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LeAnn Rimes: Early Birthday Dinner with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Early Birthday Dinner with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes can’t keep her hands off of boyfriend Eddie Cibrian as they catch a departing flight out of California’s Burbank airport on Monday (August 8).

Yesterday (August 11), the country singer celebrated her 28th birthday a little bit early. “Going to eat dinner w/ @eddiecibrian and my parents,” she wrote on her Twitter. “Lil early bday din din.” (LeAnn turns 28 on Saturday, August 28).

25+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian puckering up…

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leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 02
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 03
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 04
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 05
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 06
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 07
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 08
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 09
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 10
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 11
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 12
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 13
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 14
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 15
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 16
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 17
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 18
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 19
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 20
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 21
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 22
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 23
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 24
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 25
leann rimes birthday dinner eddie cibrian 26

Photos: MavrixOnline
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  • kraken

    get ready for hundreds of comments saying “homewrecker!”

  • f

    She must be good in bed.

  • CCrider

    You can’t deny how good they look together…
    And GREAT LEGS!!!!

  • Rose

    This should be the week her video makes it into the top 20.

  • ka-blamo

    Happy birthday schlutty schlut!!! You live another year to wreck more lives!!

  • yasbella

    horseface chick is at it again

  • yasbella

    hey f. even if she was good in bed, i would have been turned off just by looking at her face. maybe he covers her with a pillow to do the do?

  • Madge

    Oh look, in the last 2 pics leann’s groping eduardo’s not so privates for the camera. She’s such a “Lady” don’t you know, she told us that herself. Such a despicable girl!

  • Jake

    Apparently both set of parents are scum! I’ve known her parents were trash for the last ten years, but I had better hopes for his. No surprise he became a d0uche then!

  • Mc

    Looks like Curb might be waking-up and smelling the coffee! It’s about time. I see it being reported that @ 1 1/2 hours ago LeAnn tweeted “leannrimes: I hate having to play the game of record company bulls%^+ since 7:45 this morning. Such crap!”. Stupid clueless sk@nk, why would she expect her record company, run by business professionals expected to make a profit, sink money down her nasty rat-hole! She’s made her choices, live with the consequences!

  • ben

    It’ll be fun to watch that smug smile being wiped off horse face when she’ll have a taste of her own medicine and she gets cheated on .You know it’ll happen sooner or later. Karma is a bitch.

  • Curbturd

    Her record label is pouring money into downloading her song to try and save the album. The song is at the bottom of the sales tank and no body is watching the video so this is the week they have to hype it.

  • nyop

    Hey really brought her out of her plain jane phase. She use to be soo “homely” looking. I guess having a hot boyfriend makes you more prone to dressing the part as well. Glad Eddie brought her out of her shell. She’s still a homewrecker :)

  • justsayno

    you haters need to get over urself

    are you saying that you don’t know any divorce people!!!!

    a year on with load of hater and bad press they are still very much together, don’t that tell you something

    its like those hater with Brad and Angie, who think he should go back to Jenny, Why??? They had even worse press but 6 kids on they are still going strong,

    and Miss Perfect has drifted from one relationship to another all her ex-boyfriends are in long term relationship ones married and got a kid coming but she can’t make one last pass a few months. That speaks volumes.

  • slambang

    These two make me sick!

  • Mary

    Looks like she’s going back to wearing no bras in public, hope she doesn’t wear this around the young boys – she’s always liked the see through and semi opaque clothing, tops and bottoms. They’ll see the photos when they’re older though. Really a bad potential adult female to be exposed to!

  • George

    LeAnn really is grabbing Eddies nut sack! Hopefully no video shows up of her stroking him off because he/she was bored waiting in line.

  • klurdnution

    Haha…troll is here annoyed that he can’t ruin LeAnn and Eddie’s union. The OC tonight will be a blast.

  • Gunder Luke

    I totally get why EC fell for LR. She has a life! She has an exciting personality. She’s not afraid to work and produce, loads love her, she’s super talented and gutsy. His kids love her, his family loves her. She’s pretty and eats healthy and stays in shape.

  • annie

    Thanks Jared for bringing these to us! Love them~love it!!!

  • Hermeze

    No denying their good on the eyes

  • Janis

    Is anyone else having some trouble posting here with blank pages and pages jumping wacky like?

    Cool pics, lets have some from tonight’s concert in SoCal if possible. Forever Rimes fan.

  • lol

    @Gunder Luke:
    she has a shiitload of money and eddie is a dlist actor..shes obsessed with him and will do ANYTHING he tells her to do

  • upandup

    She’s the best voice and performer and if you can get seated in the first few rows your in for the time of your life. She cranks it out connects with her audience. Go to one concert and you’ll be hooked traveling long distances to see another one.

  • Oh Please

    @Gunder Luke:
    “loads luv her” lmao please stop im dying of laughter..and u must be blind if u think fugly is pretty..have u seen the comments people on other sites where u have to register have made about her one likes this pair..check out the popsugar poll where u can only vote once and see how much ur idol is liked

  • Lov

    lovin this couple. eddie got lucky, leanne can do much better, thx JJ again and again

  • nak-si

    Quit with that junk troll. You know the way around that. Think everyone is dumb about how nak-si operate.

  • Mac Lac

    Prettier now than the Dean period, gawd that was hard to look at. Vibrant kid she.

  • ddc

    Delusional PR

  • joan

    such a trashy pair . Her with no bra and saggy boobs and making out in public gross Eddie is a terrible man He hasn’t even paid his child support and yet he allows his mistress to take his stinky ass all over the country Get a job scum bag Hate people ,men or women who are ordered by the court to do something and then they defy the ruling just to make their ex miserable May you Eddie rot in **** because that is surely where you are going with your ugly mistress

  • Go Ask Alice

    Ok, here they are in their life .I do not see them as a longterm couple.

    Ed has received tons of press,pics from paps , and his name out there that he did not have before LeAnn.
    He goes to the right places,even the frequent trips to the airport because of LeAnn. He will stay. She has the money, fame.

    Even though I would to be her size for just a day, those boots do not go best for her with a short skirt.
    Those look better on someone taller and/or with bigger legs.
    A heeled shoes would be better for her.

  • canadaGirl

    Cute outfit.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Concerned Women for America – LeAnn Rimes at the Playboy MansionWilbur Rimes has counter-sued for money he says he is owed as producer of Rimes’ … “It’s kind of hard to sue your daughter,” Wilbur Rimes told The Dallas … – Cached – Similar
    Images for wilburrimes – Report images

  • Go Ask Alice

    Google Wilbur Rimes
    See some articles about LeAnn and suing Curb, former manager, and her dad at that bad time.

    I THINkif got why people pickon LeAnn.I like herasfor her talent.great voice.
    She was achild in the business, hit a rough patch with the lawsuits,looked doomed, and gotmarried toDean and pulled herself out and trough and lived pretty decently.

    How she and Ed left their spouse ,blindisded fools ,is the thing. LeAnn suing Brandi.
    That is the thing.
    If she took up with Edie after he wasdivorced and if she had nothing to do with him and his wife ending their marriage, fine.

    It is just the how it all happened and how together she seemed to be before hooking up with Eddie.

  • chillchill

    She so unattractive, can’t imagine waking up to her squinty face every morning, ugh.

    She is trying so hard to show everyone they’re in love by tweeting about every little thing, kissing and grabbing him in public, ect. I think when a gal tries SO HARD “look everybody, he’s into me alot!” they’re really trying to convince themselves more that he’s really into them. In pics he looks like he’s only beaming from the fame/exposure he is now gettting yet she’s such a cling-on, but he looks distracted, like he’s posing like he’s into her, but doesn’t really look into her.

  • Sandra

    I hope there weren’t any young children or even teens seeing LeAnn publicly grope Eddie’s genitalia. Such an improper public display is not an adult role model that should be tolerated, celebrity or not! Eddie’s bringing this tramp into his sons lives, their mother must/should be frightened for their future!

  • Sheila

    LeAnn’s got huge man shoulders and she’s built like a guy. Plus an ugly face with beady eyes. Guess Eddie needs to be the only cute one in a relationship now for his self-esteem. Because being with her still doesn’t seem to be getting him any acting jobs, he’s still unemployed. I used to think he was hot, but not anymore as beauty comes from the inside too and he does not act beautiful since he’s with L-A.. Karma, that’s why he’s not working now, he has to start back from the bottom now in Hollywood.

  • betty

    More show and tell staged photos from the pathetic pair. Things must be bad when you have to staged photos to prove how happy and in love you are, at an airport of all places.checking in is bad enough. Some people will go to any lengths to prove something.

  • Joey F.

    I had the pleasure of being at one of her concerts last week. Her voice gets better as she gets older. Rich, strong heartfelt vocalist. Always a doll with that fabulous smile.

  • Anthony

    Jared come on.. Showing these two is just bad taste, all it does it gather the negative comments and gives two people that don’t deserve it even more attention.

  • Jenny

    GAAAAWD, these two are just wanna-be-somebodies.

  • There is no Arizona

    I’ll bet the other people waiting nearby LeAnn at “California’s Burbank airport” thought the airport reeked of SK@NK and asked janitorial services to get a mop.

  • julie

    there is no Arizona good one Maybe that smell Leann smelled at the Phoenix airport when she said it smelled like dirty mop water was HER

  • nick

    she likes the media attention

  • nick

    she likes the media attention

  • nick

    eww… she likes the media/camera attention

  • ddc

    The latest tweets are hysterical. Those big bad Pap’s

  • Debra

    well BG tweeted that ready Eddie still hasn’t paid his child support…..I guess he’s just too busy following Leann around to every hokey county fair in the country…..what a deadbeat

  • butterflier

    The body language speaks volumes. He is not into her.

  • http://deleted Go Brandi

    leann continues to tip off the paps,,its so obvious because she tweets about EVEYWHERE she goes then has the nerve to complain..u should be happy they are following ur irrelevant a##..last time the paps gave a dammn about u was when u were caught picking ur nose