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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Italian Yacht Ride!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Italian Yacht Ride!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli hop aboard a yacht for a good time with friends while vacationing in Italy on Monday (August 9).

The couple has been in Italy for the past couple of days and partied with supermodel Naomi Campbell at a nightclub in Sardina on Sunday (August 8). Leo wore the same hat to the nightclub that he wore on the yacht!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Blu Moon Summer Lovin Dress.

15+ pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli aboard a yacht…

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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 01
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 02
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 03
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 05
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 06
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 07
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 08
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 09
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 10
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 11
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 12
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 13
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 14
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli yacht ride 15

Photos: INFdaily
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  • James

    Could someone explain to me why he is ALWAYS wearing a cap? He has great hair, what’s the problem Leo?

  • french

    ugly clothes and ugly girl

  • Brightside

    Shame they partied with superb-tch Campbell. They should have cut her dead! They look a bit hungover here, bless them. The sea air will do them good.

  • scallywag

    Hopefully, Naomi can soon put all this drama behind her; we’d hate to see girlfriend pitch another fit and end up picking up trash in an orange jumpsuit again. After all her highness has a lot more to worry about than war crimes, mass mutilation, smashed phones, missing royalties and ‘dirty pebbles’ showing up at the dead of night… Hopefully Mia Farrow and them other wenches will understand she has to tend to some real concerns – like sipping sweet nectar champagne in Sardinia amongst billionaire lovers and friends.

  • yawn

    What is he wearing? this girl really brings out the worst in him style wise and she’s supposed tobe a model, wtf? dont’ most gf have some kind of influence? oops, just remembered she’s got none so how can I expect to him to have any? bad taste, in clothes and women. Leo can be so much more, here’s hoping a real lady whips him into shape. This is just sad, the company, the gf, the clothes, the cap, leo’s in a rut.

  • jy


    It’s hypocritical of him who played in a film about blood diamonds to attend a party with Campell who lied in court to save her ass and to party with a guy who sells diamonds.

  • lol

    @yawn: And wtf is she wearing? Ridiculous but at least she is wearing a much needed bra! No sense of style, no personality and no charisma. Last pick of the litter. You could do way better than her, Leo! It doesn`t seem like they are aware of the photographer on most photos and still they look like two dead fish next to each other.

  • Brightside

    Why the f-ck should he be concerned about style? He’s a guy on holiday for chrissakes! Jeez I would hate to be your husband…so bloody picky-picky…a guy couldn’t relax around you for fear of listening to you nag about what he should be wearing!

  • just me

    Someone who dresses like that shouldn`t call herself a model. But what else do you expect? Real models work with actual clothes while she rarely wears any while `working`…
    Leo has a douche vibe ever since he started dating her and she has the biggest b*tch vibe ever. Match made in heaven. I expected more from Leo but he turned out to be a letdown.

  • Dasha

    i love him, not really a fan of his gf but whatever

  • Leo fan

    Cool pictures. Thanks Jared. We never get enough of looking at Leo with his beautiful lady. Love to see them au naturel.

  • Leo Fan

    Cool pictures – thanks Jared! I love to watch pictures of Leo with his gorgeous lady. These two are definitely a strong couple.

  • youvideo_eu

    I like them both, Leo and also Bar them both seem to be very kind persons..

  • jj

    she isnt a model guys,dont worry. she is Leo’s playtoy and a golddigger. models are people who work for magazines and expensive brands, not always being seen hangin out. thats all this stub chub does.

  • waste

    There’s got to be some kind of agreement here going on between these two. Social contract.

  • gisele

    Bar is so pretty and gorgeous. I’m so enjoying to see these bitter fatties here, so jealous and upset about her like jj. Must be very fat ugly fattie, lol Bar is doing great, and one of the hottest models doing around nowadays.

  • Nickki

    Ewww, another set of photos of the Miserables. I`m surprised Leo stepped out with her in public dressed like that. Nice to see that she has a bra but who else would have matched it with that weird shirt?
    @ Gisele: Yeah, she is doing fine thanks to Leo. And who else is better at getting rid of her clothes for work than Barf? lol

  • yawn

    @no 16 umm..are you on crack? hottest nowadays?? and Brightside, there’s no nagging as my mann is fine and actually likes to put himself together well. By all means relax, but he always looks awful, constantly in hats that don’t suit him. He’s blatantly in a style rut and that goes for his choice of films and the girl he insists on bending over. He needs to lighten up, with a different genre of film, a new woman in his life and less of the dullness. He’s a sexy man in his thirties and he dresses with no personal style of his own. So what if he’s not interested, his gf should be able to help pick out some decent casual clothes for him. But look at her. yawn

  • dash

    They always look so miserable together. But I think he would be miserable with any girl. When you pick girls based on how they look like, and whether they have a contract with a model agency and not based on compatability, then you’re going to look miserable. This man had more chemistry with Ellen Page in an interview they did, than these two have. Anyone will tell you a man who keeps picking supermodels for girls is deeply insecure. The supermodel is a status symbol to him and a cry to the world, look I must be cool if I can only date supermodels. Plus the minute Leo started taking himself way too seriously, and maybe that was always there, that’s when he became unattractive. I’d take the cute and HUMBLE Zac Efron any day. Zac couldn’t shake a waiter’s hands because of poison oak, and even then he was worried about hurting the guy’s feelings. Leo is just an insensitive brat with lots of money who picks women who look like him to be his girlfriends. Narcissism at its finest.

  • Bes

    Yuck! What a pretentious couple.

  • wow

    @dash: i actually agree with you almost entirely. the only thing i disagree with is `he would be miserable with any girl`. you can say i sound like a broken record i don`t care but he wasn`t miserable, so distant and lifeless around gisele. i know if they were meant to be they would be still together, they both moved on so no need bring that up. but the difference between leo+gisele and leo+barf is striking.
    other than that you are spot on with the supermodel thing and about the narcissism.

  • french


    I agree but he was not miserable with Kristen Zang too

  • wow

    @french: you are right, basically he was a cute guy in love with all of his exes and than barf came along and the smiley old leo is gone. i don`t like what`s left of him.

  • http://.com Slig

    Thanks jared for posting

  • Kristin

    Leo is douchebag and that’s why he is hanging out with Naomi Campbell. He is a stuck up a hole, so is his girlfriend.

  • lisali

    The fame wh0re and her ticket….

  • Guest

    Don’t u understand that the only reason Leo is with bar is for sex?

  • gisele

    @Guest: Look at her body. It’s amazing. Of course Leo is with her for sex, and her pretty face. But she must have something else or too pretty that other girls can’t provide.

  • http://.com Slig

    Beautiful boy in the world

  • @28

    Yeah, the something else must be being dumb and desperate. Other girls wouldn`t put up Leo`s cr*p and his hypocritical ways only someone who doesn`t have enough intelligence and substance.
    It`s funny how impressed you are with her body, her short and chunky legs and shaggy boobs. Impressive. One kid and Leo can send her to dr. 90210.

  • TALI

    @16 You are soooooooo right !

  • kaz

    leonardo looks so gorgous

  • kaz

    leo beautiful boy ever

  • ???

    @gisele: First of all you put your name to shame with your comments. Second Leo has been playing a game with your beloved Barfie and she puts up with it. That`s the thing other girls cannot provide. Overlooking his wondering and womanizing ways for the `Leo`s girlfriend` title. Decent girls like Gisele ( the one with class and brain unlike you and Barfie ) walked away from him so he is stuck with the last pick of the litter.
    I really like what lainey posted about this party and about Leo.

  • hmmm

    I wonder if Leo will get the marriage/kids bug since his friend Orlando just married/impregnanted his own bikini model?
    I’m sure that Bar is putting that bug in his ear right now…
    look Leo, here we are on an island…didn’t Orli and Randa get married on an island?…oh won’t they make beautiful babies?…we could make beautiful babies, too…..Leo?….Leo???….Leo, why are you running????

  • lol

    @hmmm: LMAO! That was funny!

  • gimmeabreak

    Sorry to bring up astrology again, but I’ve never seen a Scorpio waste this much time in making a commitment. Lamar Odom married that Kardashian girl practically overnight, Simon Cowell got engaged immediately, and Mathew M met Camilla Alves back in ’07 and they’ve already had 2 kids. Actions speak louder than words and Leo has no real need for Bar, and if he did, she’s already filled it. There’s no need to marry her. The engagement rumors are laughable.

  • Candycotton

    Wtf?…Check out the pic Of Leo hugging that guy?…lol he’s Never even hugged Barfy in public?…its funny how no one’s talking to Barfy on the Boat …lol

  • wow

    @38: thanks for pointing out that photo i haven`t even noticed it. a hug AND a smile! barf can barely score just on of those two in public definitely not both at the same time. lol if he looks happy barf must be somewhere in the background because leo never looks relaxed around her.

  • Candycotton

    @wow..question that girl in the purple cover up?that Leo’s looking at is that Barfy?,cause if u look at the whole pic Barfy’s sitting at a table with other people her and hair is half up??The girl in the purple her hair looks darker?…and Barfy’s wearing a flower cover up?…hummmm??

  • bb

    bar must’ve read those last comments in the previous thread because she now seems intent on letting us know she’s wearing a bra. ls the back of her dress undone?

  • Candycotton
  • mailey

    i dont understand why couples like these dont learn their lesson, let it go, and move on to someone new. it is not a good sign when you break up, get back tog and then break up again – hello!

    anotehr example: sienna & jude.

    they let their ‘passions’ take over instead of doing what is wise.

  • @bb

    Sadly the dress is not undone. She is 25 working in the fashion industry for quite a while now. Shouldn’t she know by now when to wear a bra – at that party – and when not to – with that unflattering top.
    @mailey: wise words

  • rafaella

    Could someone please tell me why she is letting the whole world see her bra? I thought it might be a bathing suit but its not, it looks like a really embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. And those plaid shorts need to be taken out and shot. I mean she looks like Lindsanity on a BAD day…need I say more…as disheveled as Britney.

    So sad.

  • rafaella


    Yes it is hypocritical and I would have expected better. It does bother me and I am a fan. You have to think twice about what you do, but this crowd seems Eurotrash at its worst. Just because they have money does not mean that they are good people. Au contraire. I wonder if this “billionaire” ever sold blood diamonds…if so that yacht is suspect. Where did the money come from? Dead teenagers with AK-47s in Sierra Leone?
    Sold to finance the worse US back “rebel” faction in African history in Angola? In Angola they were into crucifiction of children. But the land is so rich you can pick up diamonds in creek beads and fence them through the diamond market in Antwerp. LIke they give a care there. I’ll have to research this issue further.

  • rafaella

    @Leo Fan:

    Hello Mommy Dearest ! Glad you could make the forum today. Really would be nothing with out you.!

  • rafaella


    Yeah, I am afraid that is. I so want to see better for him. He is one of the better ones from my generation of actors/creative people….but he blows it hanging with Eurotrash.

  • rafaella


    How much did she make last year? The real Gisele made 30 million even though she was pregnant. I’ve heard her total is 2 million for her entire career-more than you make at a car wash but she was not visible before Leo. Never heard of her before him.

  • projecting

    @rafaella: is it better for him to hang out with typical hollyweird trash instead. why would you assume they’re eurotrash, that’s a bit racist.