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Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckham: Soccer Heaven

Cristiano Ronaldo & David Beckham: Soccer Heaven

David Beckham of Los Angeles Galaxy greets fellow soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid before their teams face off against each other during a pre-season friendly soccer match on Saturday (August 7) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

Cristiano showed off his shirtless self after his team defeated the Galaxy 3-2.

Real Madrid will soon travel back to Spain, completing their pre-season USA tour.

10+ pictures inside of soccer studs Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian; Photos: Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • YA

    OMG! Cristiano is SO hot!

    CR7 is baaaaaaaaaccck!!!

  • PrinceB

    The 1st half was broing but the 2nd was fantastic! Great football -> REAL MADRID…I was for LA Galaxy but they looked like lil kids in front of RM…
    And I must say C.Ronaldo is an amazing fottball player don’t know what happened to him at the world cup!

  • Graça

    Bravo Cristiano!… Se isto não é um homem lindo, então não sei o que é! Mas um homem do século XXI, não da idade da pedra.

  • ganda

    OMG I’M SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hotness galore!

  • ganda


  • Vietphuong

    his muscle getting better ,he must had workouts regularly

  • Elle

    He may be a first rate footballer, but as a first time Dad, he sucks BIG TIME. I’m glad my Ronaldo stuff hit the bin after he left Man Utd, he’s just gone down hill as a person. You should be with your son. You only have a first born once, hence first born.

    Another example of why soccer players have no morals, well most of them.

    If you don’t like my opinion stuff it. Now back to watching Man Utd.

  • VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!


  • J.

    eLLE, as a fan of football/United you should know no professional player can skip pre-season to be with the family, as much as they wanted it. Or did Rooney miss games to change Kai’s diapers?

  • Tyrone

    What do people see in this greasy sleazy orange plastic BUTTERFACE?

  • emma

    Lol, he is so ugly. That’s just not attractive…

  • Cammie

    He is too orange,but his body is HOOOOOT!

  • : [

    Is true Ronaldo has HERPES?

  • Eric Shinn

    OMG – I just CAME in my pants!!!!!!!!!!

  • : [

    Is it true Ronaldo has H.E.R.P.E.S?

  • really?

    @: [: lmao! : /

  • http://j ivanka

    two hot guys.. well beckham more than ronaldo

  • MY EYES!

    SO SO FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SachaFox

    The epitome of gross. His body is like an orange brick. There’s nothing sexy about steroid looking and feeling muscles. LEAN is hot. There’s nothing desirable about running your hands through hair slicked with a truckload of gel. Don’t even get me started on his chimney-dirty looking unfortunate face….ouch. & jfc his neck has morphed into his head!

  • :)

    Becks <3

  • jen

    David Beckham is a surely a gorgeous man and he has a great smile. Also he looks so sexy in that suit. lol

  • Vanessa

    Beckham is truly worthless. How about putting on a jersey and helping your club, Becks? Old, out of shape pretty boy. Galaxy are better off without him.

  • Atrium

    He Ate My Heart, He Ate Ate Ate My Heart
    He Ate My Heart, He Ate Ate Ate My Heart
    (the Boy is a Monster)

  • pizza

    ho~~Hotttt body

  • natalie

    David Beckham is ugly and overrated. Yuck!

  • moni
  • Jude

    Beckam is gorgeous but totally useless…. and the other guy.. well.. ewww.

  • brianna

    Cristiano is the hottest man ever !!!!

  • Deedz

    His body, is amazing. No question. The douche, not so much.

  • krystel

    that man(-ish) has a huge attitude problem

  • shannon

    David Beckham is a stud, not Ronaldo….hes about as cute as my butt

  • shannon

    David is a stud, Ronaldo is about as cute as my butt

  • shannon

    David is a stud, Ronaldo is about as cute as my butt

  • British

    David Beckham will always be football’s original superstar but Cristiano comes in close behind. Great to see Becks catching up with some of his old Madrid lads, I’m sure he watched the game and was lamenting the fact that he had to go back to the Home Depot Centre rather than the Bernabeu.

  • Masoud


  • lovej

    GO CR7 AND BECKHAM! there both greeeat.

  • lovej

    GO CR7 AND BECKHAM! there both greeeat.

  • black

    ———-Oh my god, every team that doesn´t beat the US at least 5:0 is not even worth coming back to Europea.
    -The fake tan is doing wonders for Christiano—-he´s sparkling!!!!

  • /

    Cute guy!

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  • chaos

    Beckham, like his stick wife, is a supersized FAMEWHORE, always trying to jump in on the spotlight. This is about Real Madrid and LA Galaxy and Beckham should just take his seat on the box, not trying to steal the spotlight if he is not playing!

    And Beckham should not be mentioned in the same breath as true football superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo. Any good old football fan knows that.

  • umm

    @chaos you have to be joking. Just because beckham doesnt play the flashy Portuguese style of football doesn’t mean that he isnt a legend. I will agree that cristiano is the future of football (even though there are alot other players that get overlooked). Beckham was pure quality when he played he is and forever will be legend of the sport. Beckham once had it all the only thing that you criticize about his game is his pace everything else about him was pure magic. Hes a red devil for life.

  • disgusting.

    he is so ugly

  • flamboyan

    Off course David Beckham more gorgeous & Becks has a great personality than C Ronaldo.

  • Shaye

    Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is MEGA-SUPER-SEXY, but he is a terrible human being on the inside. No man with a good conscience would have chosen to spend 9 days on vacation with his girlfriend over being home with his newborn son. He’s left all the work of raising his child to his mother, sisters, and nanny/nannies. How could anyone respect him? Not to mention how incredibly arrogant he is and how unfriendly he is to his fans! Have you fools who are praising him seen the videos of him in L.A.? He hardly stopped to sign autographs and the few times that he did, he did with obvious disdain and impatience. No smiles, nothing. He’s just an awful person and if he wasn’t so insanely gorgeous, he would not be as famous and successful as he is – FACT.

  • e

    Beckham is GORGEOUS!
    Christiano is fugly!

  • Moon

    @Vanessa: You are IGNORANCE, STUPID, or what??!

    Don’t you know that he is INJURED? Galaxy is NOT better without him. But they are not doing worst too. But the fact remains that when David was on the field WITH them, they’re getting BETTER! Just look at the 2nd half of 2009 season and even in 2008 when Galaxy was at the worst Beckham remains their best player besides Landon Donovan!

    But back to who’s hot between Becks and Cristiano ‘Beckham-wannabe’ Ronaldo here..all I have to say is that CR CANNOT compare to the NATURAL HOTNESS that is David Beckham! Everything about Cristiano is screaming FAKE to the max!! With maximum hair-gel, shaved eyebrows, UN-natural metrosexual which has been screaming “GAY!!” to our faces everytime he TRIED to be metrosexual not to mention so much work he put to get the body…I can’t believe you guys considered him as handsome and hot! Yes his body looks great, but THAT’S IT!!

    And please..Cristiano is TRYING HARD TO BE DAVID BECKHAM – he copied him in everything – the free-kicks, the hair, the earings, the cars, the supossedly obsession to no. 7 shirt, even all of the Beckham’s advertisement! He even said he wants to move to LA one day! And he’s DESEPERATE to be famous that he hang out with the likes of Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian just to be famous! YUKKKKK!!
    Like I said..Cristiano Ronaldo is a wannabe and fake!!

    And who cares about his achievement in football – LIONEL MESSI AND KAKA ARE GREATER than Cristiano Ronaldo anyday!!!

  • Jokergurl

    Beckham still needs to model Armani that man is gorgeous :)

  • ShidKupz


    i think his whole baby thing got the best of him ;D

  • Liv


    you do know he’s supporting his son, right? although he’ll be absent in his son’s life he at least still gives a damn about him to actually acknowledge the fact he has a newborn son. he’s not superman to be with his son AND play football at the same time.