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Britney Spears Catches Chris Pine's Play

Britney Spears Catches Chris Pine's Play

Britney Spears grabs a quick glass of water with boyfriend Jason Trawick as they attend a performance of the black comedy The Lieutenant of Inishmore on Saturday (August 7) at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old pop princess and her beau watched Chris Pine perform – the last show in Chris‘ run is tomorrow!

Brit was spotted cooling off with a smoothie earlier in the week while out in Calabasas.

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britney spears lieutenant of inishmore 02
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  • JC

    Wow, a play. I wonder if she understood it.

  • itstrueagain

    My first thought as well.

  • Katra


    It’s not that hard to get. I just saw it on Thursday night. The play is basically a comedy of errors that points out the wrongness of acting before thinking things through.

  • Ally

    what’s on her face?

  • Dominic

    Oh Brit Brit. She looks so worn for only 28. But she’s been through a lot. She’ll need some “freshening up” soon, if you know what I mean.

  • kim

    ahh she looks so good here!

  • milo

    Cant wait for Britney’s new album!!!! New single is released in September!!!!!!!

  • AdamToner

    ps. to the people saying she wouldn’t ‘get it’
    Stop hating on someone you don’t know, it’s VERY clearly jealousy.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Brit’s not retarded, so bug off.

  • alex

    The Legendary Miss Britney Spears Queen of Pop!

  • Connie in Des Moines

    Look at the back of her head her real hair has only grew abot 2 inches since she shave it.OMG!!Does she have to get the extention cut out because she allows it to get matted??Only someone not in there right mind would allow there hair to get that tangled that they would have to cut it.

  • Lara

    She looks so pretty <3 love her

  • Sarah




  • Helen

    that looks like a belly bump

  • to helen

    i don’t think she’s pregnant. as i understand, her father has legal and financial control over brit. he won’t allow his daughter to have another baby.

  • Brightside

    Nice dress…so she can dress like a lady! Re the hair…I will never understand why the stupid girl just didn’t let her hair grow back naturally! She’s really f-cked it up with all the weaves and extentions…what a dumb b-tch! Would it really have been so hard to leave it the f-ck alone so that it could grow back properly? God, what an idiot!

  • CanadaGirl

    Love, love, love the colour of her dress.
    @to helen: Her father controls her finances not her reproduction. I’m sure she’s having sex, and if she were to get pregnant, what could he do about it? Nothing.

  • Wonderful

    She looks lovely as always! Great to see she that has proved everyone wrong and will always be queen.

  • westwingpotus

    LOL…Yes, he’s in the room every time B.S. has sex with whoever her flavor of the moment is to make sure that a condom is used….

  • facts

    Look at all the jealous haters. Jealous that she made a huge comeback when nobody thought it was possible. Jealous she’s back on her feet again. Jealous she’s ONTOP.

  • Caitlyn

    You guys are so rude. Britney looks Beautiful here.
    And stop it with the “Old” shes only 28 if you want old go find a Madonna post

  • Esj

    brit brit is stunning…i love her…

  • Esj

    i cant wait for her next album…i was one of the very first ones to buy her last 2….she looks picture perfect here!

  • Go Ask Alice

    What is thisworld coming too?
    Crazy Britany is wearing a bra .A dress. A long dress.
    Shoes,not flip flops. She looks nice. I agree about her hair.
    What is wrong with no weave,extensions.

  • Wan

    @Go Ask Alice:

    Are delusional? Britney wears extensions since baby one more time era. So, stop asking about her hair.

  • Sexy Boy

    She looks really good =-)

  • Masoud

    She is looking amazing!

  • poor kids, slut mother

    LOL, Her hair is just fugly as hell, she has changed her style for one day! But don’t think that her usual sluTTy dressing is gone forever!

  • aka

    She doesn’t feel comfertable in that dress, what? If she can’t show her ass around than she is not happy!

  • fugly wig

    WOW, This is so unusual to see her with so much stuff on!

  • Dieter

    Totally love the tight booty of her. Got an instant hard-on !!!!

  • yo sista

    She looks good, hope she had a good time and will the haters ever stfu ?

  • moni
  • Sadie

    She looks happy and healthy :) Brit has a great body! She looks like a real woman with curves ! I dont get what peoples problems are with her.. Could YOU have two kids with a scumbag who just wants your money and survive from it with pride? Could YOU turn your life around when the whole industry basically expects you to fail? Could YOU sell millions of records and have even more fans?
    - NO. So leave her alone already. She is happy!

  • metoo

    brit looks lovely..really nice…..a lot of jealous people on here…yes!
    i do agree about the hair……britney….just…please have a cute, short hair style…..and let it grow…i’m sure it would look cute on u…u have a gorgeous face girl…get rid of the weave thing…the fake hair thing has to go……..

  • JC

    Hit with 14 thumbs down. New personal record. I guess I shouldn’t say negative things about this chunky, hillbilly, unfit drug addict mother. It’s not jealousy, she’s just a joke. Someone to appeal to the lowest common denominator of fans with no taste in music.

  • Katie.

    I really don’t get it. She has 28 years, how she can be OLD? She looks elegant, she just went with her boyfriend to watch the perform, as a normal couple, haters should shut up.

  • anon

    I do not understand what she is doing at a PLAY. How could she possibly understand what a play is, or follow it? I think they upped her meds, dressed her up, and dragged her out to appear in public as if to say, “hey, look how dressed up and ‘normal’ she looks! Look, she’s out and about with a boyfriend! She’s attending a play, for cryin’ out loud!” She probably sat there in a stupor wondering when her minder would take her to Starbucks. Nothing going on behind that sad facade. This is desperation. This is solely to try to erase the hideous hair-weave pictures catastrophe recently!

  • Jonte

    Lovely dress!

  • aww

    sweetheart <3 she looks gorgeous! her hair still needs fixing but brit is perfection regardless.

  • Sadie


    How do you know that she is a drug addict? or a unfit mother?
    STFU you dont know her at all. Go and tell that her MILLIONS OF fans that they have no taste in music and well see what happens. lol pathetic.

  • JC

    @Sadie: I will gladly tell her fans they have no taste in music. I’m telling her fans here they have no taste in music. I’m telling you that you have no taste in music. I wish there was a way to tell them all. Simpletons with undeveloped taste listen to her type of music.

  • Sadie


    You’re so hilarious. You don’t even know me. You don’t know her. You don’t know anybody here! I’m a “simpleton” well guess what- you are a douche.

  • JC

    You certainly write like someone who would listen to her music.

  • JC

    I love Britney Spears and I think that her music is fantastic. What other woman could have a major personal crisis and come back from personal tragedy? No one but Britney. I also want to let it be known that I’m going through my own personal crisis, so ignore all of my ranting and raving.

  • to westwingpotus

    don’t be silly. there are other methods of birth control; not just the condom. for example there is norplant. in case you don’t know, the doctor inserts the produce into the arm. it can give up to 5 years of protection. no taking pills every day. i’ve used it so i know how it works.

  • to westwingpotus

    also, it’s well known that jamie spears has briit watched like a hawk. he never allows brit to be alone in a room with jason. either jamie or the body guards are present at all times. don’t forget, under california law brit does not have the power to make any legal decisions for herself. she cannot have a relationship with jason, marry again, etc etc without permission from her father.

  • Loose the weave!


    I agree! Her ugh hair always looks dirty and tangled. She would look amazing with her OWN short bob. Someone close to her should tell her, loose the horrible weave, it’s the worst of them all! dress is nice, the shoes,too clunky, she seems to love heavy looking pumps.

  • yo sista

    @anon: The most garbage comment i have ever read. You must go learn something about respect and get some hate management hating on someone for no reason. How you know she’s allegedly “dumb”? Do you know her? NO.

    She’s smart enough to live a life of her own and be the biggest star in the world at 28, meanwhile you’re sad 40 years old ass is hating on her at a celebrity gossip site.