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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Engagement Called Off!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Engagement Called Off!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have ended their relationship after being engaged to each other since December 2008.

Rachel‘s rep has confimed to People that “the engagement is off.” A friend added that “it wasn’t working out” and that Rachel‘s going to start “focusing on her career, spending time with her family and just moving forward.”

Hayden recently premiered his upcoming film Takers, which is out in theaters everywhere on August 27th!

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  • katie

    omg!! they were so cute :( that is horrible. i wish them the best!

  • Anonymous

    So sad. :( Rach, I know you will find the right guy for, keep you head up high! Just forget about the boys and contine with getting back to working, we’ve missed you! <33

  • Dominic

    *the sound of no one caring*

  • http://beth_atkinson Beth


  • Callie

    Good for him.

  • Halli

    Good. She’s a boring shopping addict. My guess is Hayden dumped her.

  • Serena

    I feel as though this is the Jlo/Ben thing wher both of them were bad for each others careers. I’m not going to make a nasty comment about Rachel since this is actually a post that has credit, but she really needs to focus on her career. I feel as though she was getting too ready for the ” Hollywood New Mother” life where she gets to take time off to focus on a family, when there was no reason too. Hayden has really been trying so hard to come back from the ” Mark Hamill” life himself, for christ’s sake he still gets called Darth Vader in magazines and in interviews! He started getting all these jobs, but the limelight isn’t really his place anymore, he’s too down to earth and subdued, where Rachel’s personality may have conflicted with that.

    I feel sorry, but I also feel this was in fact for the best in the long run.

  • Pelin

    I agree with katie and Anonymous.

    It’s sad. But I believe you Rachel, you’re gonna find the right guy and you’re gonna be so successful, your fans are with you!!!! We’ve missed you and we are here!

  • Sean

    Wow!! I’m shocked


  • Rena

    So there IS a god

  • Mademoiselle

    What career? the only thing she does it’s to go shopping and to go to charity parties. Moreover, he is too handsome for her. Good for him.

  • Dani

    Agree!!! Good for Hayden, she is so stupid…

  • JC

    She’s too hot for that pale, skinny guy who looks like he has AIDS. He needs to get with Clay Aiken and just drop the heterosexual charade. She wasted some good years of her life trying to convince herself that he was something that he isn’t. I hope we see more of her, and less of him.

  • Nate

    She obviously got fed up of being his Beard.

  • tom

    No surprise there

  • Jem

    she was lucky

  • angie

    Oh, that is sad for them, they were a cute couple! The People site states that distance was one of the main reasons for the break up, Rachel living in LA, and Hayden in Canada. What is funny is, they were building a house there in Canada when Rachel got engaged to Hayden, she had to have known that is where they would be living. She even stated in interviews that she wanted to raise her children somewhere remote away from Hollywood, and would be happy doing that. I guess she decided she would rather have a career, and the only way to do that was to stay in LA, since she has been having a difficult time getting work as an actress lately. Hayden has had no problem getting work as an actor, even though he is living in Canada. He is more well known as an actor than she is, I guess.

    I have alot of respect for them not haviing any children that would have made a break up even more difficult. I wish both of them the best, and hope they can move on with their lives. Ending a relationship after 3 years is difficult, I hope they can do so with their hearts intact.

  • JC

    Who the hell wants to go live in the wilderness of Canada by choice? Especially a celebrity LA shopoholic consumed by fashion. Sounds like the premise for a bad reality tv show.

  • joe

    gawkers blind items stikes again

  • amy

    I feel for both of them. It can’t be easy breaking up after being together for so long and probably having dreams and plans for the future. Wishing them both the best.

  • Blahzae

    Um wow talk about really old news. But someone did say they heard her people were about to announce it.
    What a presswhore loser Bilson is atleast Hayden did it with some class and kept his mouth shut about it all,
    Good for him.

  • estonem


  • jen

    not surprised because they hardly acted like a couple, she needs someone who will actually act like her man

  • JC


    Yeah good for him. He doesn’t need his name out there. It isn’t like he has a movie coming out in a couple of weeks. Oh wait….he does. This was an opportunistic move from his camp, not hers.

  • zoz

    They seemed kind of different., it seems like the best thing though. JLO said she was heartbroken after the break-up. So they just saw they were different people and backed out of getting married.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahahahaha` another one bites the dust. hahahahahaha.. i’m not sure which one of them are better off now. she kind of looks like a pug (dog) and he’s one of the worst actors ever. yeah i think she’s better off. i bet she seen his latest movie and couldn’t take it anymore. dating someone with no personality must be hard. ahahahahahahaha

  • noah


  • Sandra

    They were engaged since 2009, not since 2008.

  • sarah

    wooohoooo finally :D :D :D :D :D!!

  • Joise

    who gives a flying fvck? lol

  • Rose

    I was just watching old Summer and Seth youtube clips yesterday and was thinking, Adam and Rachel need to get back together…maybe there is still hope :p A fan can dream.
    But I did kind of see this coming…so a minor, but not shocking surprise.

  • me

    hey guys!, she is not stupid… we dont really know anything about them… there is one reason for everything in this life, and maybe it is the best for them…. Hayden looks like a good guy, and rachel too… so, I wish the best!… It is a little sad, but sometimes love is weird or “smart” …

  • viper

    This isn’t news to anyone who saw this coming for more or less years ago,. The fact that it took what 2 months for RB to announce it. Again this is older then dirt news. They have been done with each other for more or less a long time it showed on both faces how done they were. Why is this news anyway.

  • kosher

    A Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhall Version 2… just another one BEARD’s the dust.

  • Holly

    Good, they both need to move on and find the right one for themselves, they never looked happy together.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    She’ll always be prettier and better than you, sugar.

  • thelephant

    Omg, I’m completely shocked!!!

  • Nick

    “it wasn’t working out” means , he didn;t turn UBER famous as she hoped for!!

  • chris 23

    Oh thank god he got rid of this press whoring wench. She’s just too stupid for him. Whatever you might think of him as an actor, Hayden is actually a very smart guy. I guess she’s better off, she said herself how insecure she was about him. And she was right, he was never into her and no way would he ever marry her.

    Go Hayden!

  • ana

    The contract expired and RBils got her last check in the mail.

  • amaranth

    Their body language has always been very “un-passionate” towards each other most esp “him”. Their relationship has been very “vanilla” like when Tom Cruise “dated” Penelope Cruz. I’m just not seeing any REAL romance between them at all. So this news wasn’t a bit surprising but more like very much expected. And they had lasted to this arrangement… umm… so-called relationship is becoz they hardly even seeing each other “consistently”. That goes to say you just can fake anything / something over just a “limited” period of time.

  • http://justjared lillybell05

    if you go on US ,E!.com and, its her people giving out the statement that they broke up, its like she can’t tell people fast enough. She must be loving all of this attention .

  • cocoluv

    Contract ran out. One of them decided not to re-up. Happens all the time *cough* Reese Witherspoon and Jake….

  • llbean

    There are new pictures of Hayden at the Takers press conference.
    He looks very happy, worry free. He must have been relieved to get out of this.

    Now Rachel will have to find some other guy who can get her press attention because the only way she gets publicity for herself is for her clothes and her relationships. She barely gets hired as an actress.

  • jen

    All the Seth and Summer fans please stop saying that you want her back with Adam Brody. Adam has moved on and doesn’t want to have anything to do with her either.

  • It Was a Sham Anyway

    It was never a romance, only a showmance. She wanted someone more bankable and successful than she is to promote her career and he needed a beard to prove he wasn’t gay. Epic FAIL on both counts. Glad its over. Pick a more credible beard next time Hayden, one that isn’t such a pressw07e and gave the game away moments after it started. She may have gotten good value out of it, because she seldom works now and all she can do is press out her personal life. But Hayden you just looked stupider, gayer and more pathetic + huge loser for wasting her time and yours on a fauxmance that was never going anywhere. You also made yourself look like a huge @ssh073 by lying to your fans all that time while never being there for your ‘gf/fiancee’ in any meaningful way.

    Hayden you SUCK. But if you start putting out reasonably good work you will probably be forgiven faster than you deserve.

  • Blahzae

    @JC: Then why did HER people not his announce it you moron fan boy.

  • John31

    Because of Obi-wan?

  • Emmz


    no way adam too good for her!

  • JC


    It said that her rep was contacted by People to confirm the split. It didn’t say her rep called People and made the news official. I’m not wildly speculating, I’m taking the post at face value. It order for her people to confirm something, another party (him) would have had to give her people something that needing confirming. Reading comprehension never goes out of style, and if you’d like I can point you in the right direction to learn the definition of confirm. Forget it I’ll just do it for you. I don’t want you getting too confused

    con·firm (kn-fûrm)
    tr.v. con·firmed, con·firm·ing, con·firms
    1. To support or establish the certainty or validity of; verify.

    Do you understand now? In order to confirm something, People would have needed to verify some information they got from somewhere else.