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Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

A tank-top-clad Zac Efron sexes up the September 2010 cover of Details Magazine, on stands this week.

The 22-year-old actor is faithful to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens but some of his friends wonder why.

Zac shared, “Bathe in pussy? Yeah, I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. Believe me. I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on. You’re peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.’ But that’s not in my heart.”

The cover story is titled: “The Agony of Zac“.

Last week, Zac confirmed that he visited a strip club — and Vanessa approved!

Zac‘s latest drama, Charlie St. Cloud, is in theaters now!

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@Ella: I will agree with you on the comment about what you’d say if you heard your boyfriend say that, I’d be the same.

Because it does sound like he saying that he regrets the last 5yrs and wishes that he had played the field. It’s no wonder he came out with the No Marriage for me comment, now it’s easy to see why.

Well if your so jealous of what your mate’s have and want a different girl then let Vanessa go, I’m sure that a proper man would come along and show her some respect and women in general. Men who come otu with comments like that are not men by any means, there just jerks pretending to be a man.

The problem with Zac is that he’s had sucess happen really quick and I get that he wants to move on from Disney, but he should be grateful for Disney otherwise nobody would have heard of him, seeings as CSC in only it’s second week has dropped to number 8 at the box office, which apprently is a drop of 70% from last week and that’s bad by any actors standard.

If Vanessa means anything to him ( which I highly doubt) then he should say to friends like that ‘ look I don’t want to play the field, I’m more than happy with who I am with’ not ‘ Irack my brains trying to think why I’m not playing the field’. well efron instead of wondering if the field is so appealing go and have a long run in one and see what you can pick up.

we need less of this guy, and more of kate bosworth and alexander skarsgard, i mean come on.

amandaefron.. @ 08/08/2010 at 10:31 am

u guys can’t be sure that he said it!!

Why people always forsee such great careers for guys like him is really beyond me—-and the fact they do it EVERY time—–unbelievable.
Just because a franchise is big, doesn´t mean that the actors staring in it will be big as well.
First it was Daniel Radcliffe——when he stopped growing and turned not quite as attractive people moved on to——————————
Zac Efron, his lack of talent or charisma, or simply the mega effect HSM had is away now, so, he got swept away and off forever by———————————————————————————————————Robert Pattinson, who is starting to look wasted and annoying people with his fidgeting just as much as K-Stew, so people jumped to—————————————————————————————————Justin Bieber——-and, on to the next one, on to the next one…….on to the next one…….
The only “young” actors who are going to make it, to really make it, are:
-Graham Phillips, fantastic actor, really great little guy.
-Logan Lerman, if he grows some more. Good face, very versatile, talented and experienced.
-Taylor Lautner, if he stops growing his muscle. People get blended by his muscle so much that they actually miss his charisma and talent. He certainly has it going.
He is not good-looking by any means, but he just has “IT”.
-Tom Felton, if only he had more hair…….still, he can act. He has a good face for roles as well—-have you seen him lately?(
-JUSTIN BIEBER————hahahahahahahahahahaha

Oh my god you guys, first of all, this is not official, it doesnt even appear on, so dont believe everything. And also, he said pu**y, so what? Im 16 and im not offend at all, he’s a normal guy and says those kind of things just like any other.
And come on! hes not gonna break up with vanessa, just check out the interviews in which he talks about her and gets all blushy, doesnt that tell you anything about him? how he loves her, maybe? stop saying they’ll break up or zac wants to get rid of her, the reason hes not playing the field is because hes not that guy, and im sure that after that final sentence about his friend saying that, he said something else. He’d never finish a reply just like that. So wide open.

This guys is a tool! His main fanbase are the zac and Vanessa fans and he says something like that? He racks his brains trying to figure out why he’s not playing the field? Really? He tries way too hard and he’s too obvious about wanting be a huge a lister.

@amandaefron..: ok go home. you’re not saying anything productive. Get off the computer and go outside and do something with your life.

amandaefron.. @ 08/08/2010 at 11:15 am

@Soul: :D god finally someone understand me^^

This loser annoys me so much. Butterface ******

good for Vanessa for letting Zac go to strip clubs- never ever forbid a man, otherwise, he’ll just do it behind your back. it’s also great for your sex life…spicing up things! so adult and so admirable!!!

I usually read all the comments before I make mine but I got to say a few things before I wait—-it doesn’t look like some of you are going to get any sense…

To me, the comment about the ecstasy is some of his friends “cluing” him him by saying “you are so out of the loop that you don’t even know what they are saying about you. They (the gossip mongers) are saying you are peaking on ecstasy, etc”. We have heard BOTH Zac and Vanessa say they don’t read or check the websites or pay attention as to what is being said about them. So, it sounds like someone is trying to tell him what is being SAID about him. And we have heard how some people have made out that he and Vanessa take ecstasy.

The pu**y comment? I have a feeling it was like “Why are you not out there bathing in it since you are Zac Efron and there are a lot of girls who would hand it over to you in a minute. And I have a feeling when repeating that question he will have a very good answer—it will be he cherishes what he has with a woman he LOVES and doesn’t care to have nameless faces and “pu**ies” just to boost his male ego and just because he can. He wants something that MEANS something. Not everyone wants to try EVERYONE”S lower regions.

Unfortunately, both he and Vanessa’s language is not that of a sweet 17-18 year old who just got done doing a Disney movie. And most people—especially younger people see no problem using the F word or any other profanity—which is good since in Hollywood where Zac and Vanessa are working so much it is full of profanity. When you are around that all the time it is hard for it not to wear off on you.

But in the end many of you will have to eat your defamation of character when it comes to Zac once the article comes out. Can you honestly say you expect Zac to make it seem that he would like to be bathing in pu**y? And as far as racking his brain about playing the field, how many of the media as well as some of you have thought he was stupid for NOT doing just that? You act like he doesn’t know what he has or that it can’t be important if he hasn’t tried out a dozen other females. Once he is hit with this question he probably asks himself the same question and he’ll probably say the answer is BECAUSE he finds he LOVES ONE WOMAN.

Another closet case~ How does it feel in the closet Zac, can you breathe?

Hahahahahahahaha this nerdy sissy boy is trying WAY too hard. You dont TRY to be cool you just ARE. what a tw@t lmfao


Just how many usernames do you have? I know you won’t honestly answer me but those of us who have been around here for a long time have read your “sounding” comments over and over—each time trying to find a way to make Zac look bad.

Vanessa is no push over and if the WAS disrespectful to Vanessa and was so bad she would kick his butt to the curb since she knows all to well she is once sexy lady. THEY BOTH have spoken lovingly about each other and show great respect. Zac is not perfect BUT he is not stupid and even Mel Gibson being interviewed where he does not want to be taken wrongly would know not to answer in this manner.

Lastly, why if Zac says he is not ready to get married it is like he is using Vanessa but when Vanessa has said over and over again these past 4 years how she is NOT ready to get married and is too young you don’t find that disrespectful. She has been the one to first say way back about how she was not getting married any time soon.

BTW, florence, WHEN and/or IF this magazine comes out and these quotes have been totally misrepresented, I want YOU to be the first to be the “big person” and come on here and acknowledge that fact and also say “I was wrong”.

Zefron’s face is ugly and he has no attitude. I don’t understand his appeal.

mini midlife crisis @ 08/08/2010 at 12:18 pm

He seems to be having an awkward stage…..

I’m pretty sure they asked him that as a question. Hence the question mark after he says the comment. And i do think the blurb was taken way out of context.

Hmm,Zac Actually Goes On xD
Lmao, I Imagine Him Looking At Our Comments,And Be Like :WTF?

@ desiree,
how do you know zac goes on this site?

@lauren: If he does then here’s something to chew on Zac, leave well enough alone and just start answering relationship questions as, “we just don’t talk about it.” Maybe then you won’t have to alienate half of your fanbase. Also, show some respect to women, they may be throwing themselves at you, but not all LADIES really will when presented the opportunity with such a boy. We love MEN!

amandaefron.. and evonefron and rio are the same ! and i beleive that this idiot using 3 names is only 12 !


Jared Has Interviewed Both Zac And Vanessa And They Have Told Him That They Go On His Site, And One Day A Paparazzi Snapped A Picture Of Zanessa At A Coffee Shop And They Were On Via Their iPhone.

amandaefron.. @ 08/08/2010 at 1:58 pm

@lynn: what??? why would i do that?? i’m not crazy and i’m 17

amandaefron.. @ 08/08/2010 at 2:00 pm

but i love zac toooooooooooo much that’s why i always comment…

No one has a reason to hate Vanessa Hudgens if you don’t know her personally. How would you liek it if you were in her place and was hated on for no reason? Yeah exactly. I’m glad Zac is faithful to her because it’s obvious she is also. They are both great people.

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