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Sophia Bush Fundraises For Half-Marathon Run

Sophia Bush Fundraises For Half-Marathon Run

Sophia Bush and her boyfriend Austin Nichols are continuing to fundraise for her half-marathon to help out the victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Here are some incentives if you donate:

$50 = Signed 8×10 photo.
$28 = Automatically entered in a drawing to win a One Tree Hill season 7 DVD signed by the whole cast.

You can donate to Sophia‘s cause at! can also exclusively reveal that Sophia and Austin will be presenting the Breakthrough in Green Innovation award to Global Green at the 2010 Breakthrough of the Year Awards presented by Crest 3D White.

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  • Someone

    To help people I will donate.Love her for doing this

  • Alison

    I love that they are trying to save the world. Donate if you can everyone.

  • Marie

    Yes please donate, im in england and cant be there but im on there helping so please donate thru this link too :)

    every little bit helps guys :)

  • attach me, hieeee

    yes, … when people promote their show and raise funds….

  • jen

    I stopped following them on twitter because they are so annoying with their bs. Seriously now they are trying to get fans to donate 28 bucks for a chance to win season 7 dvd of OTH with autographs, PEOPLE SAVE YOUR 28 BUCKS AND PUT THAT TOWARDS BUYING YOUR OWN DVD.

  • Anna

    Well according to the organization that set up the rules and guidelines for the contest, the season 7 DVD set that is being auctioned is worth almost $1,000 because the ENTIRE cast signed the DVD set. I know plenty of people who will be more than happy to donate so they can get everyone’s autographs and I know many people have done so already.
    It’s just like a raffle. Some raffles only require you to submit your name while other raffles require you to submit your name and also give some money to be a part of it. And seeing as how all of this is going to a good cause and that Global Green is behind it, I’d say it’s a pretty darn good idea.

  • habla


  • jen


    I’m just annoyed that they are pushing global green ( crowdwise ) constantly and I see that as them being incredibly fake, why not just donate all the money yourself? They both have money, hello they are actors lol.

    Another thing,

    Funny how they both only joined twitter just to get crowdwise out there and poor young teen fans are buying into it prob most likely spending their allowances.

    Shame on them both:)

  • again?

    Poor Austin! if it wasn’t for him constantly hanging on to Sophia, no one will know who he is……..
    I really dislike celebrities who promote good causes but are really doing it to promote themselves and their ailing show.
    I wonder how long before all the “negative” comments get deleted? LOL

  • jen


    Oh you know anything ” negative ” will be deleted because I’m sure all their stans are flagging comments they don’t like.


  • Sarah

    They both HAVE donated money to all of the causes they support and a lot too. My uncle works for Global Green and even told me that both Sophia and Austin have done A LOT for them and have contributed a lot of money to them as well. And they continue to donate money too. And now in recent weeks, they have started raising awareness about all of their charities and have asked people to donate as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    Plus, they aren’t the first celebs to ask people to donate. There are and will continue to be celebs who support particular charities and ask their fans to help out all the time. The only time it’s not right is when the celebrity him/herself doesn’t contribute either but thats not the case with celebs like Sophia, Austin, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Decaprio, just to name a few.
    And I don’t understand why you think its just teens who are taking part in this when I’ve seen people in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties contribute a lot of time and money to Sophia and Austin’s causes as well and say how much they love and admire them for all they are doing.
    We’re all capable of thinking for ourselves and don’t need someone to tell us we’re being fooled into something. If someone wants to donate and contribute, then it’s their business to do so and no one needs to worry about it.

  • Ally

    Well maybe if people weren’t so full of hate and didn’t sit in front of their computers spouting off insults, they wouldn’t have to worry about any of their stupid comments being deleted. Don’t expect anyone to put up with that kind of behavior and negativity.
    Any ways, good for Sophia and Austin. It’s pretty cool for them to do this.

  • curly

    what a bunch of famewhores. i seriously cannot stand these two. quit posting about them Jared!

  • Cheryl

    It’s great what they are doing! Thank god there are still some good people in the world! People who say Sophia is a famewhore and that she uses this for her own fame are stupid! She always cared about the enviroment and animals. So don’t be such jerks to say she is only doing this for her own popularity, that’s bull!

  • jen


    LOL@ you for taking so much time to type up your paragraphs. Just because I think they are full of it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    For the person who said something about ” hate ” no one even said anything about that word LOL again.

    Last time I checked we are all sitting at our computers, think before you type hun.

  • Alisha

    Guess what you moron???
    Jared LOVES posting about Sophia because A) He’s met and thinks she is an amazing person AND B) Sophia always gets the most comments. And a part of that has to do with losers like you making idiotic comments. Maybe if you kept your moronic comments to yourself and stop commenting on people you supposedly don’t like, it won’t give her articles so many hits. You crazies don’t realize it, but you actually help contribute to Sophia’s popularity when you waste your time posting BS. Lol
    Just saying.

  • beth

    this is horrible.
    a> I would looove to find out how much money they make! NOBODY cares about your autograph YOURE NOT FAMOUS you weird, chunky girl! and I think I could wipe my bum and have it worth more than a One tree Hill dvd. That show is an abomination to television.
    She is so pathetic its almost comical!!

  • Sarah

    Don’t tell me to do anything sweety. If I want to post a comment that consists of 10 paragraghs, then thats my business. I read what you posted, thought it was stupid, and I responded. If you don’t like it then tough. But I do think its hilarious how you don’t agree with what this article is saying, yet you still feel the need to come back every few minutes and comment over and over again. I’m here because I’m a fan of theirs and I support everything they’re doing. You just seem to be lurking around for no damn reason other than to comment on everything others are saying.

  • mailey

    I love her jacket. Want.

  • none bon

    ^yeah the OTH wardrobe does a good job dressing all the girls on the show. the guys..not so much. it’s just long sleeved shirts under short sleeved shirts.

  • jen


    Same as you my dear :)

  • jen


    edit. one more thing, Sophia is one of my favorite actress’s but that doesn’t mean I back her in everything, I don’t even know her personally and all you stans act as if you are her best friend. She made a twitter account just to push crowdrise out there not for us fans.

  • Irene

    Haters are celebrities biggest fans, they act like they don’t care about them but in most cases, they know more about their projects then real fans.

    And jen… do you think you revealed something new? Sophia explained why she started tweeting so if you don’t like it, just unfollow her.
    I’d rather see them tweeting about real life problems then what they had for breakfast.

  • Alison A

    i love her, she’s inspiring people every day. I can tell how passionate she is about helping the gulf, and she’s trying to get other people to help. she has a good heart. if you can’t see that it’s your loss

  • wow

    I used to like her but now she really pushes herself to look like a retard. Like with the whole urban outfitters thing where she blatantly said that zero is not a size. What about women who are naturally thin and have a high metabolism, you really want to give them a negative body image by saying “zero is not a size”. She tried to lift up people with bigger bodies by slamming women with smaller ones. Mass media and culture are the strongest factors influencing the concern of body image in women and for her to that and people to agree with it must have cost loads of young women to develop a negative body image of themselves. She completely contradicted the purpose of accepting women of all shapes and sizes. Now this using charities to promote revenue for a dying show, its absolutely pathetic. Sad part most people with go along with cause shes such a “sweet” girl.

  • April

    @wow: The shirt said eat less, she was saying that is wrong, and it is to tell girls to eat less

  • ….

    Why do I get the feeling that Sophia wears the pants in their relationship?!

  • ewwww

    I do not support publicity w***s like Sophia Bush.
    get lost!

  • Kate

    @….: What relationship?
    Sophia’s showmance with Austin Nichols?

  • michelle

    Am i the only one who doesn’t see anyting manly in this guy? Serioulsly, he looks like a creeper. He has a sort of down syndrome face and he is a terrible actor. Btw, he’s got like the weirdest ears i’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Dianne

    Thats a bad picture of him because he is just GORGEOUS.
    I just came back from Willmington last week, and trust me, me and every girl there waiting to get an autograph from Austin were blown away with how incredibly hott and good-looking he is. He is simpy sexy and very funny and has a really charming personality.
    And Sophia is even more beautiful in person and was soooooo AMAZING.
    I wish them the best if luck with their projects!!

  • none bon

    @michelle: yea trust me austin “gets to know” a lot of the ladies in wilmington. ironically his latest was a girl named brooke nuberry. it’s weird how sophia thinks she can trust her men. but yeah I can she her wearing the pants in any relationship she’s ever been in…she has only child syndrome.

  • Haha

    @none bon:
    LOL is that really true?
    These two make me vomit!

  • Jenny

    @none bon:
    Lol. You losers amuse me.
    I live in Wilmington and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I see Sophia and Austin along with the other cast members on a daily basis.
    I’m not one of those fans who’s like “OMG, it’s them! It’s them!” because after living among the cast in a small town and constantly seeing them, you get used to it and start viewing them as normal people, not stars or whatever.
    However I will say this-Sophia and Austin are always together and never apart. Whether you like it or not or want to even believe it or not, Austin will never cheat on Sophia and I know that if Sophia suspected something even for a second, she’d leave him just like she dumped Chad. Its as simple as that.
    Austin is flirty, but thats the way he is with everyone. But it’d be a cold day in hell before he ever steps out on Sophia. Trust.
    And just because you hear a rumor or so about any of the cast members cheating on their significant others, just remember this, most of the time these rumors/lies stem from girls who want to create drama while others want to make their “friends” think they were sleeping with someone famous. I can’t even begin to list the amount of times I’ve heard various girls around town try to say they dated James when in fact, it was not true.
    So for future reference, DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR.

  • Adriana

    It’s funny how you say ”He’ll never cheat on her” like you are a part of their lives and you know what are they thinking and doing all the time. Everyone knows that Mr. Nichols is a ladies man. Before he joined OTH he was sleeping with a lot of girls and the same when he was in Italy. And let me tell you something if he’s not always with Sophia no one will ever know who he is.

  • NE Sports Fan

    Thanks for the post on these two Jared! I love them and I think it’s great that you keep us informed. What they are doing is a great thing and I’m proud to say I’ve given money to all of their projects!

  • alex

    Well I don’t know how Austin can cheat since he and Sophia are always together! If you spot Sophia somewhere you can be sure that Austin is near…And seriously what’s with those haters that does nothing but make up things…Sophia and Austin are in love, let them be happy! Austin join OTH to be with her…Yes he’s a charming guy and he’s flirty but that’s who he is and that does mean that he sleeps with every girls he sees! But haters are gonna hate anyway!

  • alex

    *doesn’t mean

  • Douche

    What else is that guy doing other than following his girlfriend everywhere?

  • Kaitlyn

    Well my husband has a flirty nature. But I know he will never cheat on me with anyone because if I doubted him even a little, I would not still me married to him much less actually marry the guy in the first place. I know many people and I’ve come to learn that some men and even women tend to be flirty(its in their nature) but that doesn’t mean they’ll cheat on their partner. My sister is the same way but she much rather jump off a bridge then even consider the idea of ever cheating on her husband. Just because you’re flirtacious at times doesn’t mean, you’re an automatic cheater.
    And Adriana, just because Austin may have been a “ladies man” before he started dating Sophia, doesn’t mean he’s still a “ladies man.” When he went on that trip to Italy, he could’ve slept with 100 women he wanted to because he wasn’t dating Sophia at the time. I have many guy friends who’ve been through that phase where they’ve dated and slept with many women(they were basically man whoress for the lack of a better word) before finally settling down after finding the right ones for them. What the future holds, no one knows. But the point is, they’re all still very happy today and in healthy relationships. If Austin were to cheat on Sophia now that they are seriously committed to one another, then that would be a different story. But I don’t think anyone has to be concerned because as someone already pointed out, Sophia would leave him in a heartbeat if she found out or even felt that Austin wasn’t being loyal to her. No offense to Austin but Sophia would have no problem finding another guy if she was to end things with him. Heck, I know a few guys who thinks she’s hott and wouldn’t mind dating So if she didn’t trust Austin, she’d have left him already. End of Story.

  • mary

    People are starting with cheating rumors now? I guess gay thing didn’t work out for you guys.

    Austin has been in love with Sophia for years, he even took a job to be with her.

    I know where all these rumors are coming from and let’s just say if you were true Sophia fan, you would be happy for her. She’s enjoying her life with a man who adores her. He would never cheat on her unlike that douchebag.

  • hokiegirl

    Love her!!! Thanks Jared.

  • Jamie

    @ wow: That didn’t really bother me even though I’m naturally thin. I USED to be a size 0 and now I’m a size 2, but I do agree that the way it was done was a little insensitive to smaller girls.

    @ michelle: No, you’re not the only one. I’ve always felt this way as well. I just do not get why so many girls are attracted to him.

    @ none bon: I’d hardly call what Sophia had with James a ‘relationship,’ but I agree. It IS ironic.

    @ Adriana: haha I remember hearing about how he allegedly blogged about sleeping his way through Europe last summer, before filming started for season 7.

    @ Douche: Nothing. That’s his job.

    @ mary: Maybe he bats for both teams? It’s possible.

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