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Russian Wildfires Halt Production on Emile Hirsch's Film

Russian Wildfires Halt Production on Emile Hirsch's Film

Emile Hirsch has been busy in Russia shooting his alien apocalyptic thriller, The Darkest Hour, but no more than 48 hours ago, production was halted for a minimum of two weeks.

Why? Devastating fires have been wreaking havoc across Russia, causing a record heat wave and a smoky haze to pervade the city. Around 700 people are dying everyday, twice the normal death rate.

The 25-year-old actor is currently on his way out of Russia and has taken to The Huffington Post to talk about the issue.

Says Emile, “Most of the 16 million people of Moscow and the countryside surrounding it can’t simply be generously put on a jet like me by a powerful corporation and flown across the world to a home of safety and fresh air. Most of the people will have to stay… May we in return have them stay in our thoughts and hearts through this disaster. And let us not forget what we may all be partially responsible for–the accelerated climate change of our fragile planet.”

Read Emile‘s full blog post at!

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27 Responses to “Russian Wildfires Halt Production on Emile Hirsch's Film”

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  1. 1
    abby Says:

    he actually wrote the blog? wow he is so intelligent! i’m 23 and i can’t write like that. and i feel horrible about what’s happening in russian. i hope they will get the wild fires under control in no time.

  2. 2
    abby Says:

    russia *

  3. 3
    Dawn Says:

    Oh Just Jared. The fires didn’t cause the heat wave. The heat wave caused the fires. The heat wave has also caused fires in Portugal, too. Most of the northern hemisphere has experienced horrible heat waves most of this summer . It sucks that mother nature had to drop all that rain in Pakistan and China instead of spreading it around. This is just more proof that Global Warming exists and is getting worse.

  4. 4
    dee Says:

    my respect for him has gone way up!

  5. 5
    f Says:

    Who knows if he actually wrote it. That said–he seems like an intelligent dude, and Ill give him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. 6
    Victoria Says:

    seems a bit hypocritical that in the same paragraph he condemns human activity resulting in global warming as well as admitting that he hopped on a jet that undoubtedly polluted the planet in its trip around the world.

  7. 7
    ScienceGal Says:

    Global warming – baloney. Does anyone bother to mention that in South America they have been experiencing record low temperatures and that in California this Summer there have been record low temps as well Yes climate changes, that’s what it does. So please explain the high temperatures of the Medieval Warming Period. Temps were warmer then…

  8. 8
    Emile Hirsch on JJ! Says:

    Oh hay I love him!

  9. 9
    youwishyouwereme Says:

    he wrote it. you can trust me on that one. as for being a hypocrite…he’s an actor, it wasn’t his choice to film in russia, i’m sure if there were an eco-friendly way to fly there and back he would have most likely taken it. let’s not get too nit picky here, the kid obviously cares about people and he planet.

    emile is a very intelligent guy and very under-rated in the business.

  10. 10
    anastasia Says:

    i love Emile! he’s a great actor and seems like a nice and intellegent guy. i come from moscow and it’s good to see that he supports the people out there!

  11. 11
    Caroline Says:

    Such a sad event in Russia. Let’s pray for them ;(

  12. 12
    Sugar Mouse Says:

    Guys, I’m from Russia.
    Smog ended, it was not as horrible as he says, it was just hard.

  13. 13
    youwishyouwereme Says:

    Ok Sugar Mouse…if you’re from Russia and it wasn’t as bad as he said it was…then please tell me why every single media outlet has been talking about the severity of the situation? For that matter, yes it’s true that the air has gotten better, you can find that out through the news as well; however there’s no need to be rude and try to make Emile look by trying to one up him by being from Russia and saying “it wasn’t that bad”. He’s a great guy and again, it’s not like they all had a choice to stay or go, if production says it’s time to get out, then they do what they’re told. He’s a person just like the rest of us, he has feelings and compassion too, just because he’s an actor doesn’t mean you should have some right to try and make yourself look bigger or wiser than him just because you are from Russia.

  14. 14
    Abbie Says:

    I just re-tweeted this on my Twitter, Jared. I also spread the word about it on my facebook, as well :)

    THANKS so much for giving the folks some Emile Hirsch news, and a new photo of the fella, even if the news isn’t the best, is it?

    I like it when well-paid celebs give back to others, being so priviledged as they are :)

    Activism suits Emile-yo. It really does. It taps into this selfless side, and caring nature. I’ll bet Sean Penn really influenced him in this regard, eh?
    (Penn’s staying put in Haiti, which I admire greatly, btw. Maybe he should run for political office, there)

  15. 15
    Abbie Says:

    @youwishyouwereme: Sweetie, don’t get so defensive, here.
    Sugar Mouse was only giving the folks another / her own perspective is all.

  16. 16
    Abbie Says:

    @youwishyouwereme: Don’t jump down Sugar Mouse’s throat. She was only giving us her perspective which only differs from ours, is all. After all, she lives there, and we do not.

  17. 17
    Abbie Says:

    @Victoria: Victoria, how else was the fella going to get to where filming commenced, if he wasn’t going to fly there?
    Give him a break, please.
    It’s not like he was gonna walk there … he had to take some mode of transport that used some sort of fuel, after all, LOL.

  18. 18
    Abbie Says:

    @f: Yes, f. This entry IS authentically from Emile-yo.
    E’s well-read, and quite bright, despite never having graduated from HS, or having the “sheepskins” to prove how sharp he truly is.
    Also, Huffington Post has published E’s works-of-writ before, and they do make people authenticate, as well.

  19. 19
    liza_isaeva Says:

    i’m from russia too. “Around 700 people are dying everyday, twice the normal death rate.”
    wtf?!it’s not true. 25 people died.and it’s horrible.

    I was just shocked by the wrong information.but the fires themselves is really terrible. a lot of animals were destroyed.

    p.s.: i’m really sorry for small vocabulary of english

  20. 20
    Anna Says:


    errrhmm “Science”-gal… how about you read a bit of actual science? Should provide your explanations for e.g, the medieval temperature fluctuations. Also maybe consider that local lower temperatures doesn’t change the fact that the planets atmosphere as a whole is experiencing ever higher temperatures.

  21. 21
    Basketca Says:

    Very thoughtful of you, Emile. But these fires have nothing to do with climate change, so I don’t know why you brought it up. That last sentence was just stupid.

  22. 22
    Sugar Mouse Says:

    if you don’t think I’m from Russia – да пошли вы!

  23. 23
    ScienceGal Says:

    Well Anna darling, it seems you should be the one to read some actual science. The planet’s atmosphere as a whole as you say is not experiencing ever higher temps. And the medieval warm period was not temperature fluctuations, but a long period of time with much warmer temperatures than what we experience now post industrial age. Hanson’s hockey stick graph that Gore used has been proven false. Okay dear , I’ll take your challenge reference some actual science here and l’ll gladly debate with you.
    C’mon, lets see what you got.

  24. 24
    مشاهدة افلام Says:

    errrhmm “Science”-gal… how about you read a bit of actual science? Should provide your explanations for e.g, the medieval temperature fluctuations. Also maybe consider that local lower temperatures doesn’t change the fact that the planets atmosphere as a whole ..

  25. 25
    افلام مباشرة Says:

    @abby: thank you so much …

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