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Megan Fox & Taylor Lautner - 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Megan Fox & Taylor Lautner - 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Megan Fox poses with fellow hottie Taylor Lautner at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (August 8) in Universal City, Calif.

The 24-year-old former Transformers actress seemed to be enjoying her time with husband Brian Austin Green. Looks like they’re not shy about showing some PDA!

Megan won for Female Hottie while Taylor won for Male Hottie as well as Choice Movie Actor – Fantasy over Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson! Taylor also won for Best Smile.

The awards ceremony will air Monday (August 9) at 8-10PM ET/PT on FOX!

FYI: Taylor is wearing The Shirt by Joe’s!

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Taylor Lautner at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • Emily

    yayayayayayayayay!!!! i love megan fox and cute outfit!!!!

  • http://justjared erik


  • lauren

    It’s not the Teen Choice Awards, it’s the Taylor Lautner Awards!
    He also won the best actor (fantasy) price.
    Anyways happy for him. I ADORE him but I still think that he didn’t prove anything serious as an actor. I mean come on, Twilight 1 2 3, Sharkboy, Cheeper by the Dozen?! Not serious movies.
    I hope he’s gonna give a good performance in Abduction!

  • jen

    Megan looks so pretty and BAG came too!!! How adorable they are:)

  • Lilly

    Congrats Taylor! I am so happy for him!

  • jdub

    Gotta love The Fox. Glad someone else besides that damn Robert Pattinson is getting some recognition. I’m surprised BAG came to the awards. I guess he’s finally showing some support :)

  • Megan Green-Fox

    mEGAN ALSO WON horror actress for jennifer’s body, lol, go Teens!

  • zoz

    Meg and BAG look too adorable together! Megan seems so sweet, I understand you wanna protect your private life, but those stupid interviews she use to do jeez. Was that a defense mechanism for her private life. Anyway she seems to be sweet and have a brain and I’m glad she is showing it. I look forward to seeing what she does as an actress . I wanna see Jonah Hex, just cause her accent sounds so cute.

  • bah bah blacksheep

    lol Taylor looks so uncomfortable next to Fox, he must be thinking “eek girls, gross”

  • lauren

    @bah bah blacksheep

    Actually, he said that she’s one of his star crushes a little while ago. So he’s just shy, not uncomfortable lol.

  • Catherine

    I’m starting to hate TCA’s. Disney stars and Twilight start are nominated EVERY year, and the other people in their categories don’t stand a chance because teens are so f***ing stupid and don’t recognize true talent.

    I mean Selena Gomez over Lea Michele?? WTF?!

  • http://!! jezzy

    So I understand some of her isn’t real.. but you got to admit her face is like perfection!!! I’m far from a jealous person but man I’m jealous!! Her plastic surgeon is a genius!

  • austin

    @lauren: when did he say that? just wondering

  • Nora

    She doesn’t look a day older than 45 yrs of age.

  • CanadaGirl

    You can get mesmerized looking at her picture. Megan is stunning in every sense of the word.
    Look at her childhood photos; the woman is naturally beautiful.

  • cooper

    I think Ashley Greene is prettier, anyone, anyone?

  • lauren

    In a magazine, I don’t remember which one sorry.

  • http://deleted Gerelee

    Hotness. Dream of mine for years now, meet this woman in person and tell her how she delighted me thousands of time.

  • http://deleted Gerelee


  • Blake

    Woah there!!!! ZACH EFRON, PENN BADGLEY, KIM KARDASHIAN, nor ED WESTWICk did not recieve anything?!?!? I’m sorry that’s called crazyyy. Taylor laytner does not deserve half of these awards. Props to him though. But seriously zach is so
    Much hotter it kills to see that. And kim is way hotter than megan fox. Oh and who does not love chuck basssssssss?!??? And Penn what a hottie/amazing actor who deserved his award as male actor from step father. Come on I can’t see another twilight person get an award. It’s over rated.

  • Blake


    Amen sistaaaa! Seriously what has our society come to I could carless about twilight. None of them are good actors. Like this is teen awards let that stupid twilight have there own award ceremony and Sri wAisting teens times when twilight is for little 14 or 13 or younger years old that’s like preteen awards for people who don’t recognize talent

  • http://!! MEMEME

    hahahahhaha @jezzzy .. BRILLIANT. Couldn’t of said it better myself. so i wont try!

  • briez

    YUK YUK YUK ! taylor is the ugliest fn guy with out the body hed be a noby like he deservs to be his acting almost ruins the twilight movies if it wernt for kristen and robs acting itd be s**t , taylor didnt deserve a single award.

  • bri

    ugh…megan fox? shouldn’t they be giving that award to her plastic surgeon? i guess all the teeny boppers like her but she looks too fake for me. plus in all her interviews she sounds like a self-absorbed b****.

  • TCA suck

    Taylor looks like a mule, how is he a hottie?

  • lili

    ha~ Megan.=D I like her but I really hope she can go back to her old looks. THis one feels so weird. I mean her face…

  • moni
  • thelephant

    I find Megan is so beautiful here. Very natural with that pink lipstick.

  • soso

    taylor looks vary hot and handsom

    i love him so much>>>

  • fiona

    taylor lautner??? WTF? jfc look at his face! stupid teens… !!
    Megan looks hot as always

  • jess


    ‘It’s not the Teen Choice Awards, It’s the Taylor Lautner awards’

    LOL aww are you 10? Lautner is so NOT hot. js…

  • disha

    go taylor…………love u

  • Mary from Russia

    What has she done with her face? Looks 35 years old. Brian looks younger.

  • Mary from Russia

    Why does she look horse-faced? She was a real beauty a year ago.

  • pepita

    i love taylor and megan they are both so damn gorgeous…!!yupiee!

  • Isabelle

    i agree on the fact that TCA ‘s are disney orientated, for far too long actually. and to call selena effing gomez a better comedy actress than lea michelle is actually an insult tbh. i like twilight but these twilight fans need a reality check, look guys ROBERT PATTINSON IS NOOOOOT EDWARD!!! trust me on this one -.-’ congrats to taylor, i’d rather him have all those awards than justin bieber, jonas bros and footfacedpattinson get them. and @austin yes taylor DID say he liked megan fox, i watched him say on tv with…extra..or something like that

  • lucy

    bahahahaha Taylor Lautner??? No. thanks.

  • alexpeneva

    her face looks awful in these pics… she had another lifting or someting? it’s gross

  • Raquel

    I hope she’s done with the botox and surgery for now.
    Too much.
    Almost feel like the lion face is there.

  • kylie

    I do not get what the deal is with this kid… How can people think he is hot or even cute???

  • lisa

    Congrats to Taylor! You totally deserved them all! Hottest guy there for sure!!

  • bagabou

    Funny how Megan is all super-smiley “look everybody I’m REALLY nice and sweet” now in ALL pics where she used to do the B face. So fake, only because she got dumped from Transformers and has no acting jobs lined up so she wants to get back in the good graces of the public and show producers “see, I’m still popular, hire me!”. Oh how the mighty conceited have fallen LOL!!

  • LLL

    @bagabou: Ever considered the fact that she’s in a happier place than she’s ever been? Humans aren’t one dimensional, she can be sweet and she can be as sexy as she wants.

  • yeah

    I think MF looked beautiful, I don’t know, but I really liked her outfit. She looked adorable with BAG. Congrats to TL, nice to see him getting more recognition.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor certainly wins for best male in my fantasy ;)

  • Anonymous

    Kylie, we cant help it if you have no taste.

  • Karen

    How in the world did Taylor win hottie over Ian Somerhalder–> hottest guy ever

  • elisabeth

    i’d rather die than look like megan fox. she seriously looks like a blow up doll. the fact that people find her “gorgeous” baffles me. if i wanted to look like a celeb i’d probs say like miranda kerr or candice swanepoel. at least they didn’t PAY for their beauty.

  • Kary

    Megan looks beautiful in this pictures. gwwwa, She deserves this awards and her privacity with BAG.

  • jen

    Taylor a hottie? yea he has abs or whatever but that face, I don’t think so. Butt ugly. Ian Somerhalder should’ve won, heck even Zac Efron.

    oh well.