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Whitney Houston: Beach in a Bathing Suit!

Whitney Houston: Beach in a Bathing Suit!

Whitney Houston dons a white one-piece bathing suit while vacationing at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas with her 17-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown on Saturday (August 7).

The singer, whose 47th birthday is TODAY (August 9), grabbed a hot dog and a fizzy drink before shielding herself from a rain storm underneath a yellow towel.


10+ pictures inside of Whitney Houston in a swimsuit…

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whitney houston beach in a bathing suit 03
whitney houston beach in a bathing suit 04
whitney houston beach in a bathing suit 05
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whitney houston beach in a bathing suit 07
whitney houston beach in a bathing suit 08
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# 1

Oh my……… she looks so horrible.

# 2

good night, nurse!

# 3

At least it’s an age-appropriate bathing suit.

Their daughter used to be so fat as a kid…

# 4

Whitney looks very good if you ask me! The woman is 47 years old and has a little stomach, but a lot of people that age do. She doesn’t seem to have had any plastic surgery like so much of Hollywood, so I guess Whitney looks terrible to those who are used to seeing plastic celebrity women.

Whitney looks fine. Her body is in good shape esp. for someone her age. GO WHITNEY!

# 5
Happy Bday Whitney @ 08/09/2010 at 1:35 pm

She looks great for her age. she is in her 50s, but she looks horrible without makeup. Good to see her living a Healthy life with her family.

# 6

i remeber when she said in diane sawyer I never goin to be fat never

# 7

What a hot fat mess, guess not every 40 something year old can look like Jennifer Aniston.

# 8

Living with Bobby Brown has made her age much faster…it has taken it’s toll.

# 9


I’m so glad to see Whitney looking healthy with some weight on her, aq little around the waist, but that tells me she is nit on drugs, she looks great. Praying she stays clean & sober.

Whitney, I wish you the best.. hang tough boo… HBD

I heard a rumor that Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston are a couple!!!

@jan: LOO, yea… jennifer maniston has never had a kid either. But then again, there are many 40+ old celebs who have kids and keep in great shape! ie. Cindy Crawford. Whitney needs to stop the fast food diets. Damn, she’s 47 not 17!!

Leave Whitney alone. Damn!

The crackhead jokes are getting old. Regardless, Whitney has been through a lot and it’s great to see her looking healthy. And yes there are plenty of 40+ women who look great, but most of these celebrity women have had some sort of surgery. Can’t believe anyone even brought up Jennifer Aniston btw. She has no kids and is totally focused on herself. She is obsessed with her body, of course she looks good when she is her main priority.

Whitney has had a child, has been through a lot emotionally and physically and she probably just does not give a damn about being all hollywood and obsessing over her body all the time. She is fine. As long as she’s healthy and happy, that’s all that matters.

@CRIS: She really said that? @shaniqua: Oh, I thought that too, is their daughter the young girl in the bikini?! WOW, she’s changed A LOT!

what a fat can’t-sing-has-been. She needs to retire asap

What ever happened to “Mark my words, I will never be fat!”?

charlaine @ 08/09/2010 at 5:52 pm


My dearest..Jen has never ever had a child..If she were to have one..and be like every woman who has had one..Then we can talk..Then you can make a comment that makes sense..
Jen is over 40..She has a personal chef..She eats only lettuce and baby food..She has no man..She makes Flop after flop..Does not talk to her own mother..Is superficial about her snout and her botox face and a sleep walker..and certified Loony bird..
Now compare her to

Just because she is in her late 40′s does not mean she has to have such a belly. She is clearly out of shape but it could be medication related. Her daughter has none of her mom’s former beauty. She looks just like her dad, tooth gap and all…poor kid. Bobby Brown is one unattractive dude.

she lost it

ok people-

1) if you are not fat all over BUT you have a fat stomach you are doing something ( drinking and /or using drugs) because your distended belly means you are messing up your Liver.

B) it looks like she traded her daughters fat and took it as her own ( what a good Mama ) and Bobbi Kris looks great

3) stop blaming Bobby Brown for her downfall- he can still sing and lost weight since leaving her- maybe little Miss Newark NJ was not so innocent after all

and lastly) Jen Aniston looks like a rich 40 year old woman, who has NO REASON not to be in shape, she has all that money for chefs and maids and , well, what else has she got to do but make these horrible “im going to play 20 something Rachel until Im 88 like Betty White” movies.

Whitney and Jen A., both pathetic………….

whitney is 15 lbs overweight. she should be 125 lbs max. looks 140 lbs here. stop the fast food diet. she loses the 15 lbs. simple.

she looks fine!
she looks happy and healthy, its good to see her enjoying her vacation.
happy birthday whitney!

I’m sorry, but I’m sure Whitney is still struggling with drug abuse. You don’t yo-yo from *skeletal* to this w/o drugs being involved.

She looks fine! I’m happy for her that she’s enjoying her vacation!
I hate these superficially comments!

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