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Beyonce: Blonde Biker Chick!

Beyonce: Blonde Biker Chick!

Beyonce works it out in this brand new shot for her Dereon clothing line.

The 28-year-old entertainer was styled with the help of mama Tina Knowles and posed for photog Tony Duran in this look, described as “1960s pinup girl meets futuristic biker chick.”

B paired her Dereon look with garter belt temporary tattoos on her thighs and calves. Fieeeerce!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of B‘s biker bombshell look – YAY or NAY?

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  • julie


  • Yolanda

    Looking HOT B !!!!! I need to find where girl gets her weaves – they look so natural !!!!

  • Michelle Depp

    No, no & Hell NO ! She looks ridiculous. She is (can be) a pretty woman but she can NOT pull of these looks. You are not that pretty honey and her fashion sense is gaudy at best. Money can not buy taste just ask Britney!!

  • boston61

    What does she do? Her music must really suck I don’t know 1 song.

  • Dominic

    I just don’t get what she’s selling here. Clothes? Can’t even get a good look at the shoes.

  • beep

    @boston61: you must live in a box then, not knowing one beyonce song lol

  • Connie in Des Moines

    She never dressed like this before there was a Gaga..Does she get a passed because she work with her?

  • meg

    are we still “believing” this chick is 28? Maybe when destiny’s child first came out…

  • Mya

    Beyonce looks Hot! Haters are NEVER happy at what ever Beyonce does lol Beyonce is Beautiful Sexy all in one and chicks mad lmao!

  • boston61


    I’m not a big music person but I can pick out the top artists. She must have a generic sound. All the bigs throughout music history have been unique. LOL

  • Mia

    Beyonce Looks Hot! Haters are never happy no matter what Beyonce do. Beyonce is Beautiful and Sexy she just keeps bringing it can’t wait for the new album! Hater Mad ? CHECK!

  • hello

    I think Britney Spears is the ONLY artist who is not trying to be like gaga! THANK GOD someone has their own style!

  • trey

    @hello: .I KNOW! but Britney has always been an independent artist since 1999! she does not have to copy anyone to stay relevant, like these lame celebs..ha! Britney will always be Britney!

  • trey

    @hello: I KNOW!!! But Britney Spears has been in this industry since 1999! She does not have to copy anyone to stay relevant, like these lame celebs..ha! Britney will always be Britney!

  • fatu sankoh

    i love the ad i love beyonce i love every thing on beyonce she looks amazing any one that dont like this adis a hate mongers beyonce dont have to copy from anyone they copy from her may god contnue to proteict her from this hatters i wish her more success long happy maried

  • Rosy

    What I dislike with this brand, the clothes are not very beautiful.
    I feel that clothes are made only for the Beyonce’s body..

  • memememe

    I think the whole Dereon clothing line is YAWN… I like Beyonce, she has allways had a fierce style, even before gaga, just look back at her old videos from the previous album, there was no Gaga around back then and B was pulling off this look. But this clothing line is just boring, the material is bad and it feels and looks very cheap.

  • konrad

    “DerĂ©on”, please, what a “classy” brand. Screams FAKE – as does BeyoncĂ© herself. She tries so hard to be something she really is not.

  • memememe

    This clothing line is YAWN! I like Beyonce, she is cool and fierce, and please stop talking about her copying Gaga, look back at the videos from her previous album, back then there was no Gaga around, but Beyonce was already developing this look.
    As for the clothing line.:. It looks and feels cheap, and the material is really bad.

  • yo sista

    TACKY AND GHETTO-ish and wasn’t she taking a break? O.o

  • Kary


  • ZZZzzzzzzz


    Again, you’re living in a box or you’re just a really bad liar. She IS the big wig tops in music schmuck.

  • Conando

    She looks utterly ridiculous.

  • ZZZzzzzzzz


    ROTFLMAO – that train wreck couldn’t drink bey’s bath water. any suit in the industry will put their bucks on bey over britney in ANY category. britney’s currently listening to HALO and even asked to record a song with its likeness – get a clue. britney herself knows beyonce is the shizznit!

  • FIYAH!!!!

    FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks sooooooooooooooo hot!!! Love it biker meets pin up. Beyonce is straight gorgeous and is giving all the haters fe-vah!

  • Classy

    Beyonce oozes class, grace and style. She looks hot. There are more pics and a video too.

  • slambang

    Edgy fail.

  • Rym

    @Classy: class? lmao you must be blind

    this bitch looks tacky

  • Patricklly Speaking

    FIERCE! Queen B is back. Wait, she never left!

  • beefan

    Wow lots of haters here but without haters a celebrity can’t be a celebrity love the look beyonce looks good as a biker chick I can really see her in a movie playing as one maybe its just me ; )

  • sacred

    Lol, hatin’ on Beyonce? Seriously now? This woman can do no wrong. She’s still at the top of the game after all these years. Not one single flop. Why? Because she’s TALENTED and always remains PROFESSIONAL. She’s a lady.

  • Bibo

    A work of art !! Seriously, love those tattoos !!
    Haters, haters … You can’t even change … You don’t know what you’re missing !! :))

  • Frances Segismundo

    my god, this girl needs to find her own identity and style! she keeps copying other artists. she copied J.Lo one year, she copied lady gaga and now shes coming rihanna!

  • Gina

    Beyonce is serving these hoes! She looks sick!!! Love her!

  • Real Talk

    Beyonce is the perfect woman. She’s been on top for over 12 years. No chick is touching her and she’s the blueprint for females in music.

  • Fiyah

    The internet has been going nuts over these pics and all the mags and editors love them! Yes, Beyonce!!!!

  • Hip Hop Star

    That’s my song! Beyonce came out with an edge and with I Am really took it to the adrogenous level. She’s been making moves like this and she’s most definitely been blond on and off for years. She came out blond!

  • Anon

    She looks so hot. I love these pics. She’s usually on point.

  • Anonymous

    Photos of prettier models were on bicycles for Regions Bank website.

  • Modelesque

    Beyonce is stunning. The tats – crazy! Hair – aaaahhh! so freakin hot!!! She always kills it and she and her Mother killed the styling in this.

  • Biker Chick

    Damn! This is one hot biker chick!! Bey’s giving me fever and still looks graceful and classy. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?!!!