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Michelle Williams & Matilda Ledger: Toronto Twosome

Michelle Williams & Matilda Ledger: Toronto Twosome

Michelle Williams holds hands with her adorable daughter, Matilda, as they walk around Toronto on Sunday (August 8).

The 29-year-old actress is in town to film her latest movie, Take This Waltz, with Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen.

A few weeks ago, Michelle and Seth took a ride on a rickshaw together for a scene in the movie!

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams and Matilda in Toronto…

Just Jared on Facebook
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 01
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 02
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 03
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 04
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 05
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 06
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 07
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 08
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 09
michelle williams matilda toronto take this waltz 10

Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Luli

    omg. matilda is heath printed. adorable!

  • miss infamous

    Wow she’s getting big. I remember pix of her as a baby with Heath

  • gillian

    she looks nothing like michelle, its all heath!!! shes adorable

  • gigi

    How old is she now?

  • rainbow

    She’s turning 5 on October 28. I remember because she has the same birthday as me :)

  • taiwan

    Whoa. Can you say “little Heath”? She is adorable. I am so sorry she will never know her dad.

  • sea

    Biiiig little girl :)
    She will reach 2 meters in height..

  • http://verysexysexy sharyllee

    very cute!

  • LOLA

    Wow, she’s the spitting image of her dad. She’s adorable. How can anyone say Shiloh is the “cutest”? Even more now that she dresses like a little boy, I think Matilda is one of the (if not THE) cutest celeb toddlers. She’s getting so big. So she’s almost 5? Ugh, Jared, you always write celebs’ age at every damn thread (and I usually know their ages) and just when I don’t know the little girl’s age for once, you don’t even mention it UGH. Anyway, she’s GORGEOUS! <3

  • Alaia

    I think she has finished filming now because she has blonde hair again. Great actress, by the way.

  • Lara

    Matilda’s such a doll! I’m always happy to see pics of Heath’s little girl.

  • pickles

    She is adorable and while I always love to see pictures of Matilda, I think the poor little girl looks very uncomfortable in these pictures and Michelle is trying hard to act like everything is OK, but you can tell she is pissed at the photographer!. As Matilda gets older she will be more self-conscious. It is awful for both of them to be stalked like this. I thought it was against the law now in California. Apparently not in Canada.

  • anon

    One celeb mom who isnt setting up photo ops using thier kids every other day. Good for Michelle. Im sure Heath would not have wanted his little girl to become yet another image prop.

  • KellStar

    Normal name, sensibly dressed, walking… are we sure this is a celeb kid lol. It looks like Matilda is going to shoot up past her mom as she gets older.

  • jane-lee

    Litlle cute matilda et her adorable mother, i love them :)

  • jane-lee

    Little cute matilda et her adorable mother, i love them

  • jane-lee

    Little cute matilda and her adorable mother, i love them

  • jane-lee

    Sorry for double post

  • mattchew

    Leave the kids alone JJ!!!

  • madmax

    she is BIG. She certainly looks older than 4 1/2. Just like her daddy :D

  • Megan’95

    OMG, her name should have been “Heather” haha, they look so much alike scaryy, but shes a beauty for sure.

  • Bonnie

    Matilda is her Daddy ‘Heath Ledger” made over!!!!!Thank you for the pics. Jared.I had been missing seeing her. She is a doll and it seems to me she will be tall like Heath….

  • Go Ask Alice

    Just posting repeating what everyone has said and that is Ml is a cutie pie. She is her dad all over her lil cute sweet face.
    Why, why, did he not stop and think, really think about those meds , his career, and that lil sweet face. Boy if he were here, his #1 and only true love would be that lil lady, his Mattie.
    Mechelle Williams is a real actress and a good actress. She does a great job of not putting her child out there and yeah, much as we have commented how cute the child is,paps need to lay off. The mother never puts her child out there, red carpet,etc.
    Miechelle Williams always ,always dresses that child like a little girl and season appropriated clothes.

    YEA, read between the lines inmy post. I took a shot at some other people who are not real actresses (JA) and people who do not dress their kids right (AJ, KH).


  • Go Ask Alice


    Yeah, besides looking like him, she looks like she is going to be a tall girl. Bigger boned. Shapely.

    This is not an insult either.Don’t flame me.

  • slambang

    Sweet girl and great mom!

  • la

    such a cute pair!

  • Amber

    Wow, she’s gotten so much bigger since the last time I saw a pic. She looks so much like a mini-Heath. That’s wonderful.

  • Dee

    Favorite “celeb” mom and daughter ever! Matilda is adorable and I love Michelle of course she seems like an awesome mom!

  • Bee

    We haven’t seen paparazzi pictures of Matilda in a while. Michelle and Ryan Gosling were spotted having dinner this weekend in Toronto after they did a photoshoot together. Same weekend we see pictures of Matilda, first time in a while. Michelle wanting to show she’s a devoted mom?

  • rosadimaggio63-italy

    Questions :
    ” Come mai non vediamo mai Jake Gyllenhaal qualche volta con la piccola Matilda ?
    Eppure è il suo padrino…
    Non è usanza in US vedere la propria figlia adottiva ?

  • Judy

    mini-heath! so cute!!<3

  • Kel

    rosadimaggio63-italy – Jake mentioned in an interview that he sees Matilda when she is in L.A. with her mother. I don’t think he visits her that often.

  • heathcliffRestInParadise

    wow and the pic perez put on his blog matilda look like michelle when she smile hard~
    anyway perez put really harsh gross thing abt heath on his blog :(

    wow i nvr search for pics of matilda knowing heath like privacy,i havent seen her since 08′ and always know shes his carbon-copy.He lives inside her

  • mailey

    there is no doubt at all who her father is. she doesnt look like Michelle at all.

  • Elaw

    This is a copy of his father,

    identical, will be high as Heath :)

    Mini Heath :)

  • New Yorker

    As wrong as it may be, I think fans of Heath need to see a picture of Matilda once in awhile because there is such a connection there between the two. I do not believe they should be hounded, nor should the paps be allowed within so many meters of their Brooklyn home or any home for that matter. But not capturing a picture of Matilda and Michelle from time to time is just not realistic. I believe Michelle is a great mom and no she does not put her daughter out there by any means. But with the nature of Michelle’s job, just does not realistically allow Matilda to be completely out of the spotlight. If this is what she wants for her daughter, then quit acting and get a regualr job and/or move to France where there are ‘laws.’
    To be clear, I agree her every move should not be taped, but pictures will pop up from time to time because she is so cute and people need to feel that connection between her and Heath (true fans of his.) Unfortunately, in the nature of Michelle’s work, this is not realistic. Yes there should be tighter laws against paps, such as staying so far away from their home so that even certain lenses could not get a good picture. If this was not followed the person who sold the picture, along with the magazine should face fines and possible jail time. Then, it may not be so worth it to buy these pictures if you’re always giving the money away in fines.
    As for the Heath comments about his drug use and why he did not stop, it was not his fault an he was suffering from some kind of mental disorder, most likely bipolar because of his inability to sleep and racing thoughts. When you can not sleep, you try everything to be ‘normal.’ Blame the dr.’s who prescribed him an anti-anxiety, without anything else such as an anti-depressant. By doing so, they merely provided caugh syrup to mask a much deep routed problem and not the anti-biotic to cure the pneumonia-in lamens terms. (not b/c he had pneumonia, merely to provide a clear example.) Also, one does not have to dr. shop if they are being treated properly. I believe he wanted to get better for Matilda and perhaps reconcile with Michelle b/c he did not want a family like his own-broken home. I believe Michelle was the only one who truly loved him and that she is in hell b/c of her lose and her daughter’s, more importantly! He was around too many selfish people and enablers. He had a big heart who tried to help everyone and anyone who crossed his path. People took advantage of that and sensed his vulnerability. He loved his child, no doubt, but his illness took over and many, many people let him down.

    What I really want to know is, does anyone else think Matilda looks sad? I have not seen her smile in a lonf time. Although, she has not been seen that often in recent months, she does appear to be the same in public since that one time she was on a man’s shoulders with her umbrella, waving to the paps and even that man on the street. Sad.

    All the best to Matilda and Michelle. <3

  • New Yorker

    @pickles: I’d like to read that law! I know Michelle makes reference to France a lot to having those type of laws. By the way, Canada is a country, not a state/Province. You’re comparing apples to oranges as California is a state not a country. Canada does not hound like the US. I’ve seen 2 days worth of pics-how long was she there??

  • New Yorker

    @KellStar: I think so too! :)

  • New Yorker

    *she does not appear to be the same…
    sorry for the typos, but I think you can figure them out. ;)

  • Brittany


    Well I don’t think its against the law here In Canada,we Don’t have celebrities here at all…The only time is when there doing movies soo The paparazzi come here to take photos!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany

    Theres no Law in Canada,because we don’t get alot of celebrities no celebrities live here so which for we don’t have paparazzi when celebrities come here someone paparazzi will come too..which is really creepy and also I’m glad I don’t live in Toronto…lol

    Matilda is soo pretty its nice to see that shes growing up normal and her mom doesn’t bring here everywhere the paparazzi are unlike alot of other celebrities who show of there children..

  • jeath

    true Heath fans who liked him before the dark knight (regardless of the connection w/ his child)would and should NOT look up pictures of Matilda!!!!ONE THING HEATH HATED WAS THE PAPS and you so-called fans arent respecting him by looking up/ looking at pic’s of his daughter!!
    Im not even a fan but i think of matilda sometimes but never look at pics of her just when she was a baby

  • michelle

    love them!!! wish them luck

  • Nonstick Cookware Set ·

    i first saw Michelle Wiliams as an extra on the movie Species and i like her already at her very young age “

  • Shaving Brushes %0A

    the nose of michelle williams is so adorable, i would really love to have a nose like that :’-

  • Koowie

    Matilda looks like her dad. Like father like daughter. She’ll be gorgeous. She’s already beautiful!

  • Molly

    @pickles: It’s just because it’s Toronto; in any other Canadian city they would be left alone. I’ve lived in Toronto for ten years and I’ve never seen paparazzi in my life…maybe a fan took the pictures and sent them in?

  • Arleigh

    @pickles: umm there are almost no celebrities in canada. the only time paparazzi are around is during a major event such as the toronto international film festival, or there is a blockbuster being filmed. someone was probably tipped off that michelle and matilda were in toronto and an agency sent photographers to snoop around. nobody goes as crazy about celebrities as the americans do, unless you’re a 12 year old girl who loves justin bieber.

    michelle and matilda get photographed way more in brooklyn than anywhere else–guess you decided not to mention that, huh?

  • منتديات

    I love hurley

  • منتدى

    I love hurley!