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Madonna & Lourdes: Mismatching Pant Legs!

Madonna & Lourdes: Mismatching Pant Legs!

Like daughter, like mother!

Lourdes Leon rocks out a mismatching pair of leggings (her right leg was white, the left was black) while visiting her mom Madonna on the London set of her new movie, W.E., on Sunday (August 8).

The 51-year-old Material Mom playfully copied Lourdes’ style, rolling one pant leg up and showing off her knee-length argyle socks.

Madonna‘s sons, Rocco, 9, and David, 4, were also spotted on set.

20+ pictures inside of Madonna and Lourdes rocking mismatching pant legs…

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madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 01
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 02
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 03
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 04
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 05
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 06
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 07
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 08
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 09
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 10
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 11
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 12
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 13
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 14
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 15
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 16
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 17
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 18
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 19
madonna lourdes mismatching pant legs 20

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  • LizaH

    Lourdes is trying too hard to be a style icon. It’s not going to happen. True style should be organic.

  • Brightside

    ……..And not involve wearing bizarre round glasses that make her look like some kind of mole woman freak!

  • Al123

    I disagree. She is being herself and experimenting with clothes. At least she dresses for her age unlike some of the other celeb kids. David is too cute. I can’t believe how big these kids are already. It seems like just the other day they were babies.

  • AutumnM

    Usually l love Madonna, but both she and her daughter look a little silly here. Trying way too hard.

  • john

    pic no. 8 … grandma…and she spends millions on face…

  • JC

    Have to try and stay ahead of Will Smith’s daughter. She really raised the style bar.

  • Louise

    Seriously, I don’t know why people keep saying she’s stylish or something like that. To me she dresses like another 14-year-old child, and some of her outfits are simply ridiculous. Like this one.

  • gio

    omg the whole family of smiths suck!!! Lola and Madge ROCK!!!!!!

  • Janey

    lola’s just a kid finding her way. some are going to say she’s handed a career and good life because of her mom – maybe she is, but considering the scrutiny she’s always under, mama Madonna might OWE her some big time help to start her own life, or might OWE her an eternal life of leisure, as long as she remains good, drug free, alcohol free, has a mind to help others….get’s an education and wants to learn and teach others, doesn’t become a low life or addict….

    cute pic of lola towering over her Mom, with her arm around he.

  • Alaia

    She is way too young to be caring about her style and I bet she isn’t. She at a point in her life where she is having fun and is experimenting…who are you to stop her. As for Willow Smith, she girl has a stylist. Now that’s unorganic and creepy.

  • bar jolie gaga

    David is going to be so handsome when he grows up. And Lourdes is stunning. Love the leggings – cool.

  • bar jolie gaga

    David is going to be so handsome when he grows up. And Lourdes is stunning. Love the leggings – cool.

  • mY TURN

    Picture # 8 ….. MaDonna truely looks like any other Lady….. in the 40 something to mid fifty age group. With no make up ……. I love the old MaDonna Music from her Hey day.

  • Mia

    where is the world going what is this really?

  • CommonSense

    Hey thanks Jared for pointing out that Lola was wearing a white leg and a black leg. Because we’re all morons

  • Jules

    Do these need two really need to attract MORE attention?

  • Katsaridoula

    Madonna and her daughter should stand in the middle of the field, dressed like this, to shoo away all the birds. They’d do a great job :-D

  • whateveryall

    tine goes by so loli

  • barron797

    They book look ridiculous.

  • barron797

    They both look ridiculous.

  • Raquel


  • sillyme

    Um, thanks, Jared, for pointing out that one leg is black and the other white. Don’t think we would have noticed without you :-)

  • missy

    Just Jared, why to you bother with thumbs up/down, if you’re going to manipulate it?

    these people must be spending to much time at freak shows! looking freaking stupid is NOT fashion!

  • boston61

    She seems like a nice kid but it makes me sick that she will be taking good work away from other people who need the cash.

    Madonna’s face is falling again. She is not very old. Very bad luck in the aging department.

  • Susan

    No amount of botox or dressing like a teen will change the fact that this woman is atleast, on the outside, aging horribly.

  • Lala

    Those sunglasses, my gosh, should never be worn by anyone. Especially with her hair pulled into a bun, she looks like a fly. The idea is fine enough, fashion forward. but the execution is blah. I think the mismatched leggings would be very cute with a different top or a short dress and different hair. that hair is all about “not trying,” while the leggings are definitely trying. And those GLASSES, just too many mixed signals. But she’s a very lovely girl.

  • Arianna

    The jealous comments from the haters are funny. No, you’re not getting any attention. Everyone looks like crap with no makeup. I’ve seen Madonna’s recent ads and she looks fantastic. I hardly think Lourdes is trying to emulate Willow Smith. Some comments are just too ridiculous!

  • Atrium


  • Sandra

    I think Madonna is a terrible mom, does this kid go to school at all? I thought Madge was sort of smart, doesnt she want her kid to get an education at all. No, just push her into showbiz immediately, has she even hit puberty yet?? Then letting her kid hang out with Taylor Momsen, who is known to be, hmmmmmmmmm, a bit on the wild side (courtney love-a-like, minor having sex and doing a lot of drugs!).She is just as irresponsible as all these other a-hole hollywood moms out there, another dina lohan, lynne spears, cyrus family. Serves Madge right when Lola becomes another casualty strung out stumbling out of Voyeour!

  • Pamela

    I agree with one of the posters who said that Lola was just trying to find her way – in the style world at least! I still haven’t got a chance to check out their new line of clothing, “Material Girl.” I heard there are cute junior clothing… I’m 46, so I doubt I’d wear that stuff anymore, but I wouldn’t mind my 19 year old daughter wearing them, if she wants to, that is..

  • Pamela

    To Sandra: I just had to reply to your post. I think the reason Lourdes isn’t in school is b/c it’s the beginning of August, and usually school starts back up in the fall! Also, I’m an expert on Madonna, her life story, where she grew up, how she got started, etc… I have done a lot of research on her.. She was never one to do drugs. She never liked them or alcohol. Also, believe it or not, Madge is pretty strict with Lola. She forbids her to color her hair until she turns 14 and although Lola likes to wear certain clothes, if the clothes aren’t appropriate for school, Madonna makes Lola change! Madonna’s IQ is near genius, if not on the genius level. She’s quite a schrewd business woman and a lot of the stuff she does in her videos and on stage are just an act – nothing more. Lola doesn’t hang out with Taylor Momsen.. Madonna and Lourdes hand picked Taylor to be the model for their new clothing line, fittingly called “Material Girl.” I just had to reply.. Thanks and have a great day!!


    Are they in a cold part of the world?? Its August!! Isn’t it a little hot to be wearing all those clothes??

  • FLsunGal

    There is NOTHING fashion forward about Lourdes’ round sunglasses. Can anyone say Yoko? Once again, the old adage is proved that you just can’t buy class.

  • ihateph

    I can’t wait to see the movie, I loved all the other movies about england’s kings & queens this one sounds interesting

  • Me

    They are soo cute! It’s so awesome to see how great their relationship is :-)
    They are lucky girls to have eachother <3

  • Whoop

    Lola was destined to be pretty great, Her father is a brilliant director & her mom is Madonna, She is lucky to have doors opened for her! But I don’t think anything is being handed to her on a silver platter.
    And even if it was?! Who cares?! She’s got great style ,
    I love them both

  • Chuck

    Madonna is very scary looking to say the least and to be as kind as possible. That broad is fallin’ apart. She just won’t let it go and just enjoy her kids. No, she has to keep going and going and it all ends up in the laugh your ass off pile. Go away woman or is that asking too much?

  • Jeanne


    Madonna is no spring chicken, and she looks great for her mid 50′s. People get old, it’s a fact of life so it’s ignorant to put someone down for it.

  • Sandra


    I know its August, genius! I mean school in general. Madonna is indeed a shrewd business woman, very smart, didn’t say she was stupid, just vapid. Madonna was known to be a huge weed head early on and has done her share of other drugs, so please don’t be naive. Taylor M. was a saavy choice, teens look up to her badass-ness, but bad role model for Madonna’s own kid. She will end up like all the others, wait til her first dui when she starts to drive (yes i kno she’s only 15, duh). You have a good day too, hon.

  • Annie

    They both look completely stupid. So tired of the “look at me, look at me” with all these morons.

  • MSQ777

    Madonna seems to be an excellent mother. Which is rare for some one as famous and powerful as her. She doesn’t wear makeup when she is directing, and I don’t care what she looks like. She is who she is — intelligent, successful, strong – and all that has value aside from looks.

    Lourdes is being a kid. That’s a good thing. And her mom isn’t too serious.

  • whitney

    everyone makes the mistake of believing that bizarre is high fashion. mostly it’s just bizarre.

  • kickstar

    @whitney: OR maybe they just enjoy it?

  • pheonix

    Can’t a mother and daughter just have a silly moment and do what they do best….be themselves…..without everyone scrutinizing them all the time?

  • pheonix

    @Pamela: who needs to go to school when you move back to America? You call the private tutors and enlist the services of any college professors from the best schools. Besides dancing; one of her biggest weakness’s was MEN!

  • Pepper

    This is not style, it is bad taste.

  • SmilingNJGirl

    I have never respected Madonna; she has disrespected God in her career.
    May her darling daughter be as wild sexually as Madonna suggests!!
    Yes…this forum is approporiate for my comment.

  • rosadimaggio63-italy

    รจ proprio vero, signore si nasce, non si diventa !
    Sembrano con i loro vestiti che siano uscite da un circo !
    Ed a vederle sembrano che tutte e due siano convinte di essere eleganti !
    Con tutti i soldi che hanno, non possono farsi consigliare da uno stilista di moda, come ad esempio Armani, Valentino ecc.. ?
    Mha !

  • Shelly

    Lourdes Is REALLY Stuck Up.And Yes,I Do Know Her Personally.

  • stupidlola