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Adam Lambert & Neil Visit The City of Brotherly Love!

Adam Lambert & Neil Visit The City of Brotherly Love!

Adam Lambert carries several bags with him as he leaves the Loews Philadelphia Hotel on Friday (August 13) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 28-year-old entertainer was joined by his younger brother, Neil!

Also pictured inside is Adam signing autographs after his performance on Thursday evening (August 12) in Upper Darby, Penn.

FYI: Neil is working on Adam‘s tour for the summer!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert and Neil in Pennsylvania…

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adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 01
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 02
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 03
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 04
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 05
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 06
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 07
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 08
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 09
adam lambert glam nation pennsylvania autographs 10

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  • Leila

    I loooooooooove his brother, he’s fcuking hilarious lol!

  • he gon kill u

    Lol, Neil is so going to write about this.

  • Amelle

    I love AL’s entire family. They’re all genuinely awesome in completely different ways.

  • :P

    I never though I’d see Neil Lambert on JustJared, haha.

  • KellStar

    His brother is cute in an average Joe kinda way :)

  • bangbang

    Neil is hilarious. I love Adam.

  • ben

    what does his bro do?

  • Sacha, 22

    @ben: He’s a writer and trained teacher, I think? I don’t he currently teaches since he’s working on Adam’s tour.


    “Sometimes you can convince your celebrity sibling that you should have a job on his summer tour. And sometimes, it actually works.”

    His twitter is….

  • lmao

    Adam Lambert’s brother surprises him:

  • Jonte

    his brother neil is genuinely really funny if you understand and appreciate snarky humor.

  • Isaac

    @ben: He has a blog called NegativeNeil . com. I share some of his Political views.

  • kidcud

    @:P: lol, mte

  • headradio

    @lmao: “the double meaning for me personally is that you can look at it………you can LOOK. ………….you can……………….THAT’S my BROTHER! [hosts laughing their off......] WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Why are you here!? WHY IS HE HERE?! WHY ARE YOU HERE????? Why is he here? Why are you here right now?!”


  • Londoner

    I wonder if Neil can sing.

  • http://Maisie manson

    Adam is hot.
    Adam is talented.
    Adam has amazing hair.

  • flo

    @Londoner: he can’t. lol. he plays piano though :)

  • Marilyn

    NIce to see them together. I can’t remember what job Neil has on the tour, but he did ask Adam for a job. Adam loves his family and friends so much.

  • ♥____♥

    Adam’s so sweet.
    & Neil cracks me up. He’s so sarcastic but it’s brilliant.

  • Jory

    Thank you so much loved it, He’s so gorgeous and sexy ILHSFM

  • Jermaine

    Lambo is too good live, I was so impressed. With him, his band, his dancers, the stage setup and lighting; all of it. Insane show man. His mom is hot, can I say that?

  • hi

    jared idk why you get so much hate, i love your site. thanks for the pics xoxo

  • truth

    @Jermaine: Leila is a MILF!

  • shelly


  • ooops

    @shelly: Lol. I thumbed you down by accident. THREESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Mara

    I love Adam’s hair straight up (not slicked back or down)

  • http://www. NN

    Extract from one of [Negative] Neil’s articles. DON’T read if you’re easily offended lmao. He’s just poking fun ;)

    ”Alright, painfully-white-guy-at-Subway, I know that you probably have no idea what it is like to work at Subway because you were an over-privileged sack of sh*t in high school. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not fun. It’s the antithesis of fun. You’re putting meat on bread all day. Then school let’s out and since you work at the Subway located next to one of the most central transit centers in Brooklyn, you deal with a bunch of obnoxious fu*king kids who are giggling and screaming instead of ordering and eating.

    You wanna take a stab at what the three underpaid, under-appreciated women working at Subway today don’t need? You, you fu*ker, and neither do I. So please don’t stroll up to the counter in your bright red fleece and cargo pants and start shooting the sh*t with them. I know you probably think that using the Ladies of Subway as a captive audience for the third time in your entire life in which you attempt to flirt with a girl is good thinking, but just stop it. People want to eat, and no one wants to hear your bullsh*t.

    “9-Grain wheat? I didn’t even know there was more than one kind of grain!!”

    and I hope you choke on the other 8.

    “Why yes, I will have it toasted. But only so long as you’re careful!”

    Oh, your chivalry knows no bounds, Sir White! Surely this lovely lass will swoon any second now and you may vault over the sandwich counter to catch her before she hits the ground. Your sexual superiority over the 13-year-old customers and myself will be absolutely rock solid after such a feat.

    “Let’s do just a smidge of olives. Just a smidgeon. A dash, if you will.”

    Aaaaand fail. “smidgeon”? Really? If you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot with a word like that, try not to cut it off afterward by defining what the word smidgeon means. Jesus Christ. You look like a guy in a fu*king powertool commercial, you’re wearing a fleece, and you’re delaying my order. Wipe that grin of your face and get down to business. Lupita over there doesn’t want anything to do with you. She’s smiling because she DOESN’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY.

    Yes, I am using the chair next to me and no, no one else is joining me. You know why I’m using my chair? Because that’s where my jacket is. I realize it’s the last chair in the entire establishment and that’s precisely why I put my jacket on it. I don’t want you to sit here because it will end in a felony. Get your sandwich to go and get the hell out of the store.

    Also, to the (other) white guy in the actual subway, f*ck you too. When I am standing in front of the doors waiting for them to open so I can get on the train, this is not a signal for you to occupy the one foot of space between me and the door. That’s the yellow line, it means caution, and it’s serious business. Nice job getting the last seat on the train though, you’re a real winner. I’d assume you worked in the financial sector except for your general appearance and severe lack of hygiene. Eat shi*t.”



  • Nina

    @Marilyn: Neil is, as the team has dubbed him, “The world’s most famous production assistant.”

  • Tanya

    @NN: lol! i met neil in san dieg, he was sooo nice. uh not that i expected him to be mean just because of his blog but i was a lil just surprised at how nice he was. adam was a friking sweetheart but i already knew that :) he gives the best hugs <3

  • VV

    @Nina: Lol, is Neil actually doing work on the tour or is he just chilling out on the road

  • Kat

    LOL his brother is so much uglier than him. That’s unfortunate

  • sarah

    wow someone in their family got all the looks

  • Henny

    @hi: What do you mean by ‘idk why you get so much hate jared’ ? By whom?

  • Emily

    @Kat: Neil’s cute too. He may not be as ~pretty but he’s hilarious and charming and definitely not ugly imho…

  • Emily

    I just love Adam.

  • Eric

    If my brother asked me for a job on my Tour, I’d have made him my personal assistant.

  • Kneel

    WOW…. is he getting mobbed by fans on the street or what?

  • Kat


    He’s not cute at all. You have some low standards, girl

  • Megan

    The guy in the red is not cute

  • Jackson

    his brother looks pis.sed or something lol

  • Markus

    Why does his brother have a flashlight there? lol

  • sarcy

    Neil’s funny but his humor hurts sometimes tbh……..

  • Buck

    Damn, Neil looks pissed.

    Adam looks gorgeous as always

  • ……

    where the f is my comment

  • Tyrese

    @sarcy: Isn’t that the point of dark humor? lol.

  • fellj

    @Eric: Lol, exactly. Adam should have made his brother carry all his bags. Just because.

  • zara

    NEIL looks angry (?) lol

  • xxx

    jared that’s pretty cute of you to use neil’s name in the title instead of just saying ‘adam lambert’s brother’ lol

  • < 3