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Vampires Suck Hits Theaters August 18

Vampires Suck Hits Theaters August 18

Vampires Suck is almost here!

The film, which spoofs box office juggernaut Twilight, tells the story of Becca, a teen caught between two guys…meanwhile, her friends have their own romantic issues that will all come out at the prom.

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Vampires Suck hits theaters Wednesday, August 18!

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  • Rafy

    Please show some mercy to the society and stop making vampire movies,the last 2,5 years we had an overdose of ”bloodsuckers” in the movie industry

  • Really?

    is this the future of film industry?? if it is, i really cant wait for 2012!! OMG, from Hitchcock to THIS shitty film!!

  • GoodGirl

    Never saw all those Twilight and others vampire shitty movies…but i’m impatient to see this movie!!!
    Just for a good laught!!

  • Tedd

    This looks like the worst movie of all time. Everyone in ti should be ashamed of themselves

  • April

    i think it looks funny, i hate Twilight!

  • Exa

    I already saw it, but I’m still confused if it is better than the original or even worse.
    I do think that the girl who plays Becca is an excellent imitator. With the blinking, stuttering, putting her hair behind the ears. Basicly it’s just confirming that the original Saga is already a spoof, they just don’t know it, yet..

  • Someone

    this so funny,they are right Twilight is a such cliché but True Blood and The Vampire Diaries doesn’t suck

  • sarahjess

    f!ck twilght and all vampires, i’am really tired of this

  • Celia

    Judging by the trailers. The actors in this movie are ten times BETTER than the ones in twilight.

  • j

    this is a really horrible movie, it leaked online last month and it was so bad i wouldnt even watch it for free… stupid and really not funny at all.

  • Maya

    its not ANTI vamps..its just poking fun./nothing serious

  • Kemcco1955

    It you go see this movie your just giving them more money and reason to continue to make crappy vampire movies. They are making fun of it, but they are really just trying to suck every pinny out of teenage girls who don’t no what real film or acting is like :P

  • ivo

    This movie is really not funny, was a totally waste of time. I thought it would crack me up..

  • eyeh8twilight

    Who cares if it’s not truely not anti-twilight or anti-vampire, what matters is that it’s making fun of Twilight saying it’s gay, saying it sucks and saying it’s full of cliches, and this is what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to see this movie!

    You know, there are plenty of other movies, like Scary Movie that make fun of other movies, but to me, this one’s different. Twilight is such a cult phenominon for some odd reason, despite the books and movies getting horrible reviews. The movies have bad actors and most critics agree. They can’t act, the whole series get’s made fun of almost everyday and every time the movie actually comes out. I looked online, and I think there are more places online for anti-twilight haters than twilight fansites. Anyway, the movie get’s made fun of all time time, that’s why it’s different. The movies in Scary Movie (1-5) were never really made fun of on a daily basis, they’re celebrated movies. Soooooo many people hate Twilight, that’s why Twilight fans should be upset about this movie-there’s some kind of hate that had to go into making this movie-whether they truely hate Twilight, or they find this liking of Twilight rediculous.

    Anyway, I hope when this movie comes out on DVD, I hope every Twi-Tard get’s the DVD shoved up their a$$es!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, the actor that plays Edward Cullen get’s Robert Pattinson’s nauseus looking squintly “pondering” face DOWN-PAT! I can’t believe the actor get’s his horrible mannerisms PERFECTLY!

  • fardous

    i see the film and it was funny


  • jaye

    It’s probably as lame as Meet The Spartans; that was one bad movie.
    Seems pretty childish to hate something as much as some hate the Twilight series when they haven’t even seen the movies. Calling people who like the series or the books names is lame too. No one claims that the books are great literature or that the movies aren’t idealistic, but they were written for a certain demographic and that demographic generally likes them, as well as many adults. So be it, it’s a simply enough choice to make; see the movie or don’t see it.
    The deep hate thing is too much energy wasted on something that really doesn’t impact your life. I guess it makes some people feel like they are part of something to be in the “I hate Twilight League’. If that’s all you have going for you, that’s pretty sad. The hate really is irrational; I can understand dislike of a movie you’ve seen, but the virulent hate not only against the movie, but the people who like it, just seems loony. Wishing people death or injury based on their movie choices is laughable. I guess there are more people out there with mental issues than I thought lol.

  • naomi


  • hala seay