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Rebelle Fleur: Rihanna's New Neck Tattoo!

Rebelle Fleur: Rihanna's New Neck Tattoo!

Rihanna shows off her new neck tattoo while stepping out of her New York City hotel on Wednesday afternoon (August 11).

The 22-year-old singer just got the fresk ink yesterday at East Side Ink tattoo parlor. It says “Rebelle Fleur” in script, which means rebel/rebellious flower in French.

Tomorrow night, Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Travie McCoy will be playing in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden!!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s new tattoo??

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# 1
I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 08/11/2010 at 3:23 pm


# 2

She will soon look like Travis Barker!

# 3

Lovely jacket.

# 4

But wow the hair really needs to go lol. It’s not working Riri…

# 5

I love that font/itallics but she needs to stop with the tats already

# 6

i love the tatoo but I’m french and I think it’s Fleur Rebelle not Rebelle Fleur,just sayin

# 7

What I don’t understand is why her stylist won’t tell her she doesn’t look so good? I mean look at this shot

# 8

she really needs to stop with the tats! angelina jolie, too!

i actually like it, but combined with the stars, it’s too much. not judging, cause i have three small ones on my ankles. but, you really have to force yourself to stop because they can be addictive!

# 9

She’s still cute but I feel like she’s slowly ruining her beauty. Seriously.

Tattoos are very addictive…trust me…


If she had just this tattoo and none of the others it would look pretty. With the little stars on her neck (that kinda look like dirt) and the one on her hand that looks really bad with her long claw-nails, it’s too much. It just looks so tacky :(

ugly chick.

ugly chick.

Cover the shoes and the hair and it looks great. Otherwise, it’s such a mismatched outfit—

her smile is adorable.

She needs to stop with the red hair. It’s not her colour.
She looks horrible.

She needs to stop with the red hair. It’s not her colour.
She looks horrible.

Beautiful skin.

Oh No They Didn't @ 08/11/2010 at 3:40 pm

She looks like a **** clown.

It would have looked right it she checked before how to translate it. In French, we say Fleur Rebelle and not Rebelle Fleur, which absolutely makes no sense !

I always forget she’s only my age. She’s not so much more in her career…


Barbadian babe <3

@GR..OSS: Why are you so obsessed with Rihanna?

Love the jacket colour and the top. The rest notsomuch….

Another neck tattoo? That looks so trashy

It should be fleur rebelle. LOL!

Rebelle Fleur… that’s a little bit weird.
I’m french and Fleur Rebelle is better :)

Iffy Miffy @ 08/11/2010 at 3:49 pm

@mary: Yes, well, you are presuming she has the brains to a) even think about the necessity for accuracy of something written in a language she doesn’t know; b) think about the fact that it will look idiotic – as it does – if it is written wrongly.

Rihanna, you’re not edgy. YOU NEVER WILL BE! GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!

Well the hair looks bad, go back to natural please.

And for being french, that tatoo is as bad as her hair. First of all when you wanna get foreign words on your skin check the grammar first.
In french you put adjectives behind the name, it should have been ‘Fleur Rebelle’ not ‘Rebelle Fleur’. It’s like me french someone who would get the tatoo in english ‘Flower rebelious’….. get it ? Gosh some people are dumb to get that kind of tatoo, that’s ludicrous!

Sookie los angeles @ 08/11/2010 at 3:59 pm

Neck tattoos arent flattering on anyone. Total turnoff

it’s “FLEUR REBELLE” not “rebelle fleur” omg
Lol @ her

Um…shouldn’t it be “fleur rebelle”?

In french “rebelle fleur” doesn’t mean anything, but “fleur rebelle” does. Too bad for her!

This ho can’t even get her tats to read right.

it doesn’t look good next to the little stars which i happen to completely hate in general and it’s fleur rebelle not the other way around.

#6 and #21 are correct – in true French, it would read Fleur Rebelle. Riri should have double-checked that. What an idjit.

Aïe :s
“Fleur rebelle” it’s better, not rebelle fleur..

Dit et redit, mais “rebelle fleur” ne veut pas dire grand chose!
Too bad Riri!
“Fleur rebelle” c’est mieux.

yes, rebellious flower in french would be fleur rebelle (first noun, than adjective)…but maybe it has some other meaning to her…


That’s what I was thinking too…it should be Fleur Rebelle

LMAO….Maybe she should have had it translated properly before getting it done. It should be Fleur Rebelle…not the other way around

ahaha i love when people got a tatoo and it doesn’t mean nothing because it’s not written in their language! like some french already said and as a french myself i can say it too, rebelle fleur doesn’t mean a thing, it’s fleur rebelle. now she’s gonna have a wrong french tatoo for the rest of her life. and she’s not the only one: i remember robbie williams gots a tatto in french too and it means nothing!

This is what Miss Try-Hard gets for trying to be so avant-garde and edgy – an incorrect tattoo translation! Reminds me of the Hayden Panettiere incident.


@mary: Mary’s totally right ! Rihanna made the same type of mistake than Hayden Panettiere. They’re ridiculous !

Its a very beautiful…….FAIL !!!!
We say FLEUR REBELLE and not rebelle fleur..


You’re totally right!
I’m french too and this tattoo doesn’t mean anything in French, she didn’t wrote the words in the good order!

laverdadduele @ 08/11/2010 at 6:03 pm

“Rebelle S.L.U.T.” would’ve been more appropriate for her.

Definetly not spelled correctly. Haa!
It’s permanent!!!!

OH hahaha her tattoo is INCORRECT!!! it’s Fleur Rebelle not Rebelle fleur…Dumbass xD

Actually this tattoo doesn’t mean ****, if u wanna say rebellious flower in French u say fleur rebelle not rebelle fleur which is ridiculous, if u want some ink get it right b4 lookin stupid for the rest of ur life

Haha, she f*ck*d that up nicely! Well, that’s what you get Rihanna, for trying so hard all the time.

She looks super cute, hate the red hair still, but she’s pretty. And LOVE the “rebelle” pour ma belle Rihanna. <3

it actually doesn’t mean much of anything since what she meant is “fleur rebelle”, they mixed up the word order which makes it sound really weird…

She is a beautiful girl but all these tattoos are starting to ruin her beautiful body. She is not gonna be able to stop next thing she’ll be like travie mccoy.

I’m French. That’s not how you write it! hahaha
If she was trying to say rebellious flower in French, it’s supposed be “fleure rebelle”

omg ! I’m french and there is a mistake !!
REBELLE FLEUR ????? really ??

What is wrong with you guys… She looks amazing LOL! In twenty yrs those tats will be either removed or scarred… But, who cares… She doesn’t… She has about 7 more years to continue this lifestyle.. After thirty she will look ridiculous… Madonna has none, I think… Which, in the long run was a good decision.. I wonder if she will regret these silly tatoos more so, than selling her soul for money.. Decisions… Decisions.. Help please!! Another celebrity in need of attention.. How is someone walking out of a hotel newsworthy.. She needs to take a nap!!

Je parle français! @ 08/11/2010 at 9:47 pm

Fleur rebelle, not Rebelle fleur….une faute sur un tatouage : LOOSER!

I like it, she’s seriously tatted up.

goldskingirl @ 08/11/2010 at 10:53 pm


I agree with @ nary!!!! Looks like she forgot to check it out first!!! Im French too and we say FLEUR REBELLE…..

I’m French…It’s FLEUR REBELLE not “Rebelle Fleur”..that doesn’t even make sense…HAHAHAH


Miss Paris @ 08/12/2010 at 12:24 am

Actually she made a huge mistake HAHAHAHA

This should be “FLEUR REBELLE” and not “rebelle fleur” (which doesn’t mean anything in French)

I know what I am sayng, i’m french LOL

HAHAHAHHA wow, she probably thought to herself “wow its gonna be so cool and gangsta to have a tattoo in like a completely different language like totally!!” and then she tried to translate it on google translate and didn’t actually bothering to confirm with someone fluent in french hahah what a tool…… fail of the century……. she’ll probably come out and say she meant to do it like that hahahahaha


Actually it’s “FLEUR REBELLE” in French, so yea it’s a fail.

@ohlord: real talk it would be nice if it was the only tat.

@ohlord: real talk it would be nice if it was the only tat.

@Achap: sauf qu’il n’y a pas de “e” à fleur!!! tu vaux pas mieux que celui qui a faiit son tattoo…

In french we say “Fleur Rebelle” … LOL

In french we say fleur rebelle and not rebelle fleur. That doesn’t mean anything. just ridiculous

ahahaha ahah ahah! What a m0r0n.
“Rebelle Fleur” is not said in French at all, “Fleur rebelle” is.

we say fleur rebelle in french not rebelle fleur

That’s so fun ! A new tatoo with a mistake on her neck, too bad ! She looks like ridiculous !

I’m French and I can tell you “Rebelle Fleur” is not correct. It should be “Fleur Rebelle”…… “Rebelle Fleur” means just nothing. Yeah it looks like “Rebel Flower” in english but we can’t say that in French.

So she’s gonna wear on her neck a misspelling all her life :-/

hahahahahahah $
rebelle fleur ? FAIL
it’s fleurE rebelle !!!!
rebelle fleur is grammatically wrong hahahaha

I am French and we don’t say Rebelle fleur. It should be Fleur rebelle. Too bad a tatoo is for life.

Stupid! In French, it would have been “fleur rebelle”!

i think she wrote it in a wrong way …i’m french so it shouldn’t have been “rebelle fleur” but “fleur rebelle” (in fr grammar it’s first the noun and then the adjective) and it doesn’t have any sense … it may be too spiritual for my poor brain…. she is an artist ahahahah

chillchill @ 08/12/2010 at 8:59 am

I’m half French and went to French school, what an idiot, she got it backwards like everybody is saying, it should be fleur rebelle.

But you know, she’ll probably come out with some lame excuse that it was intentional…watch, she’ll say that she considers herself a rebel 1st and soft like a flower 2nd and that is what it says it that way hahaha.. yep, she’ll go all deep on us mere mortals that we don’t get it. Yeah right, she’s about as intelligent as a girl with awful orange Ronald McD hair can be.

And I don’t buy that she’s only 22, think she is much older than what she claims.

I’m sorry to tell that “rebelle fleur” it’s not french
I am french and the word are not in the right place, to say rebelious flower in french you say “fleur rebelle”
If she believe her tatoo means something…she’s wrong, she’s just getting ripped…

Valerie87 @ 08/12/2010 at 9:51 am

It really should say Fleur Rebelle to be correct in French…

Je suis française et je suis désolée de faire la remarque (comme beaucoup d’entre vous ;-) ) mais son tatouage n’a aucun sens ! ni en français, ni en anglais, ni en aucune autre langue d’ailleurs… je veux bien qu’elle soit une “star” et qu’elle n’ait pas le temps de jeter un oeil à la grammaire française afin de vérifier que son tatouage a un sens, mais elle doit bien avoir des larbins pour le faire à sa place… Enfin encore une personne qui pense être “stylée” en se faisant tatouer une phrase débile dans une langue exotique… To sum up for those who don’t speak French, Rihanna is a tool…

Je suis française et je suis désolée de faire la remarque (comme beaucoup d’entre vous ) mais son tatouage n’a aucun sens ! ni en français, ni en anglais, ni en aucune autre langue d’ailleurs… je veux bien qu’elle soit une “star” et qu’elle n’ait pas le temps de jeter un oeil à la grammaire française afin de vérifier que son tatouage a un sens, mais elle doit bien avoir des larbins pour le faire à sa place… Enfin encore une personne qui pense être “stylée” en se faisant tatouer une phrase débile dans une langue exotique… To sum up for those who don’t speak French, Rihanna is a tool…

RandomGirl @ 08/12/2010 at 10:03 am

The hair is horrible.

Rihanna please grow your hair back like before.
It don’t look nice anymore.

shouldn’t it have been fleur rebelle?

LOOOOOL ils me font rire ces stars americaines qui font des tattoos en français ou autre langue et qui se trompent loool c ‘est un peu beaucoup la honte ha ha ha faut le dire a rihanna pour qu elle le retire et le fasse reecrire

you’re right … in french it’s Fleur rebelle not “rebelle fleur” !

FLEUR REBELLE! and not rebelle fleur

BeautifulDirtyRich @ 08/12/2010 at 11:20 am

French people smell like cheese.


BeautifulDirtyRich @ 08/12/2010 at 11:22 am

And frogs legs.

Oh la la.

BeautifulDirtyRich @ 08/12/2010 at 11:22 am

Lol stinky French people.

They’re also rude.


BeautifulDirtyRich @ 08/12/2010 at 11:24 am

If I met a French person I would walk up to them and … **** in their mouth.
Make them smell better.

Smelly French b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s.

Should be written “Fleur rebelle”. Definitely should have talked to someone who’s french before having that tat done.. :S And by the way, who wants to be a rebel flower ?

Her tattoo isn’t even right.
It should be in reverse order “fleur rebelle” and not rebelle fleur!

ewwwww, I’m French and this is WRONG…’s “fleur rebelle” not ” rebelle fleur” ….

The neck is SUCH a tacky place for a tattoo. She’ll be getting them on her face next thing we know, like that ‘Bombshell’ Mcgee or whatever her name is.

Big error, i’m french and in french rebelle fleur is a big fault… rihanna just used translator ? loool
Fleur Rebelle is exact.. ;)

Justement ça fait plus rebelle de mettre les mots à l’envers, capte rien ici !

Full Fashioned @ 08/12/2010 at 11:54 pm

Good Girl Gone Bad

I am disgusted by her clownish hair..what’s up with that!?

Poor Rihanna… In French the adjective goes after the noun so her tattoo is written backward…it should have been Fleur Rebelle.

But still…even if it was written correctly…Rebel Flower?!? What?

Nice tattoo .. But mispell .. In french it’s Fleur Rebelle . Better luck next time . She’s stuck with that now :S

@mx: h aha h aloool

Rihannafan @ 08/15/2010 at 12:18 pm


100% BAJAN

thats a shame that no one tall her this sentence doesn t mean anything in french! :)

come on RiRi…. so that army of advisors, publicists, designers & bla bla couldn’t help out with a simple translation??? rebelle fleur??? kinda stupid and reckless. But i still love u anyway

Frist off i was reading everyone comment and i just felt like i should say something…I LOVE RIHANNA sooooo much and i lover her tattoo…her skin is beautiful and her tatto look beautiful on her too….i dont think she need to stop getting tattoo…she a big woman and she could do whatever she want and her tattoo are not big at alll so wat is the problem…alll her tattoo are small and i like the idea of getting small least when she get older her tatto wont look weird on her….so for all the haters out there, continued to hate on her cuz she doing her and getting money while yall are home wishing to be in her place….I LOVE YOU RIHANNA!!!!!!!

@chillchill: im sorry but why are u hating in her… she is 22 and maybe she wanted her tattoo to be back wards…omg yall need to get a life…..hating on other ppl wont make ur life better…just make me sick

@Someone: entièrement d’accord avec toi..totally agry it’s fleur rebelle

vermihendrix @ 08/27/2010 at 4:23 am

Dear RiRi,

a> you can’t rock red hair… unless you wanna be elmo’s girlfriend
b> you should have checked for the translation girl… rebelle fleur… FAIL
c> your neck looks overdecorated… should have gotten it somewhere else; pelvic bone maybe?
d> stop littering your body with tattoos already… u’re a beautiful girl, just stay natural

Pretentious dumbass.

@Someone: i think it comes from “belle fleur” = rebelle fleur :) i´m from slovakia and my french is poooooore, so i´m not sure if it´s right :)

in french we don’t say “rebelle fleur” but “fleur rebelle” !!!!!!!!

@JuBEE: would it really matter if she did? so its her way of expressing herself so let it be

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