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Report: Jennifer Lopez Out As 'Idol' Judge

Report: Jennifer Lopez Out As 'Idol' Judge

Jennifer Lopez is no longer being considered as a judge on American Idol’s tenth season.

Late last month, news broke that the 41-year-old entertainer was a likely addition to the show; however, a source tells People that the deal has fallen through.

“Her demands got out of hand,” People’s source said simply. “FOX had just had enough.”

Steven Tyler has also reportedly been offered a spot on the judging panel.

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  • Dominic

    I have to say this is the single least surprising news I have heard all year! For some reason J.Lo thinks this is still the year 2000. YOUR NOT THAT HOT RIGHT NOW SWEETIE! Your gonna have to claw your way back up to the top before you can go all DIVA again! No more “all white” rooms for you!

  • zzzz

    She looks different here-def. done something to her face, maybe filler in her cheeks? Her whole face looks fuller.

  • yo sista

    She’s flopping as hard as Christina Aguilera, didn’t have a hit since “Get Right” in 2004. She can’t even sing, if someone should act like a DIVA it’s definitely NOT her.

  • Brightside

    Can’t believe she would be so stupid as to let her diva behaviour lose a chance to star on what is a real plum of a show. What a fool! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  • j.taylor

    SOoo glad to hear this, she annoys me so much! I hope the Steven Tyler thing falls through too. I like Steven and he can give great interviews, but I have serious doubts he would be good as a judge. IDK maybe I’m wrong about him.

  • mary


  • Steve

    Not a bit surprised. Her demands were always outrageous. You can check out her performance contracts on The Smoking Gun and see how diva-ish and unreasonable she really is.

  • boston61

    Thank god. I hate her.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ahahahahahahaa.. she’s one of those people who think way to highly of themselves. her career’s been dead for what.. 7-9 years now?!? ahahahahahahaa.. she would of made the joke a fcuking joke, they’re much better off without her.



  • Robyn

    @yo sista: Don’t compare this troll to Xtina! Christina has talent, J.Lo was always just a transparent wannabe. She was bound to fall off sooner or later.

  • Robyn

    @yo sista: Don’t compare this mess to Xtina! Christina has talent, unlike this wannabe. She was always bound to fall off eventually!

  • sea

    She used to be so hot and talented in the year 2000, the actual number one!
    And to me Christina Aguilera is just ridiculous.

  • purple poet

    J. Lo is already a has been. She was always all hype and PR but now people aren’t even interested enough to let her media whore anymore. She thinks she is so great and worthy of Oscars in her interviews. She’s delusional. She thinks she’s the latina Elizabeth Taylor and it’s a joke. This is what overexposure gets you.

  • john


  • esme

    Thank God she’s out! I couldn’t bear to hear her judge people when she herself is a NO-TALENT!! Her career was just sheer luck and it has FINALLY come to an end. And the funny, or pathetic thing is, that she is still demanding and demanding……… What is wrong with you?? STAY AT HOME. YOU ARE TOO AGGRAVATING TO BE OUT AND ABOUT!!!!!



  • Anti-Septic

    She was a terrible celebrity guest on Idle, the contestants did not perform well that week due to her non-existent musical background. She is a terrible judge of talent and should in no way be a judge for Idol.

    Only reason she is famous is hard work and her big juicy behind. As a singer she has a very limited octive range and sings everything in the same key mostly, all her songs sound the same to me, she is a washed up has been.

  • nikko

    Good, glad she’s gone…I don’t know why they choose her anyway. Maybe they whould look at Harry Connick Jr., he would make a good judge.

  • Franck

    J-Lo is over.

  • She Stinks!

    No surprise here, yet another failure for J-NO talent. No one would watch this sloppy used up has been attempt to judge real singers. She’s nothing but grubby greedy low class trash.

    She is finally getting paid back for all the horrible things she has done. She can’t sing, act, dance, raise children or design clothes.

    I can’t wait until her ‘demands’, start to leak to the press. This old battle-axe has to realize its not 1999 anymore. What a tragic, pathetic mess!

  • Inaru

    It’s for the better. Her career is not what it use to be and being in AI will not improve it. She should accept her musical career is over and concentrate in acting, producing and motherhood.

  • GIA

    I love J. Lo BuT she is dumb because I think that AI was a great opportunity for her career.

  • Nancy

    What a b!tc#

  • Linda

    Maybe they can get Floptina for cheaper, I hear she had loads of time these days….lmao!

  • mY TURN

    why dont they go for Tom Jones or Rod Stewart, or Elton John,,, Somebody a lil seasoned. If they need a pretty woman Stevie Nicks , Bette Midler or Diana Ross, Pink. guess everyone is too Busy

  • Go Ask Alice

    JLo is ok. I liked her, somethings. Made in Manhattan.

    BIG mistake she has made is that she has failed to realized the rules of revelance and time.

    like someone said, this is not 2005, her peak,whatever.

    Entertainment industry chages with time, and audience’s change. Overexposure is kiss of death.

    She has herhome life in order andhopefully,she willkeep it.

    Now Amer.Idol chance came up. A chance to be at home nightly with her kids. No travel.
    On tv every week.
    She should have palyed it nice,sweetand easy with the deal.No demanding diva.

    Soooo,Amer.Idol,said notoherandall of her demands.

    Like someone said,can’t wait to read online Smoking gun,what those were…
    I bet
    probably crazy off the wall
    -2 all white rooms w/1with white leather funrishing,a white nursery, 3 security guards in additon to herown,no staff looks at her kids,looks at her or talks toher, No one ,staff, media,press,allowed within five ft.of her rooms which are to be sectioned off. Her personal glam squad not the studio”s people.
    Her personal all white make room,and big enough to accomodate her staff,k ids,nannies,guards,sofas, bar,..
    the list was probably endless.

    JLo lost this and she is too dumb tosee it would have great for her.

  • Go Ask Alice


    You said it better and shorter than I did.
    I agree.

  • In The Know

    JLo Benny Medina……these people are living in non-reality.

    She’s not that more talented than any one of the Kardoochbagshians

    Steven Tyler at least has music credibility

  • puertoricankid

    Yes jen dont do this crappy show its been on how long and no matter who on it it wont do good once simon leaves for xfactor dont jump on a ship thats headed straight into an ice burg

  • RaeLynn

    i’m actually a little bit surprised. I thought she was going to get what she wanted and honestly–this is the best thing for her career…she should have been able to give and take a bit.

    I want to see Harry Connick Jr. and Shania Twain. They were AWESOME. If Steven Tyler is really picked, I’ll shoot myself. He’s such a d-bag.

  • Full Fashioned

    “Ain’t it funny”…just like her song they are both played!
    Her music was only relevant when it was Hip-Hop and R&B and since Mark put an end to that…. she become a has been.

    Take my advice” Jenny from Da Block” stick to acting….and continue to be a great mother….. Idol is not for you!

  • jason

    Where have you been Inaru??? SHE CANNOT ACT EITHER!!!!

  • Dabbyy

    You’re such a haters!!!! She is great person and I love her and this is not true!!!!!! Today someone said that she is still in talks you’re horrible hate you