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Zachary Quinto: A Man You Can "Trust"

Zachary Quinto: A Man You Can

Zachary Quinto checks out the Off-Broadway show Trust on opening night at the Second Stage Theater on Thursday (August 12) in New York City.

The 33-year-old Star Trek actor brought a friend to watch the debut of the dark comedy starring ScrubsZach Braff.

The new production follows a wealthy married man, played by Zach, who doesn’t trust the things he has to be enough and thus looks to find something real in unlikely places. The play is scheduled to run through September 5.

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Credit: Barnard; Photos: Getty
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  • http://.com Slig

    Im handsom boy

  • mikeijames

    a friend….male or female?

  • Amber

    Is there some reason we can’t look at bigger pics without the “friend” cropped out? I’d like to see his possible boyfriend (or girlfriend, even).

  • chris

    pretty sexy. why not say just a friend, I don´t see his face. Zach does that want!!

  • Mark

    @mikeijames: Well considering the cropped picture features a gut and a tie, I would guess to say it was a male.

  • chris

    where´s the extra pictures? he looks a male of course.

  • Anon

    The person not pictured is Michael Grief, the director of Angels in America at the Signature Theater. (Quinto will portray Louis Ironson.)

  • gurlsarentlikeus

    Love it how whenever someone is cropped out in a photo you guys think it must, absolutely must be someone he’s screwing. So classy.

    There are pics from this event up at getty, and the man with him is his director, an older man of about 60 years of age or so.

  • natalie

    This dude is so effing ugly I can’t even begin to describe it. Hideous! Does this thing turn in to a werewolf once a full moon comes out? I think so….

  • wonderette

    @natalie: I’ll admit that he’s an acquired taste, but he’s one of the most exquisite men in Hollywood even if it does take some people a little more time than others to see it. I prefer him with longer hair, but he’s still gorgeous when he’s fuzzy.

  • S@n

    ZQuinto is cool!!!

  • Pixiestar

    Gladto see handsome Zach out on the town, I think he works too hard.
    Don’t want to know if he has a girlfriend or not, quite happy if they cut out anyone in a picture with him, yes I lurve him that much!
    No man (or woman) is perfect but Mr Quinto ticks all my boxes, the sexiest, hottest and most talented of Hollywood’s rising stars, and I predict he will be A list before too long.

  • Amber

    @gurlsarentlikeus: Eh, I was just thinking that, because Jared called Anderson Cooper’s BF his “best buddy” or some nonsense. Thought it was the same thing here. Can’t tell with this site sometimes whether the actors are gay cuz of all this coded business.

    Honestly, I love Quinto, and as a lesbian, I can’t help but be curious about queer celebs in Hollywood.

  • Amber

    @Amber: Really? q*u*e*e*r is blacked out? That’s silly.

  • chris

    @natalie: zach is a sexy werewolf, so, I guess your opinion doesn´t matter isn´t it?. he was on a date someone of course! . something missing in his life true love perhapes.

  • chris

    @chris: perhaps.

  • Chris

    This man is an uninformed MORON. His idiotic Tweet wants ppl to “build a bridge”. Um, I was an Aid worker in a Muslim-run country on 9/11/01. Zach, dear, NO ONE was weeping- they were ALL CHEERING as those buildings fell. It was a celebration, or have you forgotten?
    Does he KNOW what they do to homosexual actors in those countries? Yeah, he’d be taken to an open space and shot. So pathetic- his deference to a one-sided “tolerance”. In the real world of Islam, he wouldn’t have made it to age 20. They do not tolerate gays at all.
    Good grief. Open your eyes, stupid. You have NO IDEA. Keep living in that fantasy world of yours. Keep playing make believe- clearly, the real world has eluded you. You have no clue.
    And to all those who worship this gay actor b/c they want to have sex with him- I simply have no words for you. Your hero is a grazing sheep who drank all the Kool-Aid. The “enviro-friendly” guy who took a private jet around the world to…promote a MOVIE where he played a fictional alien. What’s his carbon footprint? Gah. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

    But, OMG, I forgot. He’s “hot”, so all is well.

    Stay asleep, world.

  • gurlsarentlikeus


    You really have issues, maybe you should present your opinion on his facebook, which he does read. Or are you afraid of being cut down by his loyal fangirls?

    Good luck with that..

  • chris

    I don´t have afraid, because I love zach, I live in other coutry is truth but I´m not idiot. that girl(natalie) offended zach called him werewolf in my opinion me like great zach´s know, I´m anxious to the next star trek.zach is so gorgeous and sexy in this movie….

  • chris

    @chris: country.

  • chris

    ah…. I want to have sex with him I want zach in my bed. I want this werewolf.

  • Harriet

    Not gay was seen making out with a girl on the street, there are some photos flying around, so he has to like the ladies some what. So I guess all of you with your gay agendas now can go perform sexual intercourse upon your person.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Dear Chris (entry # 17):

    For every Muslim who cheered and danced on 9/11 there were significantly more Muslims shedding tears of sorrow and vying support for peaceful coexistence.

    Oh, but you forgot about them right?

    And, you say you were working for an “aid” organization? Really? Didn’t know Right Wing xenophobes were inclined to help-out in scary, dirty 3rd-World nations.

    Would your “aid” organization have been Halliburton, by chance? Yes, I thought so.

    Furthermore, “Chris,” you mention ZQ’s global footprint via private jet. Pardon moi (that’s French, another group you predictably hate), but it seems to me a tiny biz jet leaves a far smaller carbon debt than, say, a 747 carrying “aid workers” from place to place around the globe.

    Chris, you’re not fooling anyone. The only person “asleep” is yourself. People like you crawl though their cowardly, unattractive lives just looking for a reason to justify their bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred of that which is not them.

    Personally I detest much about Muslim culture, but I have no problem with anyone, Muslim or otherwise, as long as they are peaceful about their pursuits. Which the vast majority of the billion-strong Muslims are.

    Also, I am no babe in the woods: I am well aware of the age-old Christian/Muslim conflict. Only solution? Eradicate both religions from the face of the planet.

    Since that’s not going to happen, we should then try the alternative, and that is to do our best to indeed “build a bridge”…lest we all become disgusting, xenophobic, self-righteous shut-in creatures such as yourself, Chris.

    And who wants to walk through life like THAT?

  • paula

    In my country QUINTO is fifth COOL

  • RandomSN

    Rumor has it that Zach is nude in his play and has a sexy and hot body, and his little Quinto is not so little.

  • chris

    Zach is naked in his play ?? jeez I love his perfect body

  • chris

    the last zach´s picture with fan in NYC .

  • chris

    I saw the last zach´s picture with a fan in NYC.

  • RandomSN

    Yes, he is nude for a little bit, and in his boxers I guess a lot. He has a killer body, I guess his triceps are huge and his acting is amazing, amazing, amazing.

  • naty

    @mae: zach was with stress?

  • twister


    Maybe he thought you were fug and you scared him? LOL

  • chris

    @mae: it just doesn´t make any sense. I have one pic when zach and fan in NYC he looks sweet. lucky girl!

  • chris

    mae: I´m so sorry, but I don´t believe in you.

  • Tig

    @Mae So . . . he turned you down, right?

  • naty

    @mae: what did you say? he´s a drunk, hahaha.what were you trying to prove?

  • gurlsarentlikeus


    So what did he do, bang you and never call you the next day or something? You sound like a bitter hag to be honest.

    Get over it.