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Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Love and Other Drugs' Trailer!

Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Love and Other Drugs' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s new film together, Love and Other Drugs!

Here’s the synopsis for the film, which hits theaters November 24:

Hathaway portrays Maggie, an alluring free spirit who won’t let anyone – or anything – tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie’s evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love.”

Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal – ‘Love and Other Drugs’ Trailer
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50 Responses to “Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Love and Other Drugs' Trailer!”

  1. 1
    KCC Says:

    Very manly role for toothy…and I just don’t get Hathaway shes not that amazing??

  2. 2
    JOHARH Says:

    jake is HOT

  3. 3
    jen Says:

    There is no chemistry between the two.

  4. 4
    :( Says:

    @JOHARH: i think he’s a butterface.

  5. 5
    ben Says:

    @KCC: She annoys me. And all her roles are the same!

  6. 6
    Dominic Says:

    I feel like I just saw the whole thing!

  7. 7
    genuine question Says:

    Did Gyllenhaal ever get his mole removed?

  8. 8
    Jonte Says:

    @Dominic: LOL

  9. 9
    Dominic Says:

    @Jonte: It’s true. Especially the part where he’s driving next to the bus she’s on! My God! Talk about having seen something before!

  10. 10
    Lindley Says:

    This looks so good. Jake Gyllenhall gets better and better!

  11. 11
    reba Says:

    looks amazing and Anne Hathaway is really talented. Watch “Rachel Getting Married,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Havoc,” and “Passengers” if you question her acting.

  12. 12
    pickles Says:

    I think Jake looks delicious!!! They look great together! I am really looking forward to this!

  13. 13
    Momoa Says:

    Anne is so gorgeous. I LOVE her hair like this. There’s no way anyone could question her acting, the girl is skilled! <3

  14. 14
    coeur Says:

    another cheesy rom com is just what the world needs. pass

  15. 15
    Momoa Says:

    The “OH MY GOD!” part was funny XD

  16. 16
    emily Says:

    i don’t think jake gyllenhaal been in many rom-coms (if any) and i’d love to see him in one. plus, i thought they were cute together in brokeback mountain.

  17. 17
    Michelle Depp Says:

    I used to ask people what it was they saw in Jake. I must say that the past year I have finally seen the light…DAYUUUMMM – Jakey Poo is HOT HOT HOT. He is all man & so friggin sexy. Can’t wait to see this movie

  18. 18
    madmax Says:

    I think it’s about time Jake did a rom com. I love the chemistry between him and Anne. And I can’t wait to see his naked bum.

  19. 19
    Leesa Says:

    It shocks me how much I want to see this one over the Wilson/Witherspoon/Rudd crapfest. And I’ve been reading since Feb. what a knockout performance Hathaway is supposed to give, though the trailer fails to reveal a fairly major aspect of her character…

  20. 20
    nata Says:

    I really like it! Its definitely on my most-watch list.

  21. 21
    Lauren Says:

    Is that a wig or is her hair naturally curly like that?

  22. 22
    sparkly sequins Says:

    finally putting these two together, great job casting director!

  23. 23
    sweetness Says:

    @sparkly sequins:
    They were together before: they were a married couple in Brokeback Mountain.

  24. 24
    Barb Says:

    The movie is a comedy – yes – but it’s also a drama. You are just seeing this first trailer.
    Don’t people always say how trailers give too much away that you feel you’ve already seen the movie. In this case this is just one aspect of the story.
    There has been Oscar buzz for the movie..Anne of course (because she has the most dramatic situation) but Jake has been mentioned too because of what he also goes through. You can’t have just one great performance and the person opposite you be weak.. Think it’s pretty equal.

  25. 25
    Albena Ivanova, Varna Says:

    I LOVE her hair. Shi is cool girl

  26. 26
    == Says:

    Okay, already know I’m going to love this movie! Jakeeeeeeee ♥

  27. 27
    jemaya Says:

    I can’t wait for this movie since watching the Prince of Persia movie, Jake has been like a tattoo in my movie conscious mind. I will watch this because they have a great chemistry :)

  28. 28
    Anon Says:

    I can not wait to see this movie:))))))))!

  29. 29
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …looks like it’ll be a nice little movie.

  30. 30
    Slig Says:

    Hi jared what you faves actor?

  31. 31
    Dastan Potter Says:

    wow,Jake is so so so HHHHOOOOTTTT!!!!

  32. 32
    Exa Says:

    Looks like a movie I definitely want to see.
    Jake looks good here

  33. 33
    Emma Says:

    Looks great!

  34. 34
    Alexa Says:


  35. 35
    M Says:

    god, thank god this movie was made!!!!!!!

  36. 36
    Jeff Says:

    I love their chemistry. And Anne looks beautiful!

  37. 37
    leesa Says:

    Rewatched this trailer this am again, and still really want to see this more than the Reese/Paul one. I hope the buzz surrounding Anne’s performance helps draw audiences into theatre. Otherewise, I’m not sure what kind of audience a movie about a sexpill salesman is gong to draw…

  38. 38
    natalie Says:

    She’s very sexy, and Jakey Poo is the epitome of a butterface. Yuck and gag!

  39. 39
    Fan Says:

    Crossing my fingers for Jake and Anne that LAOD will be a critical and b.o. success.

  40. 40
    Fan Says:

    Crossing my fingers for Anne and Jake that LAOD will be well received by critics.

  41. 41
    KokoHolland Says:

    Is this on of those trailers that showed 95% of the story…?

  42. 42
    bobbi Says:

    I LOVE these two coupled up. Can’t wait to see the movie. Great chemistry!!

  43. 43
    shelly Says:

    One of my most anticipated films of this year. Here are two test screening reviews :


  44. 44
    se Says:

    I will never watch such film because I don’t like submissive woman whose have always “open legs” for the men make what they want!

  45. 45
    ftgtg Says:


  46. 46
    ANN Says:

    best video:

  47. 47
    Katie Says:

    OMGGG!!! this movie looks AMAZING!!! I can’t wait till it debuts. but wow, there’s a ton of movies coming out on November 24th… Burlesque, Tangled and this!!! I can’t wait! What an awesome cast, I seriously want to frame the movie poster for this.

  48. 48
    bettie Says:

    IT looks ok. I don’t like Anne but I like Jake so yeah I might see it.

  49. 49
    Peg Says:

    It’s actually very good; the acting is impressive and the story turns out to be far more layered than the previews suggest.

  50. 50
    Bolley Says:

    Anne is the new Julia Roberts.

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