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LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes arrives at the airport after a flight from Dallas on Thursday (August 12) in Santa Ana, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer rocked the house at Pacific Amphitheatre the same day in Costa Mesa!

“Well Orange County, another amazing show w/ incredible fans!” LeAnn tweeted after the show. “I can’t thank you enough as always!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes heading to a performance in Costa Mesa…

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412 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!”

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  1. 101
    gwen Says:

    Hey, why does Leann’s hairstyle look familiar?

    Didn’t BG wear her hair like that? In that interview that she gave to E, yeap wasn’t BG wearing spirals?

    So if LR has EC was does she feel the need to compete with BG?

    I can see it now, LR probably has EVERY photo of BG and EC and studies every detail of it.

  2. 102
    gwen Says:

    RACY(aka cbme)

    So now you are going from site to site making posts in DEB’s name.

    Yeah I saw the post that you made on US WEEKLY in yet another poster’s name.

    So do you think that you can do these things on other sites because JJ allows you to do them on their site?

  3. 103
    Diane Says:


    Quote: “All you know is how to operate a nasty mouth.”

    Not only are you pathetic in your support of a homely homewrecker, but that quote is hysterical. Didn’t you as AasmallJohnson (c’mon, we know it’s you) – don’t you rant and rave to Brandi Cibrian constantly telling her she’s a wh*re and a b*tch. Of course you do! Hypocrite, yet again. It’s so tiring putting delusional trolls in their place all the time. :)

  4. 104
    Diane Says:

    Oh, also love how the Leann supporters on here are saying how great she looks.


    Platinum Blonde dye job – check!
    Fake Teeth – check!
    Fake Tanning – check!
    Fake Puffy Eyes – just checking to see if you’re awake

    Racy, get some real life in your life. I know you said you had an abusive hubby or former bf, I don’t know what to tell you, except that I hope you have others to cling on to in life. A minor-celebrity such as Leann isn’t the person you need. :)

  5. 105
    Diane Says:


    Don’t y’all love how those of us who don’t like homely homewrecker are accused of being paid for our “work” by the wife (the ex). Um how’s that possible? She’s apparently still waiting for child support & spousal support. I got it, maybe her boyfriend pays all of us, I mean, ME. Too funny.

    Well, I need to ask for a raise, I know that. The crazy juice that surrounds these threads makes one want to ask for a raise. *I’ll do that, ask for a raise I mean!” bwaha

  6. 106
    gwen Says:

    Wait, so RACY (aka CBME) had an abusive husband(I bet she mentioned that story about her ex-husband who taught her some cuss words and didn’t pay child support so she had to raise KIDS, which changed to ONE child AFTER I pointed out how odd that these “fans” all seem to have the same cheating husband I raised @ kids on my own background? The same story she told me when she was posting as CBME) and yet she can not have any compassion for BG or DS? That is odd.

    Why would an abused woman get mad because BG is getting spousal support or for that matter call another woman a ***** and *****? That doesn’t sound right.

    So CBME is once again lying when she says that she was abused.

    What she probably meant was that the she felt like the married man she was having an affair with was abusing her everytime he went back home to his wife.

  7. 107
    Diane Says:

    Well, to be fair, I can’t recall if she said abused but the gist of it was her hubby or boyfriend went off with swearing and ranting and raving at her. Which, if it is true (we won’t know for sure) she is AasmallJohnson on Twitter (I think she is) – ,she learned from her EX – cause she gets real upset at Brandi Cibrian and calls her names and such.

    I mean, it’s way personal the way she rants to the woman on Twitter. I tweet Leann but never once would I call her names in such a manner directly to her. I would never call her a wh*re for instance directly to her. I have told her she bought & paid for her married boyfriend, yeah. But never yell in caps to her, which makes it very personal, I think. Racy has severe issues with Brandi, obviously.

  8. 108
    Diane Says:

    Some examples:

    @BrandiGlanville You’re a sick *****, really you are!!
    11:23 AM Aug 12th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to BrandiGlanville

    This definitely made me realize AasmallJohnson is Racy cause Racy takes it all so personal on here too re: Leann.

    @BrandiGlanville Get a life *****! You’ve attacked your own character. No one had to do that for you.
    2:28 PM Aug 8th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to BrandiGlanville

    There’s more tweets, but you get the gist.

  9. 109
    gwen Says:


    So she did tell you all about the cussing ex-husband who taught her how to cuss( I only remember this because she threatened to release a cuss word storm on me if I didn’t back down).

    So I was right, CBME=RACY.

    Wow, “get a life”, how many times have we heard that line?

    It just doesn’t make any sense how an abused woman would have so much hatred toward BG or DS, who are the victims in all of this. I think CBME is going to have to stop telling that lie because their is no way that a woman who was as abused as CBME is claiming would do that to another woman.

  10. 110
    gwen Says:

    CBME(aka RACY and allison) has even called me a b*****, c****, a***** and t*****.

    Well JJ, this confirms it, the Brandi stalker(aka allision) is CBME(who is now posting as RACY), she is posting the same threats to Brandi that she posted on your site to me and other posters. The posts are there for all to see, there is no escaping it.

  11. 111
    gwen Says:


    Well I think that RACY(aka cbme/allison) is trying to get BG to shut down her twitter account. It likes she is doing an eye for an eye, since criticism from Leann’s fans resulted in LR taking a break on her account, CBME (aka Racy, allison) is trying to get retribution for Leann.

    On Leann’s imb page, some posters saved the posts from WEWENLOVE. One of the posts that Leann made was that she was following BG so that BG didn’t say anything “crazy” about her. I wonder if this is the same thing here, following BG to intimidate her into not commenting on EC and LR bad behavior.

    The strange thing is that I don’t ever recall seeing allision until AFTER LR had stopped posting for a week. Has she been tweeting to BG the whole the time or did she just pop up after Leann little twitter break?

  12. 112
    gwen Says:

    Okay, so now CBME is on E deleting the posts of others, so that only my posts remain. She must be trying to make it look like I am erasing all of the posts.

    I must have struck a nerve because now she is dragging posters into this that have nothing to do with it. She is mad at me and so she goes and erases the posts of other posters. This is just like how she goes and stalks those other posters from Popsugar.

    JJ, don’t you think you need to do something about CBME/RACY?

    She is so bent on hating me that she is over on E deleting the posts of other posters because she thinks that this will show that I am deleting posts. The bad thing is that she made posts on x17 telling another “fan” how to delete posts on E.

    I guess I must have really angered her when I called her out for posting under these different names or for being stupid enough to show up using the name of Marie after I said that she was going to do this. So what next is she going to do? Is she going to show up at Brandi’s door?

  13. 113
    gwen Says:


    This is why I think CBME is a man.

    Why does she keep trashing women in their late 30s to early 40s?
    It sounds like CBME does this because maybe this was the group of women who reject him.

    gwennie, really? You wrote the same thing as Pot and on x17? How do I know? Because you write the same thing over and over despite the fact you want to always ***** about how others are posting the same thing over.

    So why do you keep whining about how I am picking on you when you are giving me the evidence to support that you are posting under different names?

  14. 114
    jack i'm back Says:

    hey must be nice to work two days out of the last 7 or 8 months and then have someone take you on two all-expense paid vacations Have to say that I wouln’t be able to do that if II had to DO Leann she can try to be as sexy as she wants but just cannot get the image of her digging in her nostril out of my head when I se a picture of her Eduardo ,you must rally be hard up to deal with that how can you stand to eat any thing she cooks No wonder Dean became a chef, didn’t want her touching any food

  15. 115
    George Says:

    The concert reviewer wrote about LeAnn “vamping and flirting with the guys in the first couple rows”. Two things, I get she and Eddie will tell the boys it’s part of the “biz” and doesn’t mean anything, 2nd thing is the 8 year old boys and perhaps even the youngest, what goes through their minds that their dad, currently divorcing their mom, and now his girlfriend is flirting with men not their father. LeAnn brought the boys there, and chose what to display in front of them, and the vamping and flirting was optional. Perhaps she’s preparing the boys for her social parties where she can vamp and flirt with men other than their dad and tell them it’s just for the “biz”, probably told Dean and Brandi that! I’m thinking the boys are uncertain about adult relationships enough w/o be enticed to form a parental type bond with LeAnn and observe her behavior with other potential male rivals to their dad. People that are familiar with the many photos of her over the years know she likes see-through attire and no bras (just use google, bing or yahoo images). The last photo above looks like she chose that look for the concert in front of boys, enlarge it, looks that way, and dressed in her bus with them per her tweets, so they were up close. Not a stable chick around young boys going through divorce!

  16. 116
    Lauren Says:

    The concert last night was beyond beautiful. If I was not a LeAnn Rimes fan, I am now. I did not know she had so much talent. I really enjoyed this show and I let all my friends know.

  17. 117
    @Lauren Says:

    Now that was transparent!

  18. 118
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: These people involved in all of this situation are not above the same place that the rest of us are at least in one way – other people know them personally. I cannot say that Sillypants did not know what she/he was talking about; cannot say that she did know. I do know that this person hit somebody where it hurt and was close enough to the truth to get her shut down. Don’t know exacly what she said, but everybody on here feels free to put LeAnn and Eddie down. Why doesn’t that work both ways? Got an answer?

  19. 119
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: There is only one thing wrong with your accusation – I DON’T TWEET. What else do you know for sure?

  20. 120
    Leah Says:

    This tacky trailer park dumb is so ugly inside out.

  21. 121
    anon Says:

    racy you expect anyone to believe for one nano second that you don’t tweet ha ha ha ha We all know you are assmall and 3 horses and oreo Don’t think we dont know You are so pathetic that I feel sorry for you Leann Rimes doesn’t care about you , she just loves the fact that you love her She is the lowest of the low to me mainly because she and Ec do not show any compassion for the MOTHER of Eddies kids. I defend Brandi because she has done ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong except to have been the person standing in the way of Leann when leann decided that she wanted everything that Brandi has I don’t see how eddies parents can stand to be in the same room with her Shameless homewrecking egotisical snot faced woman So come on back here and tell me once agian all the bad thing that Brandi has done because as you say you know nothing about their private lives but, the entire country knows what a two-faced person LR is to sit acroos the table from Brandi and Eddie and know she has already done the nasty puppy with Brandis husband Dean told on them too Dean should have punched Eddie in his nose for banging his wife /What kind of man is Eddie A greedy, unfaithfu,l lying, ,scheming, fame ho who will allow people and especially Lean to trash his WIFE all for the sake of $$$$$$

  22. 122
    Evan Says:

    It’s disgusting Jared promotes her.

  23. 123
    sick Says:

    pure filth!

  24. 124
    ani okly Says:

    Love the twittin’ LeAnne does. Yip yip!

  25. 125
    laney Says:

    Well, Leann has another concert tonight She is up there trying to look sexy and all she is doing is strutting like a peacock trying to show off for Eddies parents and sons Must thrill Brandi to know that the kids are being subjected to that at such an early age. If eddie were my son, I would tell him to his face how ashamed they are of him and that as long as he is with her, don’t come around us we’ll se the kids when they are with Brandi Remember how she chased him even when EC and Brandi were in counselling. just can not imagine how eddie stands himsel.f there is no way on this earth he loves LR more than his two babies and the respect of his parents would bet Ec was raised Catholic

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