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Daniel Radcliffe Covers 'Out' September 2010

Daniel Radcliffe Covers 'Out' September 2010

Daniel Radcliffe covers Out magazine’s September 2010 issue, on newsstands Tuesday, August 24!

The 21-year-old actor posed with friend Our Lady J, a trans singer/songwriter, for photographer Terry Richardson!

Daniel also dished on his involvement with the Trevor Project, an LGBT crisis and suicide prevention network.

“When I got to have a tour of the New York [Trevor Project] call center, my admiration for the project, but also for the place and the people, tripled,” Daniel said. “The systems they have in place, the actual way the call center works on a practical level, is so brilliant and efficient. It’s something I’m very proud to be able to be involved with.”

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Photos: Terry Richardson
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  • lol


  • elle

    I’m sorry but I think he’s gay…. just saying, not that it matters.. he’s great anyways!!

  • whitney

    Just going to assume that you don’t have to be gay to be on the cover? Though I’ve never been sure about him. Anyway, my only problem is that he doesn’t look so hot in that cover picture. Kind of creepy really.

  • Michelle Depp

    The 2nd thumbnail is too funny – one of Lady J’s legs is bigger than Daniel’s whole body..Lol

  • Great

    I wish more straight stars did stuff like this.

  • leah

    I find him creepy looking/drugged up at times but the first thumbnail is cute lol

  • Nate

    @elle: I don’t know but I’ve never gotten that vibe from him. He doesn’t seem closeted at all to me.

  • Londoner

    The fact that he works so closely with these projects and spotlights them is a really awesome thing. It makes me want to get involved and so some voluntary work in my Borough.

  • V

    I hate Terry Richardson.

  • sacha

    DanRad seems like a genuinely good guy.

  • Imogen

    Why is he dressed like my grandad in that 2nd shot lol :P

  • thumbs up

    very cool

  • BEAN

    Too much make up on that cover, he doesn’t even look like a man anymore – more tranny.

  • Catherine

    Just waiting for him to “come out”. Any moment now.

  • miss infamous

    He’s bisexual

  • Popular Girl

    Daniel Jacob Radcliffe Looks Sexy Hot!! :-)

  • Butter_Fly

    He looks so much better without all the makeup. Why would you cake on makeup on a guy anyway? Men aren’t supposed to be “pretty.” lol

  • gracemarie

    OKAY YOU DON”T HAVE TO BE GAY TO BE ON THE COVER OF OUT. Just like you don’t have to be straight to be on the cover of countless mags run by straight people

    Ewan McGregor and a number of straight stars have been on the cover. In the article Daniel talks about his girlfriend of 3 years which he broke up with and is now “chasing girls”.

  • WTF

    How short is this guy?

  • backwards

    @Butter_Fly: Says who?

  • D

    I really do respect the fact that he decided to commit to these projects instead of just doing it to promote himself or whatever. Oh and really don’t care what his sexuality is one way or another.

  • LGBT

    He tells Attitude Magazine: “I just loathe homophobia. It’s just disgusting and animal and stupid and it’s just thick people who can’t get their heads around it and are just scared. I grew up around gay people entirely and it was never something that I even thought twice about – that some men were gay and some weren’t. And then I went to school and for the first time, I came across homophobia. I had never encountered it before. It shocked me. I was the only child in my class who had any experience of homosexuality or anything like that. So I have always hated anybody who is not tolerant of gay men or lesbians or bisexuals. Now I am in the very fortunate position where I can actually help or do something about it. I’ve always felt very lucky to have the life that I’ve had. I never had to cope with anything serious about my religion or sexual orientation or anything like that. I think it’s important for somebody from a big, commercial movie series like Harry Potter, and particularly because I am not gay or bisexual or transgendered.”

  • Alaia

    I like how he proably doesn’t care if people speculate about his sexuality. This his 348581th cover on a gay magazine, right?

  • dgsg

    photographed by terry richardson and still doesnt look cool.

  • Iffy Miffy

    He’s such a great guy, wish more people had attitudes like his, this world would be a better place.




  • Mardi

    OK, he is TOTALLY not my type, no sort of attraction to him at all, but that first thumbnail picture of his is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. What a happy cutie.




  • mars

    Not only gay people appear on the cover of OUT. Nicholas Hoult and Mitch Hewer (from Skins) have also appeared. YES, they did have gay moments on screen, but they are not gay in real life. So dan must have appeared because he has expressed on several ocassions his disapproval of homophopy and his support towards the gay community.
    so… i don’t think he’s gay, he’s just really open minded and confident enough with his sexuality… maybe i’m wrong of course, but that’s my opinion

  • Butter_Fly

    @20. I guess what I meant to say was girly. They made him look pretty like a girl. I don’t know, it’s just a weird picture of him.

  • Tyler

    I didn’t know he was gay.

  • Nellie Rubina

    He’s half-Jewish. I wonder if he’s ever visited “Tales of the Holoaust” at Stormfront?

  • whatevah

    I don’t want to see Harry Potter with chest hair!!!!

  • Jimmy

    He’s an odd ball. Drinks too much. Likes trannies for some reason. His face has developed big ugly wrinkles. And wearing those glasses doesn’t help at all.

  • Jimmy

    In fact he is so very very short, the tranny has to crouch down low so she doesn’t completely tower over him.

  • Jimmy

    In fact he is so very very short, the tranny has to crouch down low so she doesn’t completely tower over him.

  • k

    Seeing as he’s Jewish and all, I’m curious to know if he’s ever contributed a story to this thread:

  • vany

    gotta love those pornstar glasses :)
    lov ya’ dan :)))

  • black


  • Dance In The Dark

    So ugly, even all the (obvious) makeup doesn’t help.
    Can’t stand him, he makes me embarassed to be English because all Americans think we walk around and talk in his whiny, fake dandy dialect. We don’t.

  • eyeh8twilight

    I don’t care what anyone on here says, or what they’re going to say about him, Daniel Radcliffe is sticking up for gay rights and what he’s doing should be admired. Daniel Radcliffe is dedicated to helping those who need help. He doesn’t do this to promote himself, he does it because he cares. If he didn’t care, then he would do 1 psa then never talk about it again. Dan”s said himself, he grew up around gay people because his parents were talent agents. He’s used to it and see’s how homophobia and denying them rights that everyone should have affects them. Way to go, Dan, we all support you!

    Daniel Radcliffe has said numerous times that he’s not gay, not bisexual and of course not a transvestite. Whether he’s telling the truth or not, we should respect him. Yes, in my opinion, he does have some…how do I put this…feminine mannerisms, but that doesn’t mean he’s gay. The thing is, in interviews he has those mannerisms, it might be nervousness or whatever, but if you meet him in real life, he doesn’t have those. I don’t know, I only met him after Equus in NYC, but whatever.

    By the way, Daniel Radcliffe is SO FREAKING HOT on the cover and in the inside photoshoot. OMG, he needs to wear sunglasses more often.

  • Lala

    A man (boy) to love.

  • Linda

    He’s such a great (adorable) Guy!

  • mia


    You are gross for posting this link. It is gross that this website exists.

  • Wow

    Wow. This photo shoot looks horrible. Wonder what’s happening to Terry Richardson. The latest one in GQ with Paul Rudd & Co. wasn’t that great either…

  • brenda

    OMG!!! he is too short and …..GAY!!!! well,.. he is a good actor too,is his life

  • bless

    lol he’s so puny..

  • Atrium

    the Photo with the Glasses Better