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Katy Perry: 'Teenage Dream' Video Premiere!

Katy Perry: 'Teenage Dream' Video Premiere!

The video for Katy Perry‘s next single, “Teenage Dream,” is here!

The 25-year-old singer teamed up with director Yoann Lemoine to create the video, which was filmed last month. Katy tweeted that she got to cast all of her friends in the video, which was shot in her hometown of Santa Barbara, Calif!

“It is gonna be completely different from ‘California Gurls.’ With ‘Teenage Dream‘ you’ll see a very raw, almost vulnerable [side],” Katy says about the video. “I had to wear so many less layers of makeup.”

Katy Perry: “Teenage Dream” Video Premiere
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  • bubblegum

    Ugh I don’t get this whole Katy thing, her music is so teenybopper bubblegum, no edge to it at all.

  • meh

    Katy Perry ‘s stupid song makes me feel embarrassed to be a California girl.

  • Yolanda

    That guy is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonte

    Damn that guy is hot!

  • Dominic

    I don’t know that she needed to release two singles before the album but whatever. I prefer this one to Cali Gurls anyway.

  • sexy lean perfection

    that dude. THAT right there is a nice body. not that gross overdone steroid looking muscly greasy tacky JerseyShore/Ronaldo/Lutz type some people call hot

  • Zac

    I wish she’s as good and classy as Gwen Stefani!

  • dina

    I wish Russell was in that video with her…

  • Mario

    No Edge at all???? Have you heard Circle the Drain yet? You can listen to it here:
    Pretty much the biggest edge I’ve ever heard from Katy.

  • um


  • Gaga

    She looks good but her voice gives me headache

  • The Gay

    God! Why won’t she just go away!! I can’t stand her and her self-righteousness … and I hate her for co-opting lesbianism, she never kissed a girl and if she did she probably wouldn’t have liked it considering what a self-righteous bitch she is.

  • Britney

    I wish to see a lady gaga and katy perry showdown on the VMA 2010!!!!!!!!!

  • idgi

    Man….why is she with that STD ridden dirtbag Russell instead of someone equally as gorgeous as her.

  • toby

    She knows that she’s crap that’s why she shows her boobs in every single video!

  • less makeup???

    She has it heaped on, as always, and I have no idea how she can call this junk “raw” and “vulnerable”.

  • Gav

    Gwen Stefani is not over acting and she’s effortless. Katy is kinda loud

  • awww

    Katy Perry is amazing. This was the video that made me fall in love with her, I hope she goes back to this look and sound one day………

  • Sheri

    Why is she promoting teen sex?

  • aw edit
  • :(

    Love this song….brings back a lot of nostalgia …

  • Joey Latona

    Damn that guy is hot! I wish he was playing and dancing with me.

  • Gaga

    Put some clothes on.

  • ben

    katy is one of the most beautiful women alive

  • zoz

    I use to think her body was good, but she just has boob padding in everything she wears. She has no talent and taking clothes off gets old quick when that’s all you have. Go away Perry. She’s not bright at all.

  • she can’t

    Sorry, Gaga, she can’t put her clothes on her music won’t sell. Same goes for taking the makeup off, or not promoting teen sex, or not having a hot guy in the video, or women kissing.

  • chumz

    Sorry, I just don’t get this whole Katy Perry thing, I mean she’s okay but not that great.

  • Russel

    Leave her alone . She’s the most beautiful girl in this generation. she has pearly white teeth, beautiful eyes, sexy body, bff rihanna and bf russel

  • Cal jammer

    She must be attracted to his GED!

  • terrible
  • james

    she’s disgusting and pathetic. she looks like a mother in her mid 30s trying to fit in with the kids. the only reason she has half the world wrapped around her finger is because of her body and eyes. if she was just plain, everyone would be complaining about her cat dying voice because she sure as hell don’t have a decent personality to back up her lack of talent

  • ugh

    This song is so catchy!

  • Lola

    I love this song! She’s so capable of projecting her experiences to the public!

  • Koree

    i love this song and video much more than California Gurls. i am excited for this album…i love her song Not Like The Movies too.

  • Jen

    I hope she always stays true to her vibe and never get influenced by douchebaggy comments of jealous people!

  • Kelly


    Make a link for Canada too when you show something like this! The Canucks can’t watch the American versions! I had to go searching for it but here is the link for the peeps in Canada!

  • Lilith

    @sexy lean perfection: There is a difference between “stairod” looking and Kellan Lutz, he is just VERY fit. And as you said “as some people call hot”, this is called an opinion everyone has one… Yours just doesn’t have correct punctuation & grammar.

  • slambang

    Her voice is terrible. She is so overrated. UGH

  • Jo

    @Sheri: I’m not saying that she sounds great or anything, but she isn’t “promoting teen sex.” She is saying that he makes her feel like a teenager again (that feeling of young love) and that she wants to do the same for him.

  • steve

    Loved it, infectiously catchy!

  • elisa

    she is pretty and has a great body
    she might not have a great voice but the song is really catchy

  • sue

    That guy´s name is Josh Kloss acording to hahaha and damn! Katy looks fine in there, and that guy! Wow! I go for him instead of Russel Brand, if is not for Russel´s charming accent and funny quotes in movies. I´ll be in the arms of Josh inmediatly.. hahaha XD nice video

  • DUrrrr

    liked her until she started stripping in the video for no reason.

  • ok

    What a boring video.

  • smh

    her personality is so obnoxious and annoying i can’t get on board with her music no matter how ‘catchy’ it is

  • rachel

    loved it! i love katy she is consistent and doesn’t try to shock everyone every second of the day she does what she’s comfortable doing


    Is that AJ English in the video??? God he should have been the main guy! Most gorgeous boy….

  • Eden

    JJ, who is that fine ass man in this video?!?! HOT. That’s all I could care about in this video lol.

  • hi hello

    @Megan @Eden The hot dude is Josh Kloss. You’re welcome.

  • http://www.bebo/djnaz10 nathan

    i think calafonia gurls is a better video then teanage dream

    bye… nathan