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Alexander Skarsgard: Way Out West Music Festival with Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard: Way Out West Music Festival with Kate Bosworth!

Kate Bosworth takes in the tunes at the Way Out West Music Festival with her boyfriend, True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard, on Friday (August 13) in Goteborg, Sweden. (Alex was born in Stockholm.)

Check out the video below of the cute couple clapping, bopping their heads and swaying to the music. How adorable!

Kate, 27, and Alex, 33, are in town spending quality time with Alex‘s friends and family. Alex is also keeping busy shooting Lars von Trier‘s Melancholia, with his dad Stellan Skarsgard, Kiefer Sutherland, and Kirsten Dunst.

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Way Out West Music Festival!
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  • Skarsgardfan

    Alex is in Sweden filming Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, not vacationing.

  • Weird

    Alex is in town to film a movie. Kate is there b/c she is afraid that Kirsten will steal her man again.
    Also, if you check twitter and facebook you will see that they had a huge fight at the festival yesterday where she told him to “Go F*ck Yourself”.
    Yes, that is so adorable.
    Also, she left a club last night upset telling him and his friends that she cannot do this anymore and that she needs to go home. Yet, she showed up again today.
    BTW she is not pregnant and is in fact losing major weight. And she is drinking beers.
    These two are pathetic. She is still a homewrecker who slept with Paltrow’s husband and is just an overall sicko famewh*re. I will be glad when he gets rid of her.
    If he doesn’t he is just as pathetic.
    What are these rumors that he might get cut from Battleship?

  • bebe

    geez when is he going to dump her for me lol

  • True Bold


    I dunno, maybe those fight rumours are as fake as rumours that KB was pregnant and ppl can argue when beer is involved LOL they’re after all “old couple” being together since last october.

  • twitters

    He is not vacationing He’s filming a movie.

  • Jess

    She really got to Sweden fast after those hookup reports surfaced about him and Kirsten Dunst.

  • Jess

    She really got to Sweden fast after those hookup reports surfaced about him and Kirsten Dunst.

  • Oopsila


  • Fishy

    Gotta love how JJ avoided posting (also known as stealing) all those sightings with Kirsten Dunst. You know, all those where he looked …. pleased? I guess they were not convenient for BosHo’s PR machine eh?

    Hey JJ, surprised you didn’t steal this one as well! Again, inconvenient, eh?

    Can’t you just feel the love? lol. This “relationship” is pathetic.

  • curious

    @True Bold: Jared is the one who started the pregnancy rumors about Kate. The fighting report may or may not be true but it was reported by the tabloids AND by people on Facebook.

  • CuteChef

    Thank you Weird. I read all that last night myself. Don’t forget that he was also seen dancing away with Kiki in Kate’s absence hahaha

  • annalou

    Alex is hot, she’s not. I’m jealous she gets to be with him. He said he’s “very intense” in relationships (*swoon*) –>

  • memememe

    i actually believe that one about Kate teling Alex to go f**k himself – the way it was (originally) written in Swedish – it sounded legit. Also, if you look at the video you can see when she is facing him that she says something quite sharply to him so i think it all fits.

  • Laura s.

    HE’S SOOOOOOOO hot!!!!!!!!!

  • another day

    Nope, those fight rumors are not rumors – more than one person reported on seeing her screaming “Go f-k yourself!” last night. And there is an awesome fan pic out there where he looks like he wants to rip her head off. So the “cute couple” are having a few moments. Aftonbladet reported on her leaving him at the bar last night as well. And other posts talked about how drunk he was yesterday. Yep, happy vacation time! Can’t wait to see what kind of show they’ll put on for the Puss premiere, which is Monday, I think. Bring on the popcorn, I’m getting a front row seat. I’ve missed these trainwrecks…

  • another day

    @Fishy: Oh good, Fishy, you found it. This photo really is fab. And yes, JJ wasn’t going to put all the photos of KD and AS out there because his checks are signed by KB. Clearly she only had time to pack two changes of clothes on her way to protect her turf and from not letting this become the next Eliabethtown because she’s been wearing the same thing almost every day.

  • JM

    Could someone post the link to the pictures of him with Kirsten Dunst? I much prefer her over Bosho. I was just thinking the other day how quiet it’s been here with not one sighting of Alex then lo and behold he’s posted..with Kate. Gee, never saw that coming. I think the video is telling as she turns around to make sure the camera sees her with him. Please let the breakup rumors be true!

  • always

    The buddy followed him to Sweden.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    LOL She might be going nuts about the fact KIKI IS STEALING HER MAN AGAIN POOR SKELETON brace yourself Alex fans it’s not going to be pretty when Alex is doe with her which seems to me it will be soon.

  • Laura s.

    Yes, Alex, please dump Kate. she always looks miserable.Plus, she’s not hot!!! Can’t he date some other girl, one who looks happy to be around him? Altought i can[‘t think of a pretty actress who’s single at the moment. But anyone would be better, IMO.

  • Solo

    Where are the pics of him with Kirsten Dunst? I saw them all over tumblr but Jared didn’t post a single pic of them and he usually rushes to post anything about Alex.

  • Still?

    They don’t look happy to me. They never look happy. I REALLY hope he gets rid of her soon and finds someone who makes him smile again. He’s got such a beautiful smile. This whole “thing” just makes me sad.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should talk about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • Pixie

    If her rapid reappearance of her breast bone is any indication, the end of this relationship is near.

  • laney


    Any links to these stories on twitter or facebook? Can’t stand this lying cheating b***h either!

  • another day

    @Pixie: What? You weren’t appreciating her padded bra efforts? ;) Totally agree, she’s thinnifying again.

  • Minx

    I am surprised he allowed her to visit him in Sweden. He doesn’t seem happy with her. I saw a pic of him looking directly at her yesterday on a Swedish site. He is giving her the nastiest look like he just told her to go f*ck. herself or something. Even the blogger commented her seemed angry at her. I felt sorry for her when I saw that.

  • STILL??

    They still don’t look happy to me. He used to look happy.

  • Lauren

    She “can’t do this anymore”? What? Be his beard?

  • Niice

    @JJ – you should have used the version of this video that didn’t include her turning around to snap his effing head off. It may have helped your lovey little cause.

  • JC

    Kirsten Dunst is even uglier than KB is. As a guy I don’t get his taste in women. He goes from Skeletor Bosworth to Fangs Dunst. I know he’s a vampire on TV but it doesn’t mean he has to keep dating creatures. It’s a shame about Bosworth. A once really pretty girl who unfortunately let an untreated eating disorder and/or drug addiction totally ravish her looks. She rarely looks healthy and it has hurt her career.

  • evathediva

    ah come guys, ebola parasites always fight with Humans, its in their nature. LOL

    They are so much like a joke to me now, purely entertainment. I am really loosing so much interest in Alex, they both act like a teenage couple. (quoted on another site), Grow up already, dude you need to own it, and she needs to just go away or something, she just looks like she stinks, I know her feet do anyways. Waiting for the next round of pure entertainment.

    Oh and read that Battleship was overbudget, but no indication if they are going to shelve it or not. Which would be bad for Skarsgard and Taylor and Rihanna, but good for us.

    I signed up for the wine collers at the next party, I see we already have the popcorn. Everybodt please bring something to sustain you, and nothing heavy in case of barfness.

  • JC

    Battleship is doomed from the beginning with that awful cast.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    Man choose Kiki over the Skeleton because she is intelligent ,hardworking since she was a baby ,fun loving easygoing independent woman I am not saying she is a genius far from it but I can actually go through her interviews and it looks like you can actually have a conversation with her in a sense she is compared to Skeleton it’s not about looks that the Skeleton lost looooooooooong time ago it’s about all things above so I can see why it was no brainer for my man Orlando LOL.

  • evathediva

    @JC: definately do not get the love for KD either. She is a train wreck waiting to happen, I mean she is a known drunk, oh wait that might mean a match made in heaven for Skarsgard. LOL

    Well she does work a little bit more than KB, and in the looks departemtn, they are about the same imho.

  • True Bold


    Ok then I’m not surprised by his relationship with KB at all…

  • People are back from vacation

    So let’s start the PR jobs again. After all they didn’t hear about us in a while….
    I’m thinking Alex is starting to think BIGGER, those rumors about him and kirsten dunst advantage him…so Kate is starting to lose her calm because he want somebody more famous and “respected” to be respected himself…

    I’m waiting for their BIG breakup (funny to hear more about the breakup than an acknowledged relation).

  • can someone

    please post links of the other pictures with Kirsten Dunst?

  • Megan
  • evathediva

    How about this? Alex sit your lanky fione arse down somewhere, sans the bimbos. Concentrate on your acting skills, you do have those remember? Dump both fishies and fine tune Eric. You are known more for that parasite that you are dating than anything else right now. Not good. I miss the old , cool suave Alex.

  • okay

    @Wilson: lmao……I love Wilson!

  • Megan
  • CanadaGirl

    @Weird: She looks very pissed at 0:04 – no (fake) pretty smiles.

  • Alex’s casting for Melancholia

    -ALEX: daaaaaady, nobody takes me seriously in LAaaaaa, I’ve done everything to be a star.
    -STELLAN: What do you want me to do?
    -ALEX: I don’t know, i heard that Lars Von Trier is making a new movie, and since he’s your friend…
    -STELLAN: You are kidding me…
    -ALEX: pleaaase, daaaaaady…
    -STELLAN: OK, i’ll see what i can do…
    -ALEX: thanks! you’re the best, tell him I’ll lick his a** if he gives me some lines.
    -KATE: (grabs the phone) Lines?
    -STELLAN: (sighs and hangs up)

  • LisaM

    As usual he looks completely pissed off being around her!! A friend of mine is attending that music festival and she heard that Kate was complaining about not getting good enough VIP treatment, and apparently he told her get over herself. That might be a reason why she looks annoyed. Any day now, he will probably dump her bony ass. And good for him!!

  • evathediva

    @LisaM: Thanks for that info, Lisa, but…..Alex needs to get OVER her, and tell her to get lost. I am really beginning to see why people do not like her. SHe is a pretentious snob, if that is true. She is not a well known actress, and she can’t act. Please get lost Katie. I am waiting for her 2 fans to come in here to tell how jealous we are of her , and her bony ribcage.

  • Pixie

    Talk about lost in translation. I would suggest that you morons learn Swedish before you start spreading rumors. The fighting rumors is beyond stupid, just someone that saw a picture and in their mind thought that they were fighting.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    It would be karma at it’s finest if Kiki steals Kate’s man AGAIN after all you loose a man the same way you got him wasn’t Alex seeing Evan when Kate made moves on him? And didn’t Jim have a girlfriend when she tried to bed him? And shall we mention what she did to her poor boyfriend James? Poor guy she got with him in September by November she was knocking on my man’s door (literally ) only for him to let her out in the cold that was epic then desperate to have someone famous she tried to pull Jim (he was too smart for that ) when she was still with James and don’t forget the producer guy so I WOULD LIKE FOR A REAL WOMAN TO GIVE THIS BIMBO A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE .

  • Oopsila

    I’ve been thinking about it and I think AS really hates KB. I think about six months ago he decided to see how much he could yank her chain (or dog collar, depending on your outlook) i.e. how much he could humiliate her in public before she got the message and went away. I wonder if he realised quite how desperate she is. I swear in most pictures I see of them you can draw that collar and lead and it would fit! He treats her like she’s a pet he doesn’t really want, and she lets him. Pathetic! Does she deserve it? Probably. Is it a nice way to treat someone? No. I don’t think either of them come out of this looking good. I’m no Rob Pattinson fan but he’s what, ten years younger than Alex, and at least he comes over as respectful.