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Jennifer Aniston: 'Arrested Development' Role Was Her Idea!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Arrested Development' Role Was Her Idea!

A glasses-wearing Jennifer Aniston wanders through Barneys New York looking for a few new shades of lipstick to add to her collection on Sunday afternoon (August 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old actress might have a potential role in the upcoming Arrested Development movie. Jason Bateman really wants her in it!

“I love it,” Jen told MTV. ” I actually think I might have asked [Jason] if that was possible. Anything to work with Jason!”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston shopping at Barneys…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • lol

    She does not have lips, why would she need lipstick?

  • Aiden
  • Guest

    ^ shut up you stupid haters! get a life!

    Thanks jj for beautiful Jen ! <3

  • Lucy

    oh wow, she looks great with glasses! i like her =)


    still beautiful, a breath of fresh air in these photos. Jen is more beautiful, day by day

  • mimicha


  • I hate snakes

    I love Jen Aniston and I can’t wait to see “The Switch” .


    Of course it was Miss ‘arrested development”s idea.
    That r*tarded woman is totally arrested development wise. She is a cow stuck in 1998 with her mini skirts, boytoys, 14 year old mentality, 7 year old eloquency with a todler whinny habits, looking stupidly empty and in the zone wherever the slightest deep question is asked showing the extent of her single digit IQ.
    ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT to the core through and through for that ultimate bimbo with the massiver mass of air between the two ears challenging the likes of Heidi Montag.

  • I hate snakes

    Thanxxxxxx 4 the pix .I love Jen Aniston .She is the best .

  • bagabou

    Yeah right, as if she she buys her own lipstick. This from a gal who can’t even do her own hair without her hairdresser she has on beck and call. I’m not buying it.

    Her hair is just so boring, always the same. She looks like one of those dogs with the long faces and hair, an afghan think they are called. Or like Iggy Pop’s long-lost older sister LOL!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahahaha` i just pictured this biish trying to play a role like Salt. the image of her holding and shooting guns, trying to be all serious and shit made me laugh out loud. even my co-worker next to me started laughing when i told him.

  • John Hopkirk

    *Settles in for the haters*

  • Guest

    Jen is adorable as always – love her in glasses! Think that’s her friend and make-up artist Angela Levin with her in the pics.

  • #12

    That biish would have freaked out being in the opposite room of the spider. they would have taken her double just to do that stunt : picking up a spider….And she wants to be a Bond Girl !
    B*tch please !

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @#12: …you don’t think she can be a bond girl?!? i think she could.. if she has no lines, doesn’t move, wears a bag over her head, and get’s killed in the first 5mins.

  • Rainy Day

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    LOL…actually LMAO.

  • Rachel

    I can’t see her face…again she always hiding her face and the same Rachel hair. You don’t need to see the Switch because you can watch it for free…just watch “Friends”…Rachel got a baby but no man. Why pay to see it if you can watch it for free? She is okay but her movies suck big time!

  • ChinChin

    JJ u deleted my post why oh why, im not bashing her, im just telling the truth you know

  • ann

    she looks sooo cute with glasses!!!! jen is totally gorgeous!!! thanks JJ!!! loooooove these pics!!!! hope she makes arrested development!!! seems to be a nice project!! jason is lovely!!!! btw, when her fragrance will arrive on USA???

  • eli

    Duh, of course her idea.
    That is all she does begs people for shit and rides others coattails.
    She is pathetic.
    Cant stand her desperation.

  • Nicole

    Jen Aniston is lovely!
    I do not understand the bad things that the tabloids say about she!
    She is adorable!
    But I want her to do a drama movie, or an action movie! She was pretty good in The Bounty Hunter!

  • eli


    She doesnt want us to…she is in a store at the mall— begging to be photographed! She is as bad as tori spelling and Jennifer love hewitt—- next Jen A. will be wearing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress and tiara and standing outside Tiffanys.

    the ONLY difference between Tori spelling, JLH and Jennifer Aniston is that JA was married to Brad and she still exploits that relationship to further herself. All three on hugely popular tv shows with cult followings but JA can exploit the triangle for publicity.

  • chillchill

    She should have visited a hair salon during that outing and do something about that oudated hairdo she wears. That hair is aging her.

  • justsayin

    Oh, yeah, she’s desperately seeking attention. I have an idea why doesn’t she adopt a gaggle then have a litter and take them out when she wants some attention????

    She’s a lovely lady especially for her age. Don’t personally agree with her choice in movies but I think she’s fresh and appears to be very happy … doesn’t need Brad and the only ones who seem to CONTINUOUSLY play the “triangle” card are either the gossip columns or the JA haters/AJ lovers. People, let it go already. It’s been what 6 years. All the players are WELL over that period of their life.

    IMHO, AJ and Brad deserve each other. JA appears to be having a fun time single so stay that way.

    BTW, just have to add … people complain about JA’s hair but can you tell me how AJ’s has changed in years????

  • Brightside

    Ah jeez, really liked her in Friends, still fav after all these years…now she’s begging for work…shame.

  • Rachel

    Stop comparing Jennifer to Angie…no comparision between the two women. Angie is a talented actress with a face to die for…she can wear her hair up or down but her face is so beautiful. Jennifer knows that her face is okay and that’s why she manufacture her hair this way. Yes, she knows she has to wear her hair this way to look okay…look at every picture of her. I have never seen her whole face without strand of hair hiding her face…that’s the fact ladies! That’s why George’s girlfriend made a comment about her look…iggypop on the cover of Rolling Stone. I think it’s okay that she doesn’t have a beautiful face but own it and show some confidence and make better movies! For example, she is shopping above but she has to wear full blown make-up with her hair done…this is not realistic for everyday living. In other words, grow up and have a meaningful life

  • ChinChin

    @Rachel: Totally agree with you. She has long CHIN hehehehe long chin long chin…come to think of it, SJP has long chin too but she is totally gorgeous, and never afraid to try new hair styles…..

  • ManistH0n

    justsayin @ 08/09/2010 at 10:54 am -1

    Oh, yeah, she’s desperately seeking attention. I have an idea why doesn’t she adopt a gaggle then have a litter and take them out when she wants some attention????

    Because STUPITT, her way of getting attention consists in PDA…P0RN DISPLAY OF ATTENTION…wether in group s*x related n*de promotional pictures or getting fingered publicly by her male co stars during a professional promotional exercise.
    That’s her way for PDA !

  • Hailey

    Jen looks intellectual with glasses!! Cute!!!
    Jen’s life sounds so more amusing than Angie’s… Jen has more adventure! Jen seems to be more calm, funny, delicate and relaxed!!!

  • omg

    Now, this statement is desperate. Her life is more amusing than Angie`s!???? Ha,ha,ha do not make me laugh, please! I think even you don`t believe it! lol

  • lol

    “looking for a few new shades of lipstick to add to her collection”

    sorry that made me laugh, i don’t know why

  • Bonnie

    Where has Angie been????????Hidding out since the pictures and the Book have been released……

  • Dawn


    No. She has been spending time with her kids while Brad films Moneyball. Plus, she had a whildwind publicity tour for Salt which is going to start again since the film is going to start opening in Europe.

  • Dawn


    AJ and JA haters both need to let it go. It’s ridiclous that it is almost six years later and this crap is still going on. Haters from both sides need to get a life and move the hell on.

  • Bonnie

    Dawn …..Can you Convince all your crazy friends to let it go????????

  • lil

    You are also one of them. You are not excluded from that group. LOL

  • Bonnie

    lil………Yes I am excluded from the BONES group..I DON’T like Bones Person who EXPLOITS A CHILD!!!!!

  • Bart

    No offense but she’s such a loser! Boring, untalented, clingy and getting old. Her nice abs and butt can’t compensate that package…

  • Man stans.

    At least Angie stans don’t try to kidnap her and harm her. Man’s stans are full of sh*t cursed with over the top instanity.

  • Dawn

    @Man stans.:

    How do you an Angelina fan hasn’t tried to harm her? And you don’t know what kind of scary shit Angelina gets from people claiming to be fans. All people in the public eye get scary stuff from people who claim to be fans all the time. You just don’t hear about the mass majority of it.

  • 100mph

    @ I n F a m o u s l y C o o l
    LMAOoooo!! that I would pay to see…. Twice!!

  • Dawn


    Maybe you should let it go be throwing those stones.

  • annieisnotokaymichael


    umm Angelina changes her hair color, length , and style all the time. lmao. are you blind?

  • ha ha


    Like Angelina cares about some photos..Photos that you would have thought would have been made a big deal out of in the media but wasn’t And she has been seen out since the photos

  • Bobbie

    As usual she looks great! Love the glasses on her……neat look!

  • Oh



    The haters are always going on about Jen not being herself because she wears blue contact lenses. I just looked at one of the close up shots of her then did a zoom. So this proves her eyes really are blue. Unless of course she was wearing blue contact lenses under her glasses….LMFAO!

  • julie

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: now that’s funny as hell and true, poor, desperate, fame, who*e, who can’t act and is as dumb as they come.



    Quote: For example, she is shopping above but she has to wear full blown make-up with her hair done…this is not realistic for everyday living. In other words, grow up and have a meaningful life

    What are you nuts? I wouldn’t dare go out of the house to go shopping without make-up. It might surprise you to know that in a lot of upper class cities, women do get made up to go shopping. You must live in a trailer park. Have you ever shopped at Barney’s? Saks? Neiman’s? Rodeo Drive? No, you probably shop at Target, Home Depot and Kohl’s where trailer park trash don’t bother to put makeup on. LOL!
    Read more:

  • Bobbie