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LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes arrives at the airport after a flight from Dallas on Thursday (August 12) in Santa Ana, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer rocked the house at Pacific Amphitheatre the same day in Costa Mesa!

“Well Orange County, another amazing show w/ incredible fans!” LeAnn tweeted after the show. “I can’t thank you enough as always!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes heading to a performance in Costa Mesa…

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412 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!”

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  1. 401
    Racy Says:

    @A Real Winner: I don’t have any idols but I am a fan of LeAnn, and, to be honest, I only watched CSI: Miami as long as Eddie was on there. I must be a fan of his also, huh? It would appear to me that LeAnn is meeting the criticism head on. That certainly does not describe a person who can’t deal with criticism. That is something I really admire about her – she speaks out. I know when you people lie, you don’t expect anybody to come back at you, but she does. Way to go, LeAnn. You will have to ask Eddie why he doesn’t defend LeAnn. I can’t answer that. Don’t know about Brad Pitt either except you can definitely say he is not an idol of mine. Say that directly to whomever you would like. Would be nice to hear a defense from Eddie, but ask him about that.

  2. 402
    Racy Says:

    @charity: My, my, you just really hated LeAnn’s performance, didn’t you? Bet you watched every second of it afraid that you would miss something you could lie about and criticize today.

  3. 403
    Racy Says:

    @betty: betty, did you not just read where “A Real Winner” (and I am sure she/he/it is …a real winner???) said that most entertainers ignored criticism but LeAnn doesn’t? Who do you think is right about LeAnn? You or the uh.. real winner? LeAnn does not retreat – under fire or otherwise. You people and the ex must stay up nights looking for something stupid to post. It is getting pretty late; you had best get on it – you might miss something. Hurry, hurry.

  4. 404
    betty Says:

    Racy If Leann ignored criticism she would not respond on her twitter or shut it down or block comments.Most entertainers do not use their twitter page as a diary either. No you get on it, its time for you to retreat. HURRY HURRY !!!!!!!!

  5. 405
    Racy Says:

    @betty: When the time comes, I will retreat but when I do, it will be because one of you people have lied and done everything that can be done to get me banned because liars cannot stand the challenge. LeAnn might have been talked into getting off Twitter but you see who came back, don’t you? She can use the twitter page as she wants to and nobody has to read it that doesn’t want to. I would have blocked comments LONG before she did.

  6. 406
    betty Says:

    @ Racy To each his own ,Everyone has a right to their opinion so why would anyone want you banned but there are rules and regs to follow and every comment doesn’ t have to have a response. If Leann was talked out of twitter it is because she is weak Brandi didn’t close hers. When you are self assured and comfortable in your own skin you let things especially BS roll off you.I bet if Brandi had done to Leann the things she and Eddie has done to Brandi,Leann would be in a psycho ward. Love has nothing to do with disrespect and satisfying your gratifications at the expense of others.and to continually flaunt them.

  7. 407
    jasmine Says:

    to admire and respect someone like Leann Rimes is very sad there is nothing to respect about someone who chases after a married man with kids while he is in counselling with his wife and Leann being married at the same time and to go to dinner with your spouses and break bread with them and all the time having already done IT with each other and then lie, and meet at a friend of Leanns to get it on and then to move in with the mistress while still married and to take your kids to spend the night at mistresses house and you sleep in bed with mistress and invite kids into bed with you and then to tweet to tell any one who might be hurt by that commentThat is really something to admire sad sad sadand I don’t care how much music she makes she will always be known as an adulteress, liar and a cheater

  8. 408
    gwen Says:

    RACY(aka cbme)

    BUSTED AGAIN. RACY is indeed CBME.

    TEE HEE? Now where did I hear that before? That is right, from CBME. Remember you tried to tell me that giggling and laughing didn’t mean the same thing. You even made the same tee hee in your posts on x17 and on many posts here on JJ when you were posting as CBME.

    So what next, who wants to bet that CBME pops up to try to prove to me that she is not RACY?

    Brandi doesn’t scare Leann? Yeah that is why Leann got bent out of shape when it got out that EC had slept with BG at the time that LR was having People mag write about how they are a cute and happy couple because they go out to golf together? And why LR showed up in a bikini because BG was spotted at LAVO looking very nice.

  9. 409
    gwen Says:


    RACY(aka cbme)

    Oh no, not the “everybody is getting me banned and barred for no reason at all”, card. You get banned and barred because you cross the line. You hijack our names, stalk other posters and then write posts about it, and then you are stalking BG and her boyfriend which are all the same posts you made as CBME. And you just can’t understand why any of that behavior is wrong. If you are going to do those things then don’t get mad when someone calls you out on it. It won’t be too long before you are getting into trouble because of those posts that you are sending BG. They match up perfectgly with the posts that you made on this site as CBME. So we know that you are making those posts. And don’t blame anyone because are stupid enough to keep trying to intimidate other posters and BG into stop posting.

    We know that you are not going to retreat, you are just going to hijack another person’s name and use that. Like how you are now using hi brandi and bri.

    BTW, you made the same comment about not giving up when you were posting as CBME. You said it on JJ and on Evil Beet. So why do you keep getting mad and boo hooing when I call you out for being CBME? Take some responsibility.

    Leann doesn’t need to be on twitter, do you see what people and most of the media have to say about her tweets? They all think it’s desperate and that something is lacking in her relationship with EC. Coming back to twitter doesn’t empower LR, it just shows what a nasty and mean person she is. It also demonstrates that EC is a liar. I also get the feeling that she is posting in some of these threads based on her tweets.

    Due to EC custody petition, LR can not use that twitter page anyway she wants.

    So you are making those nasty comments to BG because you are trying to get her to close her twitter page.

  10. 410
    Racy Says:

    @gwen: You are W A Y off. Think what you please. You are paid for it I guess so have at it.

  11. 411
    gwen Says:

    RACY(aka CBME, allison, irena, kathy, marie)

    We know that Leann has to pay EC for “it” (aka SEX).

    How much does LR pay EC to write all those tweets to her?

    Where did I hear the “you are way off” card from? CBME? Thanks again for outting yourself. CBME=RACY.

    We know that you need to think. Is that a hard task for you? I mean it must because why else would you keep coming back to these threads and posting under all these different names as if we don’t know it’s you?

  12. 412
    gwen Says:

    What JJ won’t tell you:

    This is from Celebrity Bitchy:

    LeAnn Rimes’ birthday was a few days ago, and she spent it being pap’d in a bikini with her man, Eddie Cibrian (see the nauseating photos of LeAnn straddling Eddie here). She also spent it being a smug ***** – she tweeted some sh-t about all of the presents Eddie had given her, with what money no one knows. He’s not working, so my guess is that much like a parent would do for a child, LeAnn bought her own presents and let Eddie “give” them to her for her birthday. And then she tweeted about it, smugly. And that’s the jumping off point for this hilarious story from The Homewrecker Files:

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s latest PDA -fest during a trip to Mexico has sparked another Twitter war between the couple and Eddie’s ex, Brandi Glanville.

    “LeAnn is so public with their relationship, it seems like they don’t remember it began as an affair when they were both married!” an insider tells In Touch.

    On August 29, LeAnn tweeted: “Beautiful rose gold and diamond bangles and a cool Chrome Hearts travel jewelry bag. He’s always so thoughtful.”

    Brandi – who says she hasn’t received any child support from Eddie since he was fired from CSI: Miami – shot back: “My ‘husband’ who vacations non-stop, and has an assistant yet no job, can’t afford to keep out 3 yr old in his pre-school… priorities.”

    An insider says: “It’s gotten obnoxious, the amount LeAnn posts about Eddie’s kids and how great their life is together. Brandi gets hurt by it, of course. But she also finds it funny that LeAnn stops to tweet about everything they do instead of just enjoying it.”

    And LeAnn‘s ex-husband Dean Sheremet is bothered too. “Dean is so calm, but he even gets turned off by how public she makes their relationship. He will forward her most ridiculous tweets to his friends and make fun of her.”

    Honestly, if I was Brandi, I would be more upset by the whole “no child support” thing rather than the “LeAnn can’t take a dump without tweeting about it for a whole day” thing. Of course LeAnn is inappropriate. She stalked Eddie and now he is all hers. She’s crazy and tragic and funny (to laugh at) and she’s totally and completely over the top with the Twitter-displays of her “love.” But seriously, Brandi buried the lead – how is Eddie paying for all of these presents for LeAnn if he’s can’t/won’t pay child support? Unless my theory is correct, which is that LeAnn is paying for everything

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