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Zac Efron Tips Vanessa Hudgens During 'Rent' Dance

Zac Efron Tips Vanessa Hudgens During 'Rent' Dance

Last night, Zac Efron presented a surfboard to Sandra Bullock for Choice Movie Actress for a Drama.

The 22-year-old actor then rushed to the Hollywood Bowl to once again support his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens as she played Mimi, a junkie stripper, during another performance of the hit musical Rent.

During the musical number “Out Tonight”, Zac got up from his seat and tipped Vanessa a few bucks during her sultry dance. How much did the big boy tip his leading lady?

“$20 bucks!!!” an inside source exclusively tells

One JJ reader jokes, “Yet he spends $2,000 at a strip clubVanessa got ripped off!” Haha, hilarious!

Watch the video of Zac tipping Vanessa below!

Zac Efron Tips Vanessa Hudgens
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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    she looks like a latina

  • istar

    lmao, i love this :)

  • Zac

    Vanessa best body of her generation!

  • joanne

    he didn’t even give $2,000 to someone at a strip club. some jokes just aren’t funny.
    he’s the perfect boyfriend, and i love this video.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ….ahahahahahahahaha` her dancing has to be the un-sexiest thing i’ve ever seen. seriously, we’ve all seen her naked.. and her little kid lumps (can they even be called lumps???) are epically un-sexy. ahahahahahahahaa..

  • morgane

    Hhmmmm, that is a bit odd to me, but that’s just me. I think that they should keep what they keep on saying that they keep their lovelife private and publicly. was cute tho.

  • morgane

    @MATTHEW: your close she’s actually half fillipino from her mom. She also is part native american and irish.

  • lauren

    i hate this song,

    i like how he has the balls to do this,,,i’m sure people were like umm haha.

  • FUnny

    hahahahaaaa:P LOL! @lauren… yeah i bet people were like umm haha?
    it’s a bit like wth? :L hah :P

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    LMAO!!! theyre hilarious. ps…seriously shes looks ridiculous….

  • suzy

    so cute.

  • iloveherbod


  • celina p

    Aw this is so cute.

  • Mina

    @WHO CARES: so don’t even read or comment.

  • lauren

    is there actually video of this minus the annoying chicken dance music….

    i’m sure there is video of this somewhere in the world of twitter and youtube.

  • bobo ak

    gree jj i start to hate you

  • Zanessafanforever

    This is adorable!
    Zac and Vanessa are the best couple ever :]

  • yamileth

    OMFG. cute!

  • j

    hahaha awww this is cute <3

  • Malia


    One JJ reader jokes, “Yet he spends $2,000 at a strip club… Vanessa got ripped off!” Haha, hilarious!


  • Alexandra

    I think that thats very sweet…. hes basiclly telling her that she i very sexy yet while shes doing a performance! What a great bf

  • carrienae

    very cute and sweet….

  • gez

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l
    umm…no we all haven’t seen her naked picture. pervert.

  • gez


    its a joke. laugh a little.

  • vfan

    Haha, that’s funny. Yet I think Vanessa deserved more than 20. :)

  • peggy

    The guy sitting hext to Zac said it was $100 and btw Zac didnt spend any money at the strip club it was the treat of the guy he and Corbin went with.

    Anyway you and your staff are now the new Perez Hilton s so truth is not your agenda

  • kevin

    own, vanessa is surprising me every day and my only impression she is much more tasty! zac did well to pay I would do the same

  • sunny

    She is so darn gorgeous and when one is petite it does not mean they have a child’s body. She is fortunate to look the way she does and yes she is cultivating her talent (which she has) in a daring way. Good for her. No comment about the tipping.

  • calli

    even zac doesnt think shes that good , only gave her 20

  • sofi anne

    that is sooooo cute
    i cant believe itt, its like.. other type of zanessa! they’ve been hiding their relationship for soo long, that now is a surprise for mee thiss! i looove it anywaay
    zanessa forevaaa ♥

  • Xox

    I thought he said on Jimmy kimmel that he didn’t spend any money at the strip club

  • Evangeline

    JustJared you posted my video!

    - Zanessa forever <3

  • susan1

    oh he is adorable to do that ……cute couple

  • Skylar

    Fashion models have the same style of body she does and I am a big breasted woman and I would rather have small ones like girls like her I have to get a breast reduction. She’s not ashamed of what she looks like. She put her heart into that performance last night that was the 2nd time I went to see it and she did very good. Zac loves her he was just getting into the fee of the act at least he tipped her he did not tip those other women and that might have been the only cash he had on him its not like all actors carry 1,000,000 dollars on them if they are smart.

  • Silvana – Argentina


  • Ash

    very sweet!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Funny she looks great!

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    This is so cute! I love their sense of humor!

  • mimi

    omg his such a sweet and supporting bf!

  • Rio

    I think its sweet and I think I’ll be a lil dirty here…hah!Zanessa 4ever!

  • dulce vita


    Huh ! Excuse me how old are you? in our age group that’s a sign of disrespect. Knowing Vanessa has some stripping issues before regarding some controversial pictures. I think he owes her an apology. That’s not an expression of admiration thats an expression of immaturity and carelessness. especially doing this in front of people. Twenty dollars is a sign that Vanessa’s performance is cheap. All in all this gesture and the amount of money he tip her is clearly a direct reference he as a so=called boyfriend is telling people that his girlfriend is a Cheap Sk@nky Wh*re

  • BOJI

    Lighten up, everyone! JJ don’t make up stories, Zac did not spend $2,000. Tipping Vanessa onstage was his way of showing his support and that she did a wonderful portrayal of Mimi, he got carried away shall we say and was in the game. The amount was irrelevant so don’t make something out of nothing, what counted was his show of support. He’s the best boyfriend a girl could have in my book.

  • nathalia

    boji very well,
    the value makes no difference
    zac just entered the also historic
    was lovely, naughty, a great boyfriend
    I love these two
    zac has shown its full support to girlfriend
    i love zac and vanessa

  • yets

    what a great BF vanessa have.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Zac showed me want a great boyfriend he is and how in love he is with Vanessa, he went all three performaces, how that is so supportive and pure love, from his heart. God bless them both.

  • tina

    so the reviews for the weekend are all in an Vanessa Hudgens bombed in all of them! surprised? she absolutely was the weakest link in the production of RENT. I was there and at one point when she was singing I felt like my ears were bleeding.

  • Karen

    With all the commotion that was caused when Zac went to the NYC strip club—which he told Vanessa about BEFORE he went and where Zac DID NOT give a girl this money like was presented to the world—show here along with Vanessa that they both can laugh at all this craziness that goes on about their lives. It also says, THIS is the one I want and it was done in a fun way. So, dulce vita, you need to lighten up. Anyway, I think you just want to try to get other people posting how outraged they ae over this but I think most people get this “joke”.

    Why don’t you give it up? No everyone review was bad—far from it. Anyway, given that you are always around to say something demeaning about Vanessa do you think we really care whether you liked her performance or not or to the point that we would believe you would write anything other than something like this no matter what Vanessa did? People like you have no credibility.

  • xbox

    damn she is hot

  • Rachelsun

    I saw it Sat. and Sun. Vanessa did a great interpretation of Mimi. People forget Mimi is supposed to be 19 and that is how Vanessa played her. I did not know what to expect and was plesantly surprised by this production.The guy next to me almost had heart failure (in a good way) watching her dance. Vanessa’s voice was best on Saturday but it was good on Sunday too. She did not sing off key to cause anyones “ears to bleed” I doubt this person was there. She placed the right amount of emotion to the singing. It was a great performance for only 2 weeks of rehearsals. Some of the other performers had played those parts on tour before so for them having only 2 weeks was no big deal. I think Vanessa is picking the right parts for her career, better than Zac at this point.