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Sofia Vergara: I Don't Want to Look Like Madonna!

Sofia Vergara: I Don't Want to Look Like Madonna!

Sofia Vergara has shared that she’s proud to look unique – and that you won’t see her going under the knife for a major plastic surgery overhaul.

“L. A. is crazy,” the 38-year-old Modern Family star told Esquire. “The women all look the same now. That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna.”

“Who do they think they’re fooling?” Sofia continued. “It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak.”

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …sofia can say whatever she wants about whoever.. she’s fcuking hot, and she keeps it real! madonna does look like shiit. oh yeah, sofia’s fcuking HOT!!!

  • Melissa

    Lol at least SOMEONE called Madge out on it FINALLY. Everyone bows down to her finally says the truth – her face looks effed up!! The cheek thing going on w H-Town is ridiculous. Has anyone seen Kim K’s cheeks lately? They look puffy and swollen and just….unnatural.

  • http://j ivanka

    yes! she is hotter than shitty madonna

  • Manda_K

    Good for her calling out surgery freaks!!

  • Sofia

    Proud that my name is Sofia ;)

  • Sofia Ivanova, Varna

    There will always be summer, beautiful women, and … doubles of famous people

  • laverdadduele

    Sofia is a REAL woman, not like those stick figured boring blondes out there. VIVA LAS LATINAS!

  • http://www kaz

    i don’t know but she like dance dance kelly brook

  • andres

    That’s my Colombiana!! One of the most beautiful, sexiest women in the world for sure!!

    and btw, she’s not calling Madonna a freak. She said that the people who get surgery to look like Madonna end up looking like freaks.

  • Linda

    What a b!tch, I’m sure when she hits 50 and has some work done, This will be thrown in her face!
    Ha! Too bad,, She put it out there , it doesn’t make her look “cool” or whatever ….. She just looks like a b!tch.

  • MlleF

    there is 20 years between Madonna and this Paris Hilton number 2, you idiot !

    It’s already stupid to compare 2 men or 2 women, but with 20 years difference, and not the same “ethnics origins”…

    Your messages are stupid.

  • Anthony

    Must just be me, I don’t find her to be that hot I can name hundreds of other women I find 10 times more attractive.
    Madonna may not be looking her best, but who is she to use her name in an example like this? Couldn’t she have just said she doesn’t think plastic surgery looks good without Madonnas name.. oh but then we wouldn’t be seeing her right?

  • Christina

    Enjoy it while you can Sofia! Madonna was a hot little number when she was your age!
    Life happeneds! you never “plan” on having work done when you are young and beautiful!
    Let’s just see “Sofia” when SHE’S 50 something.
    And then we’ll talk sweetheart.

  • anon

    I agree 100%. I think women like Meryl Streep look far more attractive and younger than others who start to look a bit freakish. The same is true for men over 40 who become regular users of Just For Men…who do they think they’re fooling, it’s not attractive and the oler they get the more obvious it looks. Yes, even on men like Jon Bon Jovi who get it dyed than lightened.

  • Mel

    You go, girl! Tell it like it is! I couldn’t agree more about Madonna and co.’s freakish cheeks!

  • Bebe Francaise

    Haha, I love herrr, so very true, women in hollywood go to the extreme when it comes to botox and that other crap they to their faces. Usually end up looking fake and ten times uglier then before.But luckily Sofia doesnt have to worry about this at all, becuase none-whites tends to age slower.

  • Meagan

    @Linda why are you calling her a b!tch?? she’s telling the truth, they all look the SAME when they have botox,you should always be happy with what god gave you.

  • Ladyb

    Seriously, Sofia Vergara is only 38. I saw her on Jay Leno last week and she looks like someone in her 40s….Oops hope I didn’t offend her.

  • +#รถ

    she is so right!!! plastic surgery is so ugly…they really look like aliens its not beautyful

  • Momoa

    HA! I don’t know her. Never seen her or her work. Only heard about her being hot but she’s SO right about Madonna! :D …..I think I like her now just for that! =)

  • kjhgfd


    meagan you are right we all should be happy that we have a healthy body!!!

  • Nikki

    You go girl!

  • coco

    sofia who?
    we are all good at talking shiit about someone more famous, talented and richer than us, aren’t we? my dear, see you in 10 yrs when your cheeks will be so full of botox you will barely speak.
    totally agree with @Anthony

  • Meagan

    @kjhgfd thanks thats what im saying.A lot of us girls just wine too much some times about our bodies lol.

  • Chica

    Coco, I bet you in ten years from now that she WON’T need botox, becuase its made for people without melanin, white people.

  • Meagan

    *whine* And jesus this is turning a bit racial, wtf?? im out of here.

  • boston61

    Yup. Madonna made a huge mistake having such aggressive work done. All her money can’t undo it. She should of had some filler and some tweaks done. But no she had to be 25 again. LOL

  • erica

    @MlleF: ACTUALLY madonna is only like ten years older than sofia. also, i don’t know what planet you live on, but this woman looks and acts NOTHING like paris hilton. She’s an actress, not a socialite, she’s colombian, and she’s a mother. you’re ignorant.

  • Marieme

    Ditto Melissa #2

    I just hope she doesn’t back down and apologize now after all the press. I totally admire her frankness. And don’t get me started on that fake plastic freak Kim. She looks like her mother – the same age group as her mother!

  • B

    Meeeeow! Put your claws back in Sofia!
    That was pretty unclassy of her to zero in and call out Madonna like that.
    Very “Floptina” of her.

  • karen

    I wish I had Sofia’s curves. Sigh. She’s really so pretty and funny.

    That said, I do also like Madonna. She’s an icon. It’s unfortunate that she felt that she had to have cheek implants, because she is just a very unique, attractive, woman, with a great sense of style. With everything that she’s contributed to pop culture, I think people will be more than willing to give her a break for looking her age.

  • Christy

    Check back with her in 14 years and readdress this topic.

  • boston61

    That is the irony. Madonna is NOT very old. Sad.

  • O

    @Christy: She will still be the same….depending if she takes care of herself. Now lets check Madonna in 14years…White women need to embrace their wrinkly leathery skin. Its part of who they are. The leathery skin is God given. I know my mother has…..

  • BB

    Madonna is like godess for people, she has not just change her face also her ego has been increasing so much..!

    the result is a mass in her face

    sofia vergara is not so famous maybe never will like madonna but is a good example for women, to not be afraid to show what you really are or think, and also to be funny, something madonna has lost, she looks so unaccesible so far from the real peple

  • Jayson


    Christina, please. Madonna was not a “hot little number” at 38 years old. In fact, Madonna was never hot. Ever. Being thin and rich doesn’t mean you will automatically be hot. She was never even that good looking.

  • Paul

    Let’s see what Sofia looks like in her mid fifties. And as if her plastic face and plastic tits are real. LMFAO. Girl can barely speak English. She should bow DOWN to the Queen!

  • Paul

    Madonna has had some filler in her cheeks yes…but it is not permanent…Depending when she gets her face done during the year depends on how big her cheeks are…most of the time though M looks like a woman in her late 30′s early 40′s Madonna is a GODDESS

  • naomi


  • clay

    @naomi: I agree with you on that one. I will say it again OUCH!

    Wow, I wish she had not called Madonna out like that as well and I am not a Madonna fan.

    By her using Madonna’s name it just made her look bad.

  • Lynn

    Sophia who? That dumb fuk will not be heard of in 5 years.Madonna is still hot,rich,talented and famous.That df is nothing.

  • !