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Hayden Christensen: Reeve Champions Summer Party!

Hayden Christensen: Reeve Champions Summer Party!

Newly single Hayden Christensen hosts the Reeve Champions Summer Party held at the top of NYC’s Standard Hotel on Tuesday (August 10).

The event was hosted by Dior Beauty and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, which seeks to raise funds and awareness for those living with and affected by paralysis The late actor Christopher Reeve‘s children were attendance: Will Reeve, Alexandra Reeve Givens, and Matthew Reeve.

Sitting in the wheelchair below is Francesco Clark, who survived a tragic swimming pool accident that severed his spinal cord and left him paralyzed. British stylista Louise Roe also came out to support the great cause (a new episode of her fashion makeover show Plain Jane airs tonight @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW).

15+ pictures inside of the Reeve Champions Summer Party

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Credit: J. Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • Brightside

    Good for him…he seems to have come into his own now he is single. I like that he’s supporting a cause and the plight of a group of people that often get forgotten in the face of more media-aggressive charities.
    And he does look happier…

  • ida

    like a burden left his shoulders….
    i wonder why there are not other famous people supporting this cause.Christopher Reeve was well known AND an actor…his fellow workers owe him at least some respect..

  • Blahzae

    Since the sad passing of Mr, Reeve alot of celebs have backed off from supporting this cause. Because they dont get the golden photo op with Christopher Reeve to go along with it and Dana’s (his wife) passing soon after made it that much harder for the charity to continue.
    Sad really it is a very important cause.
    It is wonderful that Hayden is supporting a cause that others have forgotten even though he knows it wont get him as much attention as other causes would.
    Good for him, he seems to be acting more like his former and better self before all the crap that happened at last few years.
    Seems alof of the bad influences are out of his life.

    BTW I love his outfit, very down to earth chic I think.


    I could just chew on his ears I swear,adoreable and eat him up ^.^
    So cute ^.^ Glad he is getting involved in charity work lately, First RED Campaign, now this awesome!!!!!!!

  • Brightside

    Terrible about Mr Clark…my heart goes out to him. My mother crushed three discs in her back diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. It didn’t have depth warnings.

  • tina

    He was always beautiful but he is also smart. Good for him that he is rid of the talentless midget, sad that he stayed with her this long. Tarnished his reputation by putting up with her.

  • Madison

    You look great Hayden, and you’re doing good. Good for you. Breaking up with Rachel was the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time, and it shows all over your face!

  • the truth

    He looks great ! For a great cause.

  • H728

    It’s nice to see that Hayden is supporting such a good cause. He looks great. More happy Hayden please. :)

  • tin

    he’s ugly and boring

  • Jenny

    He looks older. Still good. Just grown up. He looks happy.

  • tin

    waste of space

  • tina

    How did he hook up with this airhead in the first place, and stayed with her for so long ready to marry her and saying the he is deeply in love and cat wait to get married just recently. I am very disappointed in him for that.

  • Brightside

    Disappointed in what, exactly? That he hooked up with an airhead or that he didn’t marry her like he said he would? I guess you’re not a Rachel fan or you wouldn’t be calling her an airhead so why would you want someone to be saddled with an airhead for the rest of their lives just because marriage was mentioned at one point! Things change, people change, relationships end, people move on. You must either be very young or very naive if you haven’t realised already that this happens in life more often than not.

  • tina


    He is interested in dumb women like RB, that is what I wanted to say. He not only fell for her but wanted to marry her and loved her very much, as he said. That is disappointing bc he does not look dumb himself.

  • Lake

    It was all a sham, be disappointed in him in that he allowed himself to be used like that. But, it’s over with finally, he’s moving on and doing good things now. Be glad for that, and hopefully he’s learned something.

  • Brightside

    I suppose he is bound to say that, if asked. After all he’s hardly going to say something like..’No I’m not getting married to her, she drives me round the bend, all she does is witter on about clothes!’ to a magazine, is he. Although I would have LMFAO if he had. It would have been closer to the truth, I feel.

  • chris23

    While he was with her he was dealing with a lot of shit, mostly concerning his family. His father especially. He wasn’t in a good place when he was with Bilson and I bet she made him feel like he needed her. This wasn’t a sham. He proposed because for some odd reason his family liked her and he wanted to make them happy.

    Thank god its over and done. Ding dong! The witch is dead!!

    Hayden looks incredible!! Good for him and the charity work he’s doing.

  • sarah

    he is so ugly and useless

  • Blahzae

    @sarah: the only thing that is ugly and useless are trolls like sarah on here, inside and outside im sure.

  • lexy hates bilson

    since my previous post is waiting for moderation…I must say – I’m surprised Rachel did not attend this…it’s Dior!!! Isn’t her b-day coming up?? There must be a reason he’s sticking around and I doubt it’s for this charity event. Chris Reeve had a lot of more influential friends who could do a better job raising money and awareness.

  • H728

    @lexy hates bilson:
    His new movie Takers is going to come out in this month either, so there will be more event to promote Takers. Also, there will be talk show appearances for Hayden in next week, including Jimmy Kemmel as well as Regis and Kelly. Thus, this month is a busy month for him.
    Just because there are more influential people, does it mean that they can’t just invite Hayden to this event?
    Why does every time he is sticking around in US have to be anything to do about RB? Especially now since they are officially done.

  • EJ

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Christopher Reeve’s children, who now run the foundation, have been friends with Hayden for 8 years so they asked him to host this fundraiser. The Reeve party was a sold out event.

  • amaranth

    @ 16 – It was all a sham, be disappointed in him in that he allowed himself to be used like that.

    THAT FEELS & OBVIOUSLY MORE TRUE. But even then, he was still a lot more stupid & disgusting to even get ride on w/ it – that he pulled off the strings to end/stop the sham just before he would totally stuck or even get buried w/ his “dreadful ex” in HW’s absolute baloney & oblivion.

  • jaeger

    Well “if” HC probably got himself a “lot more sensible & also a much better/hotter looking -beard”-; he could save up a lot less to press it on for its being “factual”. Anyways, there could always be a “next” time LOL

  • Jenny

    Be happy and we can know glad at all the imbeciles saying, “They were getting married!! Hayden is getting hitched! I wanted to shove those fake kissing pictures in your ugly face!! Will we still be in denial when see their grand kids sitting on Hayden and Rachel’s laps?” What happened PPL to the one’s where ohhhh so sure it would be Hayden and Rachel for ever?? Where are Hayden and Rachel now? What happened to the babies they were supposed to have?? This is like the best b*tch slap ever to those stupid Raydens! I love it and sitting back and gloating right now. Yeah,,,,Life is good!

  • LogicSays

    @lexy hates bilson: Get over it woman Hayden and Rachel are OVER!!!
    Seriously Rayden fans make me sick
    Hayden was in LA and he avoided her at all costs.
    He is now in NYC and did a charity event because he knows the Reeve children.
    The man can be in the USA without it having anything to do with his now OFFICIAL EX. Thanks to her little attention seeking announcement.
    Just like he will be back in LA for the JImmy Kimmel Show to promote Takers and he will be avoiding her again.
    Get over it.
    Regardless if they were real or fake or both back and forth, they are over still.

  • GlassCastles

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t chuck stones people.
    My point is this.
    How many people here reading this have bad exes? Maybe a former abusive husband or a cheating ex girlfriend, someone that used them or was a bad influence.
    Would you want that past relationship to define who YOU are to people because of someone else.
    Would you want people to say well you let yourself get hurt get used and you deserved it?
    We all make bad choices have bad exes but that doesnt make YOU a bad person, now does it?
    I am sure everyone has had moments of weakness and made bad decisions maybe got preyed upon by someone while they were weak? But again that wouldnt make you a bad person.
    Sometimes in life you get caught up in things, like a toxic relationship or bad situation and just because you did does not define you as a human being. Getting out of that relationship for whatever reason you were in it to begin with or that situation is what defines a person in the end.
    Since no one here knows Hayden personally they have no idea why he really did it all, weakness, fear, lonelyness, who knows?
    People whisphering in his ear that is was a “good” idea. That part doesnt matter really in the end.
    Show me a person that has never made a bad choice or listened to the wrong person in their life and you are showing me someone that is lieing, because we all make mistakes… every .. last… one.. of .US.
    The only difference our mistakes are not out there for everyone to see and judge.
    If it was sham relationship .. oh well. He isnt the first actor that has felt he needed to do that to survive and he certainly wont be the last.
    Hollywood has always been that way even during the golden age of cinema in the 1940′s and 1950′s some of the most famous couples of that time were all FAKE. Back then the studios had the power to make you date whoever they told you to and you had no choice. The only difference, now actors can pick who they do that with on some level.
    Probably half of the couples in Hollywood everyone is convinced is the REAL DEAL for sure are actually fake but are so good at it everyone thinks they are a real couple.
    Something to keep in mind. Hollywood has always been that way always will be all for the publics entertainment.
    So in closing like I said I am sure everyone here has been used by someone if not several people in their lifes, for whatever reason you “allowed ” that to happen and Im sure everyone runs the risk of that happening again. Some of us are even guilty of making the same mistakes over and over.
    An example a girl that always gets with abusive boyfriends that hurt her no matter how many times it happens or you tell her to stop she does it all over again.,
    Why? Because that is life and the risk we take in it. Bad relationships happens, mistakes will be made and life…. it will go on for us all.

  • tennille

    And there’s such a thing called “Rayden(tards)”?!
    If there is; I soo damn sure that I wouldn’t get outnumbered even if I’ll use my feet for the counting (lol) coz if that’s not the case, there could simply & plainly be a Jumper “sequel”.

  • Blahzae

    Because they didnt follow the book at all they really cant make a sequel anyways lol
    Not the smartest move ever
    . The book was completely difference the Gryffin character( JamieBell) didnt even exist in the book at all.
    I somehow doubt there will ever be a Jumper 2 lol

  • Blahzae

    different* not difference.
    Ahhh dont you just love typos? lol
    Oh well nothing I can but laugh at myself i guess hehe

  • H728

    For God’s sake, this thread is about Hayden doing charity work and helping a great cause.
    Is it really necessary to bring up someone and beat the dead horse over and over? Especially it has been officially done. As pointed out by #28, who never make bad choices anyway, but the most important thing is, IT IS OVER NOW. Some people seriously need to get over it.
    Apparently Hayden has been moving on, so should us.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Now I’m a Rayden Fan?? LOL!
    Yes, it’s nice to see him out and about and doing some charity work. I’m surprised he’s doing any PR for Takers. The preview/trailer I saw promoted TI as the star of this movie. They didn’t even show HC.

  • H728

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Why surprised at all? No matter who else from the Takers cast they promote, it does not change the fact that Hayden is in the movie as well. So why not doing PR for Takers?

  • Blahzae

    @<a href=”/2010/08/11/hayden-christensen-reeve-champions-summer-party/comment-page-2/#comment-The trailer spot running on TV is pretty long and they added alot of Hayden’s character AJ and Paul Walkers character too.
    So it might have something to do with what marketing areas each person is in.

  • trailers

    They have shown so much of this trailer why bother to see the movie at all. I don’t really know if it would be worth it now or not to pay to see it when TV is showing most of it.

  • Brightside

    Aren’t actors obligated to do promotional work for their films, though? I thought that was part of the contract?
    I know people complain and feel it’s a cheap, media tactic but I actually expect it. I would be a bit worried about a film where the actors/esses couldn’t be bothered to do any promotion for it. I would wonder what the hell is wrong with the film and that would definitely put me off going to see it.
    I’m desperate to see Vanishing? Anyone heard anything?

  • H728

    Few days ago The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Vanishing on 7th Street would be at Toronto International Film Festival this year.
    “Toronto has also set aside a berth for Brad Anderson’s apocalyptic thriller “The Vanishing on 7th Street,” starring Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo and written by Anthony Jaswinski.”
    *Cross fingers*

  • Brightside

    Yes!…*pumps fist in air*…the trailer looked so darn good I am desperate to see the film! It’s at the top of my must sees! Takers I can take or leave…bank heists are not my favourite genre…I find them too samey and blah…but Vanishing looks excellent! Crossing my fingers but I think this film could have a very wide appeal.

  • PrettySimpleton

    Cant wait till this upcoming
    Monday August 16th when Hayden Christensen will appear on the Jimmy Kimmel LIve Show
    it is his first real interview in a long time and his first since the blessed split from the awful ex.
    Should be fun to watch.

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