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Rihanna & Ke$ha: Dancing Duo!

Rihanna & Ke$ha: Dancing Duo!

Rihanna & Ke$ha rock it out while performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thursday (August 12).

The 22-year-old Bajan beauty is apparently a fashion inspiration for Disney star Demi Lovato. The Sonny With a Chance star told MTV, “I feel like it’s more Rihanna than Lady Gaga. I’m a huge Rihanna fan and I also love spikes and anything leather. And I have this crazy jewelry. Actually this one [ring] is pretty crazy [with all its spikes], and the bracelets have twice as many spikes. Overall, I guess you can say there’s a ton of spikes in my wardrobe!”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Ke$ha, the dancing duo…

Just Jared on Facebook
rihanna kesha dancing duo 01
rihanna kesha dancing duo 02
rihanna kesha dancing duo 03
rihanna kesha dancing duo 04
rihanna kesha dancing duo 05
rihanna kesha dancing duo 06
rihanna kesha dancing duo 07
rihanna kesha dancing duo 08
rihanna kesha dancing duo 09
rihanna kesha dancing duo 10
rihanna kesha dancing duo 11
rihanna kesha dancing duo 12
rihanna kesha dancing duo 13
rihanna kesha dancing duo 14

Credit: Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty
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  • yawn


  • ITA

    Get us some real celebs.

  • twitters

    Those are old pics.

  • SMDH

    Shaking my head so hard my non existent weave just flew off.

  • Jessica


  • nathan

    they both look like reta*ds.

  • Ste

    Who would pay actual ca$h to see two bimbos who CAN’T SING let alone perform in concert? So desperate LMFAO.

  • wow

    G R O S S X2

  • lmao!
  • Shakera

    Love Ke$ha and Rihanna!!!!



    Rihanna is incredible, True Authentic Artist. Rated R is a Real as Album with Real ass Music. not about Bubble Dreams and Disco Sticks (POW)

    Kesha is ….FUN, and pretty funny. Thats It. Personally i see nothing different between Gaga And Kesha…They have the same Music, Look, and Style.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • b

    rihanna looks like a tranny.

  • are you for real

    @DION-ISH: The difference is Gaga can SING. AND play a number of instruments professionally. And direct. And design. And produce. The list goes on!

  • Ultra

    That is such a bad weave.

  • Silence of the Hams

    Perfect math.

  • mark

    You’d think these 2 were the only ‘artists’ on the planet the way Jared promotes them every day.


    When she came out singing Russian Roulette i almost pissed in my pants!!

    The Most amazing shit ever, That Girl can FUKIN sing her ass off!

    Glad theres finally a Pop Star that can sing live, nowadays 98% dont or cant sing live at all #smh

  • Silence of the Hams

    Two expert lip synchers.

  • GR..OSS


  • GR..OSS


  • :)

    my party girls <3 i love k$ & riri, they’re both pretty and down to earth.

  • vids

    @mark: This blog gets paid to promote them. That’s why they’re on here almost every day.


    @are you for real: Are you comparing her to Rihanna or Kesha Because um…

    Rihanna can Sing, Dance, Write, Produce, Design, Model, Video Direct, and the list goes on as well.

    Could give a fuk less about Kesha, but She’s (again) Fun. Thats All.

  • Whatever Works

    I think this is a good pairing. Both can’t really sing.
    They’re more style than substance.

  • sasha

    @Silence of the Hams: Kesha’s never lip synched. Rihanna used to use auto-tune live but I think she stopped. She can actually sing, it just depends whether or not you can handle her nasal tone…both girls get breathless a lot though, tbh.

  • kaitlin

    LOL Demi Lovato. She’s ridiculous.


    @Whatever Works: I Wonder what you consider substance? Hmm

  • box

    @DION-ISH: You’re tripping! Lmao. Rihanna can’t do none of that! PLEASE. All she’s expertise at is strutting. Kesha lacks talent as well but I give her credit for writing her own songs.

  • whatever

    I enjoy both their musics but I wouldn’t see them live haha

  • an

    Kesha plays the guitar,synth,piano,trumpet,saxophone,drums,keytar professionally,

  • an

    Lets get this straight. Kesha DOES have talent. Watch this country song written and performed live,with no Auto Tune,by Kesha.


    @box: Um Rihanna is a singer, better than the drunk jazz singer sounding chick. She’s a natural dancer, i mean that WAS her trademark when she first came out, her Caribbean moves and etc. She wrote on Rated R and other records on past albums like Kisses dont lie, also her verses in songs like Run This Town, Live Your Life etc. She also Produced on Rated R, Designed for Gucci and H&M. Do your research, wikipedia or something!

  • dead

    @an: Hahahahahahaha. No she doesn’t. LMAO oh my lord. She said herself she “dabbled” in the saxaphone & trumpet in HS, wasn’t very good at it. She can’t play the drums professionally AT ALL. She slams the drum sticks down for 2-step simple beats ANYONE can do lmao! She can’t play the guitar professionally either. She plays a LITTLE piano. I hope you were just trollin because LMAO

  • tammy

    @an: My EARS. Make it stop :’(


    I can’t believe all of the idiotic and close minded Gaga stans on here! I am still not convinced, probably because I educate myself on the music business. Lady Gaga is indeed a gimmick and is not recognized for her talents! WTF did y’all get that from? When you think of Gaga, you think of kooky outfits and antics, and controversial and oversexed music videos! Her wild image made her successful! C’mon on now… can you honestly say that Lady Gaga has an amazing voice and/or one of the best voice you’ve ever heard? People who aren’t AT THE TOP OF THE LIST OF THE BEST SINGERS OF ALL TIME, but do have amazing voices and sing better than Gaga are

    Carrie Underwood
    Kelly Clarkson
    Jordin Sparks
    Jennifer Hudson
    Leann Rimes
    And do y’all really think that Gaga has amazing dancing skills like how Janet Jackson did in her prime, Michael Jackson and James Brown? She can’t even dance as good as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, or Ciara, and that’s pitiful that Gaga isn’t even on Ciara’s level when Ciara dance moves are nothing but ghetto stripper moves and Britney just MOVES around grinding on guys and girls. Her vocal and dance “talent” isn’t enough for her to be a legend so that’s why she USES A STRIKING IMAGE! It’s all about marketing and publicity/promotion and her record company, manager, and publicist has done an amazing job creating hype for Lady Gaga. She’s got the right bubblegum songs, right wild image, right promotion/publicity, right management… she’s just lucky. Anyone can be as famous as Gaga and sell as many records/albums as she does, it’s all about right place and right time and right now Gaga is in but what about in a couple of years? She’s in the prime of her career which is sad when she’s a “new” artist. How can she recreate her image and music when she’s done all that she can do? Gaga said that she has now plans to change her crazy fashion sense and trust, this electro-pop crap will fade soon.

  • sigh

    Rihanna’s body is still bangin but man, I really miss the old Rihanna now. Seriously : [ She used to be such a cutie and such a natural babe. Her style just got tackier and trashier and more and more unflattering and ridiculous over the years. Why.

  • innate talent

    @DION-ISH: When I think of Gaga I think of this:

  • rock n roll queen

    lady gaga has a great voice n she has also chosen to involve theatrics in her performnce sth that i really appreciate in musical performnces n its really rare nowadays music business is not about findin the best voice ever but sb who in addition to good voice can entertain n communicate with the crowd n sb that will offer sth unique n fresh n not same old same old like most singers nowadays ps demi lovato rockstar style now i can die

  • laverdadduele

    Want to know what’s wrong in America? This is it! Trashy oversexed “performers” all over the place. Disgusting!

  • geovanni

    Rihanna is so SEXY!!!!

  • N

    @DION-ISH: I wonder if people are aware how smart Lady Gaga actually is? Do they know how sharp and almost genius her albeit, often twisted brain even is? Her brains alone sets her apart and then there’s the little fact that homegirl can SING. She can sing her face off and it’s effortless for her. She has such a raw, smoky voice and a rich timbre in her tone I find so fkn refreshing in the charts. She really is one of the lucky few who almost never goes off-key or pitchy live. Her fingers are a blur on the piano. She is ridiculously driven and committed and determined to her Music/Art/goals. She’s one of the most hardworking artists on the planet. Some of her style choices rub me up the wrong way but you’ve got to be biased and delusional if you deny her talent and endless creativity.


    @N: All i have to say about that is you’ve been sucked in to believe what you’ve been sucked in to believe.

    And yes gaga is very smart and determined.

    Anyway I Miss Cyndi, Hell Even Madonna.

  • ffs

    accept my comment jj wtf


    Rihanna and The Klaxons …Truley Amazing from beginning to End. Simple yet, dramatic and intriguing.

  • an

    I just wanted it to be known that Kesha can actually sing well…..


    This Performance has literally brought me to tears….Not only because its amazing and i love the klaxons but i totally miss this Rihanna.

    fyi — I Dont hate gaga ,The Girl is incredible, but i had to state the truth, buecuz some of her fans get a lil out of control w/ the bashing over other artist period. I Know the truth behind her and everyone else.


    UHhhhh Chills!! And its not even her best! …just amazing.

  • me

    @an: I think she sounds horrible but a lot better than Katy Perry.