when he was making CSC he needed to clear his head so that he could do the kissing and love scenes, and then she came down 2 weeks later and was over the moon. So they just tried to get the viewers in just like JJ here.

    Zac has been to support Vanessa TWICE at Rent and totally is 100% behind her. They love each other so much and the haters here as so jealous.

    Just wait and see what is actually said in the interview.

    There is nothing mentioned about this in the Details site.

    Ohhh and also there is no way that if Zac & Vanessa were to split that he would go to that disrespectfull person Nikki.

    and on a final not Vanessa did not leak the photo’s herself.

  85. 85
    hadeer mostafa Says:

    i love to see zac and vanessa together , i think they are great couple , and zac you have to still with vanessa , i think she is amazing and they created for each other , i dont know why you hate her , oh i know becouse you jealous from her , stop jealous girl becouse she is great

  86. 86
    amandaefron.. Says:

    and how the hell u guys know tht they’re are perfect for each other
    ??? do u guys live with them?? the only thing u guys know about them it’s what u see in pictures…

  87. 87
    amandaefron.. Says:

    and how the hell u guys know tht they’re are perfect for each other
    ??? do u guys live with them?? the only thing u guys know about them it’s what u see in pictures…

  88. 88
    lauren Says:

    i think all the zac efron fans need to chill out,,,,

    this is only a alittle part of the interview,

    from what we can tell is that he’s faithfull to vanessa then being a tool and playing around.

    there’s reasons why they been together for soo long or whatever,

  89. 89
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @lauren: totally agree with u

  90. 90
    Ella Says:

    ”bathe in *****?”;”why am i not playing the field”!! WTF!
    Is he saying that vanessa is not worth the 5 years they spent together, he’s completely *******! If I heard my boyfriend say that I would scream in his face: ” SO SORRY IF YOU’RE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT, IT’S OVER YOU BASTAAAAAAAARD; THE SEX SUCKS, ANYWAYS” yeah, I am sure sex is not zac’s speciality ! so vanessa’s time to dump th little boy and get a man, sweetheart! he’s the one, that’s not worth it!

  91. 91
    lauren Says:

    @ ella
    calm the F*** down,
    what are you like 13?

  92. 92
    JULIANNE Says:


  93. 93
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Ella: SHUT YOUR F**KING MOTH UP!! she’s not 13 she’s10!!

  94. 94
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Ella: SHUT YOUR F**KING MOTH UP!! she’s not 13 she’s10!!

  95. 95
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Ella: shut YOUR F**KING MOTH UP!!

  96. 96
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Ella: shut YOUR F**KING MOTH UP

  97. 97
    Nick Says:


    You took that out of my mouth!!

  98. 98
    Emma Says:

    @Ella: agree 100%

  99. 99
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Emma: shut up

  100. 100
    amandaefron.. Says:

    this 4 all zac’s haters KISS HIS ASS

  101. 101
    florence Says:

    @Ella: I will agree with you on the comment about what you’d say if you heard your boyfriend say that, I’d be the same.

    Because it does sound like he saying that he regrets the last 5yrs and wishes that he had played the field. It’s no wonder he came out with the No Marriage for me comment, now it’s easy to see why.

    Well if your so jealous of what your mate’s have and want a different girl then let Vanessa go, I’m sure that a proper man would come along and show her some respect and women in general. Men who come otu with comments like that are not men by any means, there just jerks pretending to be a man.

    The problem with Zac is that he’s had sucess happen really quick and I get that he wants to move on from Disney, but he should be grateful for Disney otherwise nobody would have heard of him, seeings as CSC in only it’s second week has dropped to number 8 at the box office, which apprently is a drop of 70% from last week and that’s bad by any actors standard.

    If Vanessa means anything to him ( which I highly doubt) then he should say to friends like that ‘ look I don’t want to play the field, I’m more than happy with who I am with’ not ‘ Irack my brains trying to think why I’m not playing the field’. well efron instead of wondering if the field is so appealing go and have a long run in one and see what you can pick up.

  102. 102
    Pixie Says:

    we need less of this guy, and more of kate bosworth and alexander skarsgard, i mean come on.

  103. 103
    amandaefron.. Says:

    u guys can’t be sure that he said it!!

  104. 104
    black Says:

    Why people always forsee such great careers for guys like him is really beyond me—-and the fact they do it EVERY time—–unbelievable.
    Just because a franchise is big, doesn´t mean that the actors staring in it will be big as well.
    First it was Daniel Radcliffe——when he stopped growing and turned not quite as attractive people moved on to——————————
    Zac Efron, his lack of talent or charisma, or simply the mega effect HSM had is away now, so, he got swept away and off forever by———————————————————————————————————Robert Pattinson, who is starting to look wasted and annoying people with his fidgeting just as much as K-Stew, so people jumped to—————————————————————————————————Justin Bieber——-and, on to the next one, on to the next one…….on to the next one…….
    The only “young” actors who are going to make it, to really make it, are:
    -Graham Phillips, fantastic actor, really great little guy.
    -Logan Lerman, if he grows some more. Good face, very versatile, talented and experienced.
    -Taylor Lautner, if he stops growing his muscle. People get blended by his muscle so much that they actually miss his charisma and talent. He certainly has it going.
    He is not good-looking by any means, but he just has “IT”.
    -Tom Felton, if only he had more hair…….still, he can act. He has a good face for roles as well—-have you seen him lately?(
    -JUSTIN BIEBER————hahahahahahahahahahaha

  105. 105
    Soul Says:

    Oh my god you guys, first of all, this is not official, it doesnt even appear on, so dont believe everything. And also, he said pu**y, so what? Im 16 and im not offend at all, he’s a normal guy and says those kind of things just like any other.
    And come on! hes not gonna break up with vanessa, just check out the interviews in which he talks about her and gets all blushy, doesnt that tell you anything about him? how he loves her, maybe? stop saying they’ll break up or zac wants to get rid of her, the reason hes not playing the field is because hes not that guy, and im sure that after that final sentence about his friend saying that, he said something else. He’d never finish a reply just like that. So wide open.

  106. 106
    Beep Says:

    This guys is a tool! His main fanbase are the zac and Vanessa fans and he says something like that? He racks his brains trying to figure out why he’s not playing the field? Really? He tries way too hard and he’s too obvious about wanting be a huge a lister.

  107. 107
    Brianna Says:

    @amandaefron..: ok go home. you’re not saying anything productive. Get off the computer and go outside and do something with your life.

  108. 108
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @Soul: :D god finally someone understand me^^

  109. 109
    Sam Says:

    This loser annoys me so much. Butterface ******

  110. 110
    fabp Says:

    good for Vanessa for letting Zac go to strip clubs- never ever forbid a man, otherwise, he’ll just do it behind your back. it’s also great for your sex life…spicing up things! so adult and so admirable!!!

  111. 111
    Karen Says:

    I usually read all the comments before I make mine but I got to say a few things before I wait—-it doesn’t look like some of you are going to get any sense…

    To me, the comment about the ecstasy is some of his friends “cluing” him him by saying “you are so out of the loop that you don’t even know what they are saying about you. They (the gossip mongers) are saying you are peaking on ecstasy, etc”. We have heard BOTH Zac and Vanessa say they don’t read or check the websites or pay attention as to what is being said about them. So, it sounds like someone is trying to tell him what is being SAID about him. And we have heard how some people have made out that he and Vanessa take ecstasy.

    The pu**y comment? I have a feeling it was like “Why are you not out there bathing in it since you are Zac Efron and there are a lot of girls who would hand it over to you in a minute. And I have a feeling when repeating that question he will have a very good answer—it will be he cherishes what he has with a woman he LOVES and doesn’t care to have nameless faces and “pu**ies” just to boost his male ego and just because he can. He wants something that MEANS something. Not everyone wants to try EVERYONE”S lower regions.

    Unfortunately, both he and Vanessa’s language is not that of a sweet 17-18 year old who just got done doing a Disney movie. And most people—especially younger people see no problem using the F word or any other profanity—which is good since in Hollywood where Zac and Vanessa are working so much it is full of profanity. When you are around that all the time it is hard for it not to wear off on you.

    But in the end many of you will have to eat your defamation of character when it comes to Zac once the article comes out. Can you honestly say you expect Zac to make it seem that he would like to be bathing in pu**y? And as far as racking his brain about playing the field, how many of the media as well as some of you have thought he was stupid for NOT doing just that? You act like he doesn’t know what he has or that it can’t be important if he hasn’t tried out a dozen other females. Once he is hit with this question he probably asks himself the same question and he’ll probably say the answer is BECAUSE he finds he LOVES ONE WOMAN.

  112. 112
    Homo Says:

    Another closet case~ How does it feel in the closet Zac, can you breathe?

  113. 113
    Tyrone Says:

    Hahahahahahahaha this nerdy sissy boy is trying WAY too hard. You dont TRY to be cool you just ARE. what a tw@t lmfao

  114. 114
    Karen Says:


    Just how many usernames do you have? I know you won’t honestly answer me but those of us who have been around here for a long time have read your “sounding” comments over and over—each time trying to find a way to make Zac look bad.

    Vanessa is no push over and if the WAS disrespectful to Vanessa and was so bad she would kick his butt to the curb since she knows all to well she is once sexy lady. THEY BOTH have spoken lovingly about each other and show great respect. Zac is not perfect BUT he is not stupid and even Mel Gibson being interviewed where he does not want to be taken wrongly would know not to answer in this manner.

    Lastly, why if Zac says he is not ready to get married it is like he is using Vanessa but when Vanessa has said over and over again these past 4 years how she is NOT ready to get married and is too young you don’t find that disrespectful. She has been the one to first say way back about how she was not getting married any time soon.

    BTW, florence, WHEN and/or IF this magazine comes out and these quotes have been totally misrepresented, I want YOU to be the first to be the “big person” and come on here and acknowledge that fact and also say “I was wrong”.

  115. 115
    Kara, 22 Says:

    Zefron’s face is ugly and he has no attitude. I don’t understand his appeal.

  116. 116
    mini midlife crisis Says:

    He seems to be having an awkward stage…..

  117. 117
    blahblah Says:

    I’m pretty sure they asked him that as a question. Hence the question mark after he says the comment. And i do think the blurb was taken way out of context.

  118. 118
    Desiree Says:

    Hmm,Zac Actually Goes On xD
    Lmao, I Imagine Him Looking At Our Comments,And Be Like :WTF?

  119. 119
    lauren Says:

    @ desiree,
    how do you know zac goes on this site?

  120. 120
    sunny Says:

    @lauren: If he does then here’s something to chew on Zac, leave well enough alone and just start answering relationship questions as, “we just don’t talk about it.” Maybe then you won’t have to alienate half of your fanbase. Also, show some respect to women, they may be throwing themselves at you, but not all LADIES really will when presented the opportunity with such a boy. We love MEN!

  121. 121
    lynn Says:

    amandaefron.. and evonefron and rio are the same ! and i beleive that this idiot using 3 names is only 12 !

  122. 122
    Desiree Says:


    Jared Has Interviewed Both Zac And Vanessa And They Have Told Him That They Go On His Site, And One Day A Paparazzi Snapped A Picture Of Zanessa At A Coffee Shop And They Were On Via Their iPhone.

  123. 123
    amandaefron.. Says:

    @lynn: what??? why would i do that?? i’m not crazy and i’m 17

  124. 124
    amandaefron.. Says:

    but i love zac toooooooooooo much that’s why i always comment…

  125. 125
    Rosario Says:

    No one has a reason to hate Vanessa Hudgens if you don’t know her personally. How would you liek it if you were in her place and was hated on for no reason? Yeah exactly. I’m glad Zac is faithful to her because it’s obvious she is also. They are both great people.

  126. 126
    Shelly Says:

    I’m One Of Zac’s Biggest Fans,But Lately He Somehow Disappoints Me..First It Was The Strip Club,And I’m NOT Saying It’s Like ,Bad But It Doesn’t Sound Like Zac. It’s Not Like It’s Illegal Or Anything,But If My Boyfriend Went To A Strip Club I Would Be Mad.But That’s Just Me. And Now This.This Is The WORST Thing I’ve Ever Heard Zac Saying! How Could He Say Something Like That? He’s Wondering Why He’s Not Playing The field? WTF!?
    Zac You Really Disappoint Me ,But I Still Love You To Bits,I Can’t Help It!

  127. 127
    Alexandra Says:

    You know i find it funny that all of yall just c0me on here to criticize people… hes a grown man and he can do and say whta he wants… you all just need to get a life and get over what he says

  128. 128
    my4cents Says:

    Zac and Vanessa are scrutinized in everything that they do because these day in age most people are cynical about love. (especially in hollywood) Cynical people can’t wait for this couple to fall apart because it will make the cynicals feel good about themselves. There’s too much negative energy in this planet, it’s sad.

  129. 129
    vic Says:

    this is the best zefron posting every; this guy is so mellow and humble
    and people make these commmets like they know him he’s must be very happy about his present place and probably does give a flying f… about all these comments

  130. 130
    Rose Says:

    Just saying, a lot of people said that him and the strip club was fake. It turned out to be real.
    I think he really dose love Vanessa, but i think he fell in love to fast. He problem see s his friends have a good time and go dancing with other women. I really think any guy would want that. They really need time apart!! So they can realized what they had later in life. He did say he wont get married till his 30.
    Ps. Vanessa is veryy stunning, i cant see why people hate her

  131. 131
    Alaia Says:

    He sounds shockingly vulgar. He’s just trying too hard to be like Johnny Depp like most actors who make a career transition do.

  132. 132
    florence Says:

    @Karen: Why should I come on a site and say I’m wrong because you tell me to.

    Zac is not perfect and has been filmed saying not the most respectful things about his relactionship, all because you act as though you know him personally and know what he thinks does’nt make it right.

    He is trying to hard as of late to make us treat him like a man, well sorry Zac all becuase your 22 does’nt make you a man.

    And CSC has’nt done that great at the box office, so his sex scene could’nt have been that convincing. It’s dropped a whopping 70% in just it’s second week and is number 8 at the box office. Maybe he should head back to the strip club and get a lap dance of some tart there to give his ego a boost.

    And Karen I personally don’t care what you think about my comments, just like you I’m entitled to my opinion, so if you don’t like it then don’t read it or comment on it.

  133. 133
    showmancing Says:

    Zac is GAY.

  134. 134
    Haters Suck! Says:

    WOW JJ, way to stir the pot. Now you add the “but that’s not in my heart” part. I’ll admit when I first saw this yesterday I was not happy with zac now I feel like i just got played. Damn.

  135. 135
    zac-love Says:

    zac n’aurait jamai dit ça vous n’avait aucune preuve de ce que vous dite !

  136. 136
    Jasmine Says:

    Honestly JJ, NOW you add that part!? What are you playing at??? Now its all over the internet and people are freaking out thinknig hes gonig to leave her when really this is a declaration to how happy he is in a devoted relationship.

  137. 137
    gracemarie Says:


    And now that it’s all over the place you correct it. I guess integrity was not taught in your home

  138. 138
    go sox Says:

    Although I really don’t care for these racy kind of interviews from Zac, including GQ and the naked model pics ( and they have NOT increased his male audience, if that’s what he was hoping for), I totally feel these comments are taken out of the context of the interview, and we really need to give him the benefit of the doubt here. He is just responding to questions asked of him, and I don’t believe he would refer to women as pu*** on his own. And I agree with someone who said earlier……he is trying to say that yes, he could play the field, but he’s got someone in his heart.

    And you don’t do that if you do……..You don’t need to bathe in it, if you have someone already in your heart.

    That’s my interpretation, and I’m sticking with it!!

  139. 139
    A Says:

    showmancing, shut up!!!! you’re the one who’s gay! zac is going out with vanessa ******!

  140. 140
    Samii Says:

    Its just thoughts.
    Like any of you thought he would cheat.
    He just thinks how it would be if he would be single.
    Everyone in a long time relationship thinks that at least once.

  141. 141
    Lynda Lezbia Says:

    He likes women

  142. 142
    Vicky Says:

    Well.. that changes the things, right?

    You’re a bit crooked, JJ. ahah

  143. 143
    Calico Says:

    Bathe in p****? Really? You couldn’t come up with a better phrase Zac? I puked in my mouth a little.

  144. 144
    zanfan2 Says:

    Have to say that this article has definitely deflated my opinion of Zac. He will not gain straight males with such tacky comments but he will definitely jeopardize the female fan base…

    I had been looking forward to CSC until that strip club story broke and for some strange reason I felt less compelled to see the movie. I am going to see Rent tonight at the Hollywood Bowl and I am cheering for Vanessa to nail it.

    All of a sudden, Zac seems sort of pathetic to me – maybe he is jealous of Vanessa. She has nailed the action role with Zack Snyder (although SP looks ridiculous) and is now working with NPH. Meanwhile CSC bombed (thanks in no part to the totally unbelievable acting by Amanda Crew and Charlie Trahan and that Australian sidekick – I thought Zac was actually ok).

    I have always been convinced that Zanessa was for real and that the two had a special connection. Now I wonder if it is too much for Zac. For the first time ever – and I mean ever – I actually think that Vanessa can do better and will do better without Zac. I never thought I would ever feel this way. I hope I am wrong about Zac but for the first time in four years, I may not even care one way or the other.

    I can’t wrap my head around this Details interview. Try as I might, there really is no explanation for such trashy talk about his relationship with Vanessa. Strikes me as disloyal after he spent so many years keeping everything “private”.

  145. 145
    Ashley Says:

    Did it flop?

  146. 146
    emily Says:

    omg i have been zacs # 1 fan for 5 years now and this guy get HOTTER AND HOTTER by the minute…u goo ZAC..
    LOVE YOU<33333333333333333

  147. 147
    hello? Says:

    emm, girls did you not see the quote wasn’t complete?

  148. 148
    Tiptoes Says:

    I see that this has been added: Way to create drama JJ – some fans need to chill it.

    But that’s not in my heart.”

  149. 149

    Ye Gods, some of you have the reading skills of 3rd graders. This is PARODY / SATIRE. Look at the cover with “justjared” printed on it, and some of the other articles: “How eating is the new nightlife” and “The best pick-up place in Hollywood is church.” This is Jared’s way (with Zac’s approval, I’m sure) of mocking the ridiculous rumors surrounding Zac and the absurdity of the fighting amongst fans.

    I mean, come on. Ted C said Z was on X at Cochella when obviously he had just smoked a fattie. If he were rollin he’d have been massaging everybody’s shoulders with a mad case of perma-grin.

    And he probably wishes he was having as much fun as some girls think he’s having behind V’s back. Besides, most people know Zac prefers to bathe in rather than

  150. 150
    Katie Says:

    @tiptoes where did you find the rest of the quote???

  151. 151

    PS: I’d go so far as to say the entire cover is phony, the issue is phony, the articles are phony, and Zac’s comments are phony. I bet he’s not even IN the next edition.

  152. 152
    Leonette Says:

    JJ really??? I completely flipped out before and you decide to add that last line now??! Seriously? That’s messed! Though there’s that whole p***y thing(which I think he did repeating the interviewer) thank goodness for that line…”But that’s not in my heart” **phew

  153. 153
    Leonette Says:

    N now I feel a complete fool cuz I’m beginning to think the whole thing is fake(due 2 some enlightening comments)…I did wonder about those ‘issues’ being covered in da mag but it never quite clicked…

  154. 154
    e Says:

    You know what I find the most sad and weird about all of this is that this should be Vanessa’s weekend to shine, but instead we get this, I mean it was the same thing two weeks ago when Vanessa went to comic-con and they showed the first look of SP, but a lot of that was over shadowed by Zac’s strip club visit, couldn’t they have just waited with this a few more days, especially since details own website doesn’t even have anything about this article or interview up yet. No, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, I hope it isn’t but I still don’t like it but in a way it’s almost as if someone, maybe some pr team or something put these out there because while Vanessa’s doing something (SP and Rent) that defiantly is changing peoples opinion about her and they all are cheering for her now and saying that she’s the HSM actor who is really making the transition into more grown-up acting so to speak and so someone have to just throw something out there to make it look like Zac is also trying (though he’s “transition” isn’t really carer vice as it is…well not), but who knows. This was a weird quote and I’m going to read the full article before anything else.

  155. 155
    Lo Says:

    Wow, way to make Zac sound like a jackass, Jared. I hope everyone gets the metaphor instead of thinking he takes Ecstasy.

  156. 156
    sfdgdf Says:

    Thats how detail magazines are…. they have weird stuff like that.

  157. 157
    sfdgdf Says:

    Thats how detail magazines are…. they have weird stuff like that.

  158. 158
    Samii Says:

    Thats how detail magazines are…. they have weird stuff like that.

  159. 159
    Samii Says:

    Sorry i was trying to quote up there but WICKED WENCH is right it looks like a scam.

  160. 160
    Bella Says:

    Oh so now you add the rest JJ? Feeling guilty, huh? *shaking my head*

  161. 161
    zanfan2 Says:

    OK – I am totally confused about what is going on with this story…JJ made this all up? That would be just too weird too.

  162. 162
    Divine Goddess Says:

    lmfao @ JJ for adding that last line like 24 hours later after everyone is all riled up. i knew zac wasn’t a douche like that. :) he loves vanessa and he doesn’t care what people think. i wish them the best ♥

  163. 163
    bettybaby Says:


    you feel kinda dumb now don’t you?

    please don’t say you “agree with me,” and then go on to bash zac….i want no part of it tyvm.

  164. 164
    lala Says:

    he’s a cute boy but doesn’t make sense.

  165. 165
    lala Says:

    @ amandaefron
    I would love to kiss is sexy ass.

  166. 166
    jenna Says:

    i used to like zac efron, but im starting to dislike him, not just because of this interview. it’s like he’s trying too hard to prove he’s not gay, as if he’s not comfortable with his manlyhood or whatever. i used to be obsessed with him, but he just has this douchebag-vibe.
    anyways, enough of zac efron, girls need to start having crushes on guys like paul rudd and bradley cooper, and ryan reynolds. the ones that aren’s as s holes :)

    let’s see how much hate my comment gets

  167. 167
    carly Says:


    do you know where I can see that e! interview?

  168. 168
    carly Says:


    I agree with you.

  169. 169
    ar Says:

    just want to say 2 things. first, i don’t know if anyone agrees with me but the first part of this piece from the interview sounds kinda like he’s finishing the journalist’s sentence. you know kinda like when friends are talking and one says” I’m so tired I could….” and their friend finishes saying “faint yeah me too.” or something like that. But we can’t really know until the whole interview comes out. number 2 i don’t think vanessa would or should break up with him over a comment, i mean he stuck by her through her scandal and everything. it would be really messed up if she broke up with him because he said one thing.

  170. 170
    Tiptoes Says:

    Someone got a hold of the mag and here is the full context: He never said those words….

    //which may explain the coarse phrasing of my suggestion that now might be the time for him to immerse himself in the company of more than one lady friend. “Bathe in pu***?” he repeats. “Yeah, everyone tells me that. I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. But I’m not really like that.” I point out that he does not know if he would enjoy this or not, since he has never been famous and single. “Believe me,” he says. “I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on right now. You’re peaking on Ecstasy and you’re watching TV.’ But it’s not in my heart.”

  171. 171
    bettybaby Says:

    someone has the mag…. makes zac look even more chivalrous than i thought possible …..the full quote is this:


    //which may explain the coarse phrasing of my suggestion that now might be the time for him to immerse himself in the company of more than one lady friend. “Bathe in pxxxx?” he repeats. “Yeah, everyone tells me that. I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. But I’m not really like that.” I point out that he does not know if he would enjoy this or not, since he has never been famous and single. “Believe me,” he says. “I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on right now. You’re peaking on Ecstasy and you’re watching TV.’ But it’s not in my heart.”

    back off people :)

  172. 172
    Karen Says:

    I don’t know where anyone has ever gotten the impression he was like this. Everything about him points to the fact he was raised to be a gentleman and not be like this towards women—no matter what some want other’s to believe about him.

    Before he ever met Vanessa and was just getting notice on things like Summerland he was asked about dating and women or whatever and he said how he would like to meet SOMEONE and STICK TO THEM. He as NEVER had the thinking of a player. That is not what interests him.

  173. 173
    tree Says:

    He “Racks his Brain” wondering why he is not out there playing the field. If that is not disrespectful toward his girlfriend I don’t know what is. This is so wrong. First the strip club and lap dances with three hand picked strippers but now this. I have to question his commitment toward Vanessa. I hope she questions his commitment. I am truly disappointed in Zac these past few weeks.

  174. 174
    Malia Says:

    You all need to read the ENTIRE interview with Zac before jumping to conclusions about the quotes JJ pulled out. Zac said wonderful things about his and Vanessa’s relationship and the fact that what pisses a lot of people off is the fact that their relationship IS real and to the tabloids that equates to boring. I’m paraphrasing. Read the interview so you’ll know what you’re talking about.

    The only fault I have with the interview is the condescending attitude of the person interviewing Zac. He tries to get across the idea that Zac’s being a good guy is embarrassing and something for him to be ashamed of. And yes, he makes fun of everything Zac talks about and everything the do in the interview. It is a totally anti-Zac interview from the magazine’s point of view.

  175. 175
    Malia Says:

    AND with all those incredible pictures of Zac inside the magazine, I can’t imagine why they used they one they did on the cover. Part of the anti-Zac theme they were going for?

  176. 176
    kyle Says:

    I am glad that the real interview version came out although it’s a day late.
    Zac was brought up well and making him appear like a callous person by omitting some lines is just devious and disgusting, JJ.

  177. 177
    sunny Says:

    I read the entire interview and I don’t take back any of my previous thoughts. I figured he was repeating what the interviewer said but he racks his brain wondering why he doesn’t play the field and it would have been easier to give up years ago statements are nothing to swoon over. So, he tipped her during her performance, it’s about her IN character Efron, NOT YOU. I’m sorry but I used to love him to pieces and I just don’t anymore. He has plenty of fans so it’s not like it matters but I’m just not feelin’ it anymore.

  178. 178
    kyle Says:

    @sunny: @sunny:

    Zac was just honest in answering the questions fielded to him. It wasn’t his fault that these type of questions were being asked and it was never his intention to give answers that will make fans swoon over. You are even finding fault that Zac give acing tips to Vanessa, so i doubt whether you are ever a fan of Zac to begin with.

  179. 179
    kyle Says:

    Correction: gives acting tips not acing tips. Sorry.

  180. 180
    tree Says:

    kyle – How do you know what Zac’s Intentions were in this interview. Also, it doesn’t matter what types of questions are asked. Maybe Zac is being honest and he actually feels like he is “Racking His Brain” as to why he doesn’t “Play the Field”. I have always felt that Zac was truthful, and with that being said. My opinion of him right now is very low.

  181. 181

    Oh darn. My bad: it’s “real” albeit “satirical” but he’s going to get crap for it nevertheless. Of course I trust arranged interviews about as much as I trust conspiracy theories…but his words weren’t carefully crafted to appease teens. He’s taking a big risk assuming the adult persona at this point – breaking with his fan base in order to appeal to an older generation. It’s very risky because if he doesn’t garner an older fan base, he’ll be left without one.
    I do hear in his words a strong assertion of masculinity (very much “guy talk” in “guy lingo”), which is probably the “message” he’s been told to send via his publicist. How much of this is the actual Zac and how much of it has been fabricated for this purpose is unknowable. Personally, he doesn’t offend me – I’m around guys 100% of the time to the exclusion of females, and I know this is how they talk and think. And no, he’s not in love with Vanessa. He stays with her because he doesn’t have to risk going out there and finding somebody else.

  182. 182 Says:

    why do celebs always say **** i never understand
    its so diabolical

  183. 183
    Samii Says:

    I am starting to think that too. Or that he is getting bored with her. Which is common is young long term relationship.
    I think they love each other just not as much as five years ago.

  184. 184
    zanfan2 Says:

    As I think about his “friends” comments about what Zac is missing by not playing the field… it suddenly dawned to me that every one of them probably wants to date Vanessa!

  185. 185
    Edwardo Says:

    Reminds me of how Steve Carell’s character compares women’s breasts to bags of sand. It’s an instant giveaway that he isn’t experienced with the ladies. Zac Efron basically came out in this article. He stays with Vanessa “Who” Hudgens because she’s his best buddy and she helps him keep up the image of the wholesome straight boy next door. The truth is that Zac bathes in *um and he’s too scared it will ruin his image if this comes *LOL* out.

  186. 186
    florence Says:

    He definetly wants out of the relactionship, then the time to dio it was when those photo’s broke, which I think is what he’s referring to in the one part when he says it would have been easier to end it year’s ago, well he should have and they could have remained friends.

    He’s obvioulsy not as much into her or the relactionship as he was when they first met, I think Vanessa is as she has said herself she is a hopeless romantic, and Zac knows this so he’s just staying in the relactionship becuase he does’nt want to be the first to brak it off.

    He obvioulsy wants to wonder and play the field so he should and just let her be instead of stringing her along, all becuase he’s scared to go and find someoneelse, which I don’t think he’d have any problem, but would they be with him for himself or the attention it would bring them. With Vanessa she’s weith him becuase I think she really does love him but not so much Zac anymore.

  187. 187
    kyle Says:

    I think that Zac really loves Vanessa – he made an effort to have a perfect attendance at the Rose Bowl where Vanessa’s “rent” was being held. He did not finish the 2010 Teen Choice Awards but rushed to watched Rent for the 3rd time, describes how he loves and support her. Action speaks louder than words!!!

  188. 188
    MrsPatrickCampbell Says:

    HYSTERICAL to hear this from such an obvious and nelly homosexual!

  189. 189
    Susie Says:

    I read the full article on the Details magazine website. Zac wasn’t deliberately being vulgar. He was repeating the question he was asked when he said, “bathing in p****?” The interviewer had phrased it that way and he was just repeating it.

  190. 190
    what the? Says:

    i think he’s gay…. ok i think it, but also wish it :)….. which explains why he only cares to stay with his highschool musical sweetheart ( don’t get me wrong, she is very beautiful), and goes to naked lady strip clubs when he’s allowed…. she’s in on it (the straight scheme), and the club doesn’t turn him on…. he is a pretty good actor, and wants to keep those jobs coming. why would he ruin a good thing?… i think disney is in control of their relationship… at least until they’re 30 :)

  191. 191
    what the? Says:

    now this is just my opinion but…
    1. he’s a closet case
    2.she know’s it
    3.disney owns their “true love” relationship (at least until they’re 30)
    4.he went to strip club to show bravado, and the media that he likes naked women.
    5.being gay won’t get him jobs. an interview he said that one of his most admirable actors is Ian McKellen, who, don’t get me wrong, is a great actor, but also a great GAY actor…. does Zac want to be able to be like Ian one day perhaps, comfortable, and open? time will tell.
    7. i probably write these things because i WANT Zac to be gay… so we can date :)
    8. thank you all for your time.
    9. Zac…. CALL ME!
    10. PEACE on EARTH

  192. 192
    Daniel Tang Says:

    What far corner of the world are you idiots coming from. Neither Zac nor Vanessa work for Disney anymore. Their contract ended with HSM3. Disney doesn’t give a s.h.I.t what they do. Nor do they give a rats ass what Disney thinks about them or their relationship.

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