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Michelle Obama Visits Spain with Sasha

Michelle Obama Visits Spain with Sasha

Sasha Obama strikes a pose while swimming on vacation in Marbella, Spain on Friday (August 6).

The First Daughter and mama Michelle spent time on the beach together and played in the sane before heading to Marivent Palace later in the weekend.

On Sunday (August 8) Michelle and Sasha met Spanish royals King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia in Palma de Mallorca.

20+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama and Sasha in Spain…

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michelle obama sasha vacation spain 01
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 02
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 03
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 04
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 05
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 06
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 07
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 08
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 09
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 10
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 11
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 12
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 13
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 14
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 15
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 16
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 17
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 18
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 19
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 20
michelle obama sasha vacation spain 21

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  • Jade

    love this family!

  • Mirabel

    Good that this girl enjoys the sea!
    Let kids be kids, and enjoy what every kid would love.
    They didn’t choose to be celebrities.

  • LoriLori

    Glad Sasha had fun, the First Lady looks great
    God bless President Obama and his family

  • Layla

    That’s nice. It’s cool to see the wife and daghter of a world leader being able to ejoy themselves. It’s nice to see them socialize with other world leaders in a leisurely atmosphere. Sasha looks so adorable.

  • bourgie

    [Michelle and Sasha met Spanish royals King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia in Palma de Mallorca.]

    Jared, this has got to be the most prominent and high society thread you’ve ever had in a while since the inauguration. You can bet that these pictures will be in HOLA magazine if not the cover itself!

  • Esther

    Queen Sofia was beautiful and I love Letizia’s dress. I hope that Obama’s family return soon, it’s fantastic for my country.
    Sasha is adorable

  • jenMS

    This vacation sure makes the uproar over the $100,000 spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe sure seem ridiculous don’t you think. Can you say hypocrite? Hope they’re having a great time of my dime.

  • mailey

    the girl in white is the first daughter? she looks anorexic, gross.

  • thats-right

    Sasha looks great, but Michelle’s skirt ewwwwww what is she wearing it makes har back looks huge, she didn’t look goot at all in that outfit at all, and shame on Michelle instead of helping the economy of United States, she goes to Spain to help their economy? and she is our first lady? she is a selfish and hypocrite person I lost all the respect towards her, and yet they were convincing the Americans that they are not an elite family, sureeeeeeee Michelle of course, pictures say thousand words…..

  • Jordyn

    Yes, we’re told to make sacrifices and tighten our belts during these tough economic times. Maybe the Obamas should take their own advice and set a better example for the country.

  • Lauren

    This is sicking. They say how they are just like us and try to tell us how to spend our hard earned money. If you are going to tell me that I need to cut back on spending money, and how to spend it then shouldn’t they? It’s not even their money to spend, it’s my/our tax dollars at work. I’m so glad I work my ass of everyday so I can pay for Obamas family to go to Spain. They have gone on so many trips it’s outrageous.

  • mimi

    The lady in white in Princess Letizia, married to the son of the King and Queen of Spain, Felipe. She is a “commoner” and used to be a news reporter in Spain. I love her style and think she is absolutely beautiful! I agree she is getting a bit too skinny, though.

  • Brightside

    The President does get a wage you know, he doesn’t president for free! If you didn’t pay your Presidents anything for doing the job then they wouldn’t do it! So stop griping! At least you’re not living in a dictatorship or a war zone and everything in the States works the way it should, to a greater or lesser degree. You yanks are such a whining lot…still one of the strongest economies in the world and you part so reluctantly with dimes in order to support it.
    Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.
    You can pay your President for doing his job, for starters!

  • jenMS


    The President does get a salary – $400,000 a year. Not that it’s not deserved but how dare he stand on his pedestal and tell me to give a little more (in taxes), sacrifice and make difficult choices when it comes to my spending but they pull this nonsense. If he had official business in Spain and the family tagged along I would have no problem with that. This was a “girlfriend” trip for Michelle and her buddies.

  • Lauren


    Right, I will pay for Obama to do his job, but he’s not doing it therefore what are we paying for? The Presidents budget doesn’t include jet setting around the world, chartering a private jet to go on dinner dates, and so on. I don’t know how someone can say it’s okay to do those things when Obama has said it’s not their money. I watch all the different news stations to get everyones point of view, and when I see all the democratic stations turning on him and saying what a mistake he is then something is wrong. There are people that voted for Obama because they thought it was the cool thing to do, and they have no idea whats going on. So those people today will still stand up for him and they look like idiots. As an American I have a hard time seeing this because our country is so great and has fought so hard for everything they have, and to see it all get thrown away disgusts me. I would be happy if we could split our country right down the middle, Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other. See how it works out for everybody then!

  • XXX

    @Lauren, why are you mad??? These people were lawyers before they moved to the white house. They have plenty of money to spend, not our money calm the he ll down. Its funny how people said nothing when it was george bush who had the most vacations in history compared to any other President, but no hes white hmmm maybe thats why. What a bunch of racist hypocrites, please choke on something and die bytch.

  • Brightside

    Move to another country then…try Zimbabwe! Maybe it will make you realise that you live in a great country and that greatness has to be paid for by everyone. Or you could live in the UK where you, as a tax payer, would be burdened by paying for the entire Royal Family (who are pretty useless bunch). At least you’re not working two jobs like my brother, trying to make ends meet while a posh group of balding, chinless twits swan around in castles giving themselves airs and graces.

  • Abbie

    $400,000 a year….

    Wow, it’s stated that Michelle’s trip was reported $375,000.

    only $25,000 left….that’s if he hasn’t spent another dime.

    Cool Obama…and way to contribute to America. Instead of putting that back into Americas pockets it went to Spains.

  • Abbie

    Wow, obviously XXX is uneducated. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Watch the news, do some research, and just because we did not vote for Obama doesn’t mean we are racist. My husband is black and he voted for McCain, does that mean he is racist? I think not.

    Go educate yourself before you post anything else.

    To my knowledge, calling somebody a racist is racist.

  • Cindy

    @Jade: paid by our taxes!

  • rhonda

    Moochshele is now getting ready for 1 NIGHT at a GULF STATE and then she and the boy wonder are off to Martha’s Vineyard for another 10 day vacation. The Americans voters got PUNKED we won’t make the same mistake in NOVEMBER and 2012!

  • ms12


    Not with tax payers money! God they are always on vacations it seems like. This family is ridiculous. They dont care about the US they just want the fame. They make me sick honestly she didnt need to rent out all those rooms over $375,000 for only the hotel wow!what a great way to spend tax payers money. . We could have used that money on so many other things. I feel so bad for those kids having to be in this family.

  • missy

    they’re calling her “marie antoinette” and you know what happened to her! They chopped off her useless head!

  • Traci

    Two lovely ladies!

  • twpumpkin


  • G

    The haters here who want to argue about budgets are crazy. The Obamas have a lot of their own money, just like the Bush family and the Clintons, etc. The whole first family could do Europe up and down with their kind of cash. Arguing that Obama should sink his salary or his personal savings into the national treasury is as silly as telling someone who can’t finish their burger that they should Fedex it to the starving children in Africa.

  • jackieo


    After 2012, they can take their brats and their friends and go wherever they want, on THIER DIME!

  • Jade

    It seems that most of you people seem to forget that the Obama’s are not just the first couple of the US but also PARENTS. Is it seriously such a crime that Michelle takes a holiday with her girls during their summer vacation? Good grief, you all need to chill. If you think Obama’s doing such a bad job, do it yourself then, see how long you last working 70 hours + a week, meeting with various world leaders, trying to please everyone, fixing the economy, making sure people have affordable health insurance. You seriously think you can do it better? Run for office then!

  • ww

    lol the whole beach is gathered to watch sasha.

  • jackieo


    they’re watching because they all got KICKED off the beach for Queen Michelle and her little princess. Just like they shut down DISNEYLAND last month!

    A 2 1/2 million dollar vacation and she meets the King and Queen of Spain in a wrinkled skirt and her kid looks like she dressed for a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese!

  • QueenOfTrashin

    OLD “news”. LAST WEEK’S “news”. Slow news day, Wittle Jawed?

  • laverdadduele

    Somebody left the monkey cage open at the zoo.

  • jackieo

    its only “old” news if you read the European papers. Our note takers here in America barely mentioned it and when they did it was all sunshin!e and lollipops! The British Telegraph ran articles and pictures and the comments from furious Americans ran for four days!

  • Dawn

    First lady went to Spain to spend time with grieving friend

    First Lady Michelle Obama took a lot of grief for her decision to vacation in Spain last week, a glitzy getaway that prompted one New York Daily News columnist to liken her to Marie Antoinette. But now we’re learning more about the trip, which, despite the furor over its alleged excess, seems to have been launched with good intentions.

    According to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet, the first lady made the trip because she wanted to spend time with her best friend, Chicago physician Anita Blanchard, who lost her father this summer. Blanchard (who is married to President Obama’s best friend, Marty Nesbitt) planned a Spanish vacation with her daughter and invited the first lady and her daughters to come along. Michelle, who missed Blanchard’s father’s funeral in July, agreed and brought along her 9-year-old daughter, Sasha. The first couple’s older daughter, Malia, is away at camp.

    According to Sweet, one other mutual friend came along with her own two daughters. And according to the White House, all parties paid for their own hotel rooms and personal expenses.

    [Video: Was Michelle's trip too lavish?]

    Speaking of the hotel: As The Upshot speculated last week, it was the Secret Service that booked the Obama group’s rooms at the luxury Hotel Villa Padierna, in part because agents could guard the perimeter of the property much better than they could at rival facilities.

    The big question: Why did the White House wait nearly a week to get this information out? By simply refusing to comment with any detail on the first lady’s trip, the White House gave serious ammunition to a story that probably wouldn’t have been nearly as controversial if all the facts had been laid out in the beginning.

    Sometimes it’s the first lady herself who makes such media decisions. Laura Bush often refused to allow her press office to comment on stories about her or her daughters that she felt intruded on her personal life. But as Sweet notes, first ladies are public figures whether they like it or not.

  • nic

    thanks for spending US dollars in another country, when we are in a deficet.

  • Dawn


    They didn’t shut down Disney Land. The park was already closed for Grad Night activities. And they didn’t go around the whole park. They watched a special showing of the “World of Color” show.

  • SuperSonicGirl

    Only Palma, please. “Palma de Mallorca” doesn’t exists!!!

  • jackieo


    first it was a mother/daughter trip, now she is ministering to her grief sticken friend.

    Dawn, you’ve had to much Kool-aid! Lay off, you’re gonna go into a coma.

    do you really believe this? her friends father died so she got 60 rooms at 2500 to 6000 dollars per night and an air force 747 to fly them to a Posh hotel in Spain, closed down beaches, needed 70 secret service and an army of aides, including stylist and make-up people. are you that dumb? She is a “public servant” not Queen.

  • Jade

    And yet no one complained when Bush wasted billions of dollars on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…ooooh the irony!

  • thats_right

    MICHELLE OBAMA’S VACATION IN SPAIN (photos, videos, costs vs. economy)

    Cnn how come you are not posting this to the American people?
    I voted for Obama and I regret for Voting for him, he will never get my vote for his second term, Never!!!!!!

  • Mika


    Yes, we pay for the Prez to do his job; however, this story (in case you have already forgotten) is about paying for the First Lady, her daughter, and 38 other people to go to Spain. It has nothing to do with the Prez’ job description and our responsibility to foot the bill!! Moron.

  • SurfingEagle

    Today, a report released indicates federal workers make on average (120K per year) twice as much as their private sector counterparts. Obama being the CEO of all federal workers sets a great example. I mean people don’t have jobs in the private sector but they have to pay their taxes out of what little they have remaining in their savings, like me, so that the government workers can have their unending pay raises. So, what does he do. He goes on vacation. I love the government.

  • lt

    All the past Heads of State (and their families) have jet-setted. They aren’t the 1st and won’t be the last … so stop trying to act like we haven’t seen all this before.

  • tina

    The Obama’s are a wonderful family and he is a great President. To the ignorant people out there, any trip they take as a vacation they pay out of their own pocket. Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton took numerous trips when they were in the Whitehouse and no one ever complained them. It saddens me to see so much hate and vile comments.

    thank you President Obama for caring about the ordinary people who love and support you and wish you nothing but success. You took office in what may be the worst of times and we are finally heading in the right direction. Also thanks for sharing your wonderful family and your values with the world. may God guide you through the turbulent times we are living in.

  • voe

    @thats_right: I expected this mentality before the election finalized.

  • Annabelle

    Vaccation, vaccation, vaccation.
    That’s what they do!
    Must be nice to suck the taxpayer’s dry.
    Hello, there is America that needs presidents attention, but no, vaccation and tv shows are more important.

  • iloveGwen

    Shame on Jared for posting this “story” to his entertainment blog.. This is a website that is supposed to post useless info about celebrities in movies, etc.. not useless info about “celebrities” in my nightmares..
    But in all seriousness, if his message is to get people to like the Obama’s, then he shouldn’t parade them in a smut blog like this..try msnbc

  • lain

    You do know that all Presidents/First Wives take vacations? Senators, Governors, etc, all take vacations, and yes, they use their salaries, which come from taxpayer money. You spew idiocy like any other bigheaded American.

    What about President Bush? He took a little golf “break” every two weeks!

  • lain

    You people are idiots. No doubt the type of people who view this sort of brainless “entertainment” scum. The President’s money is taxpayer money, but it’s also their SALARY. If they take a vacation, they’re expected to use their own money. But wait! That’s taxpayer money! Oh no!

    Secondly, the Obamas has PLENTY OF MONEY before they were elected president.

    Thirdly, WHERE WERE YOU when BUSH took vacations ALL THE TIME?

    And lastly, do you see Barack in any of these photos? No, he’s still in the US. Idiots.
    Don’t give me your crap.

  • jacquie

    I am 67 years of age, and I work a full time job. I stand on my feet 8 hrs, a day. And it irates me that the wife of the president is spending our money in another country, rather than our country. And yes, the taxes payers paid hard earned tax $$$$$ for this trip. ANd if you say we didn’t you are crazy. The secret service had to go with her & her daughter. And how much more did we have to pay for that trip that we aren’t going to know about. I don’t understand how any president can justify his family vacationing at our expense, when we have so many out of work. I am, for one sick of OUR money going to other countries, while we have people who haven’t got JOBS. TAKE THE MONEY AND SPEND IT HERE.