Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010

A tank-top-clad Zac Efron sexes up the September 2010 cover of Details Magazine, on stands this week.

The 22-year-old actor is faithful to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens but some of his friends wonder why.

Zac shared, “Bathe in pussy? Yeah, I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. Believe me. I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on. You’re peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.’ But that’s not in my heart.”

The cover story is titled: “The Agony of Zac“.

Last week, Zac confirmed that he visited a strip club — and Vanessa approved!

Zac‘s latest drama, Charlie St. Cloud, is in theaters now!

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192 Responses to “Zac Efron Covers DETAILS September 2010”

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  1. 176
    kyle Says:

    I am glad that the real interview version came out although it’s a day late.
    Zac was brought up well and making him appear like a callous person by omitting some lines is just devious and disgusting, JJ.

  2. 177
    sunny Says:

    I read the entire interview and I don’t take back any of my previous thoughts. I figured he was repeating what the interviewer said but he racks his brain wondering why he doesn’t play the field and it would have been easier to give up years ago statements are nothing to swoon over. So, he tipped her during her performance, it’s about her IN character Efron, NOT YOU. I’m sorry but I used to love him to pieces and I just don’t anymore. He has plenty of fans so it’s not like it matters but I’m just not feelin’ it anymore.

  3. 178
    kyle Says:

    @sunny: @sunny:

    Zac was just honest in answering the questions fielded to him. It wasn’t his fault that these type of questions were being asked and it was never his intention to give answers that will make fans swoon over. You are even finding fault that Zac give acing tips to Vanessa, so i doubt whether you are ever a fan of Zac to begin with.

  4. 179
    kyle Says:

    Correction: gives acting tips not acing tips. Sorry.

  5. 180
    tree Says:

    kyle – How do you know what Zac’s Intentions were in this interview. Also, it doesn’t matter what types of questions are asked. Maybe Zac is being honest and he actually feels like he is “Racking His Brain” as to why he doesn’t “Play the Field”. I have always felt that Zac was truthful, and with that being said. My opinion of him right now is very low.

  6. 181

    Oh darn. My bad: it’s “real” albeit “satirical” but he’s going to get crap for it nevertheless. Of course I trust arranged interviews about as much as I trust conspiracy theories…but his words weren’t carefully crafted to appease teens. He’s taking a big risk assuming the adult persona at this point – breaking with his fan base in order to appeal to an older generation. It’s very risky because if he doesn’t garner an older fan base, he’ll be left without one.
    I do hear in his words a strong assertion of masculinity (very much “guy talk” in “guy lingo”), which is probably the “message” he’s been told to send via his publicist. How much of this is the actual Zac and how much of it has been fabricated for this purpose is unknowable. Personally, he doesn’t offend me – I’m around guys 100% of the time to the exclusion of females, and I know this is how they talk and think. And no, he’s not in love with Vanessa. He stays with her because he doesn’t have to risk going out there and finding somebody else.

  7. 182 Says:

    why do celebs always say **** i never understand
    its so diabolical

  8. 183
    Samii Says:

    I am starting to think that too. Or that he is getting bored with her. Which is common is young long term relationship.
    I think they love each other just not as much as five years ago.

  9. 184
    zanfan2 Says:

    As I think about his “friends” comments about what Zac is missing by not playing the field… it suddenly dawned to me that every one of them probably wants to date Vanessa!

  10. 185
    Edwardo Says:

    Reminds me of how Steve Carell’s character compares women’s breasts to bags of sand. It’s an instant giveaway that he isn’t experienced with the ladies. Zac Efron basically came out in this article. He stays with Vanessa “Who” Hudgens because she’s his best buddy and she helps him keep up the image of the wholesome straight boy next door. The truth is that Zac bathes in *um and he’s too scared it will ruin his image if this comes *LOL* out.

  11. 186
    florence Says:

    He definetly wants out of the relactionship, then the time to dio it was when those photo’s broke, which I think is what he’s referring to in the one part when he says it would have been easier to end it year’s ago, well he should have and they could have remained friends.

    He’s obvioulsy not as much into her or the relactionship as he was when they first met, I think Vanessa is as she has said herself she is a hopeless romantic, and Zac knows this so he’s just staying in the relactionship becuase he does’nt want to be the first to brak it off.

    He obvioulsy wants to wonder and play the field so he should and just let her be instead of stringing her along, all becuase he’s scared to go and find someoneelse, which I don’t think he’d have any problem, but would they be with him for himself or the attention it would bring them. With Vanessa she’s weith him becuase I think she really does love him but not so much Zac anymore.

  12. 187
    kyle Says:

    I think that Zac really loves Vanessa – he made an effort to have a perfect attendance at the Rose Bowl where Vanessa’s “rent” was being held. He did not finish the 2010 Teen Choice Awards but rushed to watched Rent for the 3rd time, describes how he loves and support her. Action speaks louder than words!!!

  13. 188
    MrsPatrickCampbell Says:

    HYSTERICAL to hear this from such an obvious and nelly homosexual!

  14. 189
    Susie Says:

    I read the full article on the Details magazine website. Zac wasn’t deliberately being vulgar. He was repeating the question he was asked when he said, “bathing in p****?” The interviewer had phrased it that way and he was just repeating it.

  15. 190
    what the? Says:

    i think he’s gay…. ok i think it, but also wish it :)….. which explains why he only cares to stay with his highschool musical sweetheart ( don’t get me wrong, she is very beautiful), and goes to naked lady strip clubs when he’s allowed…. she’s in on it (the straight scheme), and the club doesn’t turn him on…. he is a pretty good actor, and wants to keep those jobs coming. why would he ruin a good thing?… i think disney is in control of their relationship… at least until they’re 30 :)

  16. 191
    what the? Says:

    now this is just my opinion but…
    1. he’s a closet case
    2.she know’s it
    3.disney owns their “true love” relationship (at least until they’re 30)
    4.he went to strip club to show bravado, and the media that he likes naked women.
    5.being gay won’t get him jobs. an interview he said that one of his most admirable actors is Ian McKellen, who, don’t get me wrong, is a great actor, but also a great GAY actor…. does Zac want to be able to be like Ian one day perhaps, comfortable, and open? time will tell.
    7. i probably write these things because i WANT Zac to be gay… so we can date :)
    8. thank you all for your time.
    9. Zac…. CALL ME!
    10. PEACE on EARTH

  17. 192
    Daniel Tang Says:

    What far corner of the world are you idiots coming from. Neither Zac nor Vanessa work for Disney anymore. Their contract ended with HSM3. Disney doesn’t give a s.h.I.t what they do. Nor do they give a rats ass what Disney thinks about them or their relationship.

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