LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes arrives at the airport after a flight from Dallas on Thursday (August 12) in Santa Ana, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer rocked the house at Pacific Amphitheatre the same day in Costa Mesa!

“Well Orange County, another amazing show w/ incredible fans!” LeAnn tweeted after the show. “I can’t thank you enough as always!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes heading to a performance in Costa Mesa…

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412 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!”

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  1. 51
    huh? Says:

    Troll, tell us what happened to Brandi’s boyfriend. Is she still with Mike Meldman?

  2. 52
    huh? Says:

    One more thing~~~the Star Mag photos of the X were horrible in my estimation. Blech!

  3. 53
    cjc Says:

    Seems like Rimes not only wants Brandi’s husband and kids but also wants to look like her.

  4. 54
    Karma Says:

    unlike leann, brandi doesnt have to tweet about her bf every two sec..ur precious wewe is a flop and is stuck babysitting an unemployed married cheater..karma is great!

  5. 55
    bhr Says:

    Freshen up the stock, that was troll as gwennie who ran that one out ad nauseum. Only a ravaged seventy year old might want to look like the ex. And be certain EC does not want to go back to that. He might be a lot of things but he ain’t crazy.

  6. 56
    bhr Says:

    BG doesn’t have a thing to tweet about and you have been avoiding the subject too.

  7. 57
    Karma Says:

    lmao lean fans crack me up..so because a looser trolll known as sillypants tweet that brandi and mike are over u believe it..guess what? sillypants is no longer on twitter, its account is gone. instead of worrying about brandi’s lovelife you should we out buying wewe’s 2 for 1 concert tix.

  8. 58
    Racy Says:

    @Ryan: Something wrong with that? I always get many gifts for holidays and I buy myself something.

  9. 59
    Racy Says:

    @lol: Lots of money, lots of looks, lots of talent, lots of fans who love her, lots of lots of. Is that enough for you?

  10. 60
    Racy Says:

    @lol: WRONG! I think that most people today would say it is their life so let them live it.

  11. 61
    Racy Says:

    @Jill: Do you have a picture of all this “nudity.” Nobody but you seems to have seen it and we would like to see what you call nudity. You really do keep up with LeAnn don’t you?

  12. 62
    Racy Says:

    @ddc: Because some people aren’t trolls and work for a living. All the tickets were reduced and not just LeAnn’s. You people who are trying to hurt LeAnn are willing to take the word of one reviewer. Listen to LeAnn yourself and see if you see any evidence of lack of talent. That will tell you more than some reviewer that you don’t even know or don’t know how much music ability that person has. Everything that you people have tried to use against LeAnn has failed so go ahead and give this a shot.

  13. 63
    Racy Says:

    @cjc: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Even I don’t want to look like her so why should LeAnn?

  14. 64
    Racy Says:

    @Karma: Don’t know much about reviews, do you? Are you saying LeAnn is a flop because one reviewer didn’t like her? Stupid is as stupid does, as one famous person said. (Forrest Gump, folks).

  15. 65
    Racy Says:

    @Karma: Ticket prices were lowered for everybody. Have you heard of the depression? No? Doesn’t surprise me.

  16. 66
    Ohyeah Says:

    Really I just paid $75 to see Rush in the nosebleed seats. Bloody well worth it, too.

    This woman is the most incredible fameho I’ve evah seen, with the exception of Sluttyenna Miller and her English white trash BF.

  17. 67
    lily Says:

    Enjoy all you lucky people who are listening to LeAnn and the San Diego Symphony tonight.

  18. 68
    united Says:

    Oh yes your other client….lmao! Thank you Zoe!

  19. 69
    betty Says:

    @bhr Why should Brandi want Eddie back he has not paid his support money,he needs the support of his sugar mama. @ Racy We are not in a depression maybe some people are feeling a pinch. Ticket prices are based on popularity.Less popular the artist the less the price of the ticket.Leann is not a popular artist no matter what you think. Talent has nothing to do with it.Taylor Swift is not that talented but she is popular and that whats getting her over.

  20. 70
    Diane Says:

    Leann has the weirdest eyes. I mean, I can really see them in this set of pics. So puffy above and under the eye. Really notice it with the purple eyeshadow.

    Anyhoo, LOVE how everybody who doesn’t respect Leann or Eddie are a paid troll. It should be a disclaimer for anybody who isn’t a fan of the very relevant country superstar doing country fairs! bwahaha (only 60,000 followers on her Twitter, vs. Khloe Kardashian with 150,000).

  21. 71
    charity Says:

    Diane nice to see you back can you believe that Leann says that that review is just one persons view . Of course it is and she cannot believe that she is on a slippery slope and getting ready to fall off.SHE IS NOT relevant any more and all these new and beautiful women coming along Leann is toas tEdddie jumped on the horse at the wrong time she will be running out of money soon Let’s just see when they let her release that new album

  22. 72
    Racy Says:

    Well, Eddie recognizes a horse (you said he jumped on one) because he has seen enough jackarses in the past who are posting nasty things and he didn’t want to get back in the same old grind.

  23. 73
    Diane Says:

    Uh oh – you just knew Mama Troll (Racy, AasmallJohnson, Oreo, etc.) paid for by bossman Rimes would be on duty on this thread too. bwahaha

  24. 74
    Diane Says:

    Racy Quote” “lots of fans who love her, ”

    Oh for godsakes paid troll, get a hubby, boyfriend, friend whatever. It’s WEIRD to love a stranger. You act iike you’re a close relative of Leann’s or you’re Leann herself who is so hurt and has to counter, every.single.post made against her.

    Get love in your life – not thru a minor country singer.

  25. 75
    Diane Says:

    Quote: “sillypants is no longer on twitter, its account is gone. instead of worrying about brandi’s lovelife you should we out buying wewe’s 2 for 1 concert tix.”

    I forewarned that idiot on Twitter. You don’t fluck with Mike Meldman with litigious allegations like that. The guy is pretty high up there, whether delusional Leann fans want to believe it or not.

    That person who probably frequents these threads was so damn STOOPID to post that stuff on a public forum. They got caught up in a he-said, she-said one upmanship on these silly celeb boards.

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