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Bill O'Reilly: Jennifer Aniston's Remarks Are 'Destructive to Society'

Bill O'Reilly: Jennifer Aniston's Remarks Are 'Destructive to Society'

Bill O’Reilly has sounded off after Jennifer Aniston‘s remarks that women can now have children without settling down with men.

“She’s throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad,’” Bill said during his show on FOX (via Us Weekly). “That is destructive to our society.”

At a press conference over the weekend, Jen shared, “Women are realizing it more and more knowing that they don’t have to settle with a man just to have that child. Times have changed and that is also what is amazing is that we do have so many options these days, as opposed to our parents’ days when you can’t have children because you have waited too long.”

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  • Dawn

    Bill O’Reilly is a homophobic idiot who is stuck back in the 1950′s when it comes to Gay Rights and other issues. He and Fox News need to go away.

  • annieisnotokayMichael

    well she doesn’t have a choice. She’s gonna have to do it without a man

  • Brightside

    I agree with Bill on this one. Children need a father figure in their lives. The children of single parents are the ones most likely to kick up dickens in the classes I teach. Just having a mother isn’t enough and children need to have a relationship with both parents. I have a wonderful relationship with my father…he has been my rock, my anchor and my motivation…his love for us has enriched our lives. Why should children be denied that just because a woman selfishly decides she doesn’t want a man in her life. I understand that there are reason why women have to raise children alone at times…but most women would rather have a loving husband and father to their children than not have one.

  • Lucky Charm

    It’s not just her remarks…

  • f

    Boy I dont want to have to defend Aniston here. But O’Reilly is taking what she said way out of context.

    And let’s be clear here, what Aniston is saying is nothing new. We’ve all knows FOR YEARS that women can have kids by themselves. So Im not sure why this is getting any attention. More publicity for her movie I guess. She’s probably smiling from ear to ear thinking she’s said something really relevant and intelligent. I have to laugh at that.

  • f


  • TSS1989

    Bil O’reilly and Sarah Palin Both needed to take a long walk on a short plank.

  • melissa

    Oh Please Jennifer did not say anything destructive, many woman are adopting or having children without being married, she can afford to raise a baby on her own and I am sure their will be plenty of great male role models in their lives, look at Brad and Angie they have all these kids and are not married, leave Jennifer alone and move on

  • Pennnywise

    I think Jenn was just explaining that children need love and that they can get that from a single-family household. She wasnt saying one was better than another or anything, she was just saying its a possibility in todays world. Which it is.
    This guys views are historic…he needs to realize what era we are living in!

  • Butter_Fly

    Because a bad father is better than no father. Idiot. I think it’s destructive to society to assume women “need” anyone to be successful at life and have productive, healthy kids.

  • boston61

    I can’t believe I agree with something O’reilly said. Kids without bio Dads are totally screwed. What she said was sickening. Of course with her money she could never end up homeless but that is not true for most girls.

  • Dawn


    When Angie started her family, she did it as a single mom. She raised Maddox happily without a man for over three years. She was also probably still single and wasn’t with Brad yet when she started the profess to adopt a child from Ethopia.

  • Dawn


    That should be process.

  • Barren Bitter Aniston

    So let me see if I have this right, JENNIFER ANISTON, who not only has never had a child, but can’t even hold onto a fake boyfriend for longer than a movie promotion tour, is now giving advice on MOTHERHOOD! OK, I’ll take her advice when I start taking weight loss tips from Gabby Sidibe.

  • Cindy Liu

    I have my Phd in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University and research has shown that a strong male figure MUST be present in a child’s life. No, it does NOT need to be a father. It could be any STRONG male figure who is present in the child’s life (e.g. uncle)

  • elena

    being a single parent is hard….i’m pretty sure all those ladies out there who are working 2 jobs to provide for their child really wish they had a man who was there to help them out. so, i’m siding with bill on this one.

  • ican’tbelievethis

    please….who is this Billy idiot?
    interpreting things way out of context!
    she didn’t say “hey 12 year olds, go get pregnant and have a baby!”
    come on now…

  • Karen

    Never thought I would defend Aniston…but O’Reilly is just blowing like he always does..what an idiot.

  • Dawn

    @Barren Bitter Aniston:

    She’s not giving advice on motherhood. She just said that women don’t need a man to become mothers which she has seen first hand. One of her closest friends, Sheryl Crow, doesn’t have a man and has adopted two children on her own.

  • Bobbie

    Fox, O’Reilly and everyone associated with Fox are all completely assinine basturds.

  • Nikki

    I have to disagree with the comments about single parent children being disruptive in classes I come from a broken home and my mother raised me on her own with my siblings while working and not once did I get in trouble at school nor did my siblings and not once did we bring the police to her door.
    And she did all that without a man helping her, would it have been nice to have a normal family with a loving mother and father and family birthday’s, halloween’s and christmas’s you bet but my sister’s and I am still with our first love’s and are blissfully happy with families of our own more determined to have a happy healthy family full of love.

  • Bill is right

    Bill is right her comments is distructive to society. Kids need their father in their lives. Have she read all the studies about what happen to kids without their fathers?Most of them are in jail and they have issues . She is just bitter because she can’t find a man . How wil she have felt if her Dad was not in her life?

  • leslie

    being a single parent and being an unmarried couple are two different things

  • Dawn

    @Bill is right:

    You are so full of it. I bet you believe the “studies” that say that children who grow up in households with gay parents will grow up to be gay themselves.

  • Dominic

    I honestly laughed out loud when I read what he said.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …man!ston might be a loser, but o’reilly’s a racist cancer to our planet.

  • Bella

    O’reilly needs to shut up and stop creating controversy where there’s none for the sake of entertainment. If she wants to have a child w/o a man, she can.

  • Ben

    LMFAO I don’t care for Anniston but Reilly is a joke



  • Dawn


    Maria, you really need to get help and STOP SHOUTING.

  • Dawn

    And if her career is over, why is she still get work? And IF she were to go away, what would you do with your days? You will be lost without obsessively hating on JA.

  • Philip

    This is just crazy. I sometimes forget the backwards society we live in. Jennifer is clearly making a case for smart, stable women who choose to have children on their own. If you are intelligent and have the means to raise a child on your own, then I think a son or daughter in that family will surely be loved and well cared for. She isn’t making a case for young, unwed children who are making mistakes and destroying their futures. Everyone here needs to jump off their huffy bikes and give the woman a break. The chances of disruption of development can be even greater in two parent homes where the odds of differing perspectives, arguments, abuse, and divorce are exponentially higher.

  • leslie

    you would be lost without obsessively defending her.

  • Jonte

    LOL at both of them.

  • ulka

    stupid old man!!!

  • Pac Man

    That’s an awful thing to say about a woman you don’t know, #2.

    All she’s saying is that women have more opportunities than they had 50 years ago and don’t have to wait for Mr. Right to start a family, #3.

    She’s not giving advice on how to raise a kid, #14.

    It’s over the top to say her comments are destructive to society, #22. She can ‘find a man’ quite easily.

    Right, #27.

    Exactly, #31.

    Correct, #32.

  • Barren Bitter Aniston


    Do you HONESTLY have your head so far up Aniston’s a$$ that you are arguing children do NOT need both a mother and father in their lives? Do you NOT know of the correlation between absentee black fathers and the numbers of black male teens in the criminal justice system? You and Aniston must have had the same deficient high school educations. Like her, you can’t possible have ever come anywhere NEAR a college. Bet you’ve never even driven PAST an institution of higher learning.

  • Jenrocks!

    umm hello!!!! what he’s saying is WAY OUT OF CONTEXT!!! Jen didn’t even mention the ABSENCE of a father/male figure, she’s simply stating the obvious in today’s society!!!
    go find something more useful to attack O’Reilly!

  • Jerry


    Jen just needs to stop talking..I don’t mind the old bitty..But come on now..Child bearing tips..Child rearing tip..Whatever..Someone needs to tell that Biatch STF up!!
    And put on some clothes…
    Can she at least cover up her dry flat old ass?
    i mean does she have to get naked to sell a movie-water-perfume every single time..
    The woman is over 40 for goodness sake…
    Please go tell your silly fool Jen..STF UP!!

  • Dawn

    @Barren Bitter Aniston:

    Jennifer never said that children don’t need a mother and a father. She just said that if a woman chooses to have a child without a man she can. And I know children do need a mother and a father but that is not always possible for various reasons. And there are lots of children out there who do just fine without a father. The majority of them don’t end up in jail or in prison.

  • Dawn


    And for the record, I did go to college. As do a lot of women who chose to have children on their own. Some single mothers even go to college while raising their children so they can make a better life for them and their child or children. Maybe you are the one who should back to college. Maybe it will rid you of your ignorance and stereo typical ideals because if you knew anything, you would know that most women in the black community who are single mothers are usually single mothers by circumstances, not choice.

  • well

    Most parents that get divorced or single parents if they were honest would tell you they wish they had a good partner helping them, most good moms or dads encourage and work with the other parent so they can raise healthy and balanced kids. Uncles, aunts, grandparents are important too.
    Jennifer sends out the message….oh, just wait till your career is established or did everything you’ve wanted…who needs a stinking man to have a kid!….that’s what O’Reilly is saying is wrong and it is. It’s fine if someone chooses to not have children but they should own it.
    Jennifer Aniston should stop telling her fans and reporters that she will someday, because she seems no where in stopping to have that child and that’s okay. Just admit you never wanted to….some one did want a lot of kids and now he’s got them…which is why Jennifer needs to end this baby…pity party…references to what could have been crap. If she admits about a baby isn’t that important, then her wall of lies comes tumbling down.

  • Elaine

    she is just finding excuses for her own choices to be at that age without a man or children. no nothing wrong with that, but she should think of her responsibility as a celeb- what kind of message she is giving out…

    and btw, no matter what you still need an egg and a sperm to make a child. THAT can’t change. unless she loves herself so much she plans to clone herself???

  • Elaine

    oh and if she is a mother… and make that statement then it might be a different thing here… but she does not have children nor a man in her life. what does she know about single parenting? thank god she is without kids.

  • dd

    I watched the segment last night and totally agree with O’Reilly. Although that is her personal opinion, but she should have thought about her answer cause as the tabloids/paparazzi put her on a pedestal as a role model to young women.

  • clut

    @Pac man
    Shut up. Go to that werido thread and workship the bombed movie. No one cares about your sh*t talk.

  • nooooooooooooo!

    Oh God! Some poor, innocent child is going to be created in Jen-heifer’s barren, dried up old womb. :(

  • annieisnotokaymichael

    Reminds me of what Chris Rock said: A bunch of girls say, “You don’t need no man to help you raise no child” … shut the fcuk up with the bullsh!t Yeah, you could do it without a man, but that don’t mean it’s to be done! Sh!t, you can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good fuking idea!

  • Jerri


    You guys are morons.. It is perfectly acceptable for a mature, responsible adult to have a child, and be a single parent. As long as that’s what she wants, whats it to you? Bill O’Reilly really needs to leave the business and go be a hermit somewhere. Im so sick of hearing his old fashioned ways and antics. And as far as the comment made by “Bill is Right”, if the kids have “more issues”, then its the mothers fault. I know several people that came from single parent homes, and they turn out just fine. Its all in how you raise your children. AND to tboston61, kids without bio dads are NOT totally screwed.. How do you figure that??? I think Anniston should adopt, or even get IVF, and have a baby. I think the reason she doesnt have a man, is because she is a “got it together woman” who men are fearful of. I think she’s one who likes to stay home and relax and be a homebody, and the men she dates, simply dont.

  • truth

    JA has no choice. She has two-three years left in her clock. She has no man to stand her. She can’t marry an old man who will be her match or some one out of the industry, she wants to look better and wants to leave the illusion she can get any man she wants . But the truth is far from it . No one in the industry wants her that is why she is alone.
    She might took to be a single mom and forever ride the victim one. The story will go like this If only she wasn’t “stolen” she would have a father for her kid. LOL As though she was wanted in the first place. She was just a settle that people update when they find their match.