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Rachel Bilson: Trucker Stop

Rachel Bilson: Trucker Stop

Newly single Rachel Bilson runs errands on Tuesday (August 10) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress paired her Express floral shorts with a Levi’s Trucker Jacket in Flirty finish.

Others pictures include Rachel picking up some swag at a gifting suite over the weekend. Other celebs who stopped by: Jennifer Garner, Michelle Trachtenberg, Ginnifer Goodwin, Debra Messing, and Rashida Jones.

Meanwhile, Rachel‘s ex-fiance Hayden Christensen was spotted on the opposite side of America, hosting an event for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

FYI: While on her way to the gifting suite, Rachel wore Skyline Ankle Peg jeans in Tropics by Paige Denim.

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  • eric

    Who is RB? Please

  • kaz

    alwayes she her? Why jared

  • tina

    She is definitely trying to humiliate him by wearing an Hermes bag which he gave her, he said he gave her Hermes because it has first letter of his name on it. She is trying to show that he showered her with gifts and may be is still interested in her. Even if he is trying to get her back, wearing his obvious gift is just for getting attention. She is still at her media whoring.

  • ily

    Go back to Adam Brody!

  • tina

    Every move is calculated, she is so pathetically desperate.

  • soniaintown

    Her hips are heavy.

  • Hermes

    Hayden only mentioned he gave her a necklace but never said he gave her an entire line of Hermes items. I don’t actually buy that he gave her much of anything. I think she is the one that tried to promote that he gave her this stuff and he went along with it b/c he was still rumored to be engaged to her. Neither one of them had truly creditable stories on it.

  • tina


    That is not exactly accurate, he said that he gave her Hermes gifts, he said “we kind of have a theme going.”


    This the only site which reports about this jobless actress daily.

  • Amanda

    She looks as ugly as ever.Just jared its so evident tat u work this for talentless famewhore.Even s*u*s like paris hilton or those kim sister does something productive in there life.

  • Hermes


    I think it was her theme more so then his again to me this was a promo more then a gesture of affection from him to her.

  • Lucy

    I hate this b*t*h..why is she more on this site than talented young actresses like kristen or freida pinto who have 3 to 4 films lined up for release.

  • annie

    ugh,ugh now whats her latest movie and man

  • TruckStopGirl

    Truck stop girl is right lol
    That is about the only place she belongs.
    Im sorry but that skirt and that levi jacket are so out of date it looks like something a soccer mom wore in the 1990′s yuck.
    She is mostly likely carrying that bag because she is flat broke
    you never see her shop like she use to when she was with Hayden, so she is going to have to use the bags she has.
    And of course show up any place they are giving away free junk like she did the other day.
    What a piece of cr@p and she is showing her true colors more than ever with the split and how much she didnt care to begin with.
    She just misses the money and the shopping.

  • Brightside

    Running errands and picking up freebies…JJ, she DOESN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE so, please, quit trying to make it sound like this is exciting news! It’s not! Heaven only knows why she doesn’t get bored stiff with her empty waste of a life.
    Well at least there are no snippets from her store of idiotic fashion tips!

  • Esme

    I think she looks good. I like the clothes. I love the belt she has on with her jeans and I really like the clogs with the strap at the heel. And denim is so in right now to mix with everything and I like that because I like casual style.

    I do miss her on tv though and I like her in movies too. Hope she gets back to that.

  • the truth

    @tina: It was the necklace and bracelet not anything else. They have split why keep talking about it.?

  • Brightside

    I’m probably going to regret asking this but it’s driving me nuts. What the hell is a gifting suite? Is it like some kind of Goodwill for unemployed d-listers? I have a mental picture of A and B list actresses patiently boxing up their own, unwanted designer stuff to donate to the lesser and untalented individuals in the industry. Kind of like food parcels…
    Also I would like to be able to say that she looks worse since the split because that would imply that she looked better before, but she doesn’t…she looks exactly the same…same ratty hair, same fat butt-cheeks, same dumb expression. Like her never-changing, non-working life…she’s been looking and doing exactly the same for five years now. You’d think she’d get fed-up seeing the same old, same old every time she looked in a mirror…but obviously not. Very strange…I think her brain is stuck somewhere.

  • Shanda

    This the wrong picture Jared . There was a picture are her coming from the post office with her hair in ponytail. Why didn’t you get that one.? She don’t want to change her way are life Brightside. That’s want life to be like.Don’t see her getting any work like her rep said that she was going to do.This is what she wanted anyway. No guy asking her when is she going to do something. She like to do what she want.That’s the reason she split with hayden. Cause he always do something with hisself.


    Funny how the haters are still around. She looks actually a lot better now that her and Hayden broke up. Why the hate on her? She is not like a Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. The Paparazzi are like vultures in LA. Once you get famous they are on your butt. That is the price you pay for fame. I don’t think she is press selling herself out and if so prove it then. She looks nice. Stop sounding so jealous. :) Hate breeds hate. Never a good thing.

  • ida

    so sad in the 2nd picture………:PPPP
    HAHAHA You deserve it Bat$hit!

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    so you dont think sheis selling her self out?
    and the paps are on her butt,

    that made me lol
    how elce is she on here? because she tips them off
    she want to be followed by them, its funny because when she used to
    go under the radar, (bacause she wanted people to think she was in canada)
    the paps where not looking for her, not seeking her out
    if they really wanted any pics they would have found her,

    p.s there are many a-lists cleb’s who can go about there daily life
    without being papped,
    no doubt rb could if she really wanted to.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Notice how Rachel changes her clothes for the paps? By changing her clothes several times a day she’s encouraging the paps to take more photos of her in hopes they will be sold. Paris Hilton does this too!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Forgot to add – it’s hard to believe Jennifer Garner would be at this “swag” event with this had been and those C-list actors. Are you sure this wasn’t the free sample booth at the Costco you mention in another Rachel thread Jared???

  • C3


    Hey WHAT! I happen to be very thankful to JJ for getting the photos. And I happen to really love the fact that someone is out there taking her pic whenever they can. She might not be some tremendous actress but she’s got the most beautiful eyes and smile. And she’s adorably sexy. So what if she calls the paps? I’d give anything to see her in person but I can’t. So if JJ gives me my daily dose of beautiful Rachel then I’m a happy man. But I’d just like to see one of you jealous girls prove Rachel is selling herself to the paps. You seem to all think you know for sure. But all you have is your stupidity. Nothing substantial.


    Rachel’s looking very relaxed and healthy. She was getting way too skinny while she was with Christensen. I don’t know why she starves herself. She just needs to be healthy. It’s better for her to do her own thing without Christensen. He’s not really been good for her in my opinion and his fans have been mean as hell to her.

    I’m glad Rachel got herself away from Hayden. Now she can be what she wants to be and she can find someone whose more like herself and who will admire her and not be a fish in public with her. I wish her the best. She’s a sexy girl. I don’t know her but I think she’s probably pretty smart. She’s so pretty in that first picture. I like it because she is hinting a smile. That’s what Rachel’s admirers want to see and that she is happy and all that.

  • TruckStopGirl

    @C3: What a loser lol

  • Fly

    She is perfect. I love her

  • Brightside

    Skinny – LMFAO..her butt size hasn’t changed for years and she’s always been well endowed in the hip department. LOL at your eyes. Hate her as I do, Paris Hilton has a better figure than Rachel, although Rachel wins the face contest.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @C3 – she’s always wearing sunglasses – so how can you see her eyes in any of these photos??
    Also, since I’m a nice person – if you really want to meet her stop jerking off and do some research like those robbers did. If those stupid teens can figure out where this idiot lives so can you! I think Rachel would appreciate you waiting outside her home for an autograph. It would let her know she’s actually got a fan – not a group of faux fans her PR folks have gathered for a photo opp. Also she can call the cops on you and the press will actually have a REAL news story to report on her!!!

  • C3


    Her hips are sexy. They are perfect. Only another woman would thing a perfect woman’s a$$ is heavy. Let a man be the judge of what is sexy on a woman unless you are lesbian and you like em skinny as hell.

    Telling you sonia the only reason you brought up Rachel’s sexy a$$ is cause you think it’s sexy and it pains you you don’t look as sexy. Furthermore you have this urge to insult Rachel when she’s not even with Christensen any more. Just shows what kind of fans Christensen has.

    If you want to know twisted Christensen strung Rachel along and the public. He told everyone he wasn’t even dating her for the longest time. He lied. Then when it was obvious they were playing the dating game, then getting engaged and going out in public he would be as cold and slimy with her. He didn’t look at her. He looked mad and frustrated and he never held her or kissed her or anything. Like he just had to keep his affection for Rachel a dirty secret.

    Well good for her. She’s away from the a$$hole. It was one of the best decisions I bet she will have ever made.

  • ATLqueen

    I think her ass is hot. Don’t make me search for pics…….

  • H728

    Seriously, while you constantly complain about HC and his fans, I think you are obsessed with RB way more than you would like to admit.

  • PrettySimpleton

    @H728: C3 is a sick fat moron that lives in his mothers basement, just ignore him and let him obsess over his dream girl ( other pplz nightmares haha). Maybe she looks thin to C3 because he is so huge everyone looks thin lol
    I bet ^.^