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Jersey Shore Fistpumps Its Way To Record Ratings

Jersey Shore Fistpumps Its Way To Record Ratings

Jersey Shore drew a record 5.5 million viewers on Thursday night (August 12), making it the #1 telecast of 2010 with P12-34.

For the third straight week, the first-pumping reality series was Thursday’s #1 telecast of the day among P12-34, across all of television. Its 2.7 adults 18-49 rating beat out Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance (2.2 rating) and CBS’ Big Brother (2.6 rating).

This ratings reign just won’t let up. Impressive situation for Snooki and the gang!!!

(BTW: Big Brother is spectacular this season.)

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Credit: Emily Shur; Photos: MTV
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  • Alaia

    It’s a sad day when shows like Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me are underseen and CANCELLED after barely two seasons, why crap like this gets greenlit every year. MTV, you are shameful. Justin Timberlake was right when he said play more MUSIC. I hope this channel bombs in the near future.

  • Alaia

    Sorry I meant to say “when crap like this…”

  • Dustin

    Big brother sucks this season. Huge let down!

  • Dawn

    This is why MTV sucks now.

  • Sean


  • ck_always

    Yeaaaaah, fistpumps all around!

  • Carlota

    America is making me sad. I mean, I know half of american teens don’t know where New York is in a USA map, but making Jersey Shore the most watched program of the year for now is just sad. You learn 0 things from that. And yes, you are always learning when you see something, even Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Exampe: today I saw one episode of Kourtney and Khloé take Miami and learned that the K sisters can be a little crazy, but Kourtney knows how to separate her professional life from pleasure life. That is important.

    Watching Jersey Shore, you learn that you don’t want to live in New Jersey, that those guys are a bunch of jackasses and you feel bad for them. I mean, it’s Jersey Shore. Come on, America!!

  • ck_always

    @Carlota: Good grief, you sound as dumb as the people you talk about in your actual post. What a horrible attempt at an example that fell flat into a contradiction. It’s ‘reality tv’, it’s meant for entertainment purposes, not educational purposes. That’s the same thing with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. It’s meant as entertainment, nothing but. Stop trying to preach, your sh#t stinks just as much as the rest of ours.

  • KellStar

    This show sucks this season with all the Ronnie/Sammie drama!

  • LOL


  • jess

    Last night’s Big Brother was okay, but this season as a whole has sucked.

  • stella

    I am embarrassed for our Country. I remember seeing the previews of the first Jersey Shore and thinking “wow…looks like another Real World, that will never last”. And Not even a year later these kids are the biggests “stars” in Hollywood. The talentless, unattractive, classless Snooki is getting paid $30,000 PER EPISODE?!? To basically act like a nasty hot mess Troll and fist pump. What is this world coming to…..! ! ! ! ! !

  • OMO

    please stop this shit !

  • This Show

    The demise of America.
    A real shame.

  • wehere

    Come on … it’s summer … there is nothing else to watch and please who is that audience anyway … 15 minutes is almost up!@!

  • Blackchris

    Hey! This show is not bad.. To see a couple of kids have fun and joke around.. Is what everybody in life does.. Those, with senses of humor and a life that is… hint, hint lol!!

    God Bless America!! And to young america… Have fun!!! Life is too short!

  • Mia

    Come on people this is good for what it is entertaining if you want educational watch PBS.. With all do respect you can simply not watch. It’s raunchy, nasty, and what ever else you can think but that why I love it. You forget of everything else and have fun. Let season three start taping.

    Come on everyone has a little jersey shore in them……;-)

  • laverdadduele

    This says a lot of what’s wrong with this country, people tuning in to see a bunch of losers get drunk and act like morons. We’re doomed. Reality TV is the demise of civilization.

  • Really?


    omg alaia, I was about to say the same thing. They keep cancelling Bryan Fuller brilliant shows (BRING PUSHING DAISIES BACK!!), but this they keep!

  • Carlota

    Maybe you can’t learn many things from the Kardashians too, but at least they have a life and jobs and things like that. The guys from Jersey Shore are just stupid people. I mean, they argue for nothing and the show is just about their stupidity. If I had someone paying me 30 grant for each episode, I think I’d get a life after the first one.

    And, yes, maybe it’s not about education, but that kind of entertainment shouldn’t even be entertainment, because it’s because of entertainment like that that people don’t know where people don’t know the name of the oceans or where the UK is. It’s pure loss of time.

    Shame on people that watch Jersey Shore. Shame.

  • Blitzkrieg

    what a shame for america and italy but funny show ;-)

    hello this is Alex from Germany,

    i watch every episode of jersey shore on mtv germany. I like this show very much, because it is really entertaining :)
    i mean come on a bunch of loser is strolling around, doing party an getting drunk….nice ! ;-) Nice to see how dumb these italoamericano ?kids are…

    from my view the show is a real shame for america and all italian people. Only embarassing!
    But i like it because it is really funny ;-)

    In Germany Jersey Shore is very successfull by the way. Germans laugh all the time about these stupid guidos…more please , the germand tv schedule is boooooring, can´t wait for season 3 .

  • jimmy conway

    All these jersey ‘guido’ and housewives shows are a disgrace to Italian Americans. Why is it OK to blatantly stereotype Italians as big, stupid, loud and usually ‘orange’ animals?

  • jimmy conway

    All these jersey ‘guido’ and housewives shows are a disgrace to Italian Americans. Why is it OK to blatantly stereotype Italians as big, stupid, loud and usually ‘orange’ animals?