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LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!

LeAnn Rimes arrives at the airport after a flight from Dallas on Thursday (August 12) in Santa Ana, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer rocked the house at Pacific Amphitheatre the same day in Costa Mesa!

“Well Orange County, another amazing show w/ incredible fans!” LeAnn tweeted after the show. “I can’t thank you enough as always!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes heading to a performance in Costa Mesa…

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412 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: 'Amazing Show' in Costa Mesa!”

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  1. 151
    Terry Says:

    Troll-QUIT misrepresenting things and acting like you’re some flawless appointee. Are you going on another rampage tonight?

    You keep talking about karma. Is this somehow the ex’s!!!

  2. 152
    paul Says:

    @Racy: Yep I think the ole fella has OCD maybe a touch of Paranoia Schizophrentic-Impulse Control.

  3. 153
    so sandy says Says:

    @Racy: Yep! the ole fella has what is known as OCD(does things over & over-same way-same pattern without fail) also I detect a little Paranoia Schizophrentia-9thinks everyone or someone is constantly after him)maybe a touch of Impulse Control.(Does Impulsive things with no control)

  4. 154
    Diane Says:


    This is how truly flucked up Leann supporters are. They think it’s disgusting for the woman whose home was busted up and has to spend 50% of the time away from her two sons now, – they think she shouldn’t be able to tweet things, BUT Leann – the woman who acts smug as hell can tweet everything under the sun, even constant tweets about said woman’s sons. You people are truly frightening.

    Yeah, 3 posts in a row, whoa – guess that’s better than Racy who has multiple personality syndrome (she is definitely without a doubt AasmallJohnson on Twitter, either that or her evil twin is posting on Twitter, which c’mon now, as if.) She does it just to shore up fake support for a minor country singer. Please, sit down and get real people.

  5. 155
    Diane Says:

    LMAO – over I’m shallow comments. Hey Einstein, I meant the temptations will be out there for Eddie in Lala Land. It’s known to have many beautiful women all over they come off buses every day hoping to get famous. He’s known to follow his peenie whims. The fact he’s tied to a woman for money this time around, well, that’s only going to last so long.

    Again, I doubt the man would be with Leann if she was a struggling artist. The fact she has bank ($$$) definitely played a role, I think. Speculating of course, unlike others on here who think it’s just an over their heads in love type of thing.

  6. 156
    Diane Says:

    Uh-oh, sound familiar? I’m sure Leann will read about it too in the news. Wonder if it makes her stop and think she’s lucky….ha.,,20413176,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

  7. 157
    Racy Says:

    @anon: “If you are guilty of the least, you are guilty of the whole.”

  8. 158
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: Its an evile twin – I guess. It ain’t me, honey.

  9. 159
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: I am wondering if people who make remarks about all the women out there just dying to jump on some man has had someone that went in that direction. Wonder if the men they know ever pulls such a naught thing. Naw, it’s just Eddie – he is the only guilty one.

  10. 160
    Diane Says:

    Quote: “I am wondering if people who make remarks about all the women out there just dying to jump on some man has had someone that went in that direction.”

    LOL, nope been married for 10 years and have adorable 7 year old twins, the ones you bet didn’t exist. haha We’re happy. Ur problem is you take defending Leann way too serious, she’s nothing to you, just a stranger. You feel it’s your duty to defend, defend, defend. Here and on Twitter.

    Me, I like having fun with it and pointing out her smugness. This is just celeb stuff, you act like it’s your life. Take a week break or something. But don’t lie and say you’re not AasmallJohnson on Twitter, the person sounds and acts exaclty like you. And you rant to Leann’s married boyfriend’s wife calling her “*****!”. It’s sad.

  11. 161
    Diane Says:

    Forgot to say, I meant Eddie will be hopping on a new woman in a few years, mark my words. He couldn’t change like that overnight. Anyone with common sense can predict that. Leann has the lifestyle and the $$$ right now. If he gets a hit series, I predict he’s out of there in a few years.

    But I think it would be karma for him to get married to her without a prenup.

  12. 162
    anon Says:

    paul and so sandy says and allison and racy You tweeted the same thing above only under the names paul and so sandy says the first one may not have gone through HAHAHA one little busy worker bee for Leann Rimes

  13. 163
    Karma Says:

    lmao they did..BUSTED

  14. 164
    Debra Says:

    so….ive just been over there on twitter talking to ASSmell, and asked her the simple question of how she knows BG is telling lies, just because EC and LR (proven liars themselves) say she is— but all she could say was she knows BG is dishonest because she is begging for money (asking for support) so i answered her back and said she thinks all mothers getting child support are dishonest bimbos (her words) she went off her rocker about BG spending all her money on plastic surgery and such—she’s really fixated on BG having any kind of work done, she mentions it all the time……hmmm I wonder if having fake teeth glued into your mouth is considered a cosmetic procedure? Im sure LR didn’t have them done for her health

  15. 165
    anon Says:

    so Leann song swingin peaked at #57 and then fell off the charts Lets just see when her record company releases her next album I mean “failure” Good going Leann proud of you and your resilience at lasting for a few years you and Eddie enjoy your forced retirement

  16. 166
    anon 100 Says:

    Not a woman, not a mother, a man whose lady left him, feeling left out in life, let down by his Creator and on and on.

  17. 167
    anon 100 Says:

    Mr. troll – misrepresents people’s words, intentionally. I visited and read Aasmall’s tweets and she did NOT say anything like that. Zero moral rectitude and a sick satisfaction of being in the grip of the pathology.

  18. 168
    Debra Says:

    @anon 100:

    Assmell:ooohhh, trust me, I know! What blonde bim who can’t get a life of her own and is begging for money is honest

    when assmell says begging for money, she is talking about asking for support……

    when i read this statement, I understand she thinks because BG speaks out and is asking for support that she is dishonest… else does it read?

  19. 169
    anon Says:

    hey yall lets not forget the important thing here and that is that Leann’s song only went to 57 abd then dropped like a rock and the fact that an honest to goodness music critic said that she was on a down-hill slide these are the important things doubt that the record company even spends the money to release her album. oh no she is going to be so mad and tweet to every one that they are all a bunch of morons tee hee tee hee What goes round comes round I think she looks just like the grinch so that is what I am going to call her from now on leann and eddie brought all this on themselves and then tried to lay the blame on Brandis doorstep Guess Brandi is to blame for Leann song going down and the fact that the grinch is losing her vocals

  20. 170
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: Is it your life to “have fun” with somebody else’s life? You are on here more than I am. No, LeAnn is not my relative, etc., but she is a human being and that is where my interest lies. Not “having fun” with it. I will not address this again but I am not aasmall and I have not called the ex anything that you have suggested. I guess I was raised better than some and was taught better manners and language. We all think we are in a happy state, but sometimes it is only what we know that contributes to that and not what we don’t know. Think about it. If smugness could be monopolized, you would win hands down.

  21. 171
    Racy Says:

    @Debra: I am sure LeAnn paid for whatever she had done by her own hard work and didn’t rely on someone else to do the paying. Also, all the body work, etc., that you can have done doesn’t help your situation sometimes.

  22. 172
    Racy Says:

    @Debra: Some strong, perfectly able to work, etc., etc., and etc., will have to be supported for the rest of their lives because they just don’t have the ability to maintain themselves. Please, do not talk about LeAnn’s talent fading when there are some who never had it, never will, and will not even try.

  23. 173
    Mc Says:

    I agree anon that it is seriously in question that the album will be released as previously indicated. Given the outlook from a business perspective, it would be in the records company best interest to only release this rehash of old hits (that LeAnn couldn’t improve or even get into the Top 20) via downloads only. LeAnn’s rescheduled album of original material (deemed not marketable requiring rework , song deletions and changes), originally scheduled for release August 2009 and now Fall 2011possibly maybe (LOL), will be put on indefinite hold if Lady and Gentlemen sales are dismal! If record exec feel and sales figures corroborate that only LeAnn’s die-hard supporters buy these next two albums, there won’t be a third under the Curb label. LeAnn very well may have to pony up higher percentage of production and overhead costs to have any type of hard copies.

  24. 174
    anon 100 Says:

    mc, you’re always agreeing with yourself…no matter what name you’re going by. hollow – thud!

  25. 175
    Racy Says:

    Is there a reason why my last input was not posted?

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